Portions of the Gulf are So Toxic that Dolphins, Fish, Crabs, Stingrays and Other Animals are "Trying to Crawl Out of the Water"

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I'd love to see a fish 'crawl'.  So would most marine biologists.

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GW, as critical as I have been of many of your recent posts, I will say that within the hyperbole, you do touch upon some very good points at times as well and I do recognize that there are some very serious issues that you bring up that are not given enough attention. Here's one:

  • A new study predicts that a dead zone is likely to form at least 3,200 feet below the ocean's surface near the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
  • The zone is deep enough it is unlikely to affect fisheries.
  • It will probably dissipate within about two years.


The oil gusher on the Gulf seabed may be stopped, but much of the spilled oil still lurks in a plume of oil and dissolved methane gas 3,200-4,300 feet below the surface.


New research predicts that this plume will likely create a low-oxygen "dead zone" inhospitable to life in these deep waters, as microbes consume the oil and gas entrained in the plume.


The cold temperatures in the plume will slow the growth of the microbes compared to microbes acting at the surface. Because of this slower growth, the team predicts that it will be sometime in the fall before the oxygen levels hit their minimum.


But weak currents at that depth mean that the low oxygen levels may persist for a long time, with little mixing to bring in oxygenated waters: the team estimates it will be a couple of years before the oxygen levels return to normal.


The findings, now in press at the journal Geophysical Research Letters, predict that the zone will be similar in size to the well-known seasonal dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi River caused by nutrient runoff upriver, though the new zone will remain within about 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the spill site.



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First, no dead zone currently exists, right, they think one might form in the future if dilution doesn't happen quickly enough?  It being in the ocean I find this hard to believe.  But if there is no threat there is no need for money for a study.  Time will tell.  Anyway, if there is a dead zone 3,000 ft plus down, this matters in what way?  I mean, why the fuck does this matter.  Is anyone searching for dead zones for natural leaks?  Just curious, need to jump on that if not.

GW, I hope all of this effort that you are putting into this does not turn out to be a waste of time.  I always liked your stuff, but this BP spill has turned into your baby.  Reminds me of the year 2000 computer false alarm.  

This oil plume reminds me of something else.....




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Man I Am,

If the mainstream media did a decent job of reporting on the Gulf science, I wouldn't be spending so much time writing about it.  I would write on the economy or other issues.

But there is a MONUMENTAL effort to cover up what's really going on.  Just go ask Gulf fishermen and shrimpers, they know what's happening.

Did you even know that BP is - RIGHT NOW - pulling out 3,500 FEET OF DRILL PIPE from the 5,000 FOOT CEMENT PLUG holding back oil flow?

Or that there are 3 pipes stuck in top of well — One is 40 feet long that “collapsed down”?

Probably not - the MSM has lost all interest in the well.

I hope that BP caps the well quickly, and the Gulf heals itself quickly.  I would like to move onto more pleasant subjects.

If enough people call the editor/producer of the mainstream media companies and demand real coverage of the Gulf spill, then maybe they'd start doing their job, and I could switch topics to something else ...


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Thing is, if I want to read about this stuff I go to the OilDrum, not zero hedge, where it's easier to separate the signal from the noise.

Nor do I go to the OilDrum in order to gain understanding of the impact of banksterism, for the same reason.

What I don't understand is why your article is at the top of the page for the entire day so far.

The reason I'm replying to you though, is so you might understand that your out of place posts do not help you make any points, instead they obscure it. Why? Because the only way I can find the signal is to tune out the noise, like your entire post that I did not read.

The more you go on about the spill here, the more you make people ignore it. Not only here, btw, but everywhere in general (think spill fatigue).

If you really want to be involved at spreading the word, then you have to go to where the words are effective, like say the OilDrum. To keep doing this here though is of no help to anyone, and works to discredit any insight you may have.

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Fair enough GW!  I think BP sucks by the way, and is a terrible operator, and has a bad habit of accidentally killing people.  I just don't think the environmental impact is going to be that big of a long term problem.

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OMFG George,

STOP this fear-mongering instantly!!!


We all know why dolphins, Fish, Crabs, Stingrays and Other Animals were "trying to Crawl Out of the Water"

Exhibit #1 which explains it all.



They were just trying to catch a glimpse of our beloved leader.

In addition, the chance of sneaking a peek at Michelle's ass whilst bending over studying one of their own (in this case a porpoise) is a MASSIVE BONUS which doesn't come around that often.

You should give these creatures of the Gulf more credit.

Shame on you!



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I once called the editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about their coverage of an issue and was politely told that I might be right in demanding better coverage, but that they are trying to run a business and at times the demands of the business outrun the accuracy and investigative resources available to the paper.

In other words, get lost.

I don't think enough people up here are that interested in anything that does not entertain them and even the most devastating tragedy loses its 'ability to entertain' the fans of, "American Idol", "Khloe and Kim Do Miami", and the latest dish on, E!

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Truth?  He isn't looking for truth - he is looking to push BP stock down to make a profit.  TRhat is def my opinion.  And than lying on top of it.

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You want the Truth, you can’t handle the Truth.

Son, we live in a world that has oil deposits, and those deposits have to be extracted by men with production schedules. Whose gonna do it? You? You, George Washington? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Deepwater Horizon, and you curse BP. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That the GOM oil spill, while tragic, probably provided dividends. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, provides dividends. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that well, you need me on that well. We use words like reserves, crude, depletion. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent exploiting something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the cheap oil that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a drill pipe, and connect a stand. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

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I wonder who screenwrote the original dialogue and what others he/she might have written.

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You're still here? I like that ZH allows freedom of expression and dissenting views but assholes like you (and "the rock" who brought something totally irrelevant into the thread to cause shit) make me question the wisdom the full out lack of moderation.

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Proof...show me proof?  Who are these people interviewed?  Source?  Too much stuff made up and passed off as fact.... Proof and truth...

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Scientist Accuses Obama Administration and BP of Underestimating Amount of Oil Left in Gulf of Mexico

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Gulf fish are wonderful cooked on an outdoor grill---- no need for charcoal gas or wood,  just ignite the fish but do not try it indoors

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With all the reports you would think one of the fisherman have a video camera... or even a nice SLR.  Don't get me wrong I think it could be very bad, I just like firm confirmation.

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here.  lies from locals trying to destroy a good oil company? 





Fishing Industry in Gulf Still Worried About Levels of Toxins in the Water and the Impact on Marine Life


"DAHR JAMAIL: Last Thursday, I went out on a boat with Mr. Miller, as well as his friend and another commercial fisherman, Mark Stewart. Both of them are long-term, multi-generational fishermen in Mississippi, and they also are both former members of BP’s Vessels—so-called Vessels of Opportunity program, the VOO program, both recently released from that program as BP scales back its response efforts. And they’re very concerned because they usually trawl for shrimp around the Mississippi Sound and sometimes outside the barrier islands of Mississippi, and they—what they told me, and actually what they showed me, is that the area is extremely unsafe, that oil, submerged oil, mixed with dispersants, have infiltrated the area.

We drove around on his trawler for several hours, and you could watch on the sonar clouds popping up. We were in about twelve, thirteen feet of water. And the middle part of the area would literally fill up with a big cloud, and we would stop the boat, and he would basically drop down, tie some sorbent pad to a grappling hook, drop it down in the water and pull it up, and it would be covered in sort of a slimy, brown oil-dispersant mix. And it was—we did that eight times. Every single time, we caught oil and dispersant mix. " .....

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Well done GW - thank you for your continued efforts - greatly appreciated & keep up the great work!

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I call bullshit. Is every environmental issue in the gulf to be blamed on the spill?? These dead zones (search that term, tons of pre-spill references) have been in the gulf for decades. They are from agricultural runoff. They have been especially bad in GoM since the corn to ethanol boondoggle got rolling a few years ago. These dead zones are now found at the mouths of most of the worlds large, industrialized river systems. No doubt the BP hasn't helped, but come on folks... how about a little objectivity?

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Bloomberg reports on August 23rd that scientists confirm that this is related to the oil spill:

BP Plc’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may be exacerbating a natural phenomenon that causes fish, crabs, eels and shrimp to swarm the shoreline to escape oxygen-depleted sea waters.


Called "jubilees" by locals because of the opportunity to scoop up seafood in buckets, they typically appear during the summer along the Gulf Coast. This year, scientists say jubilees have occurred in open water for the first time, raising concern that low-oxygen areas are expanding because of the more than 4 million barrels of oil BP’s Macondo well leaked into the Gulf.


Low oxygen in the water because of oil and methane from the BP spill contributed to a “jubilee-like effect” in late June off the coast of Fort Morgan, Alabama, at the mouth of Mobile Bay Monty Graham, a senior marine scientist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama, said in a telephone interview. Catfish, shrimp, crab and flounder piled up along an offshore sandbar, until the sharks moved in, Graham, 45, said.


“Most of us believe it had something to do with the oil,” said Robert Shipp, 67, chairman of the Marine Sciences Department at the University of South Alabama. There was a “consensus” among faculty at the University of South Alabama and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab that oil played a part in the event, which was “quite different” from the naturally occurring jubilees in the Gulf’s Mobile Bay, Shipp said.




“Oil residues on the bottom and in the water columns could exacerbate and make worse this phenomenon,” Kent Mountford, an environmental historian who has studied estuarine ecology for 46 years, said in a telephone interview. Mountford, 73, works for Cove Corp., an environmental consultancy, in Lusby, Maryland.

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Carl Fuermann of Boulder, Colorado, believes the leak can be staunched through mindpower alone. "The basic concept is to try and get as many people to visualize that the [shut-off] valve is actually functioning,"Fuermann tells Colorado Daily. Describing himself as a man "known for fixing things and making things work," Fuermann says his meditative potency has already repaired a friend's Flip video camera.

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It's true--we Boulderites can actually do stuff like that...

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Absolutely shocking what we do to the planet. Anyone protecting BP should be hung drawn and quartered. As to the retarded comments on this forum, just another indication that man kind truly has gone to the dogs.

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Everybody but you, right?  Hoser...

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Did you run this for clearance by BP first? White House protocol...



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So long and thanks for all the fish

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Where's this happening in the gulf?  Anyways.. keep on posting.

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How many of you Jew bashing tree huggers voted for Obama thinking he was going to visit you in your wet dreams and bring you hope and change?

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I happen to be a hyperbole hating sanity hugger who is deeply disturbed by the number of children posing as adults that are now posting on this board.  OK, OK, so it is really an adult anxiety dump. 

I personally voted for McCain in spite of his capitulation in accepting Palin for Veep.  He wasn't going to be elected, the vote was wasted, but when the Cong hung him from his arms behind his back he wasn't broken.  He behaved as a man; he exhibited real leadership.  The very least I could do was vote for him.  

Man has always been a tribal animal.  It is easier to agree on disciplines and laws for living in the given environment if the population we are functioning in, or with, think as we do.  Even the Swedes and Norwegians, connected by language roots, culture and to a certain extent blood ties, cannot yet agree sufficiently to voluntarily form a common government.  And forget Africa, the tribalism of middle Europe has been the fundamental source of many devastating wars through the centuries.  Everybody tends to want more.  And only education to see the boundaries It is not going to vanish.


The Gulf oil well rupture was genuinely bad, for its effects and for what it illustrates about the weakness of our larger institutions.  It didn’t happen because mankind did not know how to do the job right.  It happened for the same reason that Three Mile I Island, an event that could have been easily avoided, happened. 

A very wise man, now deceased but referenced on internet once ask me; “Are you overdriving your headlights?”  I looked and yes I was overdriving my headlights. 

What I think I see on this board might be is quite a few people “overdriving their headlights”.  Doesn’t really work in the long run.

Hope I can live long enough to see the Gulf restored to its original condition. 

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You're probably completely serious but that's very funny anyway.

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Hate to be an ass, (no I dont, just like to preface it that way) but it sounds like an opportunity for a few new aquafarming operations. Inland of course. Someone has to produce all that fish and hardshell crustaceans for consumption. 2 acres and a few cement or EPDM ponds gets you in.

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Come clean about how much money you have been losing shorting BP stock.  How is this even a story?  Anectodal evidence based on 2 fisherman's accounts?  Wow this is a new low.  You are pathetic and I really hope you are being truthful about not being short BP stock becuse if not you are not different that Matt Simmons who in my opinion vilaoted SEC law by shorting the stock and than blatantly lying in order to drive the price down.  Either way absolutely pathetic and shame on zerohedge for allowing this nonsense to continue.

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Come on, fess up.  Are you Fred123's butt buddy?

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Dolphin, mullet and horseshoe crabs can all be found near the shoreline. 

I'm just wondering how "different" this really is compared to before the spill.

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No!  Not the dreaded Mullet!

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Before the spill fewer people actively sought signs of the Apocalypse.

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If I can track the pics down, I have some pics of dolphin laying on the mudbank here eating mullet.  Pretty cool pics, but I'm not sure I still have them.

In the wintertime, they act like Orcas you see on TV.  They will toss bait up on the bank and proceed to munch.


I've walked the beaches here (SC) and have seen hundreds of horseshoe crabs on the beach.  Started to pick them up and put them back into the water until I finally figured they were mating or doing what they do...I think one of the hospitals will pay a few $$$ each for live horseshoe crabs, too.

That said, I'm in the East Coast.

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I'm a regular surf fisher on an island off the SC coast and see the same thing you describe regarding horseshoe crabs and dolphins, nothing unusual here. My dog has been messing with horseshoe crabs in the surf and on the beach in the middle of the day since long before the BP spill.  Seeing dolphins work the shallow water near the shore is a very common sight for me, not sure it means much particularly since they are air breathers and unaffected by lowered oxygen levels in the water. This is not to say that there is not something going on in the gulf, but Im unconvinced due to alot of personal experience in the surf that horseshoe crabs and dolphins indicate much.  As several different fish species are described as "mullet" depending on the region, this reference is a tough one to extract meaning from but it is definitely a bit early for the river breeding run of the true mullet.

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How do you post a pic here?   Can't do pic hosting sites from work, though.

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Only those who are contributors can post images.  You'll have to use a link in your comment to another web location.

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George....seriously...stay away from Hot Tubs....I am worried about you

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Saw two dolphins hanging out by the pier in Ft Walton Beach last week, they were awfully close to the shoreline. Lots of little minnow-type fish hanging out right at the shoreline, fwiw.

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Saw two dolphins hanging out by the pier in Ft Walton Beach last week, they were awfully close to the shoreline. Lots of little minnow-type fish hanging out right at the shoreline, fwiw.

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I wouldn't jump to any conclusions from this, they might have just been scoping out the chicks.