Paul Ryan Responds To "Gang Of Six" "Bipartisan" "Deficit-Cutting" "Plan"

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Doesn't matter they are all getting all, I mean in a couple of days by another anon project.  This one...I'm a vulgar man and I find it disgusting on what all of them have done.


You will all be speechless, by promise I don't mean by speechless disgusted, by speechless you are all going for pitch forks and guns.

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holy Smoke Cpl. Say more Seymore!

Such tension.....


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Nope another anon has it under control with team Big Bertha.    It involves nukes but not in power generation.  Quick and rapid strike without anyone in the civil servant core of electorate involved in the decision..


Think Chernobyl and the complete rejuvenation of the landscape around it.  The animals survived, the trees grow and no humans bitching and complaining.


Anyone with a nuke has been studying the area for years and it is a template now, not a study case.

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I'm looking forward to it.  I grow impatient.

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not for this one...theft and lying easy to handle.  This one, not so much.


Closer to batshit crazy with too much money and time on their hands.

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on second thought...


no comment

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The USSR is now debt free!

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The Oligarchs will agree on you with that one.

But I still don't understand how their "democratic" system works...

But the Russians must be satisfied... at least their leaders always get reelected or one of their close friends.



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dude-u gotta change your handle to "PROXIMATE DEBT".

not so sudden so much, but of course, the euro theater will in fact lead.

;-) so do it in anticipation; of course, you could just sign your posts "proxy"

just sayin'

- Ned

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Is DeeDay 22nd July or 2nd August or not at all and this is just mere dis-traction for what is coming? Or is already here? How come the Fort Calhoun Story just vanished? What is being hidden? Right hand left hand?

Really a god time to pay attention to the fringes and the dark places.


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That was an accident involving old tech that needing funding to keep running.  This is bigger.  Way bigger, to the point a 6 year old can understand bad things were done.

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Hmmmmmmm....sounds heavy. I hope we are ready.


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We're not.  Pills or lead suits.  The understanding is all nukes are aimed into the countries themselves while others hide in bunkers.  Since all have automated defense systems all it would take is a lousy scud with a lot of gas to set them all off.


US nominated itself for the false flag since it makes them.  Many good anons were ignored as part of the civil service to obtain this information until they understood they didn't get a walk in place in the bunker.


It's all heresay otherwise just like Cairo having a revolution, Wheat supplies being 40% under the human need and corn/bees dying in fields.  yup, we properly shit in the sandbox and the reset button is easy in understand if you rule.


Around 18000 nukes in total.  Cherobyl is a good example of how bad things happen, yet life still flourishes.  But the powers that be don't understand the mating cycle of dogs, deer and bugs.  Anycase...doesn't matter enjoy my project on top of the cunt of NOTW for the next couple of days.  Big one is coming, all I can say is anyone that has a pair of nuts left in the government better lock it down and kill them all to the last child.


Again, a 6 year old is going to understand how amazingly how fucked up it is.  Sad thing is the mormons have sucked these peoples cocks for decades and they are first on the list for testing in Utah and the leaders there OFFERED THEM.


Haven't stopped shaking my head.


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CPL, what the holy hell are you talking about? You seem to be batshit crazy as all get out.

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I have to reserve judgement on his sanity...

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End of the month is when your mum has an opinion on the current situation that involves violence.  not kidding.  If I troll and I do.  This isn't it. 


Get ammo.


When it breaks and your mother tells you to kill evey last mother fucker.  you will, you not doubt, second guess or pass a second thought at it.  Not one.  It won't be for a piece of hopeful honesty, it will be for pure rage.  Anger is a weak human constant because it leaves nothing after it. 


once it's broke, giving money away for nothing will seems like a sutble afternoon tea in comparison while men can dance on hookers that charge 10k a wad in their filthy cunts. 


Trust me on this.  If you have ball minus tits, your mother will ask you do to one thing.  Kill them, and kill them all.  Because after anger is rage.  Rage has no end and it's coming.

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You posted a link today.  I clicked on it and saw Green Man with the twitter logo over his face.

That is all I know to be true.  What you have written above is par for the course on the interwebs daily. 

Not saying it's true or not.  Just saying this kind of stuff is said daily on the web.

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Ummm, I don't post links...ever.  Ever.  Ask around ...well that's not true.  If I'm about to short something to death or back up a claim.  I've been a little busy busting open the whore industry that people invest into as civil servants.


Since you have an idea of the link please post it.


Anyone else seen me on here for a month?

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Sorry dude I might have you confused on the links.  That may be my bad. 

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Thank you.  Now shut up and watch the in box.  If the FBI and CIA wanted a role of hero it's this one.  Or you can give it up to the Homoland Sec.


Mum dead or mum alive.  The enemy is in your gate next to you and isn't going to offer the handshake you thought he was.  There aren't enough spaces.

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btw, nothing is being released until the date the project requires.


Hookers and money, no issue.  This one, we are mulling on, it's actually bad.  Really bad.

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So if anyone is a project manager that has dealt with mass death versus near extinction I would LOVE to hear from you.


Love it....fuck me.

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Dude your comments were a real buzz-kill when I was catching up on episodes of Big Brother tonight.  I couldn't even focus on who was getting put up for eviction.

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I suggest you ask your elders to how you are being turned into test subjects.


You are the first wave.  At least being Catholic I know my elders are a bunch of cross eyed pussies.  You are just going to accept the rape.


btw good luck with that.

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I gotta roll...will check back later.

At a bare minimum, thanks for bringing some spice to this thread.  And perhaps a thank you is in order as well for giving us a heads-up on our impending doom. 

CPL's picture

not our impending doom...just most of us.


no worries though, you are almost thorough the gate director.  You are not included in the plans.


Appearently not blue enough Brian.  Your middle name btw.

CPL's picture

Eric is an awful name unless you have balls to do what needs to be done.  Most Eric's are sword swallowing cunts.


but by the end of the month it won't matter.  you aren't included anyway.  LOL  Bring up the bricks or shut up kid.   instead of throwing family out there,  DO YOUR FUCKING JOB DUMBASS.


Christ, Jesus would not stop PUKING on the shit done in his name.  Prove me a lier.  PLEASE DO.  Please prove me a lier that we won't be in removal mode, and your family is first to the surface.


Do you even know what you've been tested on?


is there any weird cancers that required any out of state resources?  Guess what?  It's part of it.

CPL's picture

I'm guessing with the troll accounts then yes.  As mormon's guess which river you've been sold down.


The one without a paddle.   Only assholes I can abide are mormon assholes.  So guess what?  Life sucks and you were sold down that river unfortunately to become a template.


Again when life releases it.  Your own mother will demand you kill people.

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btw run.  If your are reading this.  You don't get a suit case into Denver.

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CPL, thanks for the heads-up, but I'm covered.

Saw your comments in the other thread, Y2K put off to Ywhenever...

Right now they're running us on Oracle12, and i-fix32... what hiccups am I looking for as a sign to call out that day?

CPL's picture

Don't matter.  the old y2K patches that are rolling...who cares.  When it hits.  Don't claim that you work for the government.  You ARE long pig at that point.


You want to be bacon.  your problem kid.   I've wiped enough asses in my life.  Appearently it's not a problem.


Everything under control.  Eat a dick and good luck to some piece of ass that JUST moved from mum's basement on his first time job.  Couldn't quite keep a job otherwise.


Do you assholes rake turns for me to explain why you fuck up your mum's lives?


Seriously >  prove me different basement assholes.  Could not fight a bath tub battle with any of you.  Christ almighty...

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Sorry mate, mummy's been gone a while an' left me running it.


I wanted to stick around for the show. 

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Christ they are still talking about taxes.


wow...cattle talking about how the master slaughters them and how little of a fuck is given.

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Its all they know. They are just actors, after all.

CPL's picture

Wait for it...a lot of people are going to disappear or get caught, some will be thrown on MSM, others will be just removed from the human race.  Not sure which one yet.  Anon is a gamble at all times. 


All projects are handed in to the powers that be that aren't in the plan.  Nothing more vicious than a civil servant not included.  With the MSM currently eating the asshole that created the single voice (Foxnews, etc.) as desired...and there is more to come about that fucking pervert..we will pump it out.


Assange is not anonymous, never was.


My name Is Christopher Lynn and I am Anonymous.  I have worked in 31 government projects to somehow get retards that work in a government to do their job for 27 years.  Hasn't worked.  But it does not matter now at all.  There are other things to deal with like survival.


All I can say is run

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All I can is you are making Oh Regional Indian very hot right now!

CPL's picture

All I can offer are hints.  I'm not allowed to say anything but hints.  Even then I've been told to shut up.

CPL's picture

Well I've been given the idea to RUN.  That's it.  From the anons I've understood that involves staying away from populated areas.

Vic Vinegar's picture

I'm supposed to fly into NYC on Monday.  Is that going to be a problem?

No sarc here: a) I have to live my life, provide for my family and b) there is what you are carrying on about.

CPL's picture

not my problem.  If you are flying into a major center of people, I would run and enjoy an extended vacation.


Civil servant.


I can bet on the sun rising a year from now, it'll happen.  Asking any of us if you are running from the fright of the "fed".  Doesn't matter.  It's called one thing.  Due diligence when the governments acted all weird three years ago.


At first it was a couple of meetings...why?  Then more...never done.


All I can say is the mountains are in your future and anyone that can get behind one.



If you are in Europe.  Sorry game is over.  China.  Game is over.  India.  Game is over.


Picture the longest river and all the money you have.  Now picture never being part of that picture ever.  That's the future if you haven't got a placement in Denver.

CPL's picture

no can buy a underground condo for yourselves and loved ones.  Show up with a lot of money, cash, no credit.

CPL's picture

backyard mechanic build these....where the fuck is the weeping tile?


Well, as normal people lets pretend it's going to work.  LOL.


Drop it fuckers.  Drop anything you wish.  See you in hell.

BeerWhisperer's picture

Wow you really don't beat around the bush do you? /sarc off.