Presenting October Total Stock Market Volume

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Oh yeah, those banks sure are making a killing on the sudden and dramatic resurgence in trading. If one looks carefully, one can almost, but not quite, see that crazy DeMarkian formation that predicts that in 10 years someone may actually trade stocks again.

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Sleep, obey, watch "Dancing with the Washed up", buy iPads, obey!  Nothing to see here...the markets are efficient...Bitchez!

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Which one is the wave 3 of 3 of 3?

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Do any of you guys live near Luxembourg?

I am selling my platinum Rolex - cheap.

teaddy bearish's picture

i live in Switzerland , you could sell it to a Switz jeweler 

Bigger Dickus's picture

€6300.It is a platinum Cellini.Box and papers, decal still on back, spare bracelet with platinum endpiece. Overall condition 99/100. List price in Luxembourg is €11.000

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What's a bank?

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No worries.

All the wire houses and the Hi-Fi bots are doing is trading with each other.

Like playing ping pong, and prices keep going higher.

It's in everyone's best interest to keep the stock Ponzi going until year end bonus time.

Joe Six is definitely out.  He's too busy buying using his money to buy consumer goods like UGG boots,  buying used muscle cars at CarMax, farting up a storm after eating a monstrous burrito at Chipotle, and heading to Las Vegas Sands to do some sports wagering.

The PigMen, on the other hand, are fully borrowed up at Interactive Brokers using 1.4% interest to buy and sell the IBD Top 100 mo-mo screamers back and forth to each other in order to rack up bonus checks.

Maybe the market tops out in mid - December, right when these guys run out of gas while trying to reach the finish line.

I bet that most of them don't make it, and end up crashing like Leo's FSLR did today.....

But for now, its going to be balls out firewalled until then.





Iam Rich's picture

I would say Google put in a particularly bad day.  Two in a row.

VK's picture

It would be nice to get a FSLR chart. Thanks for the laugh!

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Old school, non-flashy crash

prophet's picture

Repeat of 2009.  10/29/09 FSLR -16.57% (151 to 126).  Same day, different year, same result.

Dagny Taggart's picture

+1360! "non-flashy" Yes, point of order... can we get a normal crash around here?

metastar's picture

Its the new normal. Get used to it.

Rainman's picture

uhoh......Leo in self exile, bitchez.

Leo Kolivakis's picture

Never owned FSLR...EVER! Not that it's a bad company and probably worth buying if it drops lower. I prefer Chinese solars. Another one that the crooks were busy beating down today after stellar earnings:

Buy the solar dips, bitchez!

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

I believe that chart screams of market exhaustion.

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Yes.  However, never underestimate the ability of the Fed to keep force-feeding amphetamines to the market to keep it going.  At least under the market has one to many and goes into cardiac arrest.

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Ah yes, the "flying finger" formation rears its head again, this time on the Friday opening in PWER.  Wonder who got/bought the "finger"?

(some other, more astute and humorous poster, pointed out this formation in a ZH comment long, long ago...)

MarketTruth's picture

So Robo, how about posting gold and silver charts? Hope your 'shorts' did not get too soiled.

The Grifter's picture

Goldman hopes to pay out their bonuses before the end of the year

snowball777's picture

Since our favorite solar hound isn't here to do it himself:

"I'm loading up even more now, and cheap too!" - Leo

Phat Stax's picture

It'll be here just as soon as all of the letters are re-lettered and the numbers are re-numbered for the umpteenth time.  Trust me.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.  I really, really  mean it this time.  Totally.

prophet's picture

Buy and hold (on), baby!

The contents of that steaming bucket has begun decomposition.  Should be ready for the fish farm soon enough.

Buck Johnson's picture

That chart says it all.  Nobody but HFT are trading, and the reason why they are trading and keeping the market up is so the insiders can sell their stock and cash out.  I agree with you that this coming november and December is the last Hooray and they are preparing for smashing this market down and hopefully try to start it back up next year.  But I think it will be different this time, truly different.

slingshot's picture

Today's flash crash occured in AVNR a small biotech that was due for approval from FDA afterhours.  Trading around $2.80 the stock suddenly nosedived to $1.30 wiping out all those retail stops.  Naturally the drug was approved afterhours and was trading $5+.

No intervention from SEC on the flash crash just another screwing to retail by the big boys.

espirit's picture

Well, somebody has to scalp somebody to have the cash to buy the GM IPO.

Sure isn't going to be me!

walküre's picture

So what you're saying is, stops were triggered and people lost money.

OTH, investors that had placed low ball bids on that stock got filled and they had a killer finish AH?

Double jeopardy kinda.

Have stops in place and ridiculously low ball bids, hope both get triggered in a flash crash!

Beat the casino and win win win!

No wonder Vegas is tanking. The real action is online and former brokers are the new table hosts for Wall Streets casino.

The new normal. Adapt or die.

Tic tock's picture

What I love about this market is that I can spend a few hundred dollars on a straight TZA position- and watch multi-billion dollar trading algorithms bankrupt themselves while pushing me to zero... heads they lose, tails i win.

Thunder Dome's picture

I work in a prop shop.  No one is making shit.  In addition to killing the equity markets the FED has done the same to the debt markets.

GlassHammer's picture

This market is flatter than Dick Cheney's heart beat.

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