Possible New Oil Spill 100 By 10 Miles Reported in Gulf Of Mexico (Update: Spill Photos)

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Black Swan Clusterflock +1. As if earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns and war was not enough, the Examiner now discloses that a replay of the BP oil spill could be in the making, sending WTI to the (super)moon, the economy collapsing, and Ben Bernanke starting the printer in advance of QE 666. To wit: "The U.S. Coast Guard is currently investigating reports of a potentially
massive oil sheen about 20 miles away from the site of the Deepwater
Horizon oil rig explosion last April." There are no definitive reports yet, but we should now for sure within hours, if the Keppel FELS built TLP is indeed the culprit: "According to Paul Barnard, operations controller for the USCG in
Louisiana, a helicopter crew has been dispatched to the site of the
Matterhorn SeaStar oil rig, owned by W&T Offshore, Inc." And if preliminary reports are correct, BP will have been the appetizer: "Multiple reports have come in of a sheen nearly 100 miles long and 10 miles wide originating near the site." If confirmed, Obama can kiss tomorrow's Rio golf outing goodbye.

Independent pilots, including John Wathen of the Waterkeeper Alliance, and Bonnie Schumaker with Wings of Care, are currently flying out to investigate the spill. Schumaker reports having seen the sheen on Friday, March 18, and confirms that it is rapidly expanding.
A Louisiana fisherman, who has chosen to remain anonymous at this time, also reports fresh oil coming ashore near South Pass, LA, and that cleanup crews are laying new boom near the beach.
The site of the sheen, near Mississippi Canyon 243, lies 30 miles from the Louisiana coastline. The Matterhorn field, at a depth of 2,789 feet (850 meters) of water, was discovered in 1999, leased and permitted in July 2001, and came into production in November 2003. It is located 30 miles SE of the mouth of the Mississippi River.
According to W&T, the field has produced an average rate of 5,200 barrels of oil per day, and has production capacities of 35,000 barrels of oil per day.

Of course, whether this is due to the Matterhorn SeaStar or a second leak that many predicted last year due to the Deepwater Horizon will also be closely evaluated this time around.

An in depth look at the SeaStar (after the jump):

And the technical specs:

Field Facts  
Location Mississippi Canyon, Block 243
Water Depth: 2,820 ft
Oil throughput: 33,000 bpod
Gas throughput: 55 MMcfd
Water Injection: 20,000 bwpd
# of production wells: 5 spare (sub-sea), 7 + 2 spare (surface)
Production Risers: 10 ¾-in, 9 5/8-in, 9 7/8-in
Export Risers: 18-in SCR (oil), 10-in SCR (gas)
SeaStar® TLP Specifications  
Payload (deck/facilities/risers): 8,425 tons
Tendons: 6 32-in
Main column dimensions: 584 ft (dia) x 125 ft (ht)
Pontoon dimensions: 179 ft (r) x 42 ft (ht)
Draft: 104 ft
Deck Dimensions: 140 x 140 ft (3 levels)
Schedule Milestones  
Project Sanction: September 2001
Platform Installation: July 2003
First Oil: November 2003

And from GulfOilSpillAction, photos of the latest supposed spill:

Update 2: Dow Jones is on it:

The U.S. Coast Guard said late Saturday that it is investigating reports of a miles-long oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Coast Guard said in a news release that it received a report of a three-mile-long rainbow sheen off the Louisiana coast at around 9:30 a.m. local time on Saturday. Two subsequent sightings were relayed to the Coast Guard, the last of which reported a sheen that extended from about 6 miles south of Grand Isle, La. to 100 miles offshore.

Though the Coast Guard was able to confirm that there is a substance on the water's surface, it has not yet been able to determine if it is oil. Petty Officer Casey Ranel said that officers who observed the substance from a helicopter said they saw no sheen associated with it. That flight was diverted from the scene on a separate search and rescue mission, however, and could not continue their investigation, the Coast Guard said in the news release.

The Coast Guard has since launched additional aircraft and boats to the scene from New Orleans and Mobile, Ala., to collect samples of the substance. Ranel said the area where the substance has been reported is about 20 miles west of where the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded last April, killing 11 and unleashing the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

Ranel said the Coast Guard has not linked the substance to any particular rig or well.

The Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, which holds oil royalties to pay for spill clean-up costs, has been opened, the Coast Guard said.

h/t @djoalpha11, @BMCapital

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this cannot be mere random chance

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It's definately part of the master Kaos plan.  Get Smart.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

"Schumaker reports having seen the sheen on Friday, March 18, and confirms that it is rapidly expanding."


Must be the next stop on Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth tour.


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WSJ, dateline Houston: "The Coast Guard has since launched additional aircraft and boats to the scene from New Orleans and Mobile, Ala., to collect samples of the substance. [USCG Petty Officer] Ranel said the area where the substance has been reported is about 20 miles west of where the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded last April, killing 11 and unleashing the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. Ranel said the Coast Guard has not linked the substance to any particular rig or well."

Has nothing to do with W&T Offshore, period.

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Do you remember what was said about the probability of a blown casing?  I recall statements that if they cap and pack it, and the sleeve is blown or weak, oil will leak out into strata layers.  The result would be an ever-growing pocket of oil much closer to the surface - one that would eventually find an exit.  This does seem to fit that prediction.

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It's just Gozilla's mom who shit her pants because she didn't got any phonecalls or letters from Godzilla since the shakedown in Japan.


How would you feel if they aired it when you shit your pants?


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Note the hat tip, BMCapital.  Let's get more third party verification before we believe in rumors...  I am no fan of BP, but oil can drop or go up 5 points, on anything now a days.


Good luck to all.

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Why does Godzilla always get blamed when King Kong had too many blueberries???  It could have been Mothra too......

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Exactly what several were asking about on the Oildrum during Deepwater, plus the observation of a second leak some number of miles away, but all that's taboo to expert 'pipeheads' who know that 'leaks' merely need new 'seals'.

Give someone a hammer.....Give someone a petroleum engineering degree and everything looks like a pipe in need of a fix.

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Now you are talking. Lets Drill!

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looks like to me the 9.0 in japan may have exacerbated an already fractured wound in the macondo field. prepare for gulf oil spill destruction, round 2. oil and atomic fallout world wide should just about end the oceans and the earth as a source of food. the elites are not going to have to worry about how to get rid of us useless eaters, looks like the righteous almighty is going to preempt their plans, and do the dirty work HIMSELF. doubt it not. behold a pale horse.

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Not surprising.  Remember the sea floor was too porous, making it nearly impossible to cap the well;  and making using an atomic bomb extremely risky.  We knew capping the well probably meant the pressure would seep oil out everywhere in the surrounding area.  We'll see if this is true in the coming days.

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The g.e. bacteria that BP released into the well is making the oil so light that it is seeping out of it's confines. The bacteria has a byproduct; increased well pressure!




On June 13, 2007, BP made a long-term research and development deal and an undisclosed equity investment into a company named Synthetic Genomics Inc. based in Rockville, Maryland. Synthetic Genomics was co-founded by Dr. J. Craig Venter to commercialize genomic-driven technologies. (1) Genomics is the scientific study of the entire DNA sequence of an organism's genome. A genome is all the genetic information in the chromosomes of an organism, including its genes and DNA sequences.

BP/Synthetic Genomics recovered the DNA from subsurface hydrocarbon substrates (biological organisms in crude oil) and applied DNA “sequencing methods” to them. (1) What this means is that they took the DNA from underground crude oil reservoir microbial cells, such as bacteria or viruses, and cultured them in a lab to identify, isolate, and interpret their chemical and genetic properties. Additional “sequencing methods” beyond the initial identity and isolation stages were also carried out.

A central part of the deal between BP and Synthetic Genomics was to create biological transfer processes for crude oil that would lead to improved recovery rates. (1) Their goal was to develop new microbes with lab created genomes that would improve the flow of gas and oil out of a reservoir. For an oil producer like BP, more oil and gas being recovered from a source translates into more profits. This process is known as Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR).

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You are the epitome of dis- function Ok i'll go gene your highness and your flock.

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Sweetheart. This is not a spread sheet in the biotech sector. Grow up, and quit taking without giving! What is a common P/E in that trade?

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period followed by .



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Hi Everyone--


Last week was a record breaking week for the team at ZH as they kept posting article after article to keep us current. Have you considered that the ZH team needs to eat?


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I'm in.  You guys should get yourselves a few cases of Red Bull - you're gonna need it this week!

Thanks for the good work y'all do here.

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Good point - donation made. ZH continues to be out in front with its reporting. With everyone focusing on the conflict in Libya, I wouldn't know about the new oil spill/leak if it weren't for ZH. This new leak is a mere footnote, if that, on most MSM sites.

Keep up the stellar work ZH, it is appreciated.

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$20 ADDED TO THE KITTY THERE!  Tyler is HOT!  I am beholden to Zerohedge. 

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Thank you Tyler!



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I love this site.  It keeps me going.  I recommend it daily to as many people as will listen.  I tell them it's "Pre-News..." And I warn them to check their inhibitions at the door.

I am the sorriest of the consumers.  I have literally nothing to give back.  If I ever do, I desparately want to do my part as a long-time member of my beloved ZH community.  But thank you, CDIT, for the reminder that nothing, especially this site and the work that is behind it, is free. 

Long Live Zero Hedge.

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Frankly I wouldn't be surpised if this is actually coming from orginal Deep Horizon sight.  There was speculation at time of capping that we were been shown alternate drill sight.

Doen't BP realize they need to keep dumping Corexit to keep the oil under the surface.


nabi's picture

It is starting to look like this doom is being orchestrated from somewhere...


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It should be obvious by now that war has been declared on energy production.  Can an economy withstand the (deliberate?) double whammy of ponzi finance and skyrocketing energy costs?

But, as Tyler has pointed out, the banks get hundreds of billions of free dollars absolutely anytime they might need them.  So, as the real economy goes deeper and deeper into the tank, who still has plenty of money to buy up the planet?

cossack55's picture

It is becoming much cheaper and just waiting for Moodys to declare the earth a toxic asset.  Maybe the FED will put it on Maiden Lane 2.

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It should be obvious that the economy was built upon an unstable edifice of energy production.

Sudden Debt's picture

It that where true, that would mean something would happen in Europe in 1 to 2 weeks.


NotApplicable's picture

Like MENA?

How many tankers and pipelines need to be taken out before Europe is energy starved?

I'll note that thus far the 'Stans have been relatively quiet. Perhaps a little too quiet?

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US is getting Pinned in.

Radiation from Japan, Oil in the Gulf, Mexican Drug Cartels on the Southwest. If the Atlantic Seaboard (oil could come up Gulf Stream this Spring/Summer) and if something happens to Canada, it's the Circle of Doom will be complete.



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Think I'll take a nap. Wake me when the locusts arrive.

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I assume the new oil leak will push the corexit to the surface and cause a plague . Only because it is the worst possible thing to happen . when it rains it pours . As for the market the HFT's can only deal with one thing at a time everything else does not compute .

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I've noticed quite few notable animal patterns changing where I live - particularly out of territory species', like woodpeckers, doves/pigeons, and insects like praying mantis', which I have never seen in over 30 years.

With the death of the North American forests (mission don't lift a finger, accomplished) who knows what is in store.   One thing is for sure, Eden is changing and nature is reacting.

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Q-daffy has a long reach...all the way to Louisiana. Spill baby spill. Blame it all on him now that war has been declared. "Usual suspects...please line up...BP, Q-daffy, Al-Qaeda. By God, the USA is surrounded by black swan agents...". We need Jack Bauer badly. Now that Terminator has retired and both Rambo and Die Hard have warts on butts and severe arthritis.

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If it turns out to be true, I'm thinking you could be right. Would be interesting to see who has the political will to pull this off. Could be oil producers or refiners or banks, ha. GS have a documented long call?

Also, obama bashing getting a little cliche / over-stretched . Politician was the job he signed up for, why so surprised?

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"If confirmed, Obama can kiss tomorrow's Rio golf outing goodbye."


Oh, come on. It's March Madness!!! Nothing can get in the way of that!

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"Politician was the job he signed up for, why so surprised?"

Fair enough.  It is a waste of energy to blame a turd for smelling like shit.

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This is why I like ColonelCooper.

CD's picture

Once? Happenstance. Twice? Coincidence. Thrice? Enemy Action. The situation is of course a lot different (but of course not disconnected), the stakes ever higher.

OR we could just be having an unusually unlucky year of the Rabbit.

Whether Kansas is going bye-bye still remains to be seem, but buckling up is definitely in order...


knukles's picture

OK takes yer choices....
Either that pesky North Korean sub ramming the top kill plug on the old Deepwater Horizon well or,
End of Days, Gogg and Megogg, Third Coming, Book of Revelations

Who cares....
Be long crude, gold, silver, commodities
Golf more before the Rapture (which ain't in the Bible, anyhow, so we're all fucked)

This is getting tiring....