Presenting The Merger Arbs Getting Decimated By The News Corp-BSkyB Deal Collapse

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Any half-decent fund involved in that MA would have likely hedged anyway.

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I hope they all go broke. Good for nothing vultures.

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Tyler.....12 Minutes to Bernank talking....getting grilled by Ron Paul.  10AM EST

Master Chef's picture

Yes, the vultures are lining up to feast on NEWS PORC.

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Maybe the also own NFLX (after all what merger arb, wouldn't own some momo names ;)). Now breaking above $300.....BOOYAH. Although my personal target is $545.00 based on 2015 EPS of something and a P/E of over 200x. Because this time is different.


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Taking the conservative valuation then. The momos still think it can double to 600 and beyond.

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Youre implying momos think.

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don't worry.. it's other peoples money

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State Street runs index money, no arbs.  Regardless, they lose.

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OUCH.... I suspect this one's gonna leave a mark. File under " sure thing " disasters.

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Looks like CIA sop, looking to fast track a Pakistan-India war.

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Odey's 7th largest position is Barclays.