Personal Income And Spending Both Lower Than Expected, PCE Deflator Surges, Savings Rate Higher

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Not surprisingly, the personal household weakness continues into May, when both personal income and spending came lower than expected, the first printing at 0.3% on expectations of 0.4%, in line with a revised 0.3% in April, while spending printing coming unchanged in May on expectations of a 0.1% rise, down from a revised 0.3% in April. Most important was that the PCE deflator increased by the most since late 2009, surging from 2.2% to 2.5%, just as expected. Squatters rent component of income once again increased: "Rental income of persons increased $3.3 billion in May, compared with an increase of $2.9 billion in April." More importantly, "Private wage and salary disbursements increased $14.1 billion in May, compared with an increase of $26.4 billion in April." This in line with observed decline in tax withholdings by the government over the past several months. Net result, in May the savings rate increased modestly from 4.9% to 5.0%, much to the chagrin of spending advocates everywhere, as in addition to deleveraging, US consumers also saved more. And this is before the market flush in June...

Savings rate:

And here is Goldman's disappointed take on the numbers:


1. Personal spending fell short of expectations, remaining unchanged in nominal terms but falling 0.1% in real terms. Moreover, the level of real spending in April was revised down. Real personal spending in the first quarter is tracking at 1% or just below, compared with the latest Q2 assumption of 1¼%. This implies a bit of downside risk to our 2% GDP growth estimate for the second quarter. Personal income also fell short of consensus expectations in May, rising 0.3% from a downward-revised base. The saving rate increased by one tenth to 5.0%.

2. The price components of this report contained few meaningful surprises. The increase in the core index was a bit above our expectation (+0.26% versus 0.24%). The year-to-year trend accelerated to 1.2%, as expected

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 That chart has more room to move. I'm thinking that spike area  before the move Down.


    Catch the bounce!

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They TOTALY expected it, Im sure!

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More good news on the anaversary of the "Summer of Recovery" sham!

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Well maybe they were talking about next summer? Nah, thats not going to happen either. Welcome to 3rd world USA, only gets worse from here on out.

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went to my local Walgreens this AM...piles of plain color and white t-shirts for sale as low as $1.95...checkout girl told me they have been there for 3 weeks and she didnt understand why they havent sold...consumer spending #s now prove why...

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how many tshirts can one own before the house explodes with tshirts

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See, you have to buy chips with the t-shirts so your size keeps changing.  That's the key.

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thats brilliant



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These types of charts on "personal" savings and spending are useless. Corporate profits are setting records! Stop watching the icebergs float by and just enjoy the cruise!

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the ceo's were amazing at how well they predicted the crisis, and then so many were bullish right near the bottom - oops, most were as wrong as the cbns'rs


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 I concur! Just having fun.

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Sure....and cancer is a viable plan for weight-loss too!

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if you americans would stop buying useless crap this whole consumer driven ponzi skeme would not be sustainable and everything would collapse...but nooooooo, you have to keep on buying shit from 3rd world countries and on and on and on...

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Blame Japan.  Oh by the way, that whole water decontamination thing at the nuclear whatzit?  FAIL.

TEPCO halts water circulation due to leaks

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has suspended using decontaminated water as a coolant because of leaky pipes.

Tokyo Electric Power Company began circulating recycled water through the No.1, 2 and 3 reactors at 4:20 PM on Monday.

But it halted the operation one and a half hours later after discovering water leaking from the pipes.

TEPCO has been attempting to run the decontamination system since June 14th. It has so far treated about 1,850 tons of the water.

The operator hopes to reduce the levels of radioactive wastewater accumulated at the plant as a result of injecting fresh water into the damaged reactors.

Circulating the decontaminated water around the reactors is considered an important step to stabilize them by mid-July as planned. It will also help prevent the volume of wastewater from increasing.

TEPCO says it will repair the leaks and hopes to resume water circulation soon.

Monday, June 27, 2011 20:40 +0900 (JST)

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I hope to resume a good lifestyle soon but...oooops not happening this year

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  Jim is smart!


      {and Jim knows how to delegate!

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The stuff recoveries are made of.

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Tough to save when most peoples only income is an ever shrinking check from the govt. Time to admit total *fail* Keynesian central planners.

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Today Obama will sign a new national directive thru executive order that all americans must buy 1 $8 burrito and 1 $30 GAP t shirt daily. That should fix all these non-spending saver BASTARDS!

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Little people's savings getting confiscated by the money printers.

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Not to worry! We have printed prosperity now!

Wall Street has a disease! It's called hubris obliviana!

They are going to make sure that calamity is certainty as contagion becomes common language!

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Nice "wealth effect", Ben!