Perception, Inception and the Trojan Horse Money Meme - Part Three of Four

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Thanks, CD. Reading your series I'm recalling "Hidden Hand"'s interview given several years ago on a "conspiracy theorists" Internet forum and see very strong confirmations of what he has told then about a prison we live in, our masters and our own collective choice to be prisoners... I see him as a dark side of the story and you as a light side talking about the same issue. Are you familiar with that interview? What would you say about it?

With a great respect.

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Beautifully written, CD!  Visionary content as well.  You're developing a very interesting model and language to define it.  Much impressed, man! 

I'll give it some ongoing thought as I watch the drama of life.  I'd like to think that more and more people feel the urge, however conflicted, to waken. 

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The orientals were great in creating a logic like a snail's shell, walls within walls within walls, and rings around rings...Now, if you are a westerner you are not phased out by the russian dolls model. I always feel that nothing human is "random type quantum effect". It is more cause and effect in the human world. But the trick is about getting to the center of the snail. And that takes a lot of back tracking in life and introspection is obviously part of it; but so is rational thinking about knowing what is essential. And that is so difficult in a world of false mirrors and manipulating Oligarchs who pull the strings. We stay out on the periphery and never get to the center of the snail where the tale of the tailed animal begins.

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CD.... does "HEROT" mean anything to you?

in the oldest of would be called this.

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No, it means nothing to me and a quick search brings up nothing as well.

So what does it mean?

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....."One, who speaks in whispers, yet heard by all."

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Do you have any links to that word? When I run it through three different search engines as you spelled it they all come back empty and two try to correct my spelling.

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All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.
--Marshall McLuhan

McLuhan saw money as another medium of communication, and thus engendering the arbitrary values he speaks of (a whole chapter in "Understanding Media".

Also in line with what CD says, McLuhan saw language as the first 'technology', as the spoken word was a symbol for a class of things or actions in the real world. We attempt to modify perception by modifying language, money, and all the other media.

As for all the "zzzzz..." comments, note that the younger generation is hard of reading. Perhaps you should re-do this essay as a video, preferably starring Keanu Reeves.

Thanks, CD.

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As for all the "zzzzz..." comments, note that the younger generation is hard of reading. Perhaps you should re-do this essay as a video, preferably starring Keanu Reeves.


There is no doubt that I challenge the reader with my droning on. However I always find it sad that those readers who complain about my droning never seem capable of reading past the first 5 paragraphs of anything. Their brains have been molded by the Internet format of 5 or 6 paragraphs, then turn the page.

There is a reason why book readership is at all time percent-of-population lows. Same with newspapers. The "entertain me" generation simply does know how to entertain themselves. Gone are the days where you were given a box of wooden blocks and the primary ingredient behind play time was your imagination. As I allude to in my series this is part of the mind control meme.

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CD  I am free thinking and I invite the reader to do the same.



I hope more of your readers grasp this concept.  I 've enjoyed reading you!, but many of the comments here lead me to believe we have a lot of CD worshippers not free thinkers.

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It's really just that he doesn't take criticism very well and perceives every comment as an attack or personal affront.  Rather than rationally discuss ideas, we are told to refer back to the original article, wherein he placed dubious disclaimers...

Or, we're told he was not talking to us but rather speaking to the plebes and underlings of our society who just don't get it.  They aren't smart enough or "deep-thinking" (!) enough to read ZeroHedge, so they must be mindless automatons being led around by the nose by Big Brother while being inundated with indoctrinating and manipulative patter that further turns their minds to mush.

Maybe the ones who would dare to challenge anything in this post, without getting their heads bitten off or told we didn't read the article correctly, are the sycophantic robots he so laboriously babbles on about.

Ironic, ain't it?

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Did you actually read the essay? Because during the discussion we were having last night you were fixated upon the movie Inception, which I only used as an analogy in the first few paragraphs and not as a focus. I was not claiming the movie Inception was real or that the premise of the movie was real or even plausible.

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Actually, no.  In fact, it has been quite the opposite.  I am whom I've been and there is no anger in my voice at all.  Your voice, on the other hand...

It is just frustrating to me when you pose ideas and challenge the reader to challenge the ideas, only to have you step off the box and claim to have never said that or there was some inherent dichotomy in what you were trying to illustrate.  Having your cake and eating it, too, I suppose.

Your challenge is for us to think about it.  Okay, I thought about it, now what about this, that and these?  Well, I must not have read what you said properly or I am not in the crowd to whom you were speaking.

I am afraid that it is you who are illustrating anger in this case, when you say things like:

"I love it when you talk like that. Say it again, only this time like you mean it. ;)"  (If I am not mistaken, your original reply said, "when you talk shit..." but I could be wrong about that...)

"Do some research. It's amazing."

"No.............................I don't think you're being sincere.;)"

"You've dumped a whole barrel of assumptions here on the floor jm without any knowledge of me and what I do or don't do with my 24/7 time allotment. Pretty arrogant of you...wouldn't you say?"

"If you feel this essay is speaking to you I would say you are severely mistaken."

"If you would take the time to read the post again you will see that I clearly state that we don't need to get everyone on the same page."

"Finally I shall repeat what I said at the very beginning of each chapter. I am free thinking and I invite the reader to do the same. If you read carefully, the essay is full of open ended questions that at times appear to contradict each other. I am asking questions in order to trigger a deepening of the readers depth perception."

My question to you would be, are you really trying to have a "free-thinking" and open dialogue, or just trying to have it your way?  Another question would be, who is really the angry one here?  I would submit it is not me!

Perhaps jm makes a very good point when he asked you if you could seriously figure out the world rather than live simply; that maybe you do need to mature quite a bit.

I just put that out there as a deep thinker so that you can consider the idea that we may be correct about this.  No offence, no anger, nothing to gain by putting you down.  Jus' sayin'.


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So the person commenting can be dismissive, derogatory or even insulting. But if I return the serve this is considered wrong. I must hold the high ground at all times regardless of the tone taken by the person leaving the comments. Sorry but I won't be part of that abuse.

I find that many people who comment do not read the (entire) essay but simply read the first few paragraphs and then maybe skim a bit more. Then they leave comments claiming the author said this or meant that. Yet the author is supposed to engage in a conversation despite the fact that the comment is wrongly claiming 'facts' or intent.

Sorry, but I take the time to carefully explain myself in my essay. If the reader does not care to read what I have to say before calling me on the carpet for what they think I have said I will not handle them with kid gloves. I will not get into "discussions" that are based upon little to no knowledge of what I actually wrote about.

The implied bargain is that the readers reads, then comments based upon what was read. Then the author responds. All I ask is that the reader keep their side of the agreement.

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I understand and you're correct about that.  All I would ask is that you don't entertain contrary ideas or opinions as personal attacks.  What you may perceive as an affront may not be that at all but only a challenge for clarification.

Maybe it is a person's pet point, as mine is with the film Inception, which I extrapolated to challenge your idea on the meaning of free will versus a mindless, manipulated society.  I would much rather have talked about that, frankly, than to have to counter-attack some perceived attack on you personally.  I am not a confrontational person, as I am sure you realise.

I, and I would think many posters here, would thoroughly enjoy a true debate on these ideas but I get the feeling than many are afraid to mention anything for fear that their comments will be taken out of context to their counter-point.

Please, just think about it.  I really don't mean anything negative at all.  Besides the idiots that will say anything about anyone (have you seen how they talk to Robo?), I think most of us are pretty nice.


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I sounds like we are finding common ground. Good.

May I gently suggest that while I will be the first to admit that I can be sensitive at times, often brought out by some really vicious comments and attacks, that what you perceive as a defensive position is actually my challenge to the commenter that the question's premise is based upon information that was not gleaned from the essay, but just an assumption or that person's hot button or pet peeve.

I don't know if you have ever done any writing that was published or posted, but many writers can tell when someone has not actually read what the author wrote. And it is often (though not always) obvious based upon the comment or question. It's not about defending the writers work, but the basic premise of the comment or question to begin with.

My writing tends to hit many hot buttons precisely because I write about subjects that are rarely discussed. So I expect there will be a fair amount of triggering and I have talked about it in my essays. In fact I have repeatedly said that I personally read everything twice, the first time to get past all my triggers and the second time to actually absorb the material. And even a third time just for the joy.

Your assumption is that many of the comments are based upon a honest, even sincere, question by the poster. And in the majority of the cases you would be correct. But how can the poster be honest or sincere if the poster has not even read what the author wrote? 

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Actually I see many negative comments. And from talking to my so called 'worshippers' privately I don't get the sense they worship me at all. What many like is that I disturb them in ways they are not used to and this excites them. They see possibilities they didn't before.

It reminds we of the reaction I have to sour patch candies after eating nothing to sweet chocolate. The mouth explodes and the mind brightens. I'm never quite sure if I like or dislike what's in my mouth, but I am sure I've just been jolted.

Many people who read me are triggered. After writing for nearly two years here on ZH my detractors still hang around, but they aren't as vocal anymore because they see it as just another article by CD. Those who appreciate being triggered, even if they don't agree, comment. My articles always draw many comments for this reason.

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Interesting article, looking forward to the next. I think you are right, there are a lot of people out there for whom the world is a strange, bizarre place. Nothing makes sense, things happen for no reason at all. e.g. 9/11; Why would 15 Saudis fly planes into the WTC? Why Saudis?

My question was "What is money?". I mean what is it exactly? It's the question nobody asks and you get blank and confused looks if you ask people. Money just is. Took me a couple of years to go down that rabbit hole. The world now makes sense, I can see why things happen, geopolitics make sense and I can see that the Wizards of Oz are no smarter than the rest of us, they are just waggling levers almost blindly and I can see most of the likely outcomes of that waggling.

What set me off was simply idly wondering why London was so much more expensive than my home city of Glasgow. Glasgow is one of the poorest and most violent areas in the UK, in fact it was described in 2005 as the most violent area in the developed world by the UN.

The key being the asking of "why". It's a very dangerous question, and I can see why our "leaders" want us to believe, to have faith, to have confidence. The alternative, "why", leads to thoughts of guillotines, ropes, firing squads once you understand.

If anyone is interested, I wrote up my conclusions a several years ago for friends and family. I eventually stuck it on my wiki, excuse the language and incompleteness of ideas, the wiki is more of a thoughts in progress:


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CD, really enjoyed this series of yours. Really great stuff. However, it's extremely difficult to awaken people that don't wish to be awakened. So concentrate on the ones that do want to be awakened and we can eventually reach the ones that are still asleep. Can I have your permission to re-post this series of yours on my blog? I think my blog readers would really enjoy reading this as well.


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You are most welcome to post it on your blog. I do ask that you also include a link back to the original here on Zero Hedge

smartknowledgeu's picture

thanks CD! And of course I will post a link back to the original here at ZH.

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How do you awaken someone pretending to be asleep?

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Until very recently I believed in exactly the same things you said about money. It could have been something that i wrote myself.

However, now i have started suspecting something else. It seems to me that is our desire to calculate which is at the root of the problem. Our rational mind, our evaluating mind, our left brain which seeks reasoning that is so sooo easily manipulated.

You say some people have 1000's years of experience, well they succeed because they appeal to our rational mind.

Mathematical models used by anyone is the root of all problems. MIS reports are a curse. the concept of improvement, growth etc all lie within the realm of calculations. It is the most dangerous thing we carry within ourselves.

Rational mind seeks to make choices. CHoice is often misunderstood as control. Choosing between Republicans and Democrats is marketed as control. People foolishly led to believe that voting is control. However this is a gimmick of the rational mind.

You seem to suggest an enemy outside us...i think the real enemy is within us,,it is us..

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Mathematics is just a self-consistent game of symbol manipulation invented by some human mind - sometimes it maps what is going on "outside", and sometimes it doesn't.


The tragedy is that the terminally rational mistake mathematics for some sort of ultimate reality - the belief (or better stated, religion) that just because you can somehow "measure" or "calculate" some property of a phenomena, you actually know what it really is...

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You seem to suggest an enemy outside us...i think the real enemy is within us,,it is us..

Actually I have been suggesting both. I clearly state that we willingly participate in our enslavement and most of the series is devoted to how that occurs. If you read my prior essays this is a constant theme. But I clearly see outside influences.

One doesn't need to control completely in order to greatly influence. This is the mistake most people make when thinking about outside enemies. All they need to do is loosen the boulder at the top of the hill and let gravity and human ego, narcissism, greed etc take over from there.

There is no need to microcontrol. Broad sweeps are all that are needed to keep the general direction steady. We all want, no need, to beleive that our daily struggle to survive is all important. It may be to us but it's not to the outside forces.

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One doesn't need to control completely in order to greatly influence. This is the mistake most people make when thinking about outside enemies. All they need to do is loosen the boulder at the top of the hill and let gravity and human ego, narcissism, greed etc take over from there.

Excellent analogy.  I would say that it is also all WE need to do is loosen boulders in response.  In that, I believe your works are invaluable.

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CD, Great work.

I think it will take me several reads to fully appreciate your art - yours is not a Cal-26 but more like a pre-1987 (Hansa boat yard) Hans Christian that takes a full review to reveal the fineness of the craftsmanship, but I can see it (sense it) on the initial read.

For a long time I was captured in the sheep herd and finally opted for the red pill - and then a different reality opened up. For some, ZH and its' contributors are so far outside the box, it presses the definition of reality; a good thing because the MSM version of reality Really needs questioning - which you and ZH do.

There will always be detractors that are full of shit but the world needs more that question the status quo. Full Ahead, CD!

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The article drifted me back to kosmos noetos   (κοσμος νοητος) Short Description for me was the intelligible cosmos of divine Forms and intellects, located between the One and the Soul. Not a bad thing just saying. Thank for the stroll down memory lane from earlier lessons and days. Again thanks for the work...


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Brother Cog Dis,

You know, in all my years, I have yet to find a place where I fit in.  I have come to accept that I do not see the world like most of the people I have known or worked with.  You could either accuse me of suggesting I am special, or equally you could call me an oddball.  I'm not sure what I am, but I suspect that I am evidence of what you have set out to suggest in your essay.  By that I mean about the crumbling facade and how it is easier to see it when you are outside of the box.  And also about perception, and often times more accurately, rationalization.

Let me put my money where my mouth is.  In these wonderful and modern times, American families decided that daycare centers could raise their children.  Imagine that....minimum wage employees left in charge of the formation of babies.  Everyone argued that in this modern world, two incomes were required to support a family.  ALL of my friends held this rationalization, to cover their personal desire to make money, in my opinion.  I couldn't do it.  I was married to a career girl.  She simply would not, under any circumstance, stay home to raise the children, and so I did. 

That is but one choice I made that allowed me to step outside of the box and see what was going on, and what is going on in this way is an absolute travesty.  Now I didn't grow up thinking, "Boy, I can't wait until I  have a family and become Capt MommyPants."  No, I just could not deceive myself into believing that daycare could replace parenting.  In retrospect, and despite the difficulties of that task, it seems pretty simple on its face now.  I could go on, but I'll digress.

I agree, there is an awakening rising in this country.  The current economy has forced it upon the citizenry.  Despite Central Bank attempts to lull people back into the belief that things remain the same as they always were, the disruptive force of the Internet is pulling back the veil on a lot of BS in our culture.  The symbols to which you refer don't quite look like they used to, and the power to discover the truth about things is to hand.

Bring on the zombie apocalypse already, I say. 

I raise my martini glass to you, brother.



To any with kids in daycare, and if you are offended by my comments here, my decision...too bad.


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Brother Cdad,

I was a single parent for nearly 17 years. So I believe I understand what you are talking about. For those 17 years I consciously and consistently made decisions that favored my child and not me. I changed careers so I could spend more waking hours time with my child to raise him when he was very young. And yet the vast majority of people I knew, including females, were confused or down right hostile to the idea that I would do as I did.

After much consideration I realized that my actions, my presence, was threatening to them. That many (not all) were carrying inner doubt and guilt about putting their children in child care or working so many hours etc. They rationalized it and made excuses. But to then come across someone who did neither, but instead made the hard choices, was not welcome. I was in their face without saying a word or even being judgemental. In fact, because I was not judgemental it infuriated them even more because I didn't give them a reason to hate me.

The games people play when they aren't honest with themselves.

Cdad's picture


And to be clear...when you are a single parent, you do what you have to do.  I, of course, am talking about the conscious decision that the dual incomers make.  Based on your writings, I'm guessing you did do all that you could to mitigate the impact of other folk that may have been involved in attending to your kids.

Ditto on the anger that people [especially women] expressed because of my beliefs.  I actually thought that perhaps I would have been met with a flurry of rage for posting my thoughts here on this matter.  Modern American women are deeeeeeply involved in rationalizations on this matter.  I never went out of my way to debate the matter, but as you say, all it really takes is to live a certain way to infuriate the consensus crowd.  

This theme, I think, fits perfectly into what you are suggesting about the power of perception.  And folk's perception of money is about to change in a very big way, whether or not they want it to.

Thanks for the piece, Cog.  

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Great stuff CD. I'm a big fan of Gregory Bateson, Robert Anton Wilson, and others who have been trying to tell us how we come to know what we know, but I hadn't really considered money as an implanted meme that can be used to implant other memes. I'm going to chew on this idea for a while, but I suspect it will require a momentous event or series of events for most folks to even be able to entertain the idea.

I seem to have been blessed (or cursed) with direct knowledge that is anti-authoritarian in nature, so for most of my life there has been deep distrust of authority, and consequently I've spent a huge chunk of my life trying to figure things out on my own, not always successfully. But I keep trying to stretch my mind every day. There's an old Bad Religion song called "Against the Grain" that I've long identified with.

I'm encouraged by your idea that "The decoupling builds its support one mind at a time until suddenly it goes exponential and the façade crumbles." I admit I was starting to lose hope that such a thing was possible, but in the last year or so I'm seeing it happen. The authorities are losing authority and credibility, and there are a lot of bewildered people. They look to me like deer in the headlights. Either we will get a renaissance of new ideas or we will get a theocracy and another Dark Ages. At this point it seems like a toss-up, and I agree that places like zh are the only hope.

Can't wait to read the last installment!

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One should not look for fish in the treetops.

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I had an experience recently that put this all in focus.  I was having lunch with 6 people, all well educated and intelligent in the "book" smarts sense.  The conversation turned to red light cameras and one person's recent ticket.  Everyone agreed that he had no choice but to pay it, because he was caught on camera.  I related how 2 years ago I just threw one of those away, and that the actual language on the ticket explains that it's treated as a parking ticket which cannot affect your driving record.

Not one person in 6 could even conceive of not paying a parking ticket.  Or doing an internet search to see what happens, if anything, if you don't obey.  Several people imagined  overblown consequences like cops coming to your door, or marks on your credit record.  People actually got angry and scared, and we're talking about resisting a parking ticket. 

This was a real slap in the face for me, in realizing how passive and scared people are.  I can't imagine any of these people ever resisting the financial or political systems.  I think they would literally curl up in a corner and weep.

MurderNeverWasLove's picture

Very interesting.  I have had similar experiences that left me wondering.  I am amazed at how well the various systems of control have done a perfect number on good, smart people.  I expect it is largely fear that keeps them "in line."

I suppose it is in some way fear that prompts me to resist, but the upside is potentially incredible.  Think Tank Man, e.g.

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Fundamentally thought-provoking as usual, CD. Good stuff. Goood.

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Interesting stuff. Makes one think.

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Great read again. CD hits it out of the park. Touching upon the word hypnosis which you hit upon so masterfully. Hypnosis can spring from two conditions, a partial state of consciousness or a false state of consciousness. The partial state admits of certain capabilities and where one feels limited or unable to go beyond that which their consciousness allows. The false state of consciousness is the notion (through symbolism and or coercion) that certain things are true which are not true at all which I call the state of complete ignorance of reality. It is a mental state built up ( as you have said over thousands of years) of impressions that are entirely false or on the other hand a set of impressions that are entirely true regarding a thing that is entirely false. Where does it end --it ends with us-all of us. Lets go back when the world was flat, the hypnotic opinion/ result was falling into the abyss OFF THE WORLD, those that could see beyond their limitations went out past the limitations of public hypnosis and found the world was really roundish.

When man starts to see that it is just simply a matter of sailing out, beyond the limitations of opinions, he will find that no actual limitation existed at all.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Touching upon the word hypnosis which you hit upon............

I actually wanted to use it more often. But it is a major trigger word for far too many people and if the word is used more than once or twice it has the tendency to lead people to think of stage shows and parlor tricks where people do silly things to amuse the audience. This 'meme' then delegitimizes the entire message. This was why I used 'trance' a few times.

Thank you for your kind words by the way. :>)

piceridu's picture

Cog Dis, I just want you to know; this one individual appreciates and applauds your efforts. Whether I agree or don't agree is of no consequence. Beauty or even quality comes in many forms and I see it in the essence of your work.

Thank you


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Thank you.

I reserve the right to be wrong 100% of the time. And half wrong the other 100% of the time. My only purpose is the trigger though and discussion. And to show that there is hope and it is the control system that is telling you and me that resistance is futile.

The most successful army in the universe is the one that convinces the opposing army to lay down their arms and go home. This is how the 2% controls the 98%. It is that simple. We have been convinced that resistance is futile when in fact we don't need to resist. We support the 2% with our consent and willingness to go along to get along.

If just 5% to 10% were to withdraw their consent, the 2% would collapse. We have been convinced that if they collapse we will collapse. That is bullshit and all part of their psychological operation to convince us to give up before even trying.

Rhodin's picture

If just 5% to 10% were to withdraw their consent, the 2% would collapse. We have been convinced that if they collapse we will collapse. That is bullshit and all part of their psychological operation to convince us to give up before even trying.


The process of consent withdrawal is well underway.  Thoreau did not have much company in his day.  It is quite different now, growing quietly and without much organization.  If we can see this the 2% can also.

  The 2% seem to be delaying collapse as long as possible while they take more and more from the crumbling economy.   I think economic collapse  happens before or when a critical mass withdraws consent, but is near certian eventualy  I'm suspecting some attempt at a culling operation (enhanced four horsemen) follows the collapse.   Love to see the contingency plans.  

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The U. S. does not need royalty and royal weddings.  We have mergers and acquisitions, Wall Street, and all that fiat currency can "buy".  M&A takes the place of the King and his minions. 

We have been convinced that if they collapse we will collapse.

There ya have it.

Debt is an asset.   Only in a fairy tale -- like ours.

nah's picture

if you got money you can fuck alot more people

Mec-sick-o's picture

Nope, you need to get Viagra too, eventually ;)

Ben Fleeced's picture

CD- Been trackin' you for awhile and gotta say thanks. I am sitting with GSM, a hobo barrel grillin' sausage from local pigs, sage from MY land, potatoes from last fall, my day job protects living things, my possesions are generations old, makin' shiny stuff that turd told me to buy. Life is good when simple and sweet.

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Another insightful essay for a thinking person.  As I (and others) have been saying for some time now.  People have lost their sense of what real value is.  Ultimately, people will only value paper money if they have faith that those promissory notes can purchase things of value that are equivalent to the amount of work or labor they have done.

Our basic economic model is more than a few thousand years old.  You would think that after such a long history, economics and the financial sector of the world's economy would "get" how important it is to keep the system grounded in reality.  Infinite growth on a finite world, not going to happen.

There is a very real cost for creating capital.  A terrible cost that humanity seems to insist on paying over and over.  The financial sector remains a cancer that is destroy all the other productive sectors of the economy. 

It is a good thing that it is still possible to detach from the grid and re-think one's own options.  As vital resources become more limited and interuptions in the global supply chain become more prevailent, adaptation will become harder and harder in the current meme (as Q2 numbers after the Japan quake are about to teach us - unless these numbers are going to be outright forged).  Know your neighbors, and understand the resources of your community, exactly what "money" is will (and already is) change faster than the world can print fiat.

MurderNeverWasLove's picture

 People have lost their sense of what real value is.

This is one of my favorite words/topics is value.  My personal belief is that the fundamental human value is life itself.

I probably enjoy the goldbugs more than most, because to me they seem so close to getting it, but stop short.  Gold is worthless as fiat to a dead man, I reckon.

I think that money's obvious yet generally unspoken value is its use in sustaining life.  When money is used contrary to this principle, it is being used to rob or destroy its capacity to sustain and enhance life.

So I tend to take "debt" to be like unto "death" and "mortgage" as its etymology suggests: "death pledge."

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"There is a very real cost for creating capital."

indeed, "capital" as we all have agreed to define it.   of course, the cost of that "capital" is borne by generations not even born yet, assuming that they continue to agree to accept "capital" as it's currently defined by those who were born before them.

it seems to me that these discussions are not being had for this present time, but for some potential future that all of us feel (fear?) is coming to 'reality'.