PMs Higher As Eurozone Downgrades, Libya and Japan Ignored for Now

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onward and inexorably upward...

until gold is back in money...

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Could we handle that?  Could the world? 

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Gold and silver? No thanks, i'd rather have The Bernank's "Jew confetti"  to use as a store of wealth thanks, he's a man i can, and do, trust.

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'Jew confetti'!!! Terrible. Hilarious. Did YOU coin this word? Unbelievable. Wonderful.

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No, that is the German word for hyperinflated cash.  And part of what lead to the Holocaust, i might add.

I, personally, would call it BANKER confetti, and send the members of that particular profession to the ovens, rather than the members of a given race/religion.  It doesn't matter how much the two overlap, as the overlap is not 100%.

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didnt know that it was a nazi propaganda word. I never heard it before... google gives no results for legal reasons... I thought it was a blogosphere creation. Apologies for my finding it so funny, seriously. 

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It's pre-Nazi, but was a large part of the Zeitgeist that led to their rise to power and what followed.

"Banker confetti" is a bit more modern, perhaps.  Or "Bernanke confetti".  Hell, that almost rhymes.

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Bankonfetti or Bernankenfetti.

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I really like "Bernankenfetti".

Here's hoping it catches on.

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The Weimar Hyper-inflation and the Judefetzen

by Ben Atlas on 07.27.2010

An article in the Telegraph - The Death of Paper Money quotes from the book ”When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Hyper-inflation”. The book describes economic upheaval in Germany in the 20s, the upheaval that paved the way for the Third Reich:

“Near civil war between town and country was a pervasive feature of this break-down in social order. Large mobs of half-starved and vindictive townsmen descended on villages to seize food from farmers accused of hoarding. The diary of one young woman described the scene at her cousin’s farm.


“In the cart I saw three slaughtered pigs. The cowshed was drenched in blood. One cow had been slaughtered where it stood and the meat torn from its bones. The monsters had slit the udder of the finest milch cow, so that she had to be put out of her misery immediately. In the granary, a rag soaked with petrol was still smouldering to show what these beasts had intended,” she wrote.


Grand pianos became a currency or sorts as pauperized members of the civil service elites traded the symbols of their old status for a sack of potatoes and a side of bacon. There is a harrowing moment when each middle-class families first starts to undertand that its gilt-edged securities and War Loan will never recover.


Irreversible ruin lies ahead. Elderly couples gassed themselves in their apartments.

Foreigners with dollars, pounds, Swiss francs, or Czech crowns lived in opulence. They were hated. “Times made us cynical. Everybody saw an enemy in everybody else,” said Erna von Pustau, daughter of a Hamburg fish merchant.


Great numbers of people failed to see it coming. “My relations and friends were stupid. They didn’t understand what inflation meant. Our solicitors were no better. My mother’s bank manager gave her appalling advice,” said one well-connected woman.


“You used to see the appearance of their flats gradually changing. One remembered where there used to be a picture or a carpet, or a secretaire. Eventually their rooms would be almost empty. Some of them begged — not in the streets — but by making casual visits. One knew too well what they had come for.”


Corruption became rampant. People were stripped of their coat and shoes at knife-point on the street. The winners were those who — by luck or design — had borrowed heavily from banks to buy hard assets, or industrial conglomerates that had issued debentures. There was a great transfer of wealth from saver to debtor, though the Reichstag later passed a law linking old contracts to the gold price. Creditors clawed back something.


A conspiracy theory took root that the inflation was a Jewish plot to ruin Germany. The currency became known as “Judefetzen” (Jew- confetti), hinting at the chain of events that would lead to Kristallnacht a decade later.” 

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Fetzen is not confetti.

In german Confetti is Konfetti.

Fetzen means a piece of fabric or a piece of paper.

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'My mother’s bank manager gave her appalling advice,” said one well-connected woman.'

perhaps not if you are a bank manager...

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OpEx is over, bitchez.

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"We don't certainly see the gold price going down to the 2001 $US250 an ounce level again."

No shit Sherlock....

My, it must really grip to have to finally admit that...

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Schmailes says the gold bubble is about to burst.....I know he is telling the truth because he reads a lot of books.

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and doesn't answer his critics...

must be a politician...

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Gold is trying to scale a wall of worry.

Silver is breaking it's shackles.

I'd bet on the latter and go all in. 


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Fundamentals as sound as in 2010. Tyler keeps on with the hits.

In a world made of quicksand,

the man with clown shoes is King.

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Now that is one awesome quote...

but seriously, '"But if we do see the gold price fall, you're not going to see anything below $US900.'

They just can't resist getting those low figures in can they, just to mess with your head.

Gold at 1428 and rising as we speak. $900 again my ass...


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Does a harlequin's ass look like its got checkered flags all over it with a sign saying money is a fool's paradise?! Or, I'm a gold digger who will only sell his pants at $1428+ per ounce of fine, shiny dust?

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Dunno, but I'll take option 2 any day...

whatever it was...

a harlequin's ass is a very private place...

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Its like the Prechter  $600 gold call. Gee, I wonder how that is working for all of those who took his "advice" ?



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If gold falls, silver will be it's companion.

The two are siblings.

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That's a very big word...

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That is a good one Cossack, did you coin it?


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Clown shoes and twinkling feet...that is what I felt when he sang under the rain. Those soggy shoes just danced through the streets like rippling laughter on a sunny day.

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Big Fred Astaire fan are ya?

Harlequin001's picture

Morecambe and Wise, definitely...

funniest thing you'll ever see...

made my sides hurt.

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Who the fuck pays CPM to make up this shit?  Nadler? 

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Nadler says WE are to blame, as the Internet Pushers.

Too much bad info,and too many opinions.

It's funny how we go from Record Highs,( Limit Raises) and 30 minutes late we drop back into the norm, or lower and we claw our way back within hours, or two or three days.


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again it is instructive to reference Martin Armstrong's latest "How and When" where he marks the red letter days of June 13 and 14 for a possible massive consolidation of Au to $1100 as a necessary prelude to the final ascent. read more

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"Odyssey returns to the U.S. appeals court in May, Gordon said, to fight a Spanish government claim for about $500 million in coins the salvager found and hauled from the bottom of the Atlantic off Portugal in 2007."

From Yahoo:

Thursday January 6, 2011

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- Deep-sea explorers in Florida are using some of the trove of recently leased WikiLeaks documents to try to force the U.S. government out of their legal battle with Spain over a shipwreck treasure.

Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. of Tampa says documents released by Wikileaks show the U.S. State Department had offered to help Spain's side in the matter in exchange for help in returning a multimillion-dollar painting -- seized by World War II-era Nazis -- to a U.S. citizen.

Odyssey said Wednesday it filed a motion urging an appeals court to throw out a "friend of the court" brief by the U.S. government supporting Spain's bid for 17 tons of coins raised from a sunken Spanish galleon off Portugal in 2007.

A federal court ruled for Spain in 2009. Odyssey is appealing.

The State Department had no immediate comment when contacted Wednesday by The Associated Press.

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"Hu told Sarkozy the use of force was no answer to problems, but would only make them more complicated...".

Who said the Chinese don't understand irony (fist)?

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Every type of news will be ignored since the Bernack wants to destroy to dollar and the economy.  It helps Soros and friends with their NWO.

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Nothing has changed. Just staying the course. Go ahead and mark AMZN at 200. I will pass. But I am not, and have not shorted this market. I do not fight Madmen.

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You don't need to have insider information to know it is a good idea to buy silver.

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I like how when the mint runs out of blanks it is reported as a drop in silver eagle sales.

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The mint has plenty of silver for Eagles.

Perhaps the price is a tad rich, when you can buy private label bulion for 3-$4.00 less an oz.

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Housing still in free fall, world deficits growing like your worse case cancer and a renegade Plutonium plant about to fart near one of the worlds biggest cities. Lets see, who else would like to add to such a positive economic outlook list?

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Why is the CHF spiking?

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Because everyone and his dog is buying it, and it will cost them long run.Too much of a good thng ultimately will usually destroy the "Good" thing.