Phone Hacking Scandal Turns Tragic: NOTW Whistleblower Found Dead

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and don't forget any "porn site" allegations...

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I wonder if he went on a binge to celebrate the downfall, but he overdosed.  


If they had knew... They would have given this guy a promotion, would have drunk himself to death and would have revealed nothing.


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"there are probably dozens who know as much if not more than he did."


This is precisely he was suicided to keep others quite.

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Dead men don't talk. A loose end for Mordechi.  All the media and TV are the same. 

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I suppose another hanging-by-dog-leash suicide would be "suspicious."

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As a hitman for the elites once explained it to me: "You can't help bad luck!"

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'Unexplained death under misterious circumstances' - will be the official cause of death on the coroners certificate lol

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Wouldnt surprise me at all if they used a semi-illiterate coroner.

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Had he copied the ZeroHedge manifesto, he'd be still working. Redcoats lost as I remember it.

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Well, not in August, 1814. Or in December, 1913, for that matter; but I get the idea.

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"The death is currently being treated as unexplained"...

Lack of evidence is usually viewed as quality wetwork...


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You can't really dust for vomit.

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He is dead because he is not alive anymore. So what killed him? A lack of aliveness sufficient enough to cause expiration.

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the truth still works as a cause of death.

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Whatever happened to Julian Assange and Wikileaks having info on some big financial institution?

At least people are waking up to the big money backed media gorilla that is constantly shaking down the politicians and public servants while promoting failed policies to milk the plebs.

There is no greater organized crime than these kleptocrats, banksters, PhDs.

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Not completely OT:
Kai Nagata on "Why I quit my job" with CTV.

One insider's view

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News Corp have 'wet work' dept?

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why the question mark?

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Sounds plausible to me.  Carry on chaps.




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Murdoch will stop at nothing ...

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Murdoch is 80 years old and, like Kissinger, will not be around much longer to trouble the councils of the weak and foolish.

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Kissinger will survive along with the cockroaches and then proceed to play them all of each other....

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Well, at least he didn't drown in his hot tub.

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...Lest anyone ponder the connection (Matt Simmons) between Peak Oil, economic implosion, and ominous trend towards the blurring of gov't, media, and erosion of civil liberties.

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I don't want to ponder that.  Too much Debbie-Downer stuff.

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simmons was probably zapped by a drone.

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Murdoch, problem solved on your end.

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He must have contracted "whistleblowers disease".  The mortality rate is about 100%.

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So what you aresaying is our Hulk is a superhero.  Figures.

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Never happy to read about this kind of thing. Sounds like, at minimum, he worked an edge and had a rough life. If you do this kind of thing, you know what's what and what is possible. This applies to both an addict's lifestyle and being a whistleblower. He ran it right up to the edge and went over. No judgement in this. I've had some close calls myself. 

Condolences to his family. Gratitude to him for having the balls to tell the truth. Hope losing his life was NOT the direct cost. 

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Whistle blowing anyone? This reminds me of David Kelly. If you are truly a pain in the neck it looks like you're made to disappear in the UK.

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Please don't exclude America from the fun and games. Plenty of wet work to go around only our press is much more compliant.

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Indeed. In the 90's it was called "Arkancide".

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My wife laughed just two days ago when I said "I bet you will see people dying/found dead in a few days" with regard to the NOW Scandal.


She also laughed when I started buying GOLD (physical) a few years ago...




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Your wife sounds like mine with her constant "nothing is going to happen" comments.

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Toxic crap in cosmetic products inhibit neurotransmission.

This can have advantages, but as you have seen, the blade cuts both ways.

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Tell your wife (with a back hander thrown in for effect) that too much has already happened.... DARLING!

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Get a life instead of a wife.

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If true, I could see a murder over that. Meanwhile, if he was murdered, I don't think us plebes would be able to easily track down the info that they were trying to keep hidden.

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I'm sure he was hedged. Expect envelopes with the full story to arrive at major media outlets anytime soon.

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Francis Sawyer for the win.  Come on down and claim your prize.  You win a 'Fuck your couch, Bernanke!' t-shirt.

by francis_sawyer
on Mon, 07/18/2011 - 13:14



New murder trial to commence captivating America in 5...4...3...2...

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Tyler, really?

This circus is there to distract the peasants from the on-going problems and the coming major kinetic action. Murdoch is taking one for the 'Team'.