Phil Falcone Sued Over Stock Swap At Harbinger Group

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The market is up. Merry Christmas.

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I haven't been short this pig in well over a year. Right now, it looks as if the start of '11 may usher in some long-awaited pain for bulls.

Contemplating, contemplating.......

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What does Pisani think?  Aren't they related?

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I think Bob heard you.  He is clearly trying for a promotion into the criminal syndicate known as Wall Street....because he just declared that because the volume on the XLF [I told you so here too] was higher then on the Roach Motel [SPY]...means that folks are getting super bullish on bank stocks.

LOL!  LOLOLOL!  I can think of ten other things that means...and none of them have to do whatever with bullishness on bank stocks.  And Bob Pisani has been on that NYSE floor for more than 20 years. 


[Bob, maybe you should just go dig harder on that whole ETF corruption story?  I know it will be hard, especially when they get to the buying and selling of infinity part...but go for that Pulitzer Bob!]

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No!  I do not believe that a criminal syndicate Wall Street fund manager would do such a thing.  Anyway, with FBI agents popping up everywhere, we could expect one of them to accidentally find at least one banker that did something wrong.  Attention FBI guys....just look for the guys in suits that also are currently wearing hockey helmets, too  ;)

In the meantime, has anyone else noticed how the Blow Horn [CNBC] is suddenly talking a lot about "problems in the ETF industry?"  Coincidence?  I don't think so.

Again, and if people really think about this...our free market capital system cannot be restored until the criminal elements that have been clearly revealed are cleaned up. cannot clean that kind of thing up with a fine.  Criminal bankers need to be removed from the system because.....


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+ Bernanke's bank balance

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"Anyway, with FBI agents popping up everywhere, we could expect one of them to accidentally find at least one banker that did something wrong. "

The FBI ARE Jamie & Lloyd's Expert Network...

ATTN: "Empty Suit" Holder... You awake on this one?

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One wonders why, if there is a greater justice somewhere, they still are walking around.

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"just look for the guys in suits that also are currently wearing hockey helmets"

I don't get the reference. Maybe wearing a helmet while performing cunnilingus on Blythe Masters...

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Recently I raised some money in order to acquire some hockey helmets to send to the NYSE for floor traders, criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers [and their analysts] for the purpose of protecting some of them from themselves as those guys are not exactly "the brightest bulb on ye old Christmas tree" if you know what I mean ;)

I'm having a hard time now remembering if it was Steve Grasso that said something or if it was something else that made me worry about those guys enough to raise the money and send those helmets, but anyway, that was the reference.  But between you and me ;) I had the ulterior motive of also helping to "mark" them for FBI guys that seem to be having a really hard time locating criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers, even going out to PA somewhere to round up some guys who I think just ran a website or something, when NY, NY is simply crawling with e' that they stood out a bit more...but shhhhh on that second point.


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2010 has been an interesting year Tyler, thanks mucho.

Merry Christmas to everybody and don't forget to Bang Dae-Ho for 2011


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You have now entered into....bong bong bong....the twilight zone.

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A bit off topic, this caught my eye.

ICI: Long-Term Mutual Funds Fell $8.48 Bln In Latest Week

So I tapped over to FinCEN.

Chapter X

On March 1, 2011, FinCEN will transfer its regulations from 31 CFR Part 103 to 31 CFR Chapter X as part of an ongoing effort to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its regulatory oversight. 31 CFR Chapter X is organized by generally applicable regulations and by industry-specific regulations. There have been no substantive changes made to the underlying regulations as a result of this transfer and reorganization. Please note that documents published prior to March 1, 2011 will continue to contain citations to 31 CFR Part 103. Documents published on or after March 1, 2011 will contain citations to 31 CFR Chapter X. To assist with this transition, FinCEN has created a 31 CFR Chapter X general cross-reference index.

Transfer and Reorganization of Bank Secrecy Act Regulations; Final Rule



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Falcone should be sued for allowing his harlem whore of a wife to be seen in public.

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Falcone is the same idiot that took money out of his fund to pay his own taxes.  Now if your an investor, this should scare you.  If the man doesn't have the money to pay his taxes from his own wealth (which from reports he has all his wealth invested along with the Fund in this satellite company which almost everybody has had trouble trying to make work), then he's using his companies (which in turn their money) money to keep himself afloat.  I hate to say this but Falcone is going to end up broke and penniless.

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Not to mention through Falcone's own admission that all of his wife's "indie" films will likeley all result in losses, but its "okay" for the sake of "art".  LEt this be a lesson - never marry a trashy no class hispanic harlem whore... i.e. Ms. Falcone "The Cunt" Whore.

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You are bold the degree of foolhardiness.  Just like Elliot Spitzer when they have had enough of you they will out you ("Tyler Durden"  the original sin of anyonimity) and damage your brand.