Peak Theories On The Euro Versus The Dollar

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Abigail Doolittle of Peak Theories shares her latest technical observations on the EURUSD. Coming at a convenient timing, following after the CFTC COT data, her outlook is diametrically opposite from that of Goldman whose LT and tactical targets are 1.55 and 1.37 respecitvely. Specifically, "I think we could see the euro hit about $1.225 between now and the end of the second quarter of this year while the dollar index may crest to between 86 and 88 in the same time period." The charts attached explain her reasoning.

The Weekly Peak: The Euro versus The Dollar (pdf)


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 Thank you very much. Great reading for the weekend!

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This analysis is very well supported...with an exception of A. Elliot Wave Daily count seems "incompleted" and B. Intervention from our promiscuous EUR spenders...I swear she looked 15...ok Berlusconi, pay her in USD then...

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she should find a better way to make it to finals of American Idol...

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Thanks for sharing ... Great stuff!

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I"m looking at her trendlines and I'm kinda thinking she's full of shit.    I can indentify parallel trendlines that are a lot more valid than the ones she's drawing and they do not testify to a lot of support of the dollar here.   I'd have to go with Goldman as much as I loath the parasite.

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A dollar index that high doesnt help the Dow stay in bonerland.

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This is a prechter suckout scenario which is quite plausible, particularly if Bernank can't get QE3 for political reasons. With Europe now in austerity, interest rates stubborn, food inflation, and rioting masses against govt profligacy, the entire market may roll over and we may see reverse correlation where most things fall, except the USD. The suckout could last a while, but will be followed by mass printing, $300 silver, $10,000 wheat and the end of the world, around 12.12.212.

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the end is near? really? nooo seriously? lol

I like the euro with china steping up to float thier trade, PLUS! thier (China's) new new new brand fucking new Bond program..

Panda Bonds Bitchez... says euro is stronger! quote me!

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i agree with wheatman. doolittle seems to do little real thinking here otehr than play with the asthetics of the lines. but what does it matter? wheatmans scenario eventually will play out and if you've planted wheat then you're good until the next planting season.

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Yeah, sure... ummm... but, is she hawt?

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As mentioned numerous times - US dollar strength keeps recurring because USD larger time frames are bullish and continue to warn of a significant dollar rally.

My proprietary indicators can identify trend changes before they occur.

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Euro entering the twilight zone..with the Cajas' bailout (with what funds, by the way?) everything goes to 'begging bowl economics'; industry groups are putting on their wounded damsel costumes and wait to get picked up. ..but what do expect from a government of Pigs.

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Nice and visually helpful charts, which analyze the past and present with the precision of an electron microscope. But to predict the future you might as well decipher the entrails of a goat. This sort of system needs validation - what have been the predictions in the past, what proportion of them have been accurate, and how much profit has the author made with the system.

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It is a paper Federal Reserve note, not the flag that covered your grand pappy's WW2 coffin.  Betting on the Dollar is betting that we can print enough money to buy enough derivatives to prop it up indefinately.  The concept is self defeating.  Even Soros and the gang have given up and gone bearish.  We created too many Dollars.  We create enough money to bailout Europe every month.  With China, Japan, and the EU wise to us using the Euro as leverage to prop up the DXY, and taking the other side, its over.

Accept the fact that the commodity rally is the world unloading dollars.  They won't be back.

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great charts, I have spent a huge amount of time with dollr index and dollr bear. the only thng that isn't known is how much central bank buying will happen. this seems to put a floor under a crash, when they buy and short squeeze the heck our of people

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My 2 cents:

pursuing the bearish ( or even the doomsday) argument either on dollar or euro is utterly nonsense.

eur/usd is trading in a biig channel whose extremes are 1.15 and 1.50.

If euro goes at 1.50 Germany start feeling harsh pain and starts to make hole in the euro ship. If euro goes towards 1.15 China  feel pain and starts to buy Irish debt, Portuguese debt, fill in the blank debt.

It's a currency war and we all are only hostages.

In order to hedge an euro or dollar position one doesen't need to diversify in another sinking currency. People should look either  at chf and jpy(riskier) (cause they are losing the currency war) or cad and aud (commodity baked currencies).

In the mean time gold and silver are winning hands down the match against paper surrogates.