Presenting The Latest Digitalglobe Satellite Photo Of Fukushima, As Thermal Imaging Continues To Be Top Secret

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According to the latest Digitalglobe overflight, the situation in Reactor 4 continues to deteriorate. We wonder where precisely in the Reactor 1,3, and 4 wreckage are the working water pumps that are about to be electrified? Far more importantly, since heat appears to be the biggest issue, why have no thermal or IR photos been released to the public, and most importantly why is the Japanese government actively covering up thermal data? From the JPost: "As the world continues to gaze with concern at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, hi-tech security cameras installed by an Israeli defense firm are recording events at the troubled core from an insider’s vantage point. The Arava-based Magna BSP company, which specializes in producing and installing stereoscopic sensory and thermal imaging cameras, had been contracted to place cameras around one of the plant’s six cores – the core that has been experiencing explosions and overheating. Speaking to The Jerusalem Post on Monday, Magna’s head, Haim Siboni, said the thermal cameras also had the ability to detect the presence of radioactive clouds in the air, but added that Magna had not been able to gain access to the images recorded by the cameras at this time." Stunningly not even the contractor is allowed to see its own recorded data: "Although Magna is able to gain remote access to its computer system,
which receives the cameras’ images, Siboni said his company had not yet
been authorized to do so. “We have not been allowed to take control remotely yet,” Siboni said."
Surely the classified data must be perfectly normal if the completely discredited Japanese government is keeping it under such tight lock and seal.

h/t ABI1972

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Nize ... tnx TD

Just noticed - on the seaward side of the #3 Turbine bldg roof, the edge closer to the water, the edges look to have suffered blast damage ... ostensibly when Rx bldg #3 had it's _3_ explosive events (as heard on the video).


That was a BIG blast when #3 Reactor bldg blew ... what clued me in was what looks like traces of a 'plume' (or maybe when the concrete was blown out) across the roof of the #3 turbine bldg out from Reactor Bldg #3 ...


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I'm thinking that the seaward side damage is from the tsunami.

But yup, #3 got the crap blown out of it...


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Magnify about 2 or 3 x after first opening the image in a new window ... Right-click, open new tab (at least in Opera) ...

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Oh, you're talking about the roof, not the general seaside damage.

That looks like it was done by falling chunks. Look at the relative heights of the buildings; there would be more damage to the top if it was caused by a blast.

Impressive SHTF nonetheless...


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Zoomed in it looks like Unit 3 is missing 2 or 3 floors of height compared to Unit 2. It's barely at the height of the smoking hole in Unit 2.

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There is so much to zoom in on with this photo.

I will fall back on the initial assessment: "the roof collapsed".


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Fair enough.


Look at the debris shot over the building directly above unit 3 in the picture, Grey material cast over the roof and onto the brown hill side.


Top center of the photo has a white and blue building with a grey roof that has it's plant facing wall blown off.

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yes Mike - it was an inside job and no one will pay for it..  think how it must of been back in soviet russia?  its a NWO thing - there are NO good guys left




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Building 7 is the answer. The way it came down is just not physically possible without help. It should have looked like the Murrow Federal Building if nothing else after that plane attack.

The US Govrnment Helped Al Qaeda pull off the 9/11 Attacks.

A lot more large buildings across America are rigged to come down this way than you think.

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I personally think there are none. But that's just me.

Here's something to stoke your fire though. Have a look at the flight path for flight 93 before the passengers took control. Work out where it was heading. Then, work out what time it would have got there.

Now you should be suitably excited.

What could the pilot possibly have had in mind?

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see any high radiation readings on this map? (scroll over for Japan).  Like 911, this nuclear scare is a fake:

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building seven is a big tip off to what really went on.  Each of the buildings was taken down with a micro nuke from below.  sounds incredible, but truth is stranger than fiction.  Dmitri Khaselov, a Russian agent wrote a book where he provided the explanation.  His videos exlain most of the story, they should be mandatory watching for all:

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building seven is a big tip off to what really went on

thanks for that link. this explanation eliminated yet another morsel of skepticism; at least for me.

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Cheers Michael, I never get tired of 911. id like to see that little piece of shit Larry "pull it" silverstein get blown up in a building, just like he did to thousands of innocents.

I dont think he had anything to do with fukushima though.

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Well, that was quiet an eye-opener.  Knew about HAARP, but not mobile HAARP. Holy crap.

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The sagging structural members of #3 are a telltale sign they were heated past the point of thermal yield. This would suggest an extremely hot condition stories below, since such heat could only be transferred to the steel roof trusses by convection or radiation(infrared). The hydrogen explosion is an unlikely source of damage as the heat is short lived, and would have blown the steel out, not in.

Please notice the "Chernobyl solution" of burying with sand and concrete was only proposed after close-up images of buckling steel were made public. This would suggest partial or complete meltdown of fuel rods resulting in the dreaded pool of radioactive "lava." The reports of radioactive milk and spinach up to 65 miles away, along with discovery of radioactive iodine in Tokyo tap water also seem to confirm meltdown and subsequent convective mass(as in matter, not size) transfer of fission byproducts.

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Look into the spent water piers. I wonder how much radiation is in those pier flow channels. The up take desalination cooling channels are blown. That small harbour is radioactive in the short term.

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Shifts NE Monday Evening.

Directly At Tokyo...Everyone hold your breath for 12 hours.

The Week Tokyo Shuts Down 120 Years From Cesium 137?

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Here is some chilling vid of tsunami from japanese news that I hadn't seen. A side note: even the newscasters are wearing helmets!

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Check out the building directly vertical of #3. I'd say that's about 1 mile away.

The blast tore the shit out of the west side. Wow.

There is no water in those bathtubs. Imagine taking a 2,000 lb JDAM bomb and exploding it 20 feet above a swimming pool.

Adios H2O!

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Yeah, looks like it hit that bldg too.

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That green pallet lowers control rods into the reactor core. The vessel is breached, and the core is just behind it. A reactor vessel is like a fine single malt still!

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I don't think it's a mile. Maybe less than a half. When trying to measure distance on an overhead photo without a scale or known reference, and not correcting for angle etc, one must find measurable references within the photo itself. Something I've been using is the estimated width of the long vertical access road running to and from the plant to the top of the photo as well as parking spaces to the right and top right. 

The paved road is two lanes without full sized breakdown lanes, presumably because when moving very wide heavy equipment up and down it they would simply close the road and use the entire width. So how wide is the road? Each lane is probably 16, maybe 18 feet max (to accommodate heavy equipment like mobile cranes and wide load trucks to still use one lane) times two lanes plus some smaller portion on either side. Remember that I am measuring the paved road, not the entire width including gravel on the sides. I've been assuming that road is maybe 40 wide wide to a max of 50 depending upon what you assume is "road" surface.

Now lets look at the parking spots. In the US, a standard parking spot is around 10 feet wide, a standard set many years ago with large wide cars that also accommodates today's SUVs. But that has been shrinking to the point where many new lots are now marked out with 9 feet wide spots. And those "compact" spots are 8 feet wide. I don't know what the standard is in Japan though Japan on average has much smaller cars that the USA. Let's use 8 feet wide to over estimate the distance rather than under. Yes, I suspect it would be measuered in meters/metric in Japan. Let's think in feet because I'm a dumb American who rejected the metric system decades ago.

Look at 5 parking spaces to make it easier to measure and to smooth out your measurement. 5 spots times 8 feet is 40 feet. Assume it's 9 wide and you have 45 feet. Assume it's 10 feet wide and you have 50 feet wide. I use 40 feet again so that any error increases distances, not decreases. Now compare the two examples.

I figured the paved road to be 40 feet wide. I figured 5 parking spots to be 40 to 50 with the middle of 45 wide. Pull out a ruler and compare the two relative to each other. Once you open the photo, select how much you will or won't blow the picture up and then leave it alone. You are measuring things within the photo relative to other things in the photo so it doesn't matter how much you blow up the picture. You are defining a unit of measurement within the photo that won't be used outside the photo or on another photo. Every time you open a photo you must repeat the process of determining scale since each photo is different.

In this case 5 parking spaces is just slightly wider than the road. Since the range of the 5 parking spaces was 40 to 50 feet wide and range for the road was 40 to 50 feet wide and we know 5 parking spaces is as wide to slightly wider than the road, it appears the unit of measurement you now have on your ruler that corresponds to 5 parking spaces is around 40 to 50 feet. I use the smaller number of 40 feet.

Bingo. Now you can measure any distance with 10 to 20% error, good enough for measuring in this estimate. If you knew exact lengths of car and truck models, you could be more precise. I'm sure professional photo recon does exactly this if they don't already know the scale, which is unlikely.

Using this method I come up with the building all the way at the top of the photo with it's wall blown out at around 1500 to 2000 feet or 1/4 to 2/5 of a mile. Still a very long way for a shock wave to travel and still do that kind of damage. Amature photo reconnaissance 101. Anyone have a better method I would love to hear it. Mine is strictly crude.

BTW if you want to see how far the tsunami reached look again at the access road where it meets the plant. It's less noticeable in this picture because the mud has now dried out and the edge has become less defined as vehicles have crossed the edge and spread it out. But in other photos you could see a clear mark when the mud ended about 100 feet up the access road.

Assuming a grade of 3 or 4%, and 100 feet of run, the water reached a depth of 4 or 5 feet at the back of the plant. Every building was flooded on the first floor. The mud is everywhere on the main site and you can set equipment scattered around everywhere, particularly if you look at earlier photos of the site after the tsunami and before the explosions. Look at this March 12th overhead.

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 Almost exectly a quarter mile. Google Earth is very useful.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I have found Google earth to have built in distortions that occur when they stitch together photos and adjust for angle. Also if you have some depth features turned on it distorts the measurements Google Earth displays. Still good for rule of thumb.

aheady's picture

I often get freaked out by what Street View does with a cul-de-sac. Frustrating.

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Good observations. When roof of #3 turbine building is magnified, it looks like a big hole in roof on seaward edge of the roof, perhaps created by a large piece of debris from the explosion.

Anyone know which building(s) has the control room(s)?

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I think, the little bldg out in front of the junction of turbine buildings 1 and 2 (and also 3 and 4) are the control buildings ... that little structure has windows ... no other windows around that I can see ...

Ident 7777 economy's picture

I see the hole - it also looks like there are scrape/impact marks from maybe four discrete concrete panels that hit/dragged across the turbine bldg  ...


Do you see the glow coming from what looks like inside Reactor bldg #3?

The shadow from the sun I don't think goes back that far ...

tom a taxpayer's picture


"Do you see the glow coming from what looks like inside Reactor bldg #3?"

"Three holes over to the right and one up (from the far left), the side facing the sea ...".

If the holes referred to are the square holes on the side facing the sea, and if the white spot in the upper left corner of the hole is the spot you are referring to as a "glow", then I have no idea what that the white spot is.


fuu's picture

Or the perfectly circular black space on the right edge of the white spot.

Yen Cross's picture

Nuclear science might be your calling!

infiniti's picture

Holy shit. If they are admitting it in the press, then it's already occured.

The wind shifts this weekend.

I know a lot of investment managers who were shrugging this off over the past few days, as though there were an off-switch. A lot of them bought Jap equities on the assumption that the selloff was overdone and reconstruction will fuel profits. We'll see about that.

Ident 7777 economy's picture


What is the glow coming from what looks to be inside Reactor bldg #3?

Three holes over to the right and one up (from the far left), the side facing the sea ...


To see it you're going to have to open the BIG image ... not really visable on the small one above ...



Let me be the first to call:  CORE MELTDOWN ...




Okay, after seeing that 'glow' or whatever it is - I need a drink ...


trav7777's picture

the first???  buddy, it's been announced in the press already that some significant percentage of core rods have already melted.

Do you mean it has escaped containment?  If so, unlikely to be glowing at this'd flow like lava and cool into radioactive glass

Ident 7777 economy's picture

How about 'Meltdown in Progress' ... I would expect the inner fuel assemblies to go first, with a temp gradient from high to low from inward going outward ... what say you?

MSimon's picture

That is what you would expect if things were happening in a neat and orderly military fashion. This is an accident.


Simon - Naval Nuke DLG(N)-25

Ident 7777 economy's picture

Laws of thermodynamics and heat flow do not change from civilian to military applications ...

infiniti's picture

I see what you are talking about. It's almost certainly not a reflection, because there's no reflective material left on that building.


Here's another one: The roof of #1 is gone. So where is the equipment (crane), where is the pool? The visible area is completely destroyed. Would the nuclear material be blown out of the building?

Ident 7777 economy's picture

The crane, I think, is parked far left ... last week we had a picture from the ground and made the same call as to being against that far wall ... the boom of the crane runs verticle in this high-res image we have before us ...

TerraHertz's picture

I think with #1 we're looking at the roof. It's just fallen down into the building interior more or less intact apart from some crumpling at the edges, after being lifted up a bit by the exposion.

So all the equipment, crane, pools, reactor cap, etc are underneath it.  Completely inaccessible. Terrific.

Btw here are the links for each day's digitalglobe highest-res images.   20110314   20110316 oblique view   20110317 overhead view   20110318

Also, it's the next day after 'tears of contrition', and there's no apparent decline in the lying. WHO director currently leading the lies-flock.

Still no thermal images, no building plans, no radio contact with 'heroic 50' or firefighters, no onsite webcams, no _real_ hi-res sat images, no detailed fuel rod inventories and locations, no website for publishing all available tech/pic/data, no reporters in government meetings, no reliable Japan-wide real-time radiation data, no precise information on the exposures of the work crews...

And on the 'getting things done' side, no public request for suicide volunteers, no request for formal submission of suggestions, no central contact point for offers of technical assistance, no evidence there's any attempt to create multiple task-specific problem solving/planning teams... 

The entire thing is being run as if this was WWII era. It's not aceptable any more. And not going be accepted.

I wonder if these clowns realise they are risking their own lives as much as the firefighters, if they keep up this bullshit. Japanese very polite, until they've had enough.

Oligarchs Gone Wild's picture

Still no thermal images, no building plans, no radio contact with 'heroic 50' or firefighters, no onsite webcams, no _real_ hi-res sat images, no detailed fuel rod inventories and locations, no website for publishing all available tech/pic/data, no reporters in government meetings, no reliable Japan-wide real-time radiation data, no precise information on the exposures of the work crews...

Well put.  No leadership either by Japan or the US.  Rudy Giuliani commenting the other day stated correctly that what is required is regular interval updates by a consistent spokesperson.   They seemed to have gotten this right in 911 and the pressers at the start of most war engagement, but for a week now the best we can do is google translation services and hi-res sat photos.  And frankly?  The best Fukushima data aggregation is on ZH.  Irrefutable. 

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I ba'bushka Russians. Ogliarchs?

Ident 7777 economy's picture

No, the crane is still there. IMO.

tired1's picture

"hi-tech security cameras installed by an Israeli defense firm are recording events at the troubled core from an insider’s vantage point."

Huh? Israeli cameras in a Japanese nuke plant?