PBS Hacker LulzSec Takes On Archnemesis FBI, Defaces FBI-Affiliate Website In Protest Against NATO And Obama

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More rum! All hail Xenu!

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LULZ is a version of LOL on steroids. It kind of means for shits and giggles.

Learn all about Infraguard and Fusion centers on this episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory;







We should use the English translation of "Al-Qaeda" it's, "The Base".

I would love for Obama to declare war on Americans and pull the Internet kill switch. Google, Apple, and Microsoft stock prices would go to zero overnight.

The mainstream media lost control of the message to sell their version of alternate reality to the American people. We get the true version of reality from the Internet now and the ruling elite don't like it. That's the main reason they are trying to shut down the Internet. Most hack attacks are government inside jobs for reasons we are very aware of.

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Give the Fucking Big Idiots a taste of their own medicine,ya gotta love that.!

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"declaration of war by Obama against the US"

I nearly lodged my Ricola in my sinus after reading that.

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As is clear from Libya, he doesn't need any declarations of war, as is clear from his record, he doesn't need any constitution or congress to continue his war (fundamental tranformation) on the US.

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Awesome! If there's anything that needs to be destroyed from within, it is Infragard. "A Public-Private Partnership" to be corporate spies who report to the FBI. Every executive gets to wear a badge and be the agent they wanted to be. And spy on people and do real damage too, say, competitors by feeding false info. Kinda like selling your tribal enemies to the American soldiers in Afghanistan.


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Another suspect operation:

The notorious military contractor formerly known as Blackwater along with intelligence operations program Able Danger has formed a new spy firm called Jellyfish Intelligence.

Xe Services LLC and Able Danger claim the Jellyfish Intelligence is a “law-abiding” firm, which aims to sell intelligence to wealthy corporations


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Just 'donated' my two cents.

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Admittedly, that would be a Keynesian wet dream: think of the record boost to GDP if Geithner literally nukes the west and eastern seaboards, only to rebuild them again...


Please Tyler, when will you start doing stand up? One of these days I too will shoot a liquid through my nose. On a side note, I'm starting to wonder if these "attacks" aren't just to take more control of the Internet by TPTB. What's next and Internet version of the Patriot Act?

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I agree with the Good Doctor.  If it is an outside group hacking the FBI website (even though funny to some degree) only brings the harsh reality of a regime that will do anything to hold power, such as turning off the internet Dont shit yourself, it is coming!!!

Or, another inside job of creating a false flag against the US govt so that they can again take over and hold us down by shutting down the net.  Dont shit yourself, it is coming!!!

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Yep, another case of shooting yourself in the foot, for the sake of self-preservation.

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As inconvenient as it may seem, an internet shut down is exactly what would get the people who would otherwise prefer not to leave their comfort zones to stand up with the rest of us and demand real change.

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"Please Tyler, when will you start doing stand up? One of these days I too will shoot a liquid through my nose."

Tyler Sacrasm Infused Comedy
I had to get one of those flat plastic sealed keyboards due to ZH nasal eject-o-coffee...

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that would be a Keynesian wet dream: think of the record boost to GDP

You do seem to have your finger on their pulse, but it might be best if you did not give them any ideas.  They might...

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appreciative burbling laughter and coffee spillage, I love Jackie Gleason and Burt Reynolds. What a combination. Too bad I never met any cops or state troopers who even remotely resembled either one.

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 Infragard is Brown Shirt shit for sure. Exposed them all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drJWxMLrpE0

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 An interesting POST. You go this way/ and we go that way! Spelling is not part of the (DIALECT).

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  Lawyers are wall/mart (PiiGs). I challenge any one to ( DISPUTE my FACTS)

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Yen Crossover, I question just about any BS that you type (especially talking about the small of a womens back and all that crap).  You know nothing. I figure you are sitting up there in the Santa Barbara area, all by yourself, playing with yourself, imagining that you actually had a life.  That is just my guess.

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Why don't you two get a room?  Perhaps there's a BDSM site ya both can visit...

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You took out time to 'figure' and 'guess' eh? For someone with such rectal fixation, you sure are concerned about how other people spend their spare time.

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Everyone hates lawyers...until they need one; they are the bridge between the common man and a legal system with enough sophistication to be moderately useful to society. 

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'struth. Kinda like anarcho capitalists hate unionized firemen; who are the bridge between survival and being burned to death. Sophistication? I dunno, I haven't had GS take out insurance on my house yet (that I know of) so it hasn't caught fire.

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of jackboot authoritarians.

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Two possibilites.

#1) They get away with it, indefinitely. Unlikely, but with the kind of budget cuts that are coming, not impossible. 

#2) A few of them get ID'd, arrested, prosecuted, and convicted. Just a few, the rest slip away. 

THAT's actually worse. Because, by the workings of a pretty well understood notion in criminology, if you can only catch a few perpetrators, to have any chance of deterent value, you must punish them proportionally more harshly than if caught them all. Think drug war. 

And then a portion the ones that got away will militarize. They will take their obvious skills (which may just be the abilty to realize the bad habits their opponents Just  Can't  Shake), which they have so far used for glorified vandalism . . . and they will weaponize them.

And that's trouble we've not seen. Obama's "smart grid" would be a thousand fatal catastrophes waiting to happen, in the sights of truly militant hackers. 

Well, I guess we'll see. I wish them luck. Anyone who occupies the FBI is okay with me. 

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they have computers on the internet now?

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I always felt like Lulzsec were a covert operation from the govt...  attacking entities so important that it would give the government a reason to pass on new laws and enslave us even more. Think of a digital 9/11...

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Spot on, in my opinion too whoracle.

too convenient, the timing, the targets (Lockheed Martin was it recently), China on th eGmail hack....

I think we have months at most on fora such as these.



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And don't forget Gates and the pentagon fretting about military response to cyberthreats. The word "terrorist" and its definition will apply to more and more of us, protesting won't be allowed.

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Yup, long list and more and more noise making. Even Stuxnet is a web-controlled product, imagine that being used as an excuse if some post-fukushima analysis brings out the convenient Stuxnet bugbear!


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Perhaps we should now decide upon which websites, in order, that should become our new forums. Choosing of course to go for mainstream takeovers with the CNN web the first target, replete with endless ZH participants materializing like an itch that never goes away.

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Just visited the website in question (let`s hope LulzSec do have an Adsense revenue going). What should be a website proclaiming just how `good` the company is now looks more like a promotional flyer for `all-you-can-eat` buffets. `Pulling the plug` on the internet is more or less impossible (probably the best that could be hoped for would be the raising of somewhat porous Great Firewalls of China in the USA - but these would no doubt have some Microsoft technology in the solution and would therefore be pretty vulnerable). 

Anyway, congrats to LulzSec. :)

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I see that lulzsec is Public Enemy #10 on the FBI hit parade per their (lulz) twitter feed...

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Sounds, to me, like LulzSec is just another CIA operation striking a blow to our personal freedoms and liberities. This is exactly the type of situation necessary in order to use the "internet kill switch", as was used in Eygpt. Or it could be the basis for widespread censorship, as is done in China. This group, while I fully support dissent, I question this particular situation, mocking the FBI on twitter (and the point is?), it is too convenient, just after the un-Patriot Act is renewed?

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It's about impossible to know who is who in all this, but here are some links:

FUCK LULZSEC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - pastebin.com

Untitled - pastebin.com

and finally a comment from Anonnews.org,

also there is this thing saying lulzsec is with the CIA. That must be the reason for them to provoke NATO so openly. they WANT cyberwar because it'd be a lot easier for them to create draconian legislation.

And here is the IRC log of the conversation with Karim

No one really knows what is going on except those involved.

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Seriously, fuck you. Anything good that ever happens that strikes a blow against the dickheads and you guys always are out claiming it is a psyop. Seriously, fuck you.

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Which, unfortunately, is one of the intended effects of psyops and disinformation. Eventually it makes you question the validity of everything, creating confusion, inaction, and finally being resigned to your fate. Not able to offer a solution, just sayin.

Like the Joker said, "Who do ya trust?"

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"Anything good that ever happens that strikes a blow against the dickheads and you guys always are out claiming it is a psyop."

So, are you 12 years old? You seem to be about 1/3 your way around the block for the first time.

Some of us have been around the block a few times already.


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have you followed lulzsec at all?? even lift a finger to read their twitter feed? can you even comprehend any of it?


around the block a few times and dead tired already ?


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"Hacker" = "Guy who stole a password."


With today's technology, nobody busts in anymore unless you have a retardly short password or you don't take good care of that password.

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Or, if don't religiously apply security patches ASAP.  The Sony breach was occurred thanks to a large number of antique versions of Apache.  They just used old exploits and gained root access. Nothing more than half-assed system administration.  (Or at least that's what I've read).



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LOL! If they couldn`t be arsed to do something as simple as applying patches, then they`ve only got themselves to blame.