Overnight Recap: Japan's Nuclear Crisis Leads To 'Panic' - Nikkei Crashes 17% In 2 Days, Japanese Default Risk Rises to Record, Gold Down 1% in $

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"Gold down 1%".


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COngratulations to phisical gold owners. But battle has just started

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Today would be a good day to load up on some more.

The dollar printing will not stop.

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"May rice up 36.5 cents to $13.375 per 100 pounds"

More pressure on the FPI. Just what we needed. This won't end well.

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I propose we no longer call the USD dollars but from now on we call them LOLers. In the coming weeks with QE3, we'll have full justification for the new term.

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I highly suggest listening to this MP3 audio interview with Jim Rickards.  We won't get QE3 - we'll get someting infintely worse........



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3% now...only showing life in AUD, ZAR, and CAD

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I am a meat popsicle. I am not happy that the CDN dollar lost 2 cents. 

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geez Trav, do you ever sleep?

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Yesterday BOJ yields dropped but today spiked up on short end:
2Y - 5Y - 10Y
0.22 +19.3% 0.51 +4.9% 1.22 +1.0%

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Ya shoulda been here yesterday...

[System temporarily unavailable.  Try again later.]

Good luck trading, y'all.

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Now multiply all this by a factor of three, since the screw has turned only once yet.

How ready are you? Gold silver of guns going to save you?

Force majure is the great leveller. here's hoping that we are each searching deeply for the lessons embedded here.

In India, cricket fever is the only thing noticable. When it hits here....*shudder*

Consolidation time, all around. What a TIME!!!




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The world will get richer today by at least 10 trillion. CBs busy entering new digits to balance sheets. Won't be any inflation because the masses will have no way of accessing the wealth created. Everything is just peachy.

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This is completely nuts-o panic selling! Oil should be UP, not down, but is crashing on what appears to be pure fear-driven panic.

So nuclear power is almost certainly off the table for a long time to come, Japan is in ruins and needs to be rebuilt (read: huge energy demand in the LONG run), and war is breaking out in the middle-east. And oil is crashing. WTF are traders smoking?


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Disagree.  Speculative money has been pouring into commodities since QE2 started.  It's all unwinding now.

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My bet is that in a couple of weeks the talking heads will start telling us how a single currency and a single market will be better for everybody and avoid all of the dilemas in the markets that we currently face....

In every war you need to be ready for every eventuality and this Swan can be used to push the globalist agenda oh so nicely...

My thoughts are with the people of Japan.

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Yes, we wish the people of Japan the best of luck.

The world should have a single currrency.  I'm all for that!

But only one world currency is viable and ethical.


Anything else is a pure, unadulterated, totalitarian SCAM.

All fiat is predatory trash.

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What scares me most is not the fuel still in the reactor -- that is to some extent insulated by the control rods. It's the unspent fuel sitting in pools of water in storage. If those pools start to leak, as has been reported, they will heat up and burn, spewing toxic radioactive waste as smoke across the land. What a mess.

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I see there's no flight to the "safety" of silver today?

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Gold now down $44...smashed.

Silver, platinum, oil, everything...sold.

AUD smashed too

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Do you realize how many of these little "smashes" I've "suffered" since buying gold at $300 and silver at $4 years ago?

Everytime they get "smashed", I convert all the fiat that has come my way since the last "smash" into gold and silver.

All these "smashes" have me laughing all the way to the... well... not the bank, because I don't trust them!


Long live the "smash"!

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++1....Amen honestann. My safes are loaded on this mindset. I also continue to accumulate. I dare not worry. In addition I've been working on food security, among other important (perhaps esoteric) issues. Keep truckin.

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this all margin call selling  gold and silver will snap back

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Yeah a voting poll...that will bring the fed to its knees (eye roll)