Precious Metals Break Out, Gold Passes $1,428, Dollars Away From All Time High, Silver Passes $34.50

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After a two month delay, gold is about to take out it all time high, silver has just passed $34.50, and, shockingly, the dollar is down as the Chairsatan drones on.

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I miss Johnny Bravo ;)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Until he crawls out of his hole and joins us in celebration we can enjoy his alter ego.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I am expecting Math Man and willie the 'tard to show up any second.  Maybe if I say the below they will not bother to chime in:

Au to $0.02 !!

Ag to $0.01 !!

Thx Math and 'tard for not replying.

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BTW, have you guys seen GoldenMiddleFinger or RobotTrader recently? Their silent MIA is so deafening here.

disabledvet's picture

"my hypocrisy only goes so far."

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Yah, Huh. Where did all the trolls go??

akak's picture

Troll conference ---- hatching new strategies.

bingaling's picture

I disagree trolls can't hang here long because staring in the face of truth each day wears them down . You can't beat the truth .

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Early registration includes a free breakout sessions on lint abatement strategies for more effective umbilicus gazing.

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Did you see Turd?

RollingBearing does not even get flagged for this comment.

He must really feel bad now.

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They were overcome by their own hot air... and a dose of reality...

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@ 0:23  "Why Blythe, you look like somebody just walked over your grave."

@ 2:20   "Poor soul, she was just too high strung."

@ 3:01  "My hypocrisy only goes so far."

@ 3:12  "Let's finish it!"

God I love that movie.

Ag 34.53, by all means, let's finish off the JP Morge.

A Nanny Moose's picture


Ag 34.53, by all means, let's finish off the JP Morge.

I'm your Huckleberry!

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Let me try to conjure them:






Hmmmm... nope, nothing.

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DRCB: bbbbbut I read on "ZEROHEDGE.COM" that the ratio Au/Ag was supposed to be 12:1 ;-) - Ned

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He said(JB)that he would never post on ZH again if gold hit 1450.

akak's picture

He said(JB)that he would never post on ZH again

Yes --- under the name JohnnyBravo.

Do you really think that disingenuous, hate-filled, dishonest, malicious, pathetic excuse of a man would really honor any such pledge?  I don't for a second.

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Johnny, Johnny, we miss you so much.  Is it time to sell gold and silver?  And are you still making gobs of money in the markets? 

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I don't. He would threadshit to the extreme - some threads would consist of nothing but posters flaming JB, and him responding in kind.

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Doesn't remind you of anyone else?  A certain dumb bastard who replies to practically every post in a gold or silver thread?

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You mean like this?

Complete meltdown in PM sector today
RobotTrader - Thu, Feb 24, 2011 - 05:11 PM

But General Jim says not to worry.....

$1,450 is next, then Infinity and Beyond.

Hey, what happened to $1,650???

akak's picture

For one.

Don't forget Leo Kolonasskiss either.

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I had the feeling that Leo's name would come up....

unwashedmass's picture


feel the burn, Blythe, feel the burn.

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Think about it.  This is happening as Bernanke is testifying before Congress.  That just DOES NOT HAPPEN …. until today.

Have the Fed and their Bullion Bankster co-conspirators lost control of their ability to manipulate the paper price of Precious Metals at the COMEX? 

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you are certainly, G A Y

Johrny Bravo's picture

Right here Mozzer, Goled to $200 Bitchez!!!

Ray1968's picture

giggity giggity. The fun really begins now.

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are you suggesting we BTFQ?


buy the fucking quagmire that is...


Cash_is_Trash's picture


Jim 'Fuckhead' O'Neill @ GS can be bullish now.

How does revolution offer any sort of stability and investment opportunities just like now in the ME?

These fucking people are deranged: death is bullish, life is bearish. Who cooked this up?

Celente calls them "Money Junkies" because streeters can't take a loss.

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heh, Should title that interview, "Eric Sprott endures another round of stupid questions put forth by an old fart without a clue."

Though I'll grant that the backwardation question was valid, and the other small thing that I have yet to see any real coverage (unless I've just missed it) here on ZH: THE CONSOLIDATION OF BOURSES!

Please excuse the yelling, just seems to me like such a huge move; ie the black rooks are positioning themselves to take out the last of our pawns... am I buggin' ya? Don't mean ta bug ya.


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Sell the dollar bitchez!

jus_lite_reading's picture

Sell ALL FIAT, not just USD. War is imminent.

In a few days, you'll be so happy you held onto your silver...

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I've just sold on my gold on todays high. 

It was a pleasant move to ride, but now the time is to go long stocks.

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Took some profits today as well.  34% profit over four months is pretty good.  However, it hurt me to sell some silver Kilos and 10oz coins.  Couldn't pass up the 38% settlement on credit card debt for CITI.  All credit card debt gone.  Still plenty of silver in the hole and more positions to be added soon.  Good bye corrupt bank funkers.  Glad to have them off me ass.

TheDriver's picture

> All credit card debt gone.

Good for you, Richard.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Thanks The Driver.  I did shed a tear of happiness for the CC debt gone, but the loss of me Koalas caused another tear to flow in sadness. 

Now onto the house debt.  Jebus. 

gravitas's picture

the loss of me Koalas caused another tear to flow in sadness


I feel your pain Richard. I keep telling myself that I ought to profit-take, and sell a portion of the physical I own (the extra money would come in handy right now).

But damned if I cannot part with even just an ounce... I never fully realized the difficulty I'd have trying to let some go.


I never understood what others meant by the "PM effect" until I started collecting it myself.

mt paul's picture

14 % of all credit cards 

are 90 days past due ..

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

Alt market my ass.

Every body should max their credit cards and buy PMs then tell TBTF to FO.

Get the bankrupcy out of the way and move on before the regulations can catch up. Is bankrupcy that bad or is it simply the banks PR telling you that?


Just think think through it.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Bankruptcy was a thought, but i figured a nice haircut to my creditors could be done on my own without the force of law behind it. Besides, the law doesn't exist anymore. 

LoneCapitalist's picture

Doesnt paying for your own purchases count for anything? Some of you people are no better than the banks.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Do yourself a favor and do some research on what is considered Financial Consideration.  The credit card companies had NONE and didn't disclose that.  Credit card agreements lack three pieces of contractual law; financial consideration, full disclosure, and signed by both parties.

Judge all you want, but the law doesn't apply any more.  I didn't get bailed out, so I made my own bail out. 

Then again, ignorance is bliss, so keep telling yourself that educated individuals are just as bad as the banks.  They can go fuck yourself as can you.

Thisson's picture

Generally, contracts do NOT need to be signed by both parties - they only need to be signed by the party to be held accountable to the contract.  Further, it is possible to show acceptance through means other than by signature (such as by performance).


If you actually wanted to attack a credit card contract, the best grounds would probably be to claim it is illusory, as the contracts typically provide for unilateral changes by the credit card company. 


Disclaimer: not legal advice.

MachoMan's picture

What the fuck are you talking about...  I'm not even going to address the consideration issue...  (did you get something for your use of the credit card?  PMs perhaps?)...  A contract only needs to be signed by you to be enforced against you...  further, there are exceptions to the writing requirement...  such as part performance... 

Full disclosure and/or conscionability are about the only remote chance you have at a viable argument...  this is why reforms were made/attempted in regards to interest rates, fees, etc. 

There are too many armchair attorneys on this site...  reading a snip here or there on a blog somewhere and suddenly there is no financial consideration...  I hate to break it to you, but there was consideration...  just like the banks gave you consideration for your home...  the money is created by the FED and then other institutions borrow from it...  this has been discussed too many times to count...  but yet some motherfucker is always trying to ice skate uphill...