Presenting Charles Hugh Smith's Foreclosure Crisis Weekly

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It appears that increasingly more people are realizing that comedy is the only solution to the criminality, chaos and outright banality of daily American existence. In that vein, we introduce Charles Hugh Smith's (Of Two Minds) Foreclosure Crisis Weekly: a new journal that tracks the latest revelations in the foreclosure crisis.

Foreclosure Crisis Weekly

Please welcome Foreclosure Crisis Weekly, a new publication dedicated to
documenting the often-amazing foreclosure crisis.
Since we can expect the crisis to unfold for years to come, the Weekly
will undoubtedly have a reliable source of material for quite some time.


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back in the day... 2006... mortgage loan officers had the highest degree of integrity... just like the bankers they represented... hehe

judge judy to loan officer: and when you got out of jail, did you get your commission?



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Wow, both were equally worthless in my eyes...

Charlie Bravo

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Good to see you picking up Charles now and then.  He's a good writer and has a good blog.

His parodies (often with graphics) are very funny.

It's interesting to see how humor will be shaped during this time period.   Often it shadows the underlying feelings of the population.

 The top to bottom fraud meme is getting deeply ingrained.



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And he's also a very decent guy, I did a very small amount of IT work for him for free expecting no renumeration and he still sent me 2x copies of his books and an ASE.

Put him on your xmas card list!

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This is a joke right ? Fema ,German banks ...Lol

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Are you sure this was not submitted by WB7?

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Scary part, you wonder if it is a parody. They have to tell us it is. Very funny though. Great piece.

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Brilliant. He's been suppressing his humor on his blog.

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Assured Guaranty loses triple-A rating and sues bank over RMBS Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Assured Guaranty Corp was in focus yesterday, after S&P’s downgrade of of the firm saw it become the last monoline to lose its triple-A rating. It was also reported that Assured Guaranty Corp is suing affiliates of Deutsche Bank over $312 million of RMBS.

Chief among reasons cited by S&P for the downgrade to AA+ was the observation that Assured Guaranty is now also the only firm in the financial guarantee market issuing new policies. While this might have been taken as a positive – given the company’s increased market share – S&P took it as ‘symptomatic of investors’ and issuers’ diminished demand for bond insurance’, which could limit the ‘potential for a strong and vital bond insurance sector’.

In suing DB Structured Products and ACE Securities in New York, Assured Guaranty alleged that the MBS it had guaranteed were ‘plagued by rampant fraud and misrepresentations’, according to Bloomberg. Assured Guaranty has reportedly already paid almost $60 million in loss claims and is asking that Deutsche Bank be forced to repurchase the mortgages and reimburse the insurer for incurred and future losses.

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He had me until "Juan Valdez." AAA rated FEMA trailer tranche - lol

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Some ignorant jerk last night was attempting to defend the genocidal scum that destroyed America. LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU:


While reading ZH last night I came across a discussion between yourself and some uninformed person the topic of which was Bush and Nazism. What I'd like to bring to your attention is the fact that it wasn't some isolated incident where Bush and friends (a bunch of old time Wall St interests and industrialists) were inflicting evil upon some innocent and unknowing people. No, these people have a very long and horrifying history.

I'll give you a timeline of their continuous acts of genocide (along with documenting, credible sources), at least the ones I've discovered although every time I dig a bit more some new horrifying fact flies out which fits perfectly with the ethos of their chronicles.

Bankster history 101 (which is where these people come from):

The first chronological incident tying these families together, to my knowledge, starts with the passage of the Fed Res Act in 1913, the murder of Sen Louis McFadden, and Rockefeller corrupting Delaware functionaries in order to allow his corporation to exist; prior to that time corporations needed to show they would serve the public interests and were not perpetual. (these are not that secret and can be found with a simple search)

The next incident is the ethnic cleansing carried out in the US during the 1920s which the US supreme court approved (in a rigged case):

Carrie Buck v. James Hendren Bell, Superintendent of State Colony
for Epileptics and Feeble Minded
Citations 274 U.S. 200 (more)
47 S. Ct. 584; 71 L. Ed. 1000

The ruling was written by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. In
support of his argument that the interest of the states in a "pure"
gene pool outweighed the interest of individuals in their bodily
integrity, he argued: We have seen more than once that the
public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It
would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap
the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices, often not
felt to be such by those concerned, in order to prevent our being
swamped with incompetence. It is better for all the world, if
instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to
let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who
are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that
sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting
the Fallopian tubes.

Holmes concluded his argument with the infamous phrase "Three
generations of imbeciles are enough".

They were unable to carry out the thorough, documented process for lack of database technology. Prescott Bush, Carnegie, Rockefeller foundations were all behind this.

Edwin Black, jewish researcher of the German ethnic cleansing in the 1940s, found their older history when he found the IBM Nazi connection. IBM's database technology was what allowed the Germans to ethnic cleanse you, your sister, brother, cousins etc. That is why the earlier one failed. He wrote a couple of books including Nazi Nexus and War on the Weak. Here's a chat about War on the Weak:

This man also states that there was a connection between the Rockefeller foundation and Mengele's overseer. It's in one of his chats. See, it wasn't just a business connection between Thyssen and Bush; it was part of a much larger ethos and yes, conspiracy.

They were also behind a coup attempt in 1933:

During the 1950s Prescott Bush ran for the US senate and lost when a last minute rumor linking him with the old Birth Control League (yes, you heard correctly: the BIRTH CONTROL LEAGUE which is shy George HW Bush was called "rubbers" as in condoms when he was in Congress in the sixties pushing this:

Congressional record in the

Population Task Force

Among Bush's most important contributions to the neo-Malthusian cause while
in Congress was his role in the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources
and Population. The task force, which Bush helped found and then chaired,
churned out a steady stream of propaganda claiming that the world was
already seriously overpopulated; that there was a fixed limit to natural
resources and that this limit was rapidly being reached; and that the
environment and natural species were being sacrificed to human progress.
Bush's task force sought to accredit the idea that the human race was being
"down bred," or reduced in genetic qualities by the population growth among
blacks and other non-white and hence allegedly inferior races at a time
when the Anglo-Saxons were hardly able to prevent their numbers from
Comprised of over 20 Republican Congressmen, Bush's Task Force was a kind
of Malthusian vanguard organization which heard testimony from assorted
"race scientists," sponsored legislation and otherwise propagandized the
zero-growth outlook. In its 50-odd hearings during these years, the task
force provided a public forum to nearly every well-known zero-growth
fanatic, from Paul Ehrlich, founder of Zero Population Growth (ZPG), to
race scientist William Shockley, to the key zero-growth advocates infesting
the federal bureaucracy.
Giving a prestigious congressional platform to a discredited racist
charlatan like William Shockley in the year after the assassination of Dr.
Martin Luther King, points up the arrogance of Bush's commitment to
eugenics. Shockley, like his co-thinker Arthur Jensen, had caused a furor
during the 1960s by advancing his thesis, already repeatedly disproven,
that blacks were genetically inferior to whites in cognitive faculties and
intelligence. In the same year in which Bush invited him to appear before
the GOP task force, Shockley had written: "Our nobly intended welfare
programs may be encouraging dysgenics -- retrogressive evolution through
disproportionate reproduction of the genetically disadvantaged.... We fear
that 'fatuous beliefs' in the power of welfare money, unaided by eugenic
foresight, may contribute to a decline of human quality for all segments of

During hearings on the Social Security amendments, Bush and witness
Alan Guttmacher had the following colloquy: Bush: Is there any
[opposition to Planned Parenthood] from any other organizations or
groups, civil rights groups?
Guttmacher: We do have problems. We are in a sensitive area in
regard particularly to the Negro. There are some elements in the
Negro group that feel we are trying to keep down the numbers. We are
very sensitive to this. We have a community relations department
headed by a most capable Negro social worker to try to handle that
part of the problem. This does, of course, cause us a good bit of
Bush: I appreciate that. For the record, I would like to say I am
1,000 percent in accord with the goals of your organization. I
think perhaps more than any other type of organization you can do
more in the field of poverty and mental health and everything else
than any other group that I can think of. I commend you.

This is an excerpt of Bush's unauthorized biography:

They killed Martin Luther King as his family's wrongful death civil suit against the CIA et al jury said in the late nineties. No MSM covered it. They also killed Malcolm X, JFK and a lot of other people. A credible JFK investigation :

List of people they've murdered (google their names and their stories will come up):

USMC Colonel Sabow
Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Webb
Journalist Danny Casolaro
Ex-mil intel Steve Kangas who wrote this:
US Special Forces Colonels Edward P Cutolo, Baker, and one other whose name escapes me (all in the same incident).
Here's International Committee of the Red Cross investigator David Guyyat on this incident and background info:

As you can see, they are the real drug cartels and here's a good recap of what is known about their activities:

Here's where he first came to light when opposing CIA director Deutch ( a Bush stooge) in a LA townhall after Iran Contra came to light (Ricky Ross is an interesting figure in this case)

Dois Gene "Chip" Tatum who wrote the Tatum Chronicles (very interesting) and whose testimony you can find on YouTube in an interview with 30 year FBI veteran Ted Gunderson (the ones on the beach have more info):

This man's testimony confirms the accusations:

Anyways, a good recap in written form of the decades long CIA drug trafficking is Rodney Stich's Drugging America: A Trojan Horse:

So, the old Birth Control league became Family Planning after WWII when eugenics became taboo. Margaret Sanger was their shill. I and many others believe the "war on drugs is really their new ethnic cleansing technique:

The "war on drugs" results:

How it is done:

The overall picture:

Keep in mind George HW Bush's intent while in Congress (see above) for this man above any other is the architect of the modern day "war on drugs" (as opposed to Prohibition which was also their little fascist games). Yet, if you can believe it, he founded the Medellin Cartel with Jorge Luis Ochoa and Pablo Escobar.

Most of the results are on target.

Ok so now you have some idea of who these people are, where they come from and how they literally get away with genocide. The why is because it's class warfare and lust for empire. The 1960s Great Society "war on poverty" made them rebel following Ayn Rand's (a Rothschild concubine) Atlas Shrugged ethos which also fits with their offshoring (gutting) of the US economy.

Most of the people mentioned on here have YouTube vids and plenty of documentation. Just google them.

Anyways, if you google all these names and situations, read patiently for weeks, you'll get the full picture. Oh, here's another good documentary on the Bushes:

I hope next time you can blast any nitwit or troll who would dare to support this modern day Caligula.



rocker's picture

@zaknick. Wow dude, you really reveal some ugly shit.  Game on. Don't stop. If we could only get it on the tube.  

zaknick's picture

I'd say we're completely screwed.

rocker's picture

I like this. Will add comment as this goes on.  This can only be great stuff. 

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Judge gets handed a mountain of cross-shredded paper from bank as said bank claims the wet signature is there if he looks for it.

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Fuck the police. Comin' straight from the underground.

Is life ending or beginning........Well, both at the same time I believe.   The world is currently in chaos and we are all feeling it inside of us whether we want to admit it or not.   Some of us feel the world is is.   Some of us feel a new world is just is.   I do know this and it is the truth.   People seem to be continually looking to something else, someone else, anything else but themselves for answers to so many questions that it is not even worth writing in this little blog.    The answers are in themselves.  If each of us begins to grasp onto some constants, we will feel better.  For example:

1.  The dog needs to be walked every day - no matter what.

2.  Waves still crash on beaches everywhere no matter what happens in the stock market or Iraq or Pakistan.

3.  You still have to breathe to function as a human being on this planet - and, lucky us - air is still free (some human pig probably wants to package it and sell it, but let's hope the chaos precludes that human pig from succeeding).

4.  Most people still have to urinate when they wake up.

5.  Food is really available and plentiful all over Earth - it just may not be in a supermarket or a box with glue on it.

7.  Free energy is real and does exist.  We must apply it and use it.

8.  This is not going to be like the Great Depression.   The whole world is involved at this time and our communications technology is vastly different now.

9.  There will be natural disasters - sh*t happens.  Deal with it collectively (in the end, we always do).

10.  There really is no "time" at all.  The only "time" there ever is, ever was and ever will be is right now.  Period.

11.  There is no lack of any "thing" on this planet causing the current chaos and disorder.   In fact, there is plenty of knowledge; natural resources that remain un-tapped or undiscovered.

12. Change is ever present and does not go away.

13. We can "fix" everything if we do it together as one.

The current financial crisis in the United States is not really a crisis at all.   Ask a homeless person if he or she cares about the current Dow Industrials point average...they don't really care at all.   Frankly, neither should any of us.    Naive am I you say?  Really?  No.  I am not naive at all.   My problem perhaps is being too "simple-minded" but I was raised on the "KISS" principle (Google it, if you don't know what that means) and frankly, it is the only thing that works every single time when approaching a "problem".   When things get complicated, they get messy and that is where we are today on beautiful and lovely Planet Earth.

Money in its current form as the medium of exchange is clearly going out the window.   And, out the window it is going.  Good.  Let it go.  It really doesn't have any value and never did have any value.   Too many human pigs have most of it anyway and they don't share it, except with their Sounders.   These human pigs don't even share with their farrows sometimes.   We all know what happens to greedy little pigs don't we?  All pigs go to slaughter.

What we value as humans depends on us entirely - only example from school (yes, education does teach us):

You have a jar of dirt.  What is the jar of dirt "worth"?   Hmmmm..... It is "worth" whatever another will give you for it at one moment and that can change from moment to moment.  Ohhhhhh, the complicated human pigs will say - "NOT TRUE! It depends on the glass, the type of dirt, blah...blah...blah..."   Those are the same human pigs that denied the existence of infinity and the concept of zero in previous incarnations or existence.

If we begin to come together, we can "fix" it all so quickly.   Frankly, "we" don't have to deal with the human pigs any more if we choose that path.   I am astounded at the human race's collective belief that it as a whole has no choice in this mess...when, in actuality it does....there are many choices.

Let's look at the mortgage and credit crisis:  Ok.  So everyone stops paying all of their bills and travelling in the United States for ninety days.   Completely.  We could even collectively stock up on necessities and plan this little revolution.  Guess what would happen?  The human pigs would have a heart attack and freak out and we would sit around campfires; eat the stored food we had around to plan for this little "war"; and watch with awe at the realization that those human pigs really have no power over "us" at all.   I believe in us and we would figure the rest out. OH MY GOD - would the hospitals be open?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But, we would figure it out.  We always do.   When we aren't very good at figuring it out, we lose some of us (Katrina; Iraq; Darfur...).  It happens every single time we screw up "figuring it out".  We need to get very, very good at this and it takes working together to formulate plans.

The answers to all of our current issues as a human race are within us.  The problems are global and we must address them as such from this point forward.   The best way to do this is to act locally only because if everyone in their local area started solving only their local problems - all of them - they would all start seeing the microcosm of the macrocosm of synergy and solutions erupt like Volcanoes.  And, we would all probably eat better.

We must start working together or this change is going to a lot more humans than needed and aren't you all sick of humans screwing up "figuring it out"?  I am.  And right now "fuck the police" and that statement really ain't got a damn thing to do with the cops if you really, really think about it.

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If they've already taken the house can you still force them to show the note?  Or can they tell you to fuck off?  

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Jaun Valdez is stoked, he is almost making as much on coffee as cocaine!

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