Osama bin Laden's Last Will

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In the name of Allah the merciful the forgiver,

[This is the] Will of a poor man to his god in the highest, Osama bin Mohammad bin Ladin,

Thanks be to Allah, and peace and prayers over the messenger of
Allah, his family and all his companions. We implore his justice and
guidance and call on him for assistance from our evil and ill deeds. He
whom Allah guides, none can lead astray and he whom Allah leads astray,
has no guide. And I testify that there is no god be he alone, ascribe no
partners to him and I testify that Mohammad is his slave and messenger.
We beg him in the highest to accept us in martyrdom along with the
righteous of his worshipers and to perish us as Muslims.

Allah had commanded us that in case death approached to leave a will
for both parents, relatives and all Muslims […] and whatever saddens
them, saddens me and Allah attests to what I am saying.

Allah attests that the love for Jihad and death in the cause of Allah
has taken over my life and the Sword Verses have penetrated every cell
of my heart, “and kill all the polytheists [infidels] as they fight all
of you”. And how many times I wake from my sleep and find myself
reciting this holy verse. If every Muslim would ask himself why did our
Ummah reach to where she is [in a state of] humiliation and defeat, his
instinctual response would be, because she has clung to the pleasures of
life and tossed the book of Allah [Koran] behind its back and it is the
only source that has the cure and success in the here and now and the
hereafter. The Jews and Christians have tempted us with the pleasures of
life and its cheap delights and they invaded us with their monitory
values before invading us with their armies. And we were, like women,
did not react, because the love for death in the cause of Allah has
departed the hearts.

My spirit and the spirits of my Jihadi brothers have been pained when
we saw that our Ummah, from East to West, was watching America parcel
out the worst of pain over the weak ones, from men, women and children,
and the Ummah watches the bloody sight as one who watches a movie for
entertainment. The worst of afflictions that besiege our Ummah is the
fear of death in the cause of Allah. The [Koranic] verse has been
reversed and we saw the cowardly Crusaders [Christians] and the lowly
Jews become steadfast in their fighting with us and the soldiers of our
Ummah raise the white flag and surrender to their enemies. Even the
students of the religion [i.e Taliban = students of Islam] but a small
minority stayed in the fight, while the rest surrendered or escaped
before confronting the enemy. Today, the Ummah sat on our victory and
the victory of the students of religion [Taliban] who established the
first Islamic sharia’h compliant nation in Afghanistan. And it is
sufficient to show America’s hatred for the Taliban and their
fundamental laws. It is through allying with its agents in the Northern
Alliance and other nations, who have enlisted their soldiers and
intelligence agencies in the service of America, Brittan and the infidel
West. The fundamental laws that were established by the Taliban
[Students of Islam] were abolished, so she [America] abolished the veil
[Hijab], beard growing and she returned the habits of emulating the
blasphemers [infidels]. The Muslim scholars that guide the Ummah upon
the evil path and our affliction today are those the scholars of the
Ummah that have disavowed their message of guiding the Ummah, their
misguidance has reached a degree that a Muslim would not believe. They
[infidels] came to Afghanistan to prevent its [Muslim] scholars from
destroying the pagan Buddhist [statues], however the venerated Taliban
scholars repelled them and disparaged them. And the excuse of a Sheik
and his companions was necessary to appease the Jews and Christians and
their general opinion and they forgot Allah’s verse, “The Jews and the
Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their faith”.

These Muslim scholars betrayed their message in the service of the
Ummah and its causes and allied themselves with its enemies and rejected
its Jihadist path that dealt America its first historic defeat, it
shall with Allah’s permission, be like the Mota raid that the messenger
of Allah led and resulted in the extermination of their nation.

The third [in a series] of escalating attacks that America received,
stopped New York and Washington, the first of which was the exploding of
the Marines [barracks] in Lebanon and the second was exploding
America’s embassy in Nairobi, from which the invasion of Somalia was
launched; where 32 thousand of our brothers were killed under the banner
of the UN. Despite the disaster that Allah afflicted us with, this
region will lead to the extermination of America and the infidel West
even after tens of years.

So, youths of the Ummah: guard death, and life shall be granted to
you and listen to the few Muslim scholars who cling to
jurisprudence/good judgment, segregate themselves away from the
unbelievers and are faithful, animus towards those who are allied with
the enemies of the Ummah who took humanity’s basal mindset, habits and
perversions of the Jahiliah [time of ignorance aka pre-Islamic era] such
as borrowing from banks that charge interest and disciplinary [secular]
laws, relations and secular insurance and the permission of
establishing political parties, and women organizations and humanitarian
committees all of which are rejected “innovations” by [several] groups
of Salafi scholars.

Oh Muslim scholars: today, you are a small minority. I know you by
name and I read your articles and Fatwas [religious edicts]; however, I
do not want to mention you by name so that I would not provide the
enemies of Allah a list which they will search for and harm you during
these stressful days upon us.

Oh women: beware becoming arrogant and emulating the debauchery of
the West and its masculine women. Be schools for graduating men and
Jihadists in the cause of Allah and guard your honor and there will be
for you good recompense in the mothers of the believers.

Oh wives: may Allah grant you good tidings on my behalf. You were to
me after Allah righteous backers and a specific blessing from day one.
You knew that the road was planted with thorns and landmines. You left
the blessings of your parents and chose to be by my side in modest
living. You were ascetic with me, so, become more ascetic after me. And
do not think of marrying in order to better care after our children and
sacrifice and pray for them.

As for you may children: forgive me for
not giving you but little of my time since I answered the call of
Jihad. I carried the burden of the Muslims and the burden of their
causes. I chose a path that is rife with dangers and I took unto myself
the burden of toil, difficulties, treachery, betrayal and if it were not
for betrayal, our condition today would have the best and likewise for
wealth. I will you to obey Allah. That is the most precious commodity in
life. I will you not to work in Al Qaida or the [Jihadist] front, just
as our master Omar Bin Al Khatab [second Caliph] willed his son
Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with them both. [Omar] forbade his son
from succeeding him as caliph, “be it a good omen or not, Omar shall not
benefit from it”.

My final advice is to all the Mujahideen where ever they maybe:
reconstitute yourselves and do not forget until fight the Jews and the
Christians and attend to purifying your ranks of the agents, lazy and
scholars of evil who collaborate against the Jihad and hold the Ummah

Your brother, Abu Adbullah Osama bin Mohammad bin Ladin

Friday, 12/14/2001

As sourced by Al Anbaa via Michael Yon