Paul O'Neill: People Who Refuse To Raise The Debt Ceiling Are "Our Version Of Al-Qaeda Terrorists"

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The below Bloomberg TV interview with Paul O'Neill pretty much jumps the shark in Mutual Assured Destruction. Whenever someone says "people who are threatening not to pass the debt ceiling are our version of Al-Qaeda terrorists. Really. They're really putting our whole society at risk" it is obvious that the issue is beyond rational and has crept up into the demented extreme of demagogy. This one statement may have just doomed the whole debt hiking debate as nobody will cede to being perceived as not only a terrorist but, what is far worse, a weak terrorist by the general population.

From the interview:

On Treasury Secretary Geithner's engagement in the process surrounding the debt ceiling vote:

"I think the Treasury Secretary needs to be judged in his own context. I believe that administrations for the last 30 years have made a mistake, in this sense. There is now a set of practices that are employed that are effectively accounting engineering, to extend reaching the debt ceiling…How do we get from May to July by doing financial accounting tricks? I think it helps the Congress to avoid being responsible. I think that's a really bad idea."
"I wish Tim Geithner would say, when we reach the debt ceiling, we reach the debt ceiling, we are not going to do tricks down here…The Congress needs to be responsible and adult and take action on the deficit. The people who are threatening not to pass the debt ceiling are our version of Al-Qaeda terrorists. Really. They're really putting our whole society at risk by threatening to round up 50 percent of the members of the Congress, who are looney, who would put our credit at risk."
On Boehner wrapping in a conversation over the debt ceiling in the budget debate:
"I do [think Boehner is dangerous.]Because there's a chance, if you look at some of the things that people say, well, we still have enough money to pay the interest on our debt, that is beside the point. This is permitting us to pay the bills that we have already incurred."
"I do believe we have been broken political system that is capable of doing irresponsible things. This whole conversation is irresponsible."

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falak pema's picture

Your suggested action does not correspond to the tonality of your words.

Would you be willing to show him the way by act as by word, to alleviate any doubt in our minds about the sincerity of your suggestion?

This does require a simple yes-no response. IMHO.

tallen's picture

What next, if you don't buy US T bills you get sent to Guantanamo Bay? Funny stuff.

Sudden Debt's picture

It would actually be the evil senators who go against the bill that would be send to Guantanamo and get waterboarded untill they democraticly sign it or get a "fall down the stairs accident".



Cassandra Syndrome's picture

Look, its the 21st century, we don't have to make stuff anymore. Turn on the printing presses, sit back, relax.

Quintus's picture

I cannot believe people are even entertaining a 'Debate' around the debt ceiling.  

Option A: is vote to raise the debt ceiling and incur all the disasters that will flow from that over the coming months and years when, hopefully, someone else will be in power

Option B: is vote to cut ALL Government spending by at least 50% immediately to match Government revenues, and deal personally with the fallout

Is there anyone in the entire world that believes that an elected politician would ever choose option B?  Seriously?

rosiescenario's picture

The 'Debate" is just an opportunity for some more air time....the conclusion is a given.


Quintus's picture

Of course it is.  Which is why I am amazed that the question is even being raised.  What next?  A Bloomberg special investigation into whether the Sun will rise tomorrow or not?  It's a total non-issue.  They should be focusing on the consequences of the inevitable result, but that could raise awkward questions, I guess.

ZackAttack's picture

The only "debate" is over the ratio of extend to pretend.'s picture

cut ALL Government spending by at least 50% immediately

You have to quit smoking that grass, not good for you.

velobabe's picture

this white haired dweeb, is my grandfather!

Cdad's picture

So...conversation about the debt ceiling is irresponsible?  How so?

SheepDog-One's picture

Because if the billionaires dont get far richer off the backs of the destroyed middle class, thats obviously TERRORISM!

Cdad's picture

Isn't the destruction of our own currency, the one that will be inherited by our children, the same kind of terrorism?  Isn't the exact opposite of what he said true?  

To NOT have a conversation about the debt ceiling issue is________.

his_name_is's picture

They agreed to pass the budget and knew the budget would hit the limit.  Raising it should be a no brainer since they passed the budget that is requiring the limit to be increased. 

Sofa King's picture

Well, let's see, last year when our esteemed statesmen and women decided to operate without a budget, those people weren't loony.  Wahington DC and it's suburbs have become some of the wealthiest areas in the country.  That's due to the looting of the taxpayers treasure.  Saying we need to stop the bleeding is not loony.  Just stop spending more than you take in and the debt ceiling will not be breached.  Throttle back just a little bit and the debt will start decline.  It's not rocket science but it does hurt when the tit dries up.  

Things that go bump's picture

Infants must eventually be weaned.  If that necessary step in development is not taken we are treated to the disturbingly shocking vision of a school-aged child still suckling at his mother's breast.  I don't think that is the problem here, and referring to it in those terms makes it that much more difficult to come to terms with.  What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is the much more common and pedestrian problem of trying to separate our drunken spouse from their Jack Daniels, Budweiser, oxycodone, cocaine or whatever the drug of choise is, and we are trying to do it in good old, tried and true, co-dependent fashion, which means ineffectually at best, aiding and abetting at worst.  Most are certainly not willing to take the steps necessary to force a showdown.

SheepDog-One's picture

Another lisping mush mouthed crook.

geminiRX's picture

Has he always had a lisp or is he in very bad need of Polygrip? Incidently, long term use of Polygrip has been associated with dementias....which may explain everything.

Seasmoke's picture

this lispy motherfucker should be spit on

they use to try calling people racist but that no longer scares anyone, so now going with calling them terrorists

as usual, Thats going to backfire and people will wear it as a badge of courage

A Lunatic's picture

Really, I mean what the hell is wrong with having a terrarium anyway?

Creed's picture

they use to try calling people racist but that no longer scares anyone, so now going with calling them terrorists


+1 to that


the whole racism thing has been exposed as a fraud since a black man was elected president and multiple examples of black racism against whites have come to light (no thanks to mainstream media)

trav7777's picture

Racism is a word invented by a marxist jew homosexual and pushed by the likes of Trotsky/Bronstein.  The clan built an entire advocacy machine around it.  It was originated to specifically be a particular affliction of solely non-jew whites.  So when a black says they cannot be racist, they are actually correct by the definition of the word as it was coined by its progenitors.

Consequently, it no longer means anything.  Anyone who doesn't give a black person exactly what they want when they want it, is a racist.  It's an empty word as it ALWAYS was.

Now it appears ANYONE is a terrorist who doesn't give the government what they want whenever they want it or who opposes a demagogue, or who dissents. 

A Lunatic's picture

The consequences of being a terrorist are exponentially  greater than being labeled a racist however.

bob_dabolina's picture

"Racism is a word invented by a marxist jew homosexual"

Made me spit up soda through my nose. Thanks.

And blacks are raycees, the silent c in rascist throws them off.

Optimusprime's picture

+1.  Keep it comin' trav.  Sometimes the truth hurts.

BobPaulson's picture

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

centerline's picture

You can't polarize the issue any more than that.  But, it's all moot anyhow.  Everyone knows they haven't a choice here.  Everything else is just theater.

LFMayor's picture

Hopefully, in the near future he can be shown some real life definition and a working example for that term he threw around so loosley.

Fucking over the poor and cheating the honest won't hold water forever.  Eventually the cheating carnies get strung up or run out of town.

A Lunatic's picture

Eventually the cheating carnies get strung up or run out of town.

History does not support this idea.

tony bonn's picture

paul o'neill is the douche bag terrorist......

the world will not end without a debt ceiling increase just as he admonishes geithner to break the law, geithner being an old hand at such criminality.....

cutting our military paranoid defense budget would be a healthy start to restoring soundness to our budget...but o'neill wants us to be responsible by increasing our debt to gdp ratio even higher....yep paul, that's really smart budget management....thank you for your fucktarded insights on adulthood...

FeralSerf's picture

He was a better Treasury Secretary than any of the other dipshit thieving bastards that Bush appointed.  If Cheney didn't like him (and he didn't), he can't be all bad.

nobusiness's picture

AMZN has gone full retard.


The analyst looked at the numbers yesterday and were not impressed.  the computers looked at the stock today and said I can run this bitch up.

plocequ1's picture

Breaking news: Paul O'Neill is long Amazon

and so on...'s picture

What an absolute idiot! Well, he should go then and swear out an arrest warrant

on the ... Speaker of the US House of Representatives!

breezer1's picture

gold standard is now inevitable.

A Lunatic's picture

Or numbers tattooed on our foreheads..........

Samual Adams's picture

I'm a huge terrorist:

-2nd amendment CCW holder





-white al-qeada

-anti-fiat money

-PM holder

-know the wars are military industrial complex lies

and spread all this knowledge accross all spectrums and dynamics!

Proud to be a Terrorist! 
Down with USA Tyranny!  Back to the Constitution, Decleration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, Common Law.

Charlie Bravo's picture

Now that's not nice.

Behave yourself.

Charlie Bravo

topcallingtroll's picture


Who the fuck ever thought we would reach the point in this country where we were taxing income?

f16hoser's picture

Who's the real terrorists here: The person (Paul O'Neill) who wants to completely destroy the dollar by printing more or the proud few who want to stop this fiscal irresponsibility which he (Paul O'Neill) believes is the answer? Paul O'Neill, for a guy with grey wiskers, you haven't learned anything over the years.'s picture

No, let's frame this right.

Who's the real terrorists here: The person (Paul O'Neill) who wants to completely destroy the dollar by printing more or the stoopid few who want to immediately default?

Here I fixed it.

topcallingtroll's picture

he he

go back to daily kos and huffington post.

bob_dabolina's picture

I think Paul O'Neill should shut his caca canal. My shit doesn't smell as bad as his logic.

How bout we stop spending so much money on bullturds and we wouldn't have this problem. Someone needs to retire these guys to the golf course before they do any more damage.