Portuguese Bond Auction "Success" As Rates Rise By 1% From Prior

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The Portuguese auction earlier today was a smashing success, of one considers a rise in the Bid To Cover at the expense of an interest rate increase by over 1%, smashing. The 4 Year bond came at 4.695%, while the 10 Year priced at 6.242%, both printing 100 bps wider than previous. This mirrors the deterioration seen in the recent Ireland bond auction, where the same dynamic was observed. The European periphery is paying ever more to roll its maturing debt. Just wait until these countries have to refi short-term debt at 2%+ differentials: not even the ECB will be able to save the countries from that particular toxic debt spiral.

Result summary:

- €0.45bln, 3.6% 15-Oct-14, bid/cover 3.5 vs. Prev. 3.1: yield 4.695% vs. Prev. 3.621%
- €0.3bln, 4.8% 15-Jun-20, bid/cover 4.9 vs. Prev. 1.8: yield 6.242% vs. Prev. 5.312%

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FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Baltric dry index down 3.0%. All is well in the world. This will end like a fairy tale.

small watcher's picture

Yes it will, 'cuz we're playing the part of the Giant.

Sudden Debt's picture

It's going down pretty fast these last few days.

I've liquidated all my shipping stocks last week because of it.


taraxias's picture


The BDI turned down sharply the "last few days" but you liquidated your shipping stocks "last week" BECAUSE OF IT !!!!!!

Wow, it doesn't get more impressive than this..........

Tense INDIAN's picture

i have been noticing the baltic dry tooo....as we all know it fell 56% in one and a half month.....then rose to about 2890 and have been fallinf at rates of more than 2% since then.......could stocks experience same thing???

Catullus's picture

Success because they're never going to pay it back. 

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

I think that is a success if they can sell any bonds at this point. Default is creeping closer every day.

lizzy36's picture

Tyler, the Prime Minister of Spain had directly contradicted your assessment.

Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero declared that the European debt crisis is over but said that the governments have to work better together and with markets to stave off such events.

"I believe that the debt crisis affecting Spain, and the euro zone in general, has passed,"Mr. Zapatero said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

One expects that the ECB can cancel its sovereignbond purchasing program (as opposed to accelerating it, as it has been doing over the last month). And Ignore the widening of the PIG CDS spreads, we all know just the work of speculators. 

I don`t know about anyone else but i was really reassured by this news.

bono's picture

Me too.

Specially I am reassured because we have only 5 million unemployment with a labor force of 19 million and also reassured because there is only 4million empty houses for sale. But the banks are healthy. Verdad amigo Zapatero?

taraxias's picture

Why don't these guys STFU?

Yes, they are trying to play the CONfidence game, but FFS retarded statements like these get everyone running the other way (as they should).

Chris1's picture

Apocalypse Blah blah blah...


BTW - what happened to the Euro-crash?

Shakes's picture

Am doubling down on my EUO bet...

Tense INDIAN's picture

oh my GOD...see the bloomberg story..

Portugal Sells Bonds as Higher Yields Fuel Demand



Josephine29's picture

These issues continue to mount and I tend to agree with the earlier comments about Spain's Mr.Zapatero. Unfortunately for his dreamworld there are some facts still be released to us which contradict this view. According to notayesmanseconomics about Portugal.

"Her problems will not have been helped by the news that on the latest figures the central government’s fiscal shortfall rose to 9.19 billion euros  from 8.74 billion euros a year earlier  according to her Finance Ministry.Remember this is supposed to be the year of austerity and cuts not rises and Portugal has failed to reduce government spending."

No wonder bondholders want more interest if austerity means a wider deficit in practice! http://notayesmanseconomics.wordpress.com

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