Pentagon Papers Whistleblowers and Congressman Call for a New 9/11 Investigation

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I would support a new 9/11 commission.  And since we are talking conspiracy theories I would also support a commission to investigate the President's birth certificate to make sure he is not the communist Manchurian candidate.  I just wish that I would believe both of the official outcomes.  No matter what the findings I fear that both sides, the stealth socialists or the corptocracy would present counter facts and figures and that in the end you would still not know the truth after we spent 150 million we do not have.  Personally I do not believe that the American people know the full truth about a lot of things. 

With that in mind, I believe there should be investigations about a lot of things.  Number one on my list would be the undermining of the democratic process in this country by the big donors who buy the both political parties.  On one side you have the stealth socialists and communists and on the other you have corporate interests big oil, banks, etc.  So how about making the push for investigations fair Mr. Washington?  If one side would push for 9/11 investigations the other would push for investigations into lets say,  the 527 donations of George Soros and the influence they have on our electoral process.  Us in the middle will never get to the truth if we only investigate in a biased slant.

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Uh, 9/11 is a bit more important than investigating who donates to George Soros.  zzzzzzz.

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OOPS!  Double post. 

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That last thing Americans will realize is that Russia was behind 9/11:

The World Trade Center towers and Pentagon were the ultimate symbols of American "Capitalism" and "Imperialism".  Who would have gloated more over their destruction than the Kremlin, especially if 9/11 was carried out in such a manner that the world would never blame Moscow.  You all have been grossly deceived.

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Is that why 5 Russians were caught with cameras trained on the twin towers on 9/11 before the planes hit? Dancing and celebrating at the moment of impact?

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i never cared much for conspiracy theories about 9-11, but when the mandarin hotel fire happened in 2009 i saw it and it reminded me of 9-11.

i came to believe that tower seven ( a third building 2 blocks from the twins--standing about 50 stories high) was demolished with explosives from the inside.

then i saw this

and then i watched this

i can't say the twin towers are the same size as the mandarin hotel, but it is clear that tower seven was the same size. and tower seven had only one floor on fire. 

and then when you watch tower seven collapse video (tower seven was never hit by a plane and had the cia headquarters in it ---these are undisputed facts) it's pretty obvious that the building was demolished with explosives from the inside. there IS room for doubt about tower seven NOT being demolished, but there's little room for a casual observer like myself. there's no way fire took down tower seven.  my explanation is that the CIA could not afford to have it's offices investigated so they wired the building to implode. to me , this is seems a reasonable explanation without having to indulge in major conspiracy theories. 




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I'd almost prefer the .gov would come out and say "don't worry about it" and not spend the money and politicize it even further. If they are gonna lie, why spend all that money on crafting a story. Just say it's none of our business, what would we do about it anyway? Complain? Make a new Nat'nl Geo. 1 hour documentary on it? I don't think America wants to know it's .gov eats it's own.

Most Americans would be happy with that answer because they are not paying attention anyway.


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Sunlight is a good cleanser for Filthy Laundry....

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I've always figured they were just more successful than they aimed to be. They probably figured a few hundred killed and a couple floors of fire damage to repair. When the towers went down they were probably sitting watching and said - "Oops, son-of-a-bitch! Who could have known?"

I like to compare it to the StarTrek movie where the Klingon gunner is ordered to shoot the orbiting Federation Starship's engines and disable it. He puts one lousey shot in the engines and the whole ship blows up into a zillion glowing shards. "Lucky shot," he says in apology...

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good point, science fiction is the only thing the official theory can compare too. 

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What's the opposite of a "Truther?"  A Liar.

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Let's just call this proposed commission what it is, "The Truther Commmission for California Kooks and Lunatics" brought to you by the conspiracy outliars (sic) at the Daily Kos.

Daniel Ellsberg: Socialist phony and hypocrite, who released the Pentagon Papers only after a Republican  was elected president. Didn't have the courage of his convictions to do it while his own liberal friends, Kennedy and Johnson, were still in the White House. After getting the US into Vietnam, he helped Dems get us out by suddenly defunding it, undermining the Paris Peace talks, leading to the genocide of 3 million people there and in Cambodia. 9-11 Truther.

Mike Gravel: Socialist democrat who, as former Senator, supported a National Initiative -- Federal Referendums -- along with marxist/commmunists Howard Zinn, Ralph Nader, and Noam Chomsky.

Cynthia McKinney: Socialist democrat, Green party member, congresswoman, 9-11 Truther, and corn row nutbag who assaulted a Capital Hill policeman, and also wanted a congressional investigation into the conspiracy drive by shooting death of rapper Tupac Shakur.

Let me recommend some other 9-11 Truthers and credible individuals to be on the commission:

1. Jeanine Garafolo -- because she always dresses like a pile of dirty clothes on the floor. Marxist street cred. 9-11 Truther.

2. Kanye West -- because Bush didn't like black people and he hates Taylor Swift and other white people.

3. Sean Penn -- because he's marxist, Hollywood, beats his wives, and loves totalitarians Hugo Chavez, Castro, Saddam Hussein and Ahmed-dim-wad of Iran. 9-11 Truther.

4. Van Jones -- because he's already out as a communist, 9-11 Truther, and favors cop killers. Trifekta perfekta!

5. Khalid S. Mohammed -- because he's not really the planner who murdered 3000 people, or the guy who cut off Daniel Pearl's head; he's the real victim because he's in Gitmo now

6. Daffy Duck -- because he's the most qualified so far and has the inside track for Commission Chairman. Has been personally blown up and survived many times. Understands the Cartoon Theory of Physics behind sudden non sequitur out-of-frame visual props.








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^^ More proof the traditional bell curve has shifted left.

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that asshole is not the left. shut up about the left because you don't know anything about it.

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My prediction is that when Dick Cheney is gone, the investigation will be reopened.

Go to the 22 minute mark in this video and listen to the eyewitness account of government and military observers of the plane that "flew over" the Pentagon and reportedly never crashed.  Then what hit the Pentagon?

Dave Harrison


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Instead of spending billions on getting the same gangsters re-elected the media should take in billions on finding out the truth an correcting the mistakes that cause unneccesary thousands to die for the greed of a few elite. Fighting against terror and tyranny are rightous, but first find out who the mischief makers are and than direct the fury to those deserving.

Pray to god this will happen. Keep up the brave fight.

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Ah yes, more sophistry from GW.

I would love to see another investigation.  I'd love it to be made up of "experts" from both sides of the issue.  Let science prevail.  Give everybody on the panel a stopwatch, then play the videos of the buildings collapsing.  Let's see how it fits the definition of "freefall".  Close enough?  Sorry, gravity is not approximate.  It's exact or it's something else.

Let's see how much the structural integrity of steel is compromised at 1300 degrees.  Let's see how much expansion of steel takes place at that temperature, and let's build a steel shell structure just like the buildings that collapsed and see if we can do it again.

Let's get Sully the Hudson Hero to pilot a plane and see if he can fly it at 400+ mph into an EXACT floor of a tall building, since where the planes struck is EXACTLY where the structural failure first occured and the collapse began.  Obviously that is where the charges and the nanothermite would have to have been placed.

I'm a private pilot, but I am not rated on a 757 or 767.  Still, let me fly one of these from Boston and see if I can find New York City.  I guarantee you I can, using pilotage, or maps, or VOR's or GPS or by programming the autopilot.  Finding the Pentagon after taking off from Dulles is even easier.  I guarantee I can even bring the aircraft over the numbers of any runway of any airport in the US, though I might have trouble landing it.  Of course I could crash it no problem.

Let's heat some aluminum aircraft metal to 1300 degrees, mix it with wood and plastic office furniture and other building materials, then see what color it is.

Let's get some former workers in Building 7 to tell what time they evacuated their building, because it was on fire (well before noon).

Let's have four aircraft turn off their transponders, then ask ATC to find them amongst the roughly 8000 commercial aircraft in flight at any time on a Tuesday morning, along with an equal or greater number of private aircraft.

Let's use some math and calculate the kinetic energy contained in ten or twenty or thirty stories of building falling on the floors underneath it, and get ranges of how quickly such a building could be fully razed, and let's also guess the direction such forces would be directed given the uniformity of the structure and the materials used in its makeup.  Nobody is afraid of math, right?  Math is pretty objective, too, is it not?  Oh, and then ask if that kinetic energy could also result in fires burning in the rubble for a week, even without the ConEd substation underneath.

Let's call Hamilton and Kerrey and Bob Baer and ask them what the full context of their quotes cited by GW was, rather than just accept his selectivity and editing.  Could it be that "not having the whole story" might mean that not all shamed and embarrassed officials wanted to state for the record how incompetent they were, or how protective of their turf they were, which resulted in the tragedy?  Could Baer's "inside job" quote mean that perhaps the hijackers had friends at airports or aircraft maintenance crews?  Let's just ask.  Clarification never hurts, right?

Let's ask Michael Springman why his experience in Jeddah as a Consular officer a decade before 911 is relevant to anything, and then ask him if any visas he might have been encouraged to grant might have been related to the then-ongoing US operations to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Let's call a few of the witnesses who watched the commercial aircraft strike the Pentagon.  A friend of mine of thirty years is one such witness.  While playing golf nearby, the entire foursome watched the remarkedly low approach one plane was making to Reagan National, and they all watched in horror as it struck.  Let's put them under oath, or sodium pentathol if need be.

Let's get the top demolition expert in the world and ask him or her how long it would take to lay charges in the buildings, given that the tallest building ever brought down by controlled demolition was 27 stories.

Let's toss out all the racist nonsense about Jews being warned to stay home on 911;  instead we can just read the names of the deceased.  Let's also toss out the racist nonsense that a group of Arabs couldn't put together such a  simple plan with five years of consideration, and let's ask actor James Woods to testify about what he thought was a dry run on a flight he took from Boston to LA a year or two before.

Let's ponder why a controlled demolition made more sense than an east-west split into the Hudson and East Rivers, which would have been infinitely more spectacular.

Let's take Colin Firth's Oscar and hand it over to George Bush for that pretend look of surprise he had when Andrew Card told him of the first aircraft strike.

Let's get a few CIA case officers on the stand and ask them how much they really like Mossad and how well they get along.  Just for fun, and to get a YouTube viral reaction, let's ask the case officers how much in favor they might be of letting Jonathan Pollard go free.

Let's get this "FBI translator" on the stand and ask what he/she knows, given that translators are generally GS-5 employees native in the language they translate from and very very unlikely to ever accompany an FBI agent to a meeting with Osama bin Laden (sic) or to have any knowledge outside of their limited job responsibilities.

Let's also try to remember what 2001 was like and if humanity might already have had copy machines or thumb drives on which duplicates of the "Bush Enron" documents might have existed outside of one floor in Building 7.

Let's ask the operator of a flight training center if, prior to 911, it took anything other than money to buy time on a 757 or 767 simulator.

Let's also not do a great disservice to what might be budding democracies in the Middle East by showing that democracy sometimes leads to abominations such as Cynthia McKinney.

Let's get everything out on the table, expert against expert (sorry, no fundamentalist preachers with no math or engineering background qualify as experts, and neither does Charlie Sheen).

Then we can put this to bed, and let Zerohedge go back to handling articles on financial corruption and fiscal profligacy.

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Are you really a pilot?  I was raised in an aviation family and spent many hours in a plane as a kid and later took lessons from my dad.  The 767s were clocked at 550 MPH at sea level and struck bullseye into not one but two 215' wide targets.  Flunkee Cesna pilots did this?  America's best Top Gun couldn't do it.  550 MPH is the key.

I know many pilots participate in the pilotsfor911truth website, and their information is indisputable.  I don't undestand why more professional pilots don't make their voice heard.  Cowards all.  Flight Termination Systems is an old technology and the most likely method used to pilot the jets at 550 MPG into perfect bullseye.  Then of course there is the most obvious surprise, WTC7. 

The auto response to that, from people like yourself, is "ah come on guys only crazy people believe conspiracy and stuff".  Give Me A Break.

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thank you. most pilots know this theory is insane. about as insane as NORADs inabilities that day. about as insane as the five amazingly similar "exercises" that day coordinated by Cheney and confusing as hell to the controllers. about as insane as all the area cameras being pulled, about as insane as an "uncontrolled" demolition falling into its footprint, about as insane as all debris / evidence from the ugliest terrorist attack in american history being shipped off immediately to china in violation of the law

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Lets make it easier then that...How about we just get 2 of the tapes from the more then 50 cameras around the Pentagon and be allowed to watch them? The commission would only need about 10 seconds to make a decision if this was allowed...

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Wow Chindit!!!  +1000000   A real truther!!!!  Thanks.

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Why   did  Dick  Cheney  call  Norad the  day  before 9/11 ..?     He  knew... Who  shorted  American  Airlines  Stock  the  day  before..?

lots  of  Questions...

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911 was urban renewal...

 the beginning 

of the end..

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This is still tin foil hat stuff to me GW.

It is easy to see how Lee Harvey Oswald, a trained Marine sniper, could get off enough shots to kill Kennedy all by himself.

It is also easy for me to see two teams of terrorists hijacking some jets pre 9/11 was pre 9/11 and we let people on with guns and knives much less box cutters.

The trips down this conspiracy path smell of kids who don't want to believe that there is simple evil in this world that can do monumentally bad things without being from high levels or "within" the fold.

Tin foil hat.

"What's the frequency Kenneth?"

Please, focus on really monumentally bad things perpetrated by semi-organized internal terrorists - e.g. - the financial crisis of 2008 to the present.


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Just you keep trimming away at a few of them branches... don't bother yourself with the root of the problem.

Don't be knowin none of that thar histories back further than say... three years past. Why 9/11 was almost 10 years ago... cannot be none those criminals and traitors still around.

Hells Bells... you might just have to think bad thoughts or sumthin hard likes that. 

You want some of them Magic Bullets?  I gots lots to sells to ya... wants some?  They cheap!

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Does anyone know what the NY office tower vacancy rate was in that era?


Did this demolition tighten up that market as a bonus?

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What has always troubled me is this:

Clearly, there could have been no reasonable expectation on the part of the 9/11 hijackers that slamming aircraft into the upper floors of the WTC towers would reduce them to dust. Indeed, the buildings were designed to absorb such impacts. Any study of the buildings would have revealed this basic fact. Thus, the suicide pilots could not have known or even conceived that the buildings would collapse. So much for this part of the story, anyway, as a motive to explain their actions.

Imagine yourself as the second hijacker approaching the WTC: What do you see when you look out the window? Yes, a big hole and some black smoke pouring out of the other WTC, but that's it. The building is otherwise still fully intact. Indeed, you would have to entertain the belief that, as a result of attack number one, both towers would have been evacuated. So, what are you thinking? "Gee, maybe I can make a big hole in that other (very possibly empty) building"???

A few things:

1.) As noted in an article in The New York Times from December 25, 2001, entitled Experts Urging Broader Inquiry In Towers' Fall:

…some structural engineers have said that one serious mistake has already been made in the chaotic aftermath of the collapses: the decision to rapidly recycle the steel columns, beams and trusses that held up the buildings. That may have cost investigators some of their most direct physical evidence with which to try to piece together an answer.

Officials in the mayor's office declined to reply to written and oral requests for comment over a three-day period about who decided to recycle the steel and the concern that the decision might be handicapping the investigation.

Imagine: The biggest crime scene in American history inexplicably swept clean before any real forensic analysis could be conducted!

2.) WTC-7, which was not struck by any aircraft, dropped exactly like a controlled demolition. This is the smoking gun that proves that the aircraft hitting the twin towers had nothing to do with their subsequent collapse.

3.) The Bush administration tried and failed to prevent any inquiry whatsoever into the events of that day. If you will recall, they opposed any investigation of it. That fact in and of itself should raise red flags. Then, when it became apparent that that would not work, he tried to appoint the war criminal Henry Kissinger to head the "investigation"! How much clearer could it be that he wanted to answer NO questions about it? It is also beyond argument that the 9/11 Commission did not explore certain questions and witnesses, nor were they supplied with all of the documents they themselves requested. They did not even take up the question of WTC-7. Again, the red flags fly.



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"Clearly, there could have been no reasonable expectation on the part of the 9/11 hijackers that slamming aircraft into the upper floors of the WTC towers would reduce them to dust. Indeed, the buildings were designed to absorb such impacts. Any study of the buildings would have revealed this basic fact. Thus, the suicide pilots could not have known or even conceived that the buildings would collapse."

Um,,, Bin Laden said exactly that. He said he thought the tops would come down but was pleasantly surprised that they all came down.

So, how does one go about planning to destroy Towers #1 and #2 to provide the needed cover to demolish #7, the real target, when everyone knows for an absolute fact that flying commercial jet airliners into them won't bring them down?

Try using your own head, or you'll unwittingly let others control you.

The towers were designed to withstand the collision of a certain class of airliner. They both survived the collisions. They collapsed from the fires started by jet fuel in full tanks that spread to consume anything that would burn at the attained temperatures. The engineer's assumption was that an airplane hitting the towers would be one in the act of landing with near empty tanks, not fully-fuled for a suicide run.

The Titanic was designed to be unsinkable, remember?

And, #7 did not drop like controlled demolition. I wish people who don't know jack about controlled demo would stop asserting such nonsense. Control means just that. Any structure upon failure will fall down because of GRAVITY. Controlled demo gets it down without hitting surrounding buildings. Clearly, every building that fell on 9-11 hit other buildings, so there was no control involved.

Scorpio69er's picture


re: "Bin Laden said exactly that"

Let's take a look at Osama's FBI wanted poster:

Ooops! Someone left out 9/11!

The FBI has said: “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.”

WTF???!!! Isn't finding this guy the ostensible reason that we invaded Afghanistan after 9/11?


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amazing comebacks by your detractors

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maximin thrax... a savage, ignorant and illiterate barbarian, who came to power for only 3 weeks 2 days during the decline of the Roman Empire. 

His own stupid soldiers, weary of the amount of his idiotic and moronic diatribes, put him to death in A.D. 238 by suffocating him with a shit-fouled cloth sack over his head.

maxi-trash... (as his ZH followers nicknamed him)... was famous and widely known for his defecating in a new bag first thing in the morning, and then wander around public web forums, putting his own stinking shit up into his face and inhaling deeply, and frequently, all day; while mumbling to himself ... 

"Yep. Same shit, different bag."

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A theory presented to fit the facts

Fact: it takes significant time to wire a building for controlled demo. it takes X3 as long for 3 buildings. charges and equipment would have to be concealed as these were occupied buildings.

Theory: it was done over a period of time well in advance with knowledge of key building security and maintenance personnel.

Fact: warning was given that buildings would be coming down

Theory: secret evil cabals don't give warnings, especially if the plan is for shock and awe. it was someone who cared about casualties.

Resulting theory: The WTC buildings were prewired as part of an emergency response contingency and were brought down as part of risk mitigation. Even if the right decision, who would want to step up and take responsibility (and liability) for it?

This theory has nothing to do about who would or could have exploited this information.

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I always thought Charlie Sheen was behind the 9/11 thing.



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Now he's behind Bree Olsen, sticking his jumbo up her tradesmans entrance...

its sick.

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Good work by them. 9/11 is a foundational myth for the war on terror, and it's a weak spot.

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"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."
 — Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President.

911.  Who profitted the most by it?  Any other questions?

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I'd bow to few people in my cynicism toward the U.S. government but half of the casual hyperbole in this thread drives me nuts. 

If you want to say that gov't is incompetent, and something that should've been stopped wasn't, I'm with you. If you want to posit super powerful and simultaneously super secretive conspiracies accomplishing earth shaking deeds with no one at all knowing, well, that's the stuff of movie thrillers but it doesn't hold up against Occam's Razor very well.

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If you want to posit super powerful and simultaneously super secretive conspiracies accomplishing earth shaking deeds with no one at all knowing, well, that's the stuff of movie thrillers

Yes, stuff of movies and of course: Operation Ajax.

That was a conspiracy theory of super powerful and simultaneously super secretive groups accomplishing earth shaking deeds with no one at all talking - until it was declassified by a freedom of information request.

Imagine, those funny Persians were claiming that the US overthrew their government, what a bunch of crazy Mooslims!!

They made this crazy nutzo claim for 50 years, until it was proven to be correct.

Learn from freaking history don't just ignore it.

but it doesn't hold up against Occam's Razor very well.

You probably think Occam's Razor states the simplest explanation is likely to be the correct one.

It doesn't.

Occam's Razor states that the theory with the least number of assumptions that have to be made to explain a natural phenomenon is the one most likely, but not necessarily, to be the correct theory.  Of course, a theory made with 0 assumptions, isn't a theory anymore, it's a law.

Occam's Razor is the very foundation of the scientific method and it's no surprise most people don't know what it actually states, because a light bulb to them is magic.  It's much too much for them to understand the principle that is the very foundation of modern civilization.

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O'Scam's Razor put to Iran's throat...

Another Conspiracy Theorem*


 Mohammad Mosaddegh is democratically elected as the Prime Minister of Iran.

Mossadegh is one of those crazies who thinks that the wealth of a nation should be used for the benefit of all of its inhabitants rather than for the foreign owners of a few oil companies. 

Damn It!... can not be having any of that socialist/commonwealth shit.

In May, he nationalizes Iran's oil fields. He does a lot of other crazy and dangerous stuff like establishing unemployment insurance and workers' compensation, abolishing forced labor and funding a broad range of public infrastructure and free public, secular education.

All of this is strictly verboten of course and the CIA/Nazis hatch a conspiracy with the code name of Operation Ajax to overthrow Mossaddegh and install one of the world's most repressive and vicious dictators, the Shah of Iran who, with his notorious secret police fully trained and armed by the United States, will kidnap, torture and murder his way through the people of Iran for two decades .

Then the wimp ass ameriKlans all wail and moan and cry like a bunch of spoiled fucking babies when a few CIA/Diplomats are held hostage by the student revolutionaries for a few months. 

But that's another story

{*theorem ... a statement proven on the basis of established facts.}

DavidPierre's picture





9/11 put O'Scam's Razor to the World's Throat.

1,400 architects and engineers demand answers... the official story of the collapse of the WTC buildings is bunk.


Count Floyd's picture

1400 architects and engineers.  LOL.  The fact is that almost none of them are.  Rather they are like George Costanza was an architect.

And the Twoofers wouldn't know physics, science, and thermodynamics if it bit them in the ass.  But they sure buy into retarded theories put forth by losers calling themselves scientists.

DaveyJones's picture

DO tell us what some of these architects have built? And while you're doing that, what have you built? What have you flown? or demolished or investigated? How many Phd dissertations? How many military and civillian air runs? How much air traffic have you controlled? How many crash sites have you examined? And do tell, how did you find the time to master so many areas?

maximin thrax's picture

You've found 1400 idiot "architects". Congrats.

I have yet to meet anyone who believes any of the towers were demolished with explosives who understands how buildings collapse.

Again, there may be something to the rumors of connections with people over here and terrorosts both over there and over here, and these need looking into. But WTC #1 and #2 failed due to airplane collisions and #7 from the large gash created when one of the big towers came down, its unusual structure having columns that shifted loads laterally instead of going down to footings (transfer beams) and large amounts of flammable liquids stored therein.

But, believe whatever you want.

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maximin thrax... a savage, ignorant and illiterate barbarian, who came to power for only 3 weeks 2 days during the decline of the Roman Empire. 

His own stupid soldiers, weary of the amount of his idiotic and moronic diatribes, put him to death in A.D. 238 by suffocating him with a shit-fouled cloth sack over his head.

maxi-trash... (as his ZH followers nicknamed him)... was famous and widely known for shitting in a bag first thing in the morning, and then wander around in public forums, putting it up to his face and inhaling deeply all day, mumbling to himself ... 

"Yep. Same shit, different bag."

DavidPierre's picture

I really appreciate having you as a new fool that can be used as my foil... another useful 9/11-Liar.

You's my Bitch now!

Welcome to the Fight Club... Enjoy your brief visit.

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Sucker defined.

maximin thrax's picture

Yep. Same shit, different bag.

DavidPierre's picture

'Haole' grunts over his keyboard...

"Sucker defined."

Babel Fish Translation...

Unweaned, domestic farm animal, kept locked in a barn stall, contemplates the meaning of life.