Photos From Earthquake Aftermath

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The Yen is surging on repatriation concerns as infrastructure spending is expected to pick up following the countrywide devastation. Below are pictures summarizing just how dramatically the earthquake and following tsunami have impacted Japan.

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bob_dabolina's picture

Building nuclear plants in earthquake rich regions is the new killing it.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Building nuclear waste disposals on fault lines is the old Yuc yuc yucca, hmmm?


Golden monkey's picture

Who cares the nuclear plants. The grocery stores are still open. Right?

Golden monkey's picture

If the quake is big enough, does the yen becomes useless? (What about that trading account?)

Hughe Crapper's picture

Heading for tha shitter! No doubt!! 

OnTheWaterfront's picture

DOW down %2 in pre market trading.

cowdiddly's picture

well looks like Japan's unemployment problem is solved.

Confused's picture

Incredible. Thanks for sharing. 

Ferg .'s picture

No problem . Pretty amazing stuff .

earnyermoney's picture

Wonder how long that whirlpool will continue to swirl? Must be one large hole on the ocean's floor.

Saxxon's picture

My sympathies to Japan.

dark pools of soros's picture

looks like Godzilla was out partying with Charlie Sheen last night

creviceCaress's picture

pesky mother...she can be very anti-progress at times no?  we need more HAARP

4Kismet's picture

To monitor earthquakes realtime and have alerts sent to email, etc...


HedgeFundLIVE's picture

i swear one of our guys called the earthquake last night before it happened!!!: