Preliminary Look At TIC Data

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Fed fell $3B short of purchasing more USTs than foreigners. Scary stuff.

If I remember correctly, doesn't China purchase USTs through some UK broker so that it looks like the UK was the purchaser when in fact it was China?

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Even so, can anyone be sure of the actual numbers?  Any of the foreign purchasers in the Caymans?


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Good luck with the QE cutbacks Ben.   

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Stay tuned, indeed. When this train stops, it will take a long time to get a rollin'. Wasn't $/Y to go to 105 according to the GS folks??

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If the Fed doesn't up rates, they will need to use a lot of NYC commercial real estate to store all the bonds that they will be buying.  The fed building will be bursting at the seams.


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this game of musical chairs has a loong loong way to run...