Portuguese-Bund Spread At New Record Wide

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The "on again, off again, but totally clueless" European bailout whose fate may be cemented with a negative vote of confidence tomorrow in Greece, in what may be the most important offshore government decision in European history, continues to slaughter PIGS as the 10 Year Portuguese-Bund spread just blew out by 35 bps to a new all time high of 914 bps. From Reuters: "The premium investors demand to hold Portuguese 10-year government bonds rather than benchmark German Bunds hit a fresh euro lifetime high on Monday, due to ongoing concerns about Greece's immediate financing situation. Yields on bonds issued by euro zone's lower rated states were broadly higher after ministers delayed granting emergency loans for Greece. "There's general contagion in the periphery ... There's not a huge amount of trading but because the market is so thin prices are being marked wide on the screen," a trader said. "People are putting very defensive prices out there with the bid/offer being a lot wider."" And while risk is broadly off on the screen, this is wonderful news to Ben Bernanke, who as we have been saying for months now, will need crude to drop to at least $85, and the S&P to triple digits, to have a solid case for pushing on with more suicidal Keynesian policies (the cure for record debt is more debtTM). Again from Reuters: "Crude oil prices fell by more than $1 on Monday, extending last week's losses, with risk aversion rising after euro zone finance ministers postponed a final decision on emergency loans to Greece. "The crisis in Greece has resulted in higher risk aversion, which is weighing on oil prices," Commerzbank analysts led by Eugen Weinberg said in a note.

Laslty, adding insult to surreality, AP reports that Greece is facing power outages on Monday as employees at the main power utility began 48-hour rolling strikes to protest the company's privatization, part of austerity plans needed to avoid a national debt default.

It said it was preparing hour-long power cuts in several areas if that became necessary.

"We are on strike because, believe it or not, I feel that they - the government and its measures - have taken my smile away, have robbed me of my life as well as my children's future," said electrician Giorgos Maleskos. "My only income comes from this job. After 33 years of work, we have got to the point of wondering if we will be able to survive."

It will be oddly poetic if tomorrow's vote to effectively end the European unity experiment is held over a candelit vigil...

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After Greece they are the next to fall.

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And after Portugal who falls?


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There are 15 ahead of us if total debt to bank equity ratios continues to predict the order of fall (excluding japan?

bobert's picture

Interesting, however, I'm not sure why you chose total debt to bank equity as the ratio to follow.

topcallingtroll's picture

The top two were ireland and iceland. They were the first to fall.

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Ireland?  their first bailout should be due to fail sometime soon

bobert's picture

Yeah but they are great golfers!!!

Congratulations Rory McIlroy!!!

Version 7's picture

Are you kidding? There's still a lot of scope for domino effects in the EU (going up the food chain). Financially, I mean. Socially, who knows the US takes the lead..

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China SWF (SAFE)  and South Eastern Asean Centrals banks  are helping Europe (ECB) + Qatar (spain)


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Well, I hope the Martian Banks are ready to bail us all out...

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They are! I just participated in a telco with them. They have a special event horizon printing press which even can print away the CDS notional amounts outstanding, case one of the PIIGS stops paying interest.

topcallingtroll's picture

They hate the idea of no competition to anglo-american hegemony. Plus they want to buy new friends. I am sure the chinese already know what they want in return.

magpie's picture

Spent the morning thinking about bizarro rumours or "news" that could drive the DOW to a 3 % gain.

Leopard tanks and submarines at the Greek firesale ?

Azannoth's picture

Merkel to Sarkozy - honey are you so happy to see me or is that a gold chart in your pants :)

topcallingtroll's picture

Good one! But you forget the usa wins again! We are only a single bagger in a bar full of double baggers.

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Bailout dollars for Paelha
topcallingtroll's picture





writingsonthewall's picture

Why don't you look up the definition of SOCIALISM before you start spouting crap like this?


It would be much less embarrassing for you if you did.

EU is is not, has never been, and will probably never be socialist - it's capitalist, like the USA, like the UK, like Australia, hell it's even like China (state capitalist)

Maybe you should go and join the 4 years olds on Business insider - you'll fit right in there.

topcallingtroll's picture

Unlimited welfare and jobless support for idle people is socialism.

" free" healthcare is socialism. Government old age subsidy is socialism.

What you refer to as socialism is more akin to communism.

writingsonthewall's picture

Socialism (as defined by Marx) is the transition from broken capitalism to communism when there is a 'dictatorship of the proletariate'. In itself it is not a political ideology - I suspect it's use came out of the US persecution of 'Communists' - so they changed their name to 'socialists' to fool the dumb and corrupt FBI.


That means when the working class take ownership of the means of production - and the last time I checked all the goods and services manufactured and sold from the EU or the US are PRIVATELY OWNED.

Ergo - NOT socialism.

Welfare payments, healthcare and government subsidy have NOTHING TO DO WITH SOCIALISM.


You have been outed as a fraud - you don't actually know what you're talking about - but running down 'socialism' probably wins you friends in your circles.


Seriously - you should do some research because at the moment you're like one of the kids who joins in picking on an other to gain favour - even though that kid has never done anything wrong to you.


No wonder Americans fear 'socialism' so much - 90% seem to have no idea what it is (other than a great evil which takes away your freedoms)

...which of course capitalism doesn't do (he says as the government prepare to bailout the banks AGAIN with wealth generated by the PEOPLE without them being able to do a thing about it)


Capitalism created the TBTF banks and now you blame 'socialism' for the ensuing mess???

Azannoth's picture

"That means when the working class" and who is the working class exactly the people on Hartz IV in Germany, or striking union workers all over the world, the 3rd world immigrants sucking on all the benefits, the paper pushers in government offices ?

funny how basically all of the people who don't accually do any work get to be in the 'working class'


I know 1 thing,  no1 who accually does any value adding work supports socialism/communism

topcallingtroll's picture

I thought you were a socialist!  My apologies.

writingsonthewall's picture

You can deduce who is working class quite easily - Do they sell their labour for a wage.

"I know 1 thing,  no1 who accually does any value adding work supports socialism/communism"

Really? - you mean like the bankers, financial gamblers? - what value added work do they produce.


The very definition of 'working class' means that they are PRODUCTIVE - I suspect you are confusing 'value' with 'money' - which is why Capitalism collapses - eventually 'reality' brings the 'monetary value' back to 'true value' - hence the crash.


You make me laugh - you think that 'strikers' are not working class because they are freeloaders? - so why the hell do you moan about strikers? It seems to me if they are producing NOTHING then nobody will miss them.


Hence why you have NEVER seen a strike of bankers, financiers, 'capital blackmailers', ruling class bourgoisie etc. ertc. etc. - because if they went on strike - nobody would notice.

topcallingtroll's picture

Marx is not the final arbiter of a definition.

Taxpayers bailing out banks is not capitalism, but a perversion of it.

writingsonthewall's picture

Marx ellaborated the fact that due to technology, competition and surplus value that companies continually chased a diminishing profit. This is because all profit comes from labour surplus value, there is no such thing as a 'profit' made without labour engaged in the process - that is merely blackmail (i.e. I have bought all the air for $50, you can have some for $100 - I 'profit' - but the value of the air is unchanged, I have done nothing other than withold it)


Taxpayers bailing out banks is an inevitable result of capitalism- I mean you don't have to be a genius to work out that a system where everyone is trying to accumulate the most capital - results in 2 things.

Those who have the most capital can obtain more - the easiest. (i.e. usuary/ banking)

The greatest capital accumulators will grow so large they will become TBTF - like Goldman Sachs for example.


To the capitalist Goldman Sachs are very, very successful - so successful that we cannot afford to let them fail. Creating a monopoly position is the aim of every capitalist - and yet in the fantasy of the free market Goldman would fail before they became monolithic (as they did).


I mean if there's one blatant example it's Microsoft - it stopped becoming innovative years ago - it just buys up whoever it wants and either develops or shelves it's innovation.

You can do that when you're on 95% of desktops in the world.


Nobody seems to have pointed out that Micrososft are also TBTF - I suspect that's because it's not convenient to the capitalist - even though Microsoft is abusing 'capitalism' through it's monopolistic position (which is why it keeps being taken to court)

So when does M/s 'fail' and get taken over by a 'younger, fitter and more slimline' model then eh?

raios_parta's picture

Sorry, but Portugal and Greece are not capitalist. They both have price controls, the state absorbs more than 50% GDP and controls many corporations, even "private" ones trough "golden shares", have huge sectors of the economy and professions completely barred to competition. Portugal and Greece are as far as socialism can go without a dictatorship.

Dick Darlington's picture

When things get tough I have to lie...


All clear for nice little melt up. Oh boy this guy is delusional...

AldoHux_IV's picture

The people will no longer work for such a corrupted regime that only looks to enslave the world population under meaningless debt.

Piranhanoia's picture

hilarious.  Fecal comparison theory in Euro's.  It will be worthless a few weeks after the other. That makes it gold.   By then the first one won't smell unless you touch it.

raios_parta's picture

Sorry, but Portugal and Greece are not capitalist. They both have price controls, the state absorbs more than 50% GDP and controls many corporations, even "private" ones trough "golden shares", have huge sectors of the economy and professions completely barred to competition. Portugal and Greece are as far as socialism can go without a dictatorship.