Presenting The Natgas "Fractal" Algo

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Just when we thought we had seen it all, along comes another 19 year old math Ph.D. with the latest demonic-cum-fractal algo to show us just what cavemen we truly are...

h/t Taro

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Do a Fourier transform and run it through a low-pass filter....

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almost forgot... acheter le creux putain!

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How else can pH-D students contribute to society? They are just taking their just deserts. ~ Keynes

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Nice bifurcation tree!

Caviar Emptor's picture

Depends if you're a Euclidean

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Indeed. (oui, en effet)

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Fourier Transform: That was funny. Looked like a free induction decay the second I looked at it.

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bravo! trilingual...english, french, and science!

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Done. With padding into positive time, it looks just like the downward-facing middle finger which, on the playground, used to signify the phrase 'Fuck Yo Mamma'

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A complex analysis deserves a complex number of kudos. 

I also offer you the conjugate. That way, you may receive REAL kudos. 



Also. Remember in the mathematical domain of financial crime, non-causal systems ARE physically realizable. 



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'N they always map onto the taxpayer, especially those with lots and lots of Hamiltonians.



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I wonder what the FFT, wavelet transform or POD analysis would tell you about the structure in spectral space though - would the characteristic frequencies of these trading algos depend on internet speed or do they actually have intentional "wait" periods between trades? I haven't got a clue how they work.

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In essence, it's generating a mathematical analog of 'flack' to confoozle any dipshit algos expecting a linear or similarly simple could be noise shaped with particular statistical properties (a declining average say)...or perhaps some twinky has a bug in his VB code and is adding the occasional NaN value in his pricing subroutine.


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Internet speed is not an issue when your equipment is co-located immediately next to the stock exchanges' computer room / data farm.  Nothing stands between you and immediate trade execution except a fiber optic cable.  Once an HFT computer generates the trade, it's executed at the speed of light give or take a couple of picoseconds.

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19 year old math Ph.D.

He/she started to suck dick early. It is amazing what social conditioning can create.

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That's the trace of the output from an unlimited feedback in a Class D amplifier.  It reached saturation and was shut down by the AGC.

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Badly rigged casino?

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Just another reason to pick up your ball and go home. Or, at the very least, head to another court. One with some integrity. One with some referees who aren't afraid to call bullshit.

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Proplem is: what do you do with 'your ball'? Not playing with it gets you killed by inflation. Putting it in PM gets you killed by taxation if and when your PM go up in price and you need to exchange them for fiat to buy an ice cream cone or something.

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Cash PM Dealers are everywhere bro'!

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Yes. Buy all your physical cash and don't give the vendor your name. If you have to use a cheque, you can get a money order cash from the post office. Same protocol as if you're buying drugs or gifts for your mistress.

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Who are you, Anthony Weiner :)

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A bit more complicated in Canada...

10000$ legal limit for crossing the US -Can border without 'financial instrument notice of declaration'

Any solutions for Canada?

GoinFawr's picture

Get rid of the Conservatives.

Nage42's picture

If you live Canada then show some patriotism!

The 1 ounce Canadian Maple Leaf has a face value as legal tender (financial instrument) of $50.

Thus, if you are subjected to a $CAD 10,000 limit, then this means you can _only_ bring across the border 200 coins...

Given that they tend to trade at a priemium above spot, you can imagine that it would equate to safely over $USD 310,000 in bullion value.

In Singapore, the limit is $S 30,000, so that is like 480 coins (close to 3/4th a million US, LOL!).


One instance where PM bullion tied to fiat is your friend!



JPG101's picture

Very interesting and probably completely legal.

I would have to bring a lot of cash into the US though which must be declared. These things aren't concerns for the very rich. Just the mildly rich and miggle class...

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Maybe legal. Not sure. I've looked this up on line several times, and have never seen a firm opinion. Only speculation. Thing is, with asset forfeiture laws (since anyone carrying cash MUST be a drug dealer), do you want to risk it. You may think it is $10,000, but they may say it is $300,000 and take it.

But if anyone has seen a legal opinion on it, I would be very interested

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I am Canadian. When I am there, I just buy the bullion there in person from a dealer for cash. Now if the 10k is a bottleneck for you (you're buying more than 10k per day - so you're accumulating a couple million in gold a year) I think you can hire people to do your bidding, then hire other people to kill the people who did your bidding, then kill the killers yourself. You'll need to buy a hog farm, of course, to dispose of everything - be sure to incinerate the manure.

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can you forward this pitch to the Coen brothers in the hopes they can snag Jeff Bridges, et al - I can "see" it now, pure gold. . .

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not really help for getting PMs across the boarder (read the canadian maple tip below for that)  but you could always buy bitcoins and take a flashdrive across the boarder with as much currency as you wish.

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Fractals are soooo 60's

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Same "Flash Crash" appeared on Finviz and

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There have been five 50 point "flash crashes" on the DJIA futures on Finviz tonight:


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That chart looks f'ed up bro, the Sept ES is @ 1276.00 and there's the problem: ROLLOVER.  June is no longer "top step" tomorrow so all continuous charts are switching to the Sept contract tonight, thus the odd look to it.  Nothing special is happening here.

JohnG's picture

ICE put out a notice that many quotes were down but orders were still processing.  A lot of the futures I watch went dark (in thinkorswim) for about 5 minutes around these times.

Dapper Dan's picture

Not a problem, they just hung up the charts before the ink was dry.

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More Funny Business tomorrow...

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Trying to coil the spring again, obviously, for another ridiculous algo driven BS rally....I'd suggest.  However, and since the economic writing on the wall is quite clear, as it has been written with red spray paint , it won't matter.  Until further notice, algo lifts will be met with the block selling of amazingly dumb and lazy fund managers until the magic words "money printing" are once again uttered.

The market is a flaming sell, computerized futures BS trades notwithstanding.

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Red spray paint? Reminds me of the clip of the guy who paints the V from V for Vendetta on the wall then shoots up his local council meeting.

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Natgas is a vicious market to trade. On top of it all are the NG oil pair which is about to destroy the long oil side before the next hurricane

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Some frackin' braniac should write an algo to detect feral algos to BTFD.

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We should just consider ourselves lucky that the algo's don't completely fuck up everything, for everybody on Earth, each and every day.  8)  

Considering it's like giving a newborn a straight-razor to play with or playing volleyball on a court with broken glass scattered about - I'd say we're doing damn well.

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I always wondered what it would look like if ya put a flanger on that...far out.