Pentagon Seeks to Manipulate Social Media for Propaganda Purposes

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Anyone see the recent films 'Battle:LA or 'Transformers 2' I randomly borrowed them for a bit of mindless distraction from my thesis writing, and was amazed at how blatant they were. What I saw was effectively 2 hour long Army commercials detailing the virtues of combat and how US forces always: have civilians best interests in mind, would rather sacrifice themselves than harm innocents and those that criticise are essentially weak and/or crazy. 


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Two cases of TPTB trying to muffle dissent:
outside of the power structure: indicted for downloading journals

inside of the power structure: offered double salary to STFU


They're tightening the net now. Why?

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Wait just a damned minute here- The Government will LIE to us?

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when you view the above site you will see how Edward becomes pompus ass toward or throughout his life. From getting women to smoke for the tobacco companys to being the architect of many presidential successes.

It probably turned him on knowing that he controlled a lot of power in secret.

Brain washing and spin cycle the next step is the dryer.

is this any way to run a mok?

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You see the hoardes of shills appear in the comments sections, never before 9 am of course.

They bleat the socialist meme over and over and over and over.

Why?  To set the non working 50% against the working 49% to the benefit of 0.5%.

Lies are lies it doesn't matter how many times you repeat them.

Who really has that much passion for thieves, besides hired blogoons?

It's ironic though that the author would cut and paste about this.  GW often looks hired by the DNC.

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For an extensive collection of links, sites, movies on the topic of how this is being done, why and by whom, this is a pretty good starting point: You may want to look up Yuri Bezmenov aka Tomas Schumann for a rarely seen look at how this has been an institutional part of (Co)IntelOps for DECADES (videos in the link above). If it's been taught at the NatSec academies of Mother Russia since the sixties, why WOULDN'T it be in the arsenal of the other major powers? As for DARPA, let's just say that YES, I can positively confirm their intimate involvement in this realm. Heck, it makes absolute sense -- how do you think the interwebz came about in the first place?

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oh yes, the information battle is full on. and will heat up. (poor Hillary lol)


someone sent me this today.

the title made me expect another good intentioned but void collection of statements.

not so, this one's actually pretty good. a sort of crash course in psy-ops of the last century.

and this is of course excellent (Edward Bernays influence documented by Adam Curtis)

enjoy ;-)

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George, it is very sensationalist to point to the Pentagon's usage of these techniques, but you might also report on Hillary Clinton's Tech Army at State doing pretty much the same thing ... and I am sure, this being govt, that there are probably several other incarnations of this sort of program in other govt agencies.

I don't know if the story is that they are doing this, or that they are doing this six times over in a number of agencies.

And don't forget that they spent $18m on, so one can only imagine how much is being spent on this ... a tech wet dream for those who are connected,.

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yes the gestapo state needs to snuff out any resistance and opposition

fuck the military

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The Pentagon is giving 4G to soldiers so they can anaesthetize them with 24/7 free pornography like they have with the rest of our population. 

First, sever the familial bonds. Next, promote sex addiction and--thank you, Diane--homosexuality (and while we're on the subject, how did Dick manage to get CBRE that ripper of a deal with all the foreclosures?  If I remember correctly, you weren't even on the banking committee.)

Fact: the more phlegmatic our familial bonds become , the easier we are to manipulate. 

Got it?

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Oh for pete's sake, what a stupid post.  Let's try this: what is 'severing familial bonds' more than divorce?  And pray-tell what this has to do with sex-addiction and gay people?   About as bad as the anti-semetic comments on this site.  Sheesh.

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Ah yes, and Louis XVI and Czar Nicholas and Hitler all had armies backing them as well.

The armed services of this country have the support of the populace only so far as they support the rights of the people and the Constitution.

If they fail to do so, I can guarantee them that no number of tanks or drones or units or rifles will protect them from the mob.

Thanks to those who serve honorably, and to all, please remember your vows.


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*** B.S. ***

the Pentagon doesn't burp without some civilian wannabe-tyrant's input ...

Firstly; like it's gonna be really difficult to see the software-generated -usual lies that will be mass produced, propagated, and repeated all over the blogosphere (as already is the case - with "cut-and-paste-seminar" blog blather).

(Did you hear the one about how, after 9-11, a certain government agency decided it was time to upgrade to computers instead of typewriters; spent US$125 + million on a custom system - which didn't work!!!)

Second: find the civilian traitors who are ordering the military to do this highly unethical, illegal, unconstitutional dirty dealing; arrest them put them on trial (in front of  a military tribunal); find out what these traitors' foreign connections are and then try them as agents of hostile foreign powers as well; then send them to GITMO for life.

The Pentagram, er, Pentagon is subordinate to civilian authorities: POTUS (who can do direct orders of extrodinary actions (such as above) in times of DECLARED-BY-CONGRESS-WARTIME situations ONLY or in times of martial law (has martial law been declared, is USA under "state of emergecny" again/still, has the civilian population been deemed "enemies of the state again/still (hmm?)), then via the various civilian heads starting with SECDEF, followed by each military branch civilian head (all of which are authority above any/all military), then via the various top military (Joint Chiefs) with the various megalomanical congress-things sticking their noses into things military now and then.

This means such a highly illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, act was concocted by and is coming from some (likely a very few e.g. surrounding the POTUS, outside organizatioins, etc.) civilian tyrants (extreme paranoid control-freak types), as usual hiding their tyranical  actions behind US military as facade. These civilian traitors know well their actions, such as this, are illegal, so these gutless-wonders (most likely Posion Ivy League types) order the military to do it for them.

BTW: all military are under oath and duty-bound to not violate laws of the land (Constitution and Amendments; as opposed to the bogus other legal systems layered inside the true and only valid laws of the USA), therefore can, must and will out the traitors - as well as disobey any and all unlawful orders -or they will face the consequences when time is right.


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Why wouldn't the Pentagon do this, after all they're merely the 'hessians' for the banksters. After the banksters, the 2nd most powerful interest group in the U.S. is the Military Industrial Complex. Actually, I suspect the same ultra wealthy banking families sit on the board of many a fortune 500 company. Therefore it's in their best interest to ensure constant warmongering ... drums up business/good for profits.

The only military man of repute was Marine General Smedley Butler (back in the 1930's).
And heck, it was only after retirement that he saw the light and came clean publicly.

All the more modern military brass are merely cogs in the machine. And that certainly includes Colin Powell who after military service went on to lie his ass off in front of the U.N. security counsel   --- "Yeah... you'all see this sat photo the CIA supplied me....that's an Iraq WMD ... sure as shit. We need to invade".

Way to go Colin ..... how do you manage to live with yourself?





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... defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic....

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"The only military man of repute was Marine General Smedley Butler (back in the 1930's)."

Actually there have been many many more - who have attempted to speak out even while still on active duty (as opposed to waiting until out of uniform).

Like most Americans, you just haven't heard, read, learned about such true heros, because they were all silenced - by any and all means required to shut them up ...

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Perhaps in your mind they were heros, but in effect they were incompetent.

The Marine General I mentioned (Smedley Butler) actually went on speaking tours, he wrote a book. Imagine the courage it took to buck the powers that be.

Show me anyone from the modern era.
Nevermind, I'll answer my own question.

I would like to publicly thank  Daniel Ellsberg for his service to America.

For those that don't know ... he was a Marine officer before returning to college earning an advanced degree and going on to be a Rand Corp consultant in the Pentagon ... where he subsequently went on to learn and expose the truth about the Vietnam War.

Thank you Daniel. You are a true patriot.


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Since you prefer conversation with yourself, you do your own searches for the many who did speak out – and as obfuscation-argument and time-wasting idiocy is your main purpose  – I’ll repeat this significant difference between your “heroes” and the real ones: (about whom you're clueless) -they did so * while still in uniform*. That is - they had the balls to speak out whilst still on active duty. That is -2 - they  didn’t wait until they were safely on the outside as your two “competents” did (you do understand what the significance of this is don’t you – never mind I’ll answer for you – because you do not understand; doing so while still serving is instant career death and more).


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Brialliant!  Thank you so much for sharing this excellent information!!!  ZeroHedge rocks!!!!

I've been posting the following on Fox News:


URGENT MUST READ:  ZeroHedge has Disqus all figured out.  You know those infamous Libtard trolls like tbagin4jeebus, Dr. Bumpy, and Freeloadinfreddy who always seem to be on this site?  I always thought it was a bunch of people taking turns on a keyboard at the Democrat National Party HQ.  As it turns out, it is a Pentagon program designed to mess with your mind to see how your respond.   That's right!  Think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist?  Click the link below and read all about Dr. Bumpy!!!!


Keep this alive, and let others know any time a Libtard troll shows up!

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Good find and good work informing FOX news, gotta keep an eye out for trolls.

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had to share on facebook

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In a strange way I actually find this kind of reassuring. All this time, besides voices on Zerohedge and a handful of other sites, I thought I was alone in seeing the emperor had no clothes and thought I was one of the nuts. Although seriously outnumbered and outgunned, kind of gives one hope they aren't the only sane one with common sense

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Don't worry, the US government can't stick its finger up its ass with both hands, a flashlight, and a fuckin' road map.

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I think this is a clear violation of laws prohibiting US military activity against US citizens on American soil.

It's only a small step from killing Libyans in an illegal war by saying it isn't really violence, to deploying armed drones to hover, photograph, and intimidate US citizens at a political rally because of "suspicious" facebook chatter.

What's more, how long can it possibly be before the Marxist-in-Chief uses this new Pentagon social media technology to turbo boost his re-election campaign? Especially now that political hack Leon Panetta was just installed as Secretary of Defense?  

What could go wrong?

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They're developing this for use overseas, not here at home, since it would be useful in nationwide psychops.

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Pentagram troll, is that you?

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Sure.  Just like the Patriot Act is directed exclusively at non-US external threats, too.

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I'm just giddy about the advent of internet voting.


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and how could GW not have one mention of what Project Mockingbird has been doing for decades

this is just the TPTBs trying to compensate for the traditional media's loss of power

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He who leads the upright astray in an evil way Will himself fall into his own pit, But the blameless will inherit good.

Proverbs 28:10

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"What Jesus fails to appreciate is it`s the meek that are part of the problem..." -Monty Python

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The perfect plan for the planned martial law.  

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The perfect plan for the planned martial law.  

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Does ANYBODY not now see that COG/Martial Law is very close?

Smith-Mundt is dead under that scenario.

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I saw it at the grocery store today.  Prices are increasing each month.

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so who is the Pentagon troll , here at Zerohedge

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There is no such thing.
Uncle Sam loves you. Buy US bonds.
If European, Aunt Europe loves you. Ask for a Eurobond!

Do they pay me now? Pls in gold.

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your tin foil hat is broken

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What is really crazy is that is an edited version of that documentary.

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can't they be sued in court based on the constitution prohibiting the government from operating on u.s soil? they will be using u.s. based servers correct? and sending information to u.s. citizens no?



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Probably not an issue.  They've probably outsourced/offshored their servers, services just like everyone in the Fortune 1000