Participation Rate Unchanged At 25 Year Low 64.2% For Third Straight Month

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One of the key metrics in today's report: April civilian non-institutional population at 239,146, a meager rise of 146k from March, and the Civilian Labor Force also barely growing from 153,406 to 153,421 means that for the 3rd straight month the Labor Force Participation Rate remained at a 25 year low of 64.2%.


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Yes. but we have many more lawyers, bankers and government workers than we had in 1984. Isn't that good? They are higher wage earners, so more money is circulating (saracasm off)

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Half of whom are now laid-off, by the way.

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How dare you?  CNBC just said the only number that matters is +244 kay.  Awaiting Joel Burnstein or whatever the fuck his name is from the White House to toot his horn about how the recovery is STRONG.  We are oh so fucked. 

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Yea everythings so great, so wheres the dire need for this QE and $2 trillion?

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Exactly. I've been reading a lot of nonsense about how the government is releasing optimistic employment numbers to justify QE3, when in fact if they wanted to lay the groundwork for QE3 they would be undercounting employment. The whole rationale for QE was to nurture the organic, private-sector recovery that was just taking hold.

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" the organic, private-sector recovery that was just taking hold."

.... at McDonalds, and nowhere else.

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Ummm... because they have better weapons and better bullshit... and they want the money?

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Does labor *participation* really matter when it comes to employment?  Our country is such a joke.

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Yep thats fascism-speak. I just hope very soon we have high 'participation' rate in a bunch of public hangings for these mongrels from hell!

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Lol they also just touched on McDonalds on CNBC and basically dismissed it since Mickey Dee's is a private employer and private hiring is goot.

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Apathy.  What else can you say.  These folks are still here and most likely doing something else for a living or extra cash.  If the markets continue to remain casinos controlled by a relative few, the masses will create their own new markets.


Crash the system, crash it now.  Only then will compensation return to those that are actually worth a shit.

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If only 1 person in America chooses to work, then that is 100% employment for America. Fascist hell hole, makes china look honest.

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Just curious MonkeyBoy, what is a country that in your opinion is doing it right? You obviously have an unabiding hatred for the U.S. of A. You seem like a classic Euro-liberal to me (the U.S. is the root of all the world's evils and so on).

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NO COUNTRY does it right.

These are governments, remember? They take money by force and call it righteous.

The very essence of their operation is immoral.

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Meanwhile, US adds 250k to it's population every month. So civilian labor force needs to grow >150k EACH MONTH to stay level.

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Well, yeah... but that's not a useful slogan for keeping the masses in denial.

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That is one ugly looking graph

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Yep. Could do with some lipstick!

And where, exactly, on that 6-year downslope, was the "summer of recovery"?

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New CNN poll/simulation shows Ron Paul having the best chance to beat Pres. Obama in 2012.
Trails only by 7 points.

Imagine when the media is forced to give him his deserved coverage. The time has come.

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if Ron Paul kills Osama again, he'll be ahead!

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Everything so great and strong huh....white house spokesman doin fist bumps around CNBC....fine, so make the case for QE now!

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Tyler, the non seasonal adjusted figure is even worse at 63.9%. Anyone know how far back further that figure goes?

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That must be a scary graph to the powers that be (TPTB) as it forebodes a future of civil strife.


At what level of real unemployment do the natives get restless and the powers feel itchy necks?

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At what level of restlessness do they create a serious war to occupy the minds of the masses?

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This bear feels much better now that I've read all this terrible employment news on ZH!

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This bear feels much better now that I've read all this terrible employment news on ZH!

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If ZIRP, Trillion dollar deficits, and QE infinity hasn't helped the chronically unemployed, what will???

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This bear feels much better now that I've read all this terrible employment news on ZH!

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I want to see that chart by age groups.  16-20, 21-55, 55-65, and 65+.  What age group is mostly affected by that chart.  I suspect the 21-55 is more flat, while 16-20 and 65+ is where the greatest drop is at.