Presenting The Administration's Spin On The Dying Dollar

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Wondering what chart is in the memo that expert Fed reporter Steve Liesman just may have received with instructions to spin (literally) for public consumption? Wonder no more.


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it's going to be an interesting sunday on GLOBEX

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Doe, a deer, a female deer, ray, a drop of golden sun!!!!!!  These mushroom eating pagan illuminatti play childrens games.  Paper is not monie.  It is an IOU.  IOUs are not stores of wealth, meaning....the doelarr is dead.

Die, die, die my doelarr, don't utter a single word

Die, die, die my doelarr, just shut your pretty mouth

I'll be seeing you again, I'll be seeing you in hell

Don't cry to me oh baby!  Your future is in an oblong box, yeah

Don't cry to me oh baby!  Should have seen it coming on

Don't cry to me oh baby!  I didn't know it was in your power

Don't cry to me oh baby!  Dead end girl for a dead end guy

Don't cry to me oh baby!  Now your life drains on the floor.....

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that doesn't look like a Rothko.

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looks like what alice saw as she stepped through.

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Saul Alinsky is "spinning" in his grave! 



5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

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Lies man may appear to be "expert Fed reporter Steve Lies man", but I suspect he's Steve Lies man Fed employee.

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f'ing classic Tyler Durden lfmao funny

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Yep, I just spit whiskey.

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There is nothing wrong with your television set.

We are controlling transmission.

We will control the vertical.

We will control the horizontal.

We can flip charts to make it look like a recovery.

We can ignore any facts we wish.

We can parade an endless stream of self-serving fools . . .

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Bernays would try to hire you away to the dark side.... 

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That Graph can't be 'Spun" ya need a good Mirror.

Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the Dumbest one of all

Ben look what you done now boy

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I can't read Russian.. what does it say?

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CNBS Flash: Zimbabwe backs US treasury; saves dollar! 

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then you know we are fukedshimaded

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That's it. I going to Ebay and buying Zimbabwe bucks. At least their's stopped falling. And they have good dirt.

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Too funny.

Good enough for government work.

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Hold it up to a mirror!

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That's a relief. Squiggly lines going up make me happy...reminds me of the 80's...

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Reminds me of LSD.

Happy go boom.

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Needs more vibrant colors ;-)

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I think Igot my glasses on backwards.

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Great way to start the weekend, i needed a good laugh!

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too fucking much. i need a drink.

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While the gains in the S&P were greater than the drop in the $ it made sense for guys like me living on $C to stick around.  The relationship has collapsed recently and I have repatriated all funds back to the great still white north.  I'm probably just one in a stampede.  Your pushing on a rope Bernake.

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Rope?  More like a tiger's tail -- wait till kitty wakes up...

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too fucking much. i need a drink.

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it's happy hour i'm going to pay for my two drinks with a silver eagle.

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Either those are some expensive ass drinks or you are leaving a nice tip.

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LOL....I can't stop laughing.  Tyler you're the best!!!!

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I need a mirror.................

Great Spin Tyler.

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The news of the FRN death has been greatly exaggerated. We may be close to an intermediate low at least. Dont call a federal reserve note a dollar, or your paranoid gold bug credentials will be in doubt.

But this is the real tyler. Good one!

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Liesman would have that chart on a 30%  counter clockwise rotation to truly give the illusion of a rising trend

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LIES MAN, they are laughing at us for sure