Single White Norway Psychopath Killer: Anders Behring Breivik, 32, Nationalist, Hates Islam

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Perhaps it is time for the Telegraph to issue a retraction to its kneejerk publication in which it automatically cast blame on Islamists and other "eastern" terrorists-by-default. Because according to just released info, they could not have been more wrong, and it is the reaction to precisely this type of prejudice that will never facilitate bridging frayed relations between disparate cultures. Anyway, so much for prejudiced speculation and/or lies about some Islamist organization taking the blame for the events in Norway today. Here is the truth:" VG has
received confirmation from several independent sources that it was
Anders Behring Breivik, who was arrested by armed police after the mass
killings of Utøya Friday.
  VG was also present when the emergency squad took action against the flat 32-year-old susceptible west of Oslo. Several foreign media have also named Breivik as the perpetrator." More on his motives: "A childhood friend of Breivik says to VG Nett that he should have been right-wing in the late 20's, and posted a series of controversial opinions on Facebook." And the kicker, for all the bigots out there: he was an ultra nationalist who hated Islam. Today's tragic events were merely the outburst of deranged and very much troubled Loughner, McVey-like psychophath. And nothing more.

A picture of the accused:

And more:

In online debates he makes his mark as a well-read, and one with strong opinions about Norwegian politics. He promotes a very conservative opinions, which he also called nationalist. He expresses himself strongly opposed to multiculturalism - that cultural differences can live together in a community.

He has had many posts on the site, an Islam-critical site that publishes news and commentary.

In one of the posts he states that politics today no longer revolves around socialism against capitalism, but that the fight is between nationalism and internationalism. He expressed clear support for the nationalist mindset.

He also commented on the Swedish news articles, where he makes it clear that he believes the media have failed by not being "NOK" Islam-critical.

There is more in the full article here but the gist is clear: this is a case where blaming Islamist or Jihadist jingoism is about as far from the truth as possible.

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The sad thing is that, for far too many people, their Pavlovian conditioning is complete. Their brains have become practically hardwired to associate bombs and "terraists" with Moslems and "jihadists". Perversely, the supposed bomber being a blonde-haired Norwegian will only strengthen their belief that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were behind this attack.


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we have FEMA videos to disabuse us of that now

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Yes, I saw that video at the check out at Walmart.  If you see something, say something.  (No offense to Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles.  I am not sightist or racist or a pianist or even musically inclined.)

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I saw some ugly fat-assed bitch scratching her ass the other day, should I report that to Janet at the DHS?

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No, I doubt Michelle Obama is a terrorist.

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Looks like he shot at least 80 people on the island.

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"And the kicker, for all the bigots out there: he was an ultra nationalist who hated Islam"

Who wrote this? Is this the globalist Durden again?

I speculated it might have been Libyans but who really knew?

Anyone who claimed to know for a FACT before the fact could be dismissed....

Why the triumphalism that the perp was a whitey??

Are there no more Muslim attacks to come?

Globalist Durden, i rate this post ONE STAR

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I guess the next miss in manufacturing ouput and job losses will be blamed on this guy.

BTW: We still do not have all the facts and I was a bit surprized that Tyler came out blazing. Time will tell  

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There are several people writing as "TD" on ZH aren't there? (the sheer volume of posts suggest as much)

There's a droll one with an excellent wit and command of the english language, rails against fascism and says he wants to expose the Bankers so regular folks don't blame themselves for what's about to hit them...

But there's another TD voice, more intemperate, that seems to "imagine there's no countries..."

...promotes illegal immigration, Open Borders, the brilliance of Chinese "capitalism" and now pounces with a "passionate" AHA! at the revelation of a white perp.

I'd say this TD is either a non-white racist, or married to one, or was molested by an american boo-radley lookalike as a child...

This TD can go fuck himself.

I called bullshit on W.

I call bullshit on O.

I call BS on this TD.

Junk THIS sycophants

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at least 87 dead.




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Death toll is now 92 - One gunman my ass. Now waiting for the "Intelligence" Agency's to use some grey matter and realise it. What a clusterfuck Government agencies have become.18

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He's got a higher mortality rate than bacterial meningitis.

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I am sure our oppressors will spin this to justify their rape of air travelers, and to justify doing it at the mall.

Watch and see.

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But there's another TD voice, more intemperate, that seems to "imagine there's no countries..."
...promotes illegal immigration, Open Borders, the brilliance of Chinese "capitalism" and now pounces with a "passionate" AHA! at the revelation of a white perp.

If he's promoting 'Open Borders', then it wouldn't be illegal immigration, would it? I have yet to see any of the TDs espouse the 'brilliance' of Chinese 'capitalism', either.

And given all the previous assumptions that the Norway killer(s) were muslims - including many commenters here on ZH - I think a little pouncing is justified.

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No junks from me. You nailed it on all counts!

I miss the "real TD" (when he's resting).  :)

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Hey Tyler, you think that there is a "possibility" that this could be false-flag? I mean, you know, just a slight chance?


You mentioned McVeigh but not any of the overwhelming evidence that he was orchestrated by Fed's.


I realize this isn't infowars, but it wouldn't kill you to objectively explore the chance of false flag, given the evidence surrounding 9-11, 7-7, OKC, Mumbai and on and on, ad nauseam


Trust nothing you read, and only half of what you see

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Had put this on GW's thread ... Possibilities in 'false flag domestic terrorism' -

So-called 'homegrown' mass-murders and terroristic attacks, lead common people to live in more fear, and to depend more on the security state instead of seeking alternatives. These murders and their publicity, even help squash dissent and the ability to oppose the government.

Such 'homegrown terrorism' thus serves objectives of certain Powers That Be, who wish particularly to destroy the kind of more peaceful and more democratic and more secure lives that we have long enjoyed in Western Europe, with our greater freedom to hit the streets, call general strikes and shut down and cashier governments.

Recall Operation Gladio in Italy, the US and Nato agents killing people while pretending to be local Communists, issuing totally bogus 'false flag' - waving statements, in order to move Italy toward the right wing and to try to diminish leftist popularity. Only years later did it fully emerge the murderers were not Communists at all.

After the Oklahoma City bombing in the 1990s in the US, the US dissident 'militia' movement was decimated and de-moralised by being associated with the tragedy rather than with the militia concept in the US Constitution of 1789. Many today doubt it was Timothy McVeigh who did the bombing, including writer Gore Vidal who extensively communicated with him.

After mass shootings took place in Britain in the 1990s, the UK began a mass confiscation of all privately owned handguns, preparing a way both for increased crime against citizens in England, and for the intrusive surveillance and police-security state that Britain is now today, with the traditional British bobby now something 'more like Robocop', as people describe him. (Note to Americans: We still have lots of privately-held guns on the Continent, it is not like Britain yet.)

In America, the traditional 'lone crazy gunman' or 'gunwoman', are said to often have connections to psychiatrists and drugs, which manipulate their minds, administered by psychiatrists secretly connected to the security state apparatus.

Once an appropriate 'loner' without sufficient family support, is identified by the CIA-type psychiatrists and put into the drugs and mind control programme, he can then be manipulated to become a mass murderer etc. once the signals are given to him that the 'time is right', along with a mental erasure of how he was handled and manipulated.

Adolf Hitler was put into care under a 'professional psychologist' after his being disabled in a poison gas attack in World War I ... and he emerged a 'man with a mission'.

Also interesting to consider, are the discussions of Mark Ames about 'going postal' on the website, where he describes the modern homegrown mass murderer, as the reaction of modern humans to a sense of feeling indeed enslaved and powerless in our modern societies.

Mark Ames says that the closest analogy to the mass murders of modern times, whether by gun or by knife (when guns are not available, as happens in China and some parts of the West now), with their targeting of so many innocents, are some of the historically recorded eruptions of actual slaves in the past, going on mindless murdering rampages and killing their innocent fellow slaves, out of blind rage combined with a similar sense of powerlessness.

Some of the Powers That Be want to create greater dependence on the modern, militarised Security State, as you can see being the hidden theme of many of these American-based police and cop and security shows, now turning European television into a half-wasteland as well. And such terrifying tragic murders serve the Powers That Be in that objective.

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How does it fit into your theory that Norwegian police report that, "The suspect posted on websites with Christian fundamentalist tendencies, police say." ???

Also, this is the type of situation where individual gun ownership is of obvious importance and benefit. When Ronald Reagan was shot he was surrounded by heaviliy armed and well-trained agents who could not keep it from happening. It was over in three or four seconds. Same for the Congresswoman in Tuscon. This Norwegian animal was at it for an hour or so. ~700 people, and no one was armed. Jesus weeps.

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Having the right to bear arms is one thing, knowing how to use them is another and actually shooting someone is something altogether different.

Millions of people with guns is meaningless unless and until those people are organized into a militia, trained in combat tactics and have it firmly planted in their brains that shooting at the blue helmets is a good idea. Let us hope that day never comes and that the debate over the 2nd amendment goes on for another 200 years.

madbomber's picture

'I like turtles.'   Works every time as an advanced level counter op.

the zombie makeup mask helps too.  just put it on any time you get paranoid.

the kid in the video is probably ONI by the sounds of it.  high level training as you can

see in the video.
















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IMHO, this reeks of psy/op. McVeigh Redux

White Male Christian Conservative  Child Killer.

Could the DHS ask for anything more?

Too clever by half.

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what kind of a DICK has bullets for an avatar?

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Pretty good post, except I don't agree with any of the TD's being fond of the Chinese economy.

Bananamerican's picture

well, i didn't pull it out of my of them (seems to be an UBER Libertarian/Ayn Rand/Globalist TD) compared American fascism unfavorably to Chinese "capitalism" (how they were better "capitalists" etc) without mentioning Chinese indifference to workers rights, environmental regs, patents, the use of anti-competative policies, or the fact that China is an INHUMAN POLICE STATE (-I- mentioned those things). Every time this globalist TD pops his head up (There's no other way to describe him) I can "smell" his editorial voice and I call him on it and take the junks from those too clueless to realize there are multiple TD's.....I loathe this Globalist  TD as i call him....

caconhma's picture

Here we come again rushing with judgements, insinuations, and speculations.

Let us get all the facts.

Remember Lee Harvey Oswald who killed JFK with his "magic bullet"?

Remember Osama bin Laden who committed the 9/11 and needed daily dialyses but lived in a cave and whom Obama did not want to get alive to tell his story and, if guilty, provide valuable info about his organization?

People, you are pathetic suckers!

Freddie's picture

A guy who hates Islam goes out and kills and kills no Muslims.  Yeah sure. 

Tyler Mustafa quoting the foreign news sources.  Who believes anything the

news media spews.  Yeah one guy did all this.  Okay.  This always seems to pop up when people are fed up with the left.  Never waste a crisis or event you can create.  Aka Wag The Dog.  


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Six More Arrested - Norway

Britain's Sky News now says authorities in Norway have arrested six people in connection to Friday's twin massacres in Norway.

At the same time, security officials in Europe say there has been an increase in internet chatter from people claiming to belong to a group called the New Knights Templar, a group allegedly being linked to suspect Anders Breivik, who has confessed his involvement in Friday's bombing in Oslo that killed seven people and the shooting deaths of at least 86 individuals at a summer youth camp on a nearby island. Four people remain missing.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, two European security officials say claims are being investigated that Breivik and other far-right individuals attended a meeting of the group in London in 2002.

DosZap's picture

Word is, there were maybe two invoved.

The MSM is calling him a Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist.

The boys at all the MSM putlets, and the SPLC will have afield day with that rumor.

One of the near victims said he looked Nazi, because of his hair cut.(not the pic shown).

91 Dead...............

Gun Control will be next issue screamed about.

You cannot stop insane people.

PierreLegrand's picture

Oh my gosh you mean muslims NEVER commit terror attacks? Holy smokes who knew?

Harlequin001's picture

perhaps they don't commit as many as they get blamed for...

Sudden Debt's picture

we only see the tip of the iceberg of muslim nutcrackers.


It's  not because THIS TIME they didn't do that we should go easy on them.

Their religion is against democracy. They want to kill christians. If you hear a bomb go off it 99% muslims related.

Just line them up. Make them stand in front of each other and try to use a less as bullets as possible to cut costs (remember, it's still a recession).

One day, we'll be at war with the muslims on our own ground.

I'm very convinced about that. 20/30 years from now.


macholatte's picture

What makes you think you are not at war with the muslims on your own ground?

Spitzer's picture

This thread is about one person who decided to use the successful muslim tactic of terrorism to influence the world.

Obviously he got the idea from a muslim. The Fort Hood shooting.

The Fort Hood shooting was a mass shooting that took place on November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood ,

Nidal Malik Hasan took a seat at an empty table, bowed his head for several seconds,[12] and then stood up and opened fire. Initially, he reportedly jumped onto a desk and shouted: "Allahu Akbar!"[13][14] before firing at soldiers processing through cubicles in the center, and on a crowd gathered for a college graduation ceremony scheduled for 2 pm in a nearby theater.[15]

^Sound familiar ?

As for the bomb, that is a commonly used muslim terror tactic too. The Russian Airport bombing for example.

More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

caconhma's picture

How do you know that the 9/11 was committed by Muslims?

The 9/11 was never investigated. The 9/11 commission stated that the Bush administration refused to cooperate and they were prevented from doing their job. Osama said that he did NOT do it.

I know why you are so confident: George Bush & Dick Cheney said so. WOW. You are a pathetic sucker.

DosZap's picture

All where Saudi's..........they could have Catholic?

frank888's picture


Re. 911 and other distractions...


You can find crazy peoples everywhere BUT very often they are not very much dangerous because to become a mass murderer you need a lot of money and knowledge....

The better questions are :

= where come from the money and who supply the training, the arms, the do the killings ?

= and above all, who will profit from their crimes ?

Lets have a look to what has been "achieved" after 911 :

= huge rise in the US military spending at a time where the cold war was finished !

Plus some other distractions in IRAK in order to find the famous "arms of massive destructions "...Did they found some ? No one. Do you remember the bla bla to the UN before the invasion between the former French PM ( he got some problems after that..) and Powell, the US Ambassador to the UN ? IRAK was the first step to have a full western control on the oil in the middle Est. The second step has been started few months ago with Libya and the third could start with an attack on..Iran !

= "Homeland security Act". A lot of laws not very firendly with freedom but these laws will be very usefull once you will have 30 or 40% unemployement in the US.

= drop of the interest rates in order to set the also famous housing boom,

= activation of the COG ( continuity of the Government ) by Bush then extended by Obama few months ago...Now the US enjoy a secret government ! Just for information the COG was set in case of nuclear war... yes, we will have soon a nuclear attack from Iran or North Korea !!


So let see what this new murdering will achieve..then you will know who win from it and so who set it up !

goldfish1's picture

This thread is about one person

Sure it is. Go back to sleep.

GeorgeHayduke's picture

It's not about muslims or christians, it's about fanatics. Unfortunately, religion often brings out the worst in fanatics.

The key is that religious fanaticism can be found in political and economic ideals too. For example, the religion of patriotism. The oligarchs pull this one out all the time to get patriotic fanatics whipped into a frenzy so they can go kill some folks and take over their resources. Questioning these fanatics often proves dangerous.

masterinchancery's picture

True, Islam is only responsible for 95% of the terrorism in the world, not 100%.

Pool Shark's picture


The exception that proves the rule...


Harlequin001's picture

and that'll be another statistic pulled straight out of your arse.

Perhaps you could justify this.

Nope, thought not...

Sudden Debt's picture



I don't understand... Anders looks like this friend fanatic Arian guy.... must be a cry for attention. Let's all forgive him....



BAN RELIGION!! just like the commu's did... NO!