People’s Bank of China Positive On Gold Due To ‘Value Preservation’; Concerned About Euro, Dollar And Paper Currencies

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Gold is in a bubble.  Buy NFLX.

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You are completely correct.

Plus, all of the economists have said the Bernank can't do a QE3 and the dollar is due for a huge flight to safety as Europe falls apart.


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Your comment on BM from yesterday krautized for very limited audience ...

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Cue the panic in Japan.

When the Japanese Government admits the following, and it is the front page headline on the New York Times as of now, it is on... Donkey Kong.

They are basically admitting they can't control the reactor site anymore.

Japan Quietly Evacuating a Wider Radius From Reactors

Officials said they would assist people who want to leave the area from 12 to 19 miles outside the plant, in a sign that they hold little hope of controlling it.

The authorities said they would now assist people who want to leave the area from 12 to 19 miles outside the crippled plant and said they were now encouraging “voluntary evacuation” from the area. Those people had been advised March 15 to remain indoors, while those within a 12-mile radius of the plant had been ordered to evacuate. The United States has recommended that its citizens stay at least 50 miles away from the plant.

Now let's just wait and see how long that 19 miles becomes 38, and so on.

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Perhaps PBOC should look at China and re-evaluate just what exactly it's concerned about.

They can start by reading:

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The headline will read:

HUGE fallout cloud covers entire US. Despite that, an odd atmospheric condition keeps everyone in Japan safe. 9 billion empty apartments in China now in great demand as nuclear fallout will never ever ever ever ever reach China.

Exaggerating to make a point and no disrespect to the tragedy in Japan. News tories are ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT

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Psh, people don't want to buy gold.  Ask Bennny Boy. 

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PBOC is a state owned entity and a propaganda mouthpiece when it speaks.

So, what does the astute individual do to really read the tea-leaves (green of course) here?

Is gold being sold to the masses for some reason? Someone said that the Chinese govt. encouraging their serfs to load up was western porpaganda?

Whose lying tongue are you/I going to believe?

Time to have the courage of one's own convictions. I'm wary and weary of so much tok tok. 

Toking a story-line.


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"Is gold being sold to the masses for some reason? Someone said that the Chinese govt. encouraging their serfs to load up was western propaganda?"

Here's my 'take": China has made some sort ofcommitment to the International Financial Community, probably informally, that it would Act Responsibly wrt Gold and not upset the applecart. So it can't make large official gold buys, or even large off-the-record gold buys. Nor can it, probably, officially "push" gold to its citizens.

But what it can do is signal unofficially to its crony-pals that gold is a Buy, and facilitate gold trading, gold investing, etc. in various arms-length methods. That's what it's been doing.

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I think the main motivation is to control US exported inflation -- and the social unrest that results.  Another way to say the same thing: it gives the people a way to protect their wealth.  Strange concept for a government, eh?

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Can attest that gold buying is popular in China among those with some spare cash, see it reported quite often on HK tv and also on mainland China tv. Gold bars also make nice wedding gifts.

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That is right, there is no animal spirits for gold/silver in the US.  I still cannot convince family to buy any.  Now everyone says it's already moved up.

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but, I thought you could not eat gold ?  what?  barbaric relic?  huh? 

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Not only that, it doesn't cost anything to dig it out of the ground. Silver's cost is only $5, so gold can't be much more than that.


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He is correct, and proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that gold is nowhere near a bubble.

“In comparison, today's huge precious metal bull market is greeted with yawns, that is, if it is greeted at all. I've been calling the current gold/silver market the "great stealth bull market." Ask the average man or woman on the street what's happening to precious metals, and they'll give you a blank stare and maybe a "Duh." Ask them if they own any gold or silver, and they'll give you a sheepish "Nah."

Richard Russell

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Bahhahahahahahaha!  "concerned about paper currencies".  Let yours float mother fucker!  All paper reverts to its true value eventually.

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They will, just as soon as the USD is no longer the reserve currency of the world.

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I hope so, I have some of their currency.

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so do 'mutti ficking' guys...

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maybe when BB stops printing by the hundreds of billions.

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Let's see if the $DXY can break above 76 today (good pathetic is that?:-()

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And Fisher talks about not being able to see dollar losing its reserve currency status. Either he is completely delusional or is lying, but either way he is not confidence inspiring.

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wow commy banks  tallking like free market capitalist, and america,,, well doing what it does best.

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"free market capitalist" -  Bahahahahahahahahaha, Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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Does this mean I should burn my $ bills and then eat my silver?  This is all so confusing.



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Eating your silver might not be a bad idea!

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~~ the only people who are going to survive what's coming are those sitting on big piles of gold & silver & food (productive farmland) !!   ~~ one of my friends has started listening to me (finally) & is purchasing extra bags of rice.    & I told him that no matter how difficult he finds the reading, that he is to START reading ZEROHEDGE.    "Wade through it !  Pick a topic that interests you & TRY to figure out what the guys on ZEROHEDGE are talking about !"   ( then, I told him to remember these abbreviations :    TPTB = the powers that be /  TBTF = too big to fail / BTFD = buy the fucking dips!  )  

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Be sure to tell him to read the comments. Much info from knowledgeable posters as well as humor.

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I tell friends and most still think things will pick up and get better, like it always has. They don't think the worst can happen. It's simply beyond most of their personal experiences. There are too few people that lived through the Great Depression still around to tell them what can happen. My grandmother lived through the depression and I remember the stories well.

One friend listened and bought SLW and doubled his money in 6 months. Now he's stock piling food just in case.

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I think the whole topic of human pyschology and normalcy bias is a fascinating one.

The EE rely on it to steal from us in plain sight. Is it why kids don't seem to learn history in school today?

Normalcy bias and American Idol, a deadly combination.

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To really enjoy the meaning of rice you have to have slit eyes so sharp you can write a poem on each grain like a blessing for the blind...

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does he need coaching on F***ing or dipping?

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Hey, Ben. Speak French?

"Merde, alors."

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no they are going to accumulate gold and silver..and all other commodities also...until they think they have enough to be the "go to guy".....the stable currency for the world...and I think they are not to far off...

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After the world gets tired of our (USA) paper and digital coupons, i doubt we'll be wanting to hold paper or digital coupons from China or anybody else, no matter how much gold they supposedly have.  The illusion that paper is wealth, once shattered worldwide, may be impossible to reconstruct.  If there is any sucessful new reserve currency, it is likely to be gold.

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China is thinking 150 years out. Our retarded Western World politicians are scheming 4 years out.

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maybe in 150 years, those empty cities will be filled up with all the cancer patients from china's toxic air and water.  That's some SERIOUS forward thinking there.

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I'm not entirely certain the premature deaths of its citizens would be seen as a flaw in their long term strategies by the Chinese authorities. 

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a more likely scenario is that they'll be filled with slave laborers shipped in from America since there will still be no jobs in America in 150 years.

at the entrance of the city there will be a sign that reads: "Remember the Railroads? We do".

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Soylent Green farms will take care of that problem.

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Moody's downgrades multiple Spanish covered bonds

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question, please help

i would think the problem for pm is that pricing is in a parabolic region - the supply is restricted.

so no big player can afford to buy it because the price will move out of reach

if a big player did buy into it, could not sell it because the price would drop thru the floor

if a big player can't buy it it cannot become the basis of global trade

i suspect that on the side, ben and bill own the nominal amount of gold (ca. 20% of assests)

i am new at this

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You opinion is just as valid as the rest of the lemmings on this board.

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Nevertheless big players are buying.  They have learned to BTFD, and take smaller bites to avoid spiking it.

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I don't agree with your comment "if a big player can't buy it it cannot become the basis of global trade" - PM's (precious metals) are a way to cut out the big players because of your comments prior to this one....what we accept as money is what matters...they can buy and take out of circulation all the gold silver, etc...and then you and I will trade rocks..fine....two rocks for a bowl of rice-as long as there is an incentive to farm rice there will be rice, the currency used to transact is whatever is universally accepted and available.



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GLD, SLV, USO and PALL....that's all you need to buy for protection from both inflation or deflation. Even pension plans and insurance companies are now loading up on gold.