PIG+S Update With Portugal And Greece At Record Yields

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Almost a year to the day from the first Greek bailout, we thought we would revisit just how successful Europe has been in masking its pervasive insolvency, and just how far Europe has ultimately gone over the past year. As the chart below shows, pretty far. Especially if one measures the displacement by the shift in the Greek bond curve whose 3 year point just passed 18%. Buy it, hold it for 5.5 years and double your money.

An MC Escher perspective of what yield curves should look like:

And here is who continues to be late to the bailout party (due to being stuck in Beijing for the time being, bribing the local politburo with trinkets, spices and Marbella beachfront property).

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Popo's picture

Dear Germans,

Thanks for working your asses off in freezing Germany, so we can lay around all day and not work  -- in paradise.   It's really nice of you.


The Greek People

nkktwotwozero's picture

Something about "Work makes you free"?


"You're floor....you're floor is now clean!"

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Completely wrong! I guess it's time for the Germans to pay for all the cheap holidays in Greece over the last ten years. You have no idea how much the German economy benefited from Greece, with the stupidly low interest rates and the associated consumption bubble in Greece, mostly imported from Germany! They have already benefited from that for years, and they are not paying anything as long as Greece tries to pay its debt back. They are so shameless that they have suggested Greece to sell its islands to pay it. Welcome to (economic) invasion, 21st century style!! 

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this is baloney, in Italy, Portugal and Spain, people do not force their politicians to spend responsably, Italy has loads of debt, people do not care, and they never vote for who wants to runs things well, we tend to vote for the most corrupt and irresponsible politicians. it is a generalizations, but who ever lives here knows that the Greek people, as all people should blame themselves and not others


NoClueSneaker's picture

... Greeks have bought 500 Tanks and the couple of submarines, lot of german milk ( Müller milch ), made to yoghourt in Grece.... etc.


When Bonds became junk - bailout ...  ( Hermes- Bürgschaften better than anything else, bailout kinda bonus )....

Increase of the output of german arms export 2006-2011 -


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When PIIGS spreads fly.....

U.S. Consumer stocks fly up even faster!!!..

Especially bra and underwear stocks, VF Corp. now at fresh, new highs...

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Some of your finest work there, Robot!

Keep it up.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

One, you are correct. Two, Robot is a 17 year-old virgin that has never seen a naked girl in his life-don't encourage him.

i.pagnottella's picture

I was thinking the same thing! 


jus_lite_reading's picture




Popo's picture

I don't get it.  What's the big deal about moving money from Tokyo to Osaka?

Or did they/you mean they were moving the "capitol"?



hedgeless_horseman's picture

How anyone could flag her as junk is beyond me.

Max Hunter's picture

I was thinking the same thing..

Theta_Burn's picture

Not to be disrespectful of her sweetness....

But I'd junk it

Popo's picture

Anyone who knows their photo-retouching can't possibly NOT junk that disaster.  That's some pathetically bad photoshop.  Jesus her cheek looks like it was done with the blend tool on MS Paint.

They added the strand of hair on her face because they knew they botched the cheek.   It casts a fake dropshadow.  

And I <3 the fake depth-of-field on her abdomen.  Nice shortcut bro.   I guess they figured no one would see past the silicone boobies.   Speaking of which... gravity seems to be affecting her boobs and her amulet differently.   Damn that liquify filter.

I could go on and on...ignorance is bliss I suppose...  One can only conclude that she looks sort of old and nasty in real life.


FeralSerf's picture

She's Robo's mom.  What do you expect?

Ransom's picture

Come on man, some of us are at work FFS.

pendragon's picture

amazing as the euro is as high as a kite or maybe that just the muppets buying it.

DrStrangelove's picture

If the ECB buys treasuries, the Fed can buy the PIIGS debt and more... easy

kermit owns most of Portugals debt fwiw (muppets yo)

Cdad's picture

Must be why folk rushed into the EuroBimbo currency in the las half hour?  I mean...ah...what do I mean?  Maybe when 50% of the Euroland idea is dead and buried...then they'll sell Euros?



SheepDog-One's picture

Apparently everyone assumes someone else will perpetually rush in to backstop their ridiculous paper bets. When the realization sets in theres only 1 rickety termite eaten chair when the music stops, then we'll see blood flowing in the streets.

Cdad's picture

Liesman now doing his best "soft shoe" in front of the debt clock saying...."everything is ok."  Good grief...there really should be a credibility suicide clock on the BlowHorn.  The rate at which the personalities there simply throw in the towel on their professional cred...is amazing.

Bam_Man's picture

What "professional cred"?

Agent P's picture

Buy a 3 year and hold it for 5.5...with restructuring that sounds about right.

Ray1968's picture

Buy it, hold it for 5.5 years and double your money.

The only problem with doubling your money in 5.5 years is that the dollar will be 50% of what its worth now which means you've made 0% (before taxes). The IRS will still tax you're 100% profit so YOU LOSE, SUCKER!

Monday1929's picture

Just buy the S&P- it doubles every two years. And, it has no risk.

virgilcaine's picture

Amazing how long they could 'extend and pretend'.  Kick that can ECB..its got a lead bottom.

Bernank pumps and it ends up as Womens underwear and lingerie items.. a perfectly sound running Economy.

SheepDog-One's picture

As long as the $75 hand towel, $9 burrito, and $300 spandex leotard stocks are going up, all is obviously well.

pendragon's picture

to the average sovereign investor the us weekly jobless claims going up a few thousand is more important than the fact theyre not getting their principal back. what a broken world this is.

DrStrangelove's picture

they said may you live in interesting times, not may you live in a labrynth of lies that just so happens to be interesting...

Imminent Crucible's picture

...and double your money.  In Euros.  Which will have lost 75% of their purchasing power over the next 5.5 years.

Great deal.

Dick Darlington's picture

This muppet just don't give up. He will rather destroy the whole Europe before admitting the Euro-experiment is a disaster.

04-14 10:39: EU's Rehn says "We do not see Greek debt restructuring as an option"
Ethics Gradient's picture

Option A sees the end to the European project right now.

Option B gives it a little more time - in the hope that flocks of white swans land all over Europe.

DrStrangelove's picture

the PIIGS will restructure...

delay, defer, default...

Phucked by mid 2013...




pendragon's picture

as you point out what is it exactly that spain can offer china apart from some jerry build deep discount property which they are already limit long of

sangell's picture

Spanish veto in the EU!

sangell's picture
04-14 10:39: EU's Rehn says "We do not see Greek debt restructuring as an option" And the alternative is what? Taking hostages? Breaking some legs?
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Irish central bank cuts GDP outlook. Great. 


digalert's picture


"people are making a bigger deal of the budget deficit than it is."

Zero Govt's picture

CNBC's Steve Liesman has been on a pork roll these past 2 days. Yesterday he kept butting in on Rick Santelli while he was saying the US budget deficit can't go on. Today the pork belly was standing next to a US debt clock at $14 Trillion and topped Jim Cramers estimate the US Govt had 4-5 years to sort it out (dream on Cramer you f'n crone).

Liesman reckoned the US Govt had much longer than Cramers 4-5 year estimate to deal with the budget issues and (not) having a plan could go on much longer.... what an arrogant tool

I'll give the US Govt 2 years tops before the shit hits the fan and the markets squeeze the US Govts balls until they squeel like a Delverence sequal. When it happens Cramer should be taken off air and Liesman should be turned on a spit and give a few thousand on JPMorgan Food Stamps a decent meal of roasted pork (high in saturated fat given Liesmans endless lunches with useless porky bwankers and economists)

digalert's picture


"people are making a bigger deal of the budget deficit than it is."

oogs66's picture

From the CBO, the annual deficit slowly decreases over the next few years then starts to accelerate.  And they assume 1) that taxes go back up when scheduled rather than see the cuts renewed, and 2) that spending stops when scheduled to stop, rather than being extended.

Both are highly dubious assumptions.  But why does the deficit start to grow again?  Primarily because of the interest burden on accumulated debt!


Mike Cowan's picture

Germany is the powerhouse of Europe. Does Germany back those Greek bonds?

PY-129-20's picture

Let me tell you something about my fellow countrymen. They are pissed and angry about throwing money out of the window. You might think that the ordinary German has a nice living standard - like 1980 or 1990 Germany - but that's over since the introduction of the Euro and the increasing pressure on ordinary people. Working endless hours to get almost nothing in return - just look at the retirement age, Germany is the only country in the OECD that lost almost 5 % on income in the past ten years, most countries had a plus.

I've nothing against Irish, Greek - whatever you name it - people, but we are not here to rescue them, we've got enough own problems in our country. And their governments do not show any fiscal discipline at all - wasn't different before the Euro when they had all these overbloated currencies like the Lira.

And we do not want to send troops to Libya - before 1999 there was a saying in Germany - that we never want to get into war again. How about finishing our missions first? We still have troops in Afghanistan and Kosovo, still doing a lot of missions as part of our alliance (from Congo to Lebanon to Balticum) which is okay - but another war? Gimme a break. We cannot support another war - it is too costly, we've got to pay back our own debt.

This is getting more and more ridiculous... the EU is destroying itself. Even without the Euro - we will recover, we have good products and good engineering.

Monday1929's picture

Just how angry are people you know? Is this a subject of daily conversation? Thanks