Portuguese Bond Liquidity Disappears As LCH.Clearnet Kicks Portugal Paper Out From RepoClear Basket Eligibility

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And another major hit for all those still unlucky enough to own Portuguese bonds: From LCH.Clearnet:

Following S&P's lowering of its sovereign credit ratings on Portugal to BBB on Friday 25 March 2011, RepoClear participants are advised that with effect from Monday 27 March 2011 Portuguese Government bonds will no longer be eligible for delivery in any of the RepoClear €GC Baskets.

Until today’s downgrade Portugal had been eligible for the single A €GC Basket.

This is in line with LCH.Clearnet Ltd’s Regulations*, which state that while the criteria which define each of the eligible €GC baskets remains fixed, the countries’ debt meeting the defined criteria for inclusion in each basket may change from time to time. Where the combined credit rating of a country that falls within the definition of Euro zone countries changes, LCH.Clearnet Ltd will add or remove that country’s debt from each of the relevant eligible €GC baskets based on the new combined credit rating of that country.

Luckily, Portuguese bonds are still eligible for trading/repoing/margining on OTC/Bulletin Boards, where the bid/ask will soon be greater than the actual bonds price.

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"Unluckly" has a nice ring to it.

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2 year portuguese bonds trading 7%

German backpeddling a bit from EFSF funding


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Will they be offered on Ebay? I'm looking to repaper my basement lavatory. I'm striving for that "Ponzi" look that is so fashionable in DC these days.

butchee's picture

While I applaud your cutting edge architechtural sense.....Basement lavs are subject to mold and mildew problems already.  Do you really think these toxic bonds are the right choice for this environment?   Perhaps the breakfast nook.

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Portugal is a meaningless year old story that the market could care less about. I have shits bigger than Portugal. Yawn.....next. 

HelluvaEngineer's picture

You should travel there sometime.  I'm sure they'd love you.

gorillaonyourback's picture

yes the Portuguese people are very loving, they would probably do the humane thing and try to pull this guys head out his ass but I'm supposing it so far up there it might be futile

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Sounds like international financial community has kicked the toilet seat from under Portugal's ass. "Go shit somewhere else" is their message. "We won't handle your stuff anymore. Down our exclusive triple AAA sewage recycling systems...only reserved for the TBTF guys and their plutocratic friends". These days even sewage systems are getting expensive to use...unless you know the notation fool who drools what's true grade triple AAA...

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and they want to tax toilet paper now in New York....oh oh

plocequ1's picture

Im protesting this so called Toilet paper tax by not wiping my  Ass. Done... Rally on

youngman's picture

soon you will be able to wipe with a US Dollar bill....same cost

gorillaonyourback's picture

it aint even good for that, charmin is softer!

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The Bernank will buy them!

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It's default time!

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Lovely story on the WSJ front page this morning attacking Portugal's deadbeat population and bemoaning the difficulty in getting them to pay the debt.

Also a nice video of Obama locked out of the white house when returning from his trip.

The uberclass laughs on.

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It's all part of the game. Set em up for failure, show them they have no alternatives and force them into taking IMF loans to be paid back by austerity measures that further tax the prols. Bingo, enslaved and part of the NWO.

We should see parts of the new austerity budget being floated shortly followed by MSM articles fawning over the savior IMF efforts to save them.

Didn't the IMF just conjure another 500 Billion out of thin air that is going to be used to prop up TBTF as well as indebt/enslave another generation to work it off, plus interest?

fajensen's picture

No, those 500 Billion are for lending to Libya so they can pay western businesses for rebuilding all the bridges, power plants, factories, water treatment facilites and whatever that "The coallition for liberation of Libyan ressources" is busy bombing into dust and rubble.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Yep, the IMF mafia forces you into a bailout when their bond thugs are beating you on the street. It is all planned to intimidate Portugal's gov't.

Broomer's picture

It always happens during weekends.

One_Eyed_Pony's picture

Socialism... appears they've spent all the money and then some.

Portugal has the GDP of Missouri... you won't be missed!

Buh Bye

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What does Portugal produce anyways, besides fortified wines and underground pedophile rings?

Herman Strandschnecke's picture

 Portugal is exporting Cork and Port


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no worries, European tourism will turn it all around... oh, Europeans are bankrupt* too and can't afford a hol' this year....ok Portugal's fuked!


* Brits will be paying £400 per person to help Portugals bailout while the British Govt cuts and has no public support for the £100's of billions they piss away abroad on bailouts and foreign aid ...truly our political class has never been more dysfunctional and delusional. Bring on The Grim Reaper on a jet propelled chariot please to mow these parasites down

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I'm going to put this Telegraph link in about Portugal, if nothing else but for the URL. Lol http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/jeremywarner/100009901/ europes-arse-over-tit-approach-to-imminent-default/
Portugal's picture

Besides fortified wines, underground pedophile rings, Toxic Debt, Cork and Port, and other sheety things that simply do not exist in you land .... we have nothing else!

In addition to spend your days read Hustler mags, you should instruct yourselves a bit more with other readings...

From you ally from this side of the ocean.