Pentagon Warns Of M.A.D. Should The War Powers Act Be Enacted And US Withdraw Its Troops From Libya

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Who says Mutual Assured Destruction is to be used only by bankers: our military leaders appear to have mastered the strategy of getting what they want to warning about all hell breaking loose, just as effectively. Reuters reports that should Congress pursue a resolution to withdraw from the humanitarian Libyian oil liberation force, currently headed by Sarkozy, it would send
an "unhelpful message of disunity" to allies and foes alike. "Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said that "once military forces are committed, such actions by Congress can have significant consequences," particularly on relations with members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. "It sends an unhelpful message of disunity and uncertainty to our troops, our allies and, most importantly, the Gaddafi regime," Morrell said in a statement in Singapore, where Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived on Thursday to attend a security dialogue with Asian allies...Kucinich's measure would invoke the 1973 War Powers
Resolution to direct Obama to stop the U.S. participation in the
war. Kucinich says Obama violated the part of the law that
prohibits U.S. armed forces from being involved in military
actions for more than 60 days without congressional
" Kucinich seems to forget that reminding a constitutional lawyer about constitutional abuses is actually racist. And more importantly, what excuse will those hundreds of billions in "defense spending" by the US government have if America's military is relegated to "bankster" status in terms of utility.


The Pentagon reaction came after the Republican-led House on Wednesday delayed a vote on the resolution, sponsored by Democrat Dennis Kucinich, so lawmakers would have more time to weigh their options on the Libya conflict.

NATO is leading the intervention in Libya with a U.S. contribution but there are no U.S. troops on the ground there.  

 The operation aims to enforce a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing the protection of Libyan civilians from attacks by Gaddafi's forces, which are fighting rebels trying to oust the long-time leader.

The U.S. role has been controversial in Congress since Obama notified lawmakers on March 21 that he had ordered the intervention as part of a multinational coalition conducting air strikes to shield civilians.

Kucinich's measure would invoke the 1973 War Powers Resolution to direct Obama to stop the U.S. participation in the war. Kucinich says Obama violated the part of the law that prohibits U.S. armed forces from being involved in military actions for more than 60 days without congressional authorization.

That said it is good to know that republicans are truly concerned about discretionary spending cuts, among which defense spending tends to be at the very top:

House Speaker John Boehner told a news conference on Thursday the Kucinich resolution probably would be dealt with on Friday after Republicans meet to talk about Libya.

"We'll see what our members have to say, but I expect that this issue will be resolved tomorrow," he said. Asked if some alternative proposals might also be on the floor, he said, "we're going to have a conversation with our members today and we'll see what they have to say about it."

And if M.A.D. fails, there's always crocodile tears.

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the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Get the fuck out of this Obama war.

Weisbrot's picture


unless we are colonizing get our troops out of MENA - NOW



dark pools of soros's picture

They are..  remember the rebel central bank??   These days colonizing is putting a country into debt.  Nothing more nothing less.  And 'we' is just the current hired thugs doing bankster evil doer type stuff

Crassus's picture

Artificially pacify, dollarize, rebuild infrastructure using crony contractors, anoint lackeys, IMF/World Bank loan with bonds underwritten by TBTF bank and guaranteed by taxpayer, lackeys steal money and deposit it back in TBTF bank, emerging nation can't even pay interest on loan, default, TBTF bank owns all resources and labor in the new nation until next revolution.

Don't mess with a time proven formula.

Rick64's picture


 Except when they are in danger of defaulting they get Structurally Adjusted Programs (SAP) in which the IMF rolls over the debt via new loans then imposes policies of austerity (entitlement cuts, higher interest rates, lower wages, ect..) and privatization of any national resources and companies that are left. After yrs. of austerity then comes the revolution in which they switch sides and support it or hijack it.

jeff montanye's picture

"a mind that's weak and a body that's strong"

Henry Chinaski's picture

humanitarian airstrikes, lead from behind

what a bunch of horseshit

just once, give us M. A. D.  it might not be so bad

New_Meat's picture

please take on the  role of self-assured-destruction.

- Ned

(and you are not worth a junk, "henry")


natty light's picture

Are those days on c.p. time?

Manthong's picture

If I didn’t know better I’d say that all this Arab spring rising up and Bin Laden dog wagging was a put on to distract from the impending domestic economic disaster.

Sure glad I know better. /sarc

DaveyJones's picture

"such actions by Congress can have significant consequences"

Thought that idea was designed in by the founders 

DaveyJones's picture

sad when a dead pirate has to remind them that there's rules

WizDumb's picture

written in dissappearing ink

Seer's picture

I'll second that!

Great work folks, this was some seriously funny shit!

Blues Traveler's picture

DJ, Amen.  You are one of the few guys I scroll to find postings..In the words of Martin Armstrong, we no longer have a balance of power, legislative, Judicial and Execuitve have become one syndicate, protecting each other's interest.


- Journey Well

WizDumb's picture

The Militatry Industrial Complex wants to be a full fledged Branch of Government....
I don't think they will take 'NO' for an answer...

Already Gone:
Posse Commitatus...
Habeous Corpus...
Right to be secure in your home...

The USA does not exist anymore...
It quit.



redpill's picture

What's wrong with showing disunity when we are disunified.


Seer's picture

Exatcly!  I say we should be united in our disunity!

natty light's picture

Due to being cheerleadered by our UN rep and Hillary, it is referred to as the "Estrogen War."

SoCalBusted's picture

War? What war?  It is a kinetic military action.

Hugh G Rection's picture

Kucinich seems to forget that reminding a constitutional lawyer about constitutional abuses is actually racist.



TheTmfreak's picture

Replied to this at the same time you did. Absolutely a riot of a statement.

dwdollar's picture

As outrageous as this statement may seem, it's really not.  Someone out there will use it.  I can imagine something similar to the following...

"A free Libya will give humanitarian access to Sudan.  If you are against freeing Libya, you are racist."

Weisbrot's picture


A true American Constitutional lawyer would respect the Constitution.



ColonelCooper's picture

What are you trying to say, that he's from Kenya?  Why do you hate black people?


Rodent Freikorps's picture

You know what is sad? It has taken 40 years for the average American to realize what a load of bullshit throwing the racist card has been.

How many lives have been destroyed to this point?

AnAnonymous's picture

Typical US citizen behaviour: displaying a behaviour that has no existence on the spot and stating later the consequences of it.


US citizens use race card as an example to show how the use of it is stupid.

Nobody used it save the guys who used it as a way to show how bad it could be. Very US citizen.

The US citizen nature is eternal.

Seer's picture

Ya think that actions have consequences?

How about I start a country in which I get 150 years head start, I get to create wealth and you don't, and then after the 150 years we call it all even?  Businesses would love to have a long period in which they can control the market (head start).

Do stupid shit and it'll come back to bite you- blowback.  And that's pretty much what's happening now.  And no, I don't like all the affirmative action stuff either, but it's the price of earlier (stupid) decisions.

AnAnonymous's picture

US citizens have perfected the art of making money out of blowback.

US citizens look for blowback, they are to antagonizing others, spoiling for a fight.

Bully type. And just like bullies, when the action starts, all the antagonizing done previously does not matter, the US, just like bullies, is always a victim. 

mtomato2's picture

Kucinich seems to forget that reminding a constitutional lawyer about constitutional abuses is actually racist...


I, too, totally LOL'd that.  And I NEVER LOL things.

TruthInSunshine's picture

When the Constitution gets in the way, just ignore it.

I think George Washington, Benjamin Franklin or maybe even Thomas Jefferson said that.

Cdad's picture

And what's more, who wants disunity when Constitutional violations are going on?  Spoils the whole centrally planned, global cooperation party.

Would John Boehner please report to the Central Banker party room for the special "gathering" behind the heavy "door"...paging John Boehner.

JW n FL's picture

1) House and Senate Renew PATRIOT Act With No Modifications
National Security Letters Increasingly Used on Americans
Proposed Senate Bill Would Add Civil Liberties Protections
Senators Raise Concerns on DOJ's Interpretation of PATRIOT

1) House and Senate Renew PATRIOT Act With No Modifications

On May 26, the House and Senate renewed three controversial provisions of law related to the USA PATRIOT Act that were set to expire the next day.  The renewal was passed in the form of an amendment to an unrelated bill, S. 990, that itself temporarily extended authorities of the Small Business Administration.  Despite efforts by individual Senators to introduce modifications to the Act's intelligence authorities, the final bill simply renewed the expiring provisions until June 1, 2015 without changes.

pazmaker's picture

sucks doesn't it?   and on top of that they mock every good american by calling that think the PATRIOT act.

DaveyJones's picture

isn't that the most Orwellian component? It accomplishes its reverse though fear and usurpation.   

WizDumb's picture

more like the riot act...


GoinFawr's picture

Didn't The Bangles do a song like that once?
"Act like a Peh-tree-aught"


I deserved that (junk)

XPolemic's picture

I've always thought it ironic that the most treasonous piece of legislation ever enacted in the United States is called the PATRIOT act. I guess patriotism is the last refuge of the traitor.