Philly Fed Prints At 3.2, Modest Expectations Beat

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LEI up on M2 don't see why Philly Fed shouldn't have beat.

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Anyone see Bwaney Fwank on CNBS say with spittle shooting from his fat face that "In fact I have ALWAYS been in favor of poor people renting"

Wow, that lisping, limp wristed poof can lie with impunity.

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Good call by the Tyler(s) yesterday.

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This is what MarketWatch says - "Among the 10 indicators that make up the LEI, five made positive contributions in June, led by the real money supply."  I think I read an article here on ZH a day or two ago saying exactly this.

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Good thing I read this site for honest reporting and not for investing purposes. Because otherwise I would be getting crushed! That is why I stay in cash.



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Well if you were following gold and silver here for 'investment advice' youd only be up a few hundred % as of now.

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you got that right!!  Ignore the bad news at this point.  Nothing has changed since mar 09.  Its the same modus operandi.  Declines come on good or neutral news, and the insiders pick up shares for themselves and clients near the bottom.  Its comical how blatant it is and how easy it is to use simply volume (on the ETFs) to determine the turns.

The plan will not change until we see the old highs (1576) retested or beaten.  That's what Obama was promised for selling his soul and the soul of this country to the banksters and mega-corporation. can plan on a false flag event (terrorism if you like) to be blamed for bringing down the markets and a probable default on the US debt.

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Anyone following the Hedge Fund insider trading scandal in WaMu BK?

These Hedgies are FRAUDS and nothing more than thieves.





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i put up a little ditty abt opening a morgue acct last week & mentioned the merger.  once the Treasury (paulson) and the banksters got involved, and of course, the NY FED (timmah), the hedge funds had "inside" info?  i'm sure whoever gave it to them is a criminal and not one of the good guys. 

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so with thIs BEATING expectation we can expect the SnP to pass Crucial levels::

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Occasional bouncing of the dead body as it bumps along objects on the bottom of the riverbed.