"The People Vs. Goldman Sachs" - Taibbi's Magnum Opus

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Your first line is perfect...

Think I'll put it on a t-shirt and wear it to church.

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Make some, and I'll buy one, for sure.

And make the back like concert dates with a listing of some of those special shitty deals, but the cost of extra fabric might make the shirt TBTP, too big too print.

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Burn every God forsaken "house of worship"/AKA "church"/synagogue.  Outlaw public worship and public prayer.

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Hang'em High said the masses! 

Vigilantism next for America?




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Yup, they are forcing it.  There will be no comfortable solutions.

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Goldman Sachs “Anatomy of a Financial Collapse” Report from the Senate http://goo.gl/LChRZ

PLUS some background info http://goo.gl/LmrHz


“Matt Taibbi” Explains How Wall Street Works http://goo.gl/HC2U8 and how Wall Street Wives Grabbed $220 Million in TALF Funds!


Keiser Report: Fleeing Dollar Flood & Fraud (E141) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_RBbeIFeT8 


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if goldman sachs can do it in libya europe and the US... their goooooooooooood

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"Defenders of Goldman have been quick to insist that while the bank may have had a few ethical slips here and there, its only real offense was being too good at making money. We now know, unequivocally, that this is bullshit. Goldman isn't a pudgy housewife who broke her diet with a few Nilla Wafers between meals — it's an advanced-stage, 1,100-pound medical emergency who hasn't left his apartment in six years, and is found by paramedics buried up to his eyes in cupcake wrappers and pizza boxes. If the evidence in the Levin report is ignored, then Goldman will have achieved a kind of corrupt-enterprise nirvana. Caught, but still free: above the law".

Right on!


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Don't forget that after goldass testimony, there was this little flash crash event for which no one knew who dun it.

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Just someone trying to send a message. The problem is, who has bigger ball's? The banks, or the people trying to oust them into a nice four season's with complementary window bars?

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Both the banks and the people have had nearly three years in which to get the hell out of the way of the coming shit-storm. Those who are unprepared will have some problems. But if the people insist on going balls to the wall, it will turn the entire country over, upside-down and sideways for months, maybe years.

But isn't that what's already going on?

Hang 'em high. Bring on the Invisible Man, Eric Place-Holder.

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Don't forget that after goldass testimony, there was this little flash crash event for which no one knew who dun it.

If only a 1,000 good Americans knew the truth and meaning behind your statement, then it might be enough. 

That golden sack does have giant brass balls.

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aahh yes, "There's the rub." --- first statement, that is.
(I don't know about brass balls rubbing, never had any LOL) . . .

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these margin calls causing all these other flash crash issues... could be a a way to get "We the People" talking about something other than Goldman.. a new, better, more evil, bad guy for the sheepeople to pine for!


CFTC is taking the heat off New York.. JP knows they are next! so make chicago jump on the grenade!

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Time to disban Goldman Sachs.  They seem to single handly collapsed the Market and the Economy of the United States.

Get rid of them.

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They are looking for a way to go private again, so that would be their best approach.

Kill the stock price and buy them selves back at a huge discount. You don't think they are looking at those options?

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I wonder what it'll take. Recently, I find myself hoping that a small group of Army colonels will finally decide that enough is enough, arrest everyone in the White House and Wall Street and declare martial law in D.C. Could that be any worse than it is now?

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Gotta arrest most people in Congress too.

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True. Bring it on. I'm 61. I remember the moratoriums and huge anti-war protests. Civil disobedience at it's finest. But where is the indignation today? Worse, the incipient police state is breathing down our necks as we speak. The "program" is being visibly accelerated. Much scarier now than then. Odd though, that I would hear myself advocating a banana republic solution. But then again, this is a banana republic now.

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Question is, would we get a George Washington or a Curtis LeMay?

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Or, someone who understood the meaning of the Constitution or a meathead troglodyte fascist?

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Even a Curtis might be ok, though that's a tad more militaristic than I had in mind. Just as long as he didn't decide to bomb Minnesota just to take out Tim Palenty.

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Pretty broad range of acceptable outcomes, in other words.  Having seen D.C. up close, though, I don't have much faith in the possibilities for such a 'revolution from above.'  It's a nice & cozy club down there, especially for upper-level military officers.

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To hell with arresting them...shoot on sight.

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Shouldn't have bailed out AIG.

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Oh, I beg to disagree. I wouldn't have bought my physical then because time was created between then and soon for a number of sorry fucks like yours truly to wake up and smell the decomposing fiat. I am eternally grateful for the four years of this.

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Both of you are right.  Should not have bailed out anyone.

But, I too am grateful that I have had a nice long time to buy gold.

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I admit I was the same.  Flag waiver and loyal (insert joke political party here) party member.

I was an ignorant fool.

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I admit I was the same.  Flag waiver and loyal (insert joke political party here) party member.

I was an ignorant fool.

Still, I don't regret too much. 

I still remember laying beneath the Christmas tree in anticipation of Santa Clause.   My time believing in the way I was taught the country was run has similar nostalgic memories for me.

Oh well, there comes a time in everyone's life to put away childish things and learn the birds and the bees of central banking (and slavery)


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If we had failed to bail them out, we would have had a severe recession, but not the Depression we are in now.  Things would probably back to normal for real if we hadn't done that, and embarked on this money printing charade.

I would trade every ounce of my silver and gold to live in an honest country.

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tmosley, old business!

Last week at the nearby Shell station: $4.15

Sunday: $4.09

Today: $4.19


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I would trade every ounce of my silver and gold to live in an honest country.

Indeed, brother, me as well.  Unfortunately, it would have required at least a decade of honesty prior to AIG to avoid the coming mega-depression.  The bailouts and subsequent QE had the fortunate silver lining of allowing many of us to prepare..

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Remember, the only crisis these greedy fucks feared was the loss of their own money.  If they had not been bailed out the world would not have ended, only the sick system that benefited them. The vast majority of the US economy would have shuddered a bit, some national legislation would have been necessary to stabilize things while the skyscrapers fell, and then we would have been hugely better off.  These parasites should be universally reviled and recognized for the dangerous, immoral sociopaths that they are. They are not worthy of the privilege of living in this country. To them, losing a dime is a misery, a dollar a crisis. Hank Paulson, traitorous scum that he is, rode to the rescue, a compliant and bought and paid for body of "elected representatives" capitulated, and Goldman walks, with all the money.  Screw you, says Blankfein.  And the Department of Justice and the other cops with the actual power, duty and authority to do something, do nothing. Jerk-offs. 

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So much for "my word is my bond".  Left the building when the quants showed up.  And the quants showed up when partnership was abandoned.  

Will Blankfein be Fed chair, Treas secty or Head of CIA in 2013?


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By 2013, Director of the CIA, Treasury Secretary, and Federal Reserve Chairman will all be the same job, so I think Lloyd Blankfein will likely have the job, unless he becomes Vice President Blankfein.

Though you know Blankfein is a piker when you compare his pile of loot to former Treasury Secretary and CEO of Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson. He pocketed a cool 600 million tax free on the sale of his Goldman stock when he became Sec. of the Treasury. Boy its a short trip from D.C. to Wall Street, ain't it?

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This is why Goldman is the best at what they do.  They basically bankrupted AIG with their collateral calls  - knowing of course that there is no way AIG could pay off on their massive CDS bets should the swaps actually be triggered...

then with a straight face they say that they did not need the AIG bailout money, because they had other insurance policies to protect themselves against an AIG collapse... even though these other firms with which they had insurance would have no money to pay them either, should AIG collapse.

But god bless em, they can twist theit thievery into so many endless semantic loops, in ends up sounding like they were the only prudent ones... that's why they are the best

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so true, but since that required one more step of logic it was safe for goldman to assume no one in government would reach that inevitable conclusion

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Goldman Sachs should have gone belly up if not for their former executives being in the federal government.

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Hank Paulson. Where is the tree, the noose and the hanging judge when you need him? 

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In your hands.  Repeat, when good men, er, people, do nothing.

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After Taibbi wrote:


I tried to get him (or an assisstant) to watch:


...because it's solid, compelling, sober, and of courtroom caliber...

...sadly, he refused...

I forgive him. 9-11 is more about hard emotions than hard facts.

Taibbi probably wouldn't have his job if he realized the obvious inside job that 9-11 was:


For example, the junk counter on my statement goes up every time someone lets their emotions do their thinking for them about 9-11.

I forgive you too, junkers, for you know not what you do.

I am Jack's raging junk button. Without me, Jack could not regulate his heart rate, blood pressure, or breathing.

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That's a good article and he's right. The slip up on building 7 fall is nothing. It means nothing. Even the 20 bajillon degrees of freedom cpu burning mathematical analysis of it means nothing. Me watching it all day and thinking that steel has to be hot by now and should be reaching plastic deformation before long and it falling an hour later means nothing.

What did it for me was the video of the gushing stream of cherry red particles flowing out the window. If it were molten airplane it wouldn't glow cherry red. Anyone who's ever used thermite or seen thermite used KNOWS exactly what the hell that was.

If you've never seen it in action. Take a gander.



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Thanks, I watched the whole clip (1:20). Some things there I wasn't aware of ten years later.

It is obvious that WT7 was brought down by controlled demolition. Pretty cut and dried on that. Anyone who cares to dispute it should look at the evidence presented here (and more importantly, was was omitted by official sources/reports). 

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Thank You Matt Taibbi.  There is someone besides myself that thinks Lord Blankfein is a crook who belongs in Jail.

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"Crook" is too kind. How about, world-class villain worthy of the kind of punishment he cannot be provided in this life...?

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Didn't you notice how much Hank Paulson looked like Lex Luther? The East Coast is packed with super-villians now.

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I think the real blame belongs to Hank Paulson.  He was CEO when the created the CDS's, were created with all of those bad Mortgages and passed them off all over the World.  He then as Treasury Secretary make sure those bets would pay off by Nationalizing or Bankrupting all of the Companies GS has CDS's on.  Like AIG, WM, COF, BS, LEH, FNM, FRE, NFI, NEW, ABK, GM, etc.

Interesting that Paulson sold all of his GS stock and proceeded to kill all of GS's competitors.  Plus, kill all of the Companies that GS had CDS's on.

Yes, Blankfine is complicit but the real blame in my opinion is on Hank Paulson and he wrote a get out of Jail card in the Tarp Bill to protect himself.