Possible New Oil Spill 100 By 10 Miles Reported in Gulf Of Mexico (Update: Spill Photos)

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... the Rapture (which ain't in the Bible ...)

A rose by any other name is still a rose?

There is a description of both the dead and the living being caught up to meet him in the air.  An event is described, even though the name isn't used to label it.

For those who might not know.

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That line (1 Thess. 4:15-17) specifically mentions at the sounding of the trumpet, the dead then rising, and THEN ascending into the air to meet with Christ. A quick glance at Revelations shows that the sounding of the trumpet with the Resurrection happens at the Final Judgment, not before Antichrist.

So...no rapture. Sorry. It's a totally novel idea that no Christian believed until the last 2 centuries or so. You can believe what you want, of course, but the previous poster was right; there's no biblical basis for the belief.

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i have to agree as, a christian, there is little biblical support for a pre-tribulation rapture.

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Yes, it seems the pre-trib arguement is a pacifier for many. I am a confessing Christian, but it seems hypocritical to say that we are all spared the doom described in Revelation. It makes it way to easy and comfortable.

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I have to agree, as an atheist, that time spent analyzing an incomplete and oft-mistranslated canon is both futile and laughable in the extreme.

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100% correct since you are devoid of spiritual understanding the time would be wasted, for you by snowball777
on Sun, 03/20/2011 - 13:37


I have to agree, as an atheist, that time spent analyzing an incomplete and oft-mistranslated canon is both futile and laughable in the extreme.

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You mistake me for the son who merely inherited 'a field with treasure buried in it'; don't you know the 'last shall be first'?

If you have such great 'spiritual understanding', why do you need a book to tell you again?

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"these words are spirit, and they are life"

the book brings spirit to the empty

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"The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the spirit"

(again...those pesky translations...)

“This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them.

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.

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Probably 80% of those professing to be Christians today, aren't.

Christian means Christ-in.

So it's no huge surprise that the details escape the attention of those without the capacity to see.

Christ touches down twice in the end times.



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That's not true either, actually. Millenarianism is a recently popular belief as well; a minority of Church Fathers professed it in the first centuries, but the view was widely rejected until the 20th c. Not to mention it doesn't make any sense, really.

But I'm guessing most people here aren't looking for religious debate, so I'll bow out now.

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"Any god that requires small minded bigots to speak for it is not worth the breath it takes to pray." ~ Jesper Myrfors

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Ian Fleming's story lines and plots pale in comparison to the string of events that are currently unfolding, but his characters are more appealing. Auric Goldfinger is so much more charasmatic than Gaddafi, Tony Hayward/Robert Dudley lack Dominic Greene's flair, Blythe Masters could learn a thing or two from Octopussy, Dr. No would never shed tears as Akio Komori has done and Benny B appear as a rank amateur compared to Ernst Blofeld. Too bad we cannot expect a pleasant resolution to the end of the quandry we all find ourselves in.  

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( BUGS )  .0016 check into this oil clean-up play before it catches on again during Hurricane Season.



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End of Days.

I wonder if I can swap a hundred pounds of Ag for eternal salvation?

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End of Days?  That was really one of Ahnold's worst movies, wasn't it?

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Ever see Last Action Hero?  Raw Deal?  Junior?  Eraser?  Whatever Batman movie it was where he played Mr. Freeze?

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Don't forget Kindergarten Cop.

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And his 7-year performance as our (now former) Governator.

Good riddance.

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I think eveyone is forgetting about...." Drumroll Please "........  Over The Top..... not surprising, it was an utterly forgetable movie........

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Wasn't that Stallone?

Arnie's best movie was Conan the Barbarian - and it was all downhill from there....


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Red Sonja was the worst. No competition.

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I liked Total Recall, PKD fan here.

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I'm pretty sure you are supposed to refer to yourself as a "Dickhead."

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Over the Top - that was phony Thylvester ("I grew up in Hell's Kitchen!") Stallone. Another sociopath on the loose.

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Aw, I kind of liked Junior.

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Just for you, I'll remove it from my list and replace it with the second Conan (the one with Grace Jones).

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Nah that one is a classic.

It's one of those, 'it's so bad, it's good.'  Especially with age.

It's even got Wilt "used the stilt on 10,000" Chamberlain.

They don't make them like this anymore boys and girls.


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There are some good attempts though. I watched a made for T.V. movie on syfy called area 51. premeried feb 23.  It captured the "man... this is so bad it is good" or the "This is actually pretty decent but my brain wants to think it is bad"

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Uh hum, Hercules in New York. They had to dub a voice for Arnold.

And this gem

The Villain   Handsome Stranger


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I wonder if I can swap a hundred pounds of Ag for eternal salvation?

That worked for Judas, right?

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I wonder if I can swap a hundred pounds of Ag for eternal salvation?

Why do you want to end up in the same place ruled by the thing that killed every man, woman, child, fetus, kitten and puppy in the world (well, except for 2 of each "kind") in of a menical fit of rage?  Isn't this the same dude that was omnipotent and omnisicient who still decided to setup the universe in such a way that he made the rules so that his only son had to be tortured to death on a crucifix to show his psychopathic insane love of humanity?

I'll see you in Hell, at least Lucifer didn't do anything like kill the world, or even his son.  Seems like the worst he did was tempt Jesus instead of explaining to him that his dad was a freaking nutcase.

When I stop to think about it, I think Lucifer sat down, realized his boss was freaking bonkers, and quit.  God never seemed like a very nice guy.

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Now he could just use Wikileaks.

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Pick up the Sandman Slim books you may enjoy them.

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Debated whether I should respond to someone who has such a warped understanding  but I think you got the two confused(God and Lucifer)....anyway have at it.

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I hit "tilt" at the point that Jesus Christ is "lord."  Creation killed Creation? (suicide, though suicide is condemned?)

Lots of great parables to live by, but the literal is for the crazies...

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Just ring up Rodrigo Borgia's ghost and ask for an indulgence...Not the kind that allows you access to his daughter Lucreza...the other kind...towards pearly gates...

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I wonder if I can swap a hundred pounds of Ag for eternal salvation?


Asked and answered...repeatedly...

Acts 8:20

Isaiah 1:22

Isaiah 30:22

James 5:3

Peter 1:18

Revelation 9:20


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Nope.  No coinkydink.  Oil war in the ME, oil leak in the Gulf, while these guys are in Brazil....doing what? 








Two nuclear power co's, an oil exlporation group, and good ole Clinton cohort Madeline Albright.  Not sure about IP, unless they just want to saw off all of Brazil's remaing timber.  And then GE's media groups can keep a lid on the truth, of course.

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Japan will need a lot of timber to rebuild.

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Alex Jones exposed some of the Bohemian Grove, so they changed the venue.

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Why all the fuck comes up on weekends only? Seriously.

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well if the plan were to raise oil prices....everything, i mean everything is happening to do this......middle east unrest/invasions, nuclear plant disaster, and now another oil spill.