Picture Of Protesters Assaulting US Embassy In Damascus

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Isn't it impressive how fast news can really travel?

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If this is the US embassy, why is a Syrian flag flying atop that barb-wired guard tower?

Best first-hand accounts of news from Syria: http://syriacomment.com

I am Chumbawamba.

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No blue circles!

Double tap.

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Looks like the line outside the "In and Out" Burger near my house.

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mmmMMMMMMmmmmmm. . . In 'N Out!

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In-N-Out, fresh hot buns...   Is it just me or is it hot in here?

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Are they assuming the US had something to do with the internal unrest? No way.

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They're assuming US would intervene (Libya, Yemen, Iraq etc...)

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I'm thinking they are pissed the US didn't intervene like in Libya.

I guess we just wait to see who's spin wins out...

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The Chinese own that property, they better be careful.

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Walmart shoppers rampage in Syria?

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Jimbo: Hey, you're that drunken posse. Wow! Can I join ya?
Homer: I don't know, can you swing a sack of doorknobs?
Jimbo: Can I!


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"Someone's knocking at the door, somebody's ringing a bell."

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A cycle of violent revolt is now spreading from Morocco to Malaysia. That's a lot of turf. 

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"Marines!!!" "OPEN FIRE!"

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If you pay them they don't do shit...

and when you don't it's ALL TEAMWORK AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!

I'm sure there's a lesson in this...


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"Through the madness we find
loyalty is no match for power"


-A7x "Not Ready to Die"

Even better, the song continues to say...

"Say goodbye to your life, left to rot in
your darkest hour
Prayers won't help you now as long as you're mine"

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"I protest thee" - ha! 

So, Obama is going to form a committee to explore a council to imagine a resolution to condemn protests against the US and its 1500 Embassies around the world. That ought to work.

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Obama is going to get a "personal injury" lawyer to pay for all the damages...

Finally 'Action Jackson' Holder gets to o something... 

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Fix bayonets!

Stand by to repel boarders!

On my command, sally and shred!


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Pop every melon as it scales the top of the wall!!!

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You'd only need to get a couple for the rest to obtain a clue.

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Really?  We are dealing with the Middle East you know.

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Had some friends in Bahrain who got to see the same thing happen at the US embassy there.  Couple humvees with .50 calibers on the roof cleared up the problem in about 2 minutes.  Comunication is very efficient once both sides agree on a common language.

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but of course; it's 7-11-('11)

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Are the photos real? I remember CNN showing Fake photos of the Tibet rioters saying they were Chinese soldiers beating up Tibetans...too bad CNN forgot to airbrush out the soldiers uniforms which showed them to really be Nelaese beating up nepalese demonstrators.....

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I count maybe 20 "evil Syrians" in the foto. Better use fish-eye lens to make them look really ominus. And keep an eye on the smallish one, with the red cap, sitting ontop of somebody's shoulders. He looks especially dangerous, probably the leader.

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NOTHING about this looks like an assault. I can't even tell which building is the Embassy. Assuming its the one with the fence, it appears almost ALL the people have their backs to it. Not much of an assault if you aren't facing it.

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Great, soon as Barama finishes operation assassinate Ghadafi, he and his NATO/globalist' peacekeepers can move on to Syria, Pakistan, Iran...

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Why does our embassy look like that eastern european military compound from 'Stripes'?

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"C'mon, it's Czechoslovakia. We zip in, we pick 'em up, we zip right out again. We're not going to Moscow. It's Czechoslovakia. It's like going into Wisconsin."
"Well I got the shit kicked out of me in Wisconsin once. Forget it!"

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Go, go! Waiting for the °choppers-in-the-desert° show.

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it's all about Hezbollah and Lebanon. methinks there might be some of that Bekka Valley Lebanese blond on the streets for Thanksgiving.

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It is a very architecturally aesthetic building n'est ce pas?. If someone built that in my city, I'd fucking protest too!

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The photographer?...that Al Jazeera bloke...not the best snapshot taker is he?

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Perhaps they are trying to get in an claim asylum?   Wouldn't you if your government was running around butchering people?

Just sayin'