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Presenting Sheen's Korner And #Winning (Update: #Losing)

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And now, for a break from our regularly scheduled Fed-bashing programming. The latest social phenomenon is 85k viewers in and rising at 1k per 30 seconds. Time for a new iBorg?


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Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:06 | 1022829 Rahm
Rahm's picture

Wild Thing FTW!

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:52 | 1022899 asdasmos
asdasmos's picture

Greenspan on Gold's Rise - CNBC 4/3/11

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 14:34 | 1023804 Malcolm Tucker
Malcolm Tucker's picture

I would rather watch an Al Jazeera interview with activist hacker group Anonymous:


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 20:07 | 1024592 SparkyvonBellagio
SparkyvonBellagio's picture

Sheen's pissed off the Warlocks now. LOLLLLLLLL

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:03 | 1022830 Concentrated po...
Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.'s picture

nero is fiddling...

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:05 | 1022833 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

You are all a bunch of smegma filled whimps! Come on it's the weekend! We can have some fun. Brent /Walrus spreads! LMAO

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:14 | 1022955 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Ok...I am with you, if we can find some time to discuss the relevance of the post-collision trajectories of Higgins Bosons to the non-dimensional moving average of Pork bellies in Muslim countries.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:19 | 1023067 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

I apologise for the late response. The trajectory I'm tracking is the last flight of the space shuttle, and the ass kissing we are doing with the Russian Maffia! Please tell me I'm wrong!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:29 | 1023074 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Well, if I was Sheening here, I would tell you that the Russian Mob is actually financing the International Space Station at the behest of the Trilaleral Comission in order to use Russian weather manipulation technology to enhance the wheat crop in the US and Canada to bring prices down so Russia can import cheap wheat so they can switch their crops to the Coca plant in order to leverage their ability to capture the Sheen market on blow. Does this make sense? No. Fuck no, That is why it is called Sheening.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:35 | 1023084 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

What about NSW and south Queensland? They run 4-5 wheat cycles per anum. Yes the floods were horrific but wheat is a good bounce back crop.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:41 | 1023090 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

You are not Sheening are trying to be sensible and logical. Or...are you? what the fuck do I know about Aussie wheat?

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 02:00 | 1023105 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Hey, I'm on your side. I try to be Logical, and sensible for practical purposes. The coco crop is your thing. That is a tropical crop, last time I checked. You are the fortuitous one! With all respect. Enlighten me.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 02:12 | 1023115 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

You are in all aspects correct. I was Sheening...talking nonsense. Total fucking bullshit. This thread was about Charlie Sheen, so I was running an experiment of talking Sheenisms....sorry, I think you were trying to have a reasonable conversation.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 02:22 | 1023122 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

I was playing with you, in a small way! What is Sheening? Is that your idea? It's ok if it is .I like it! You are smart and articulate. I enjoy conversing with you. On a REAL note watch the Sydney fixing in 12 hours.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 08:26 | 1023274 tradewithdave
tradewithdave's picture

I'm disappointed that you're not acknowledging the sensitivity of the National Pork Board in their announcement yesterday of a fresh slogan to replace "The Other White Meat" with "Pork: Be Inspired" and its impact on future sales.  Now food serves as not only a necessity but also as spiritual inspiration while 30% of the global food supply is based on synthetic nitrogen created from thin air by the likes of Koch Bros.  Please re-run the Haber-Bosch numbers based on current natural gas prices.  A pig's still gotta eat.   

Dave Harrison

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 09:45 | 1023331 New_Meat
New_Meat's picture

Yep, "the other white meat" was so confusing.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 13:41 | 1023678 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

BTW... that's Higgs Bosons..I spent many a year on that big-game hunt..

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:10 | 1022838 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Lets ignite the death club? Lets toss the dice on a Lindsey/Charlie hookup in Mel Gibsons Bungalow. Lets have fun! I'll play monopoly.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:55 | 1022917 Michael
Michael's picture

Four Locos add 2 Excedrin. Same as before.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:17 | 1023066 Alienated Serf
Alienated Serf's picture

Michael, a few days ago I mocked you for bringing up Charlie Sheen.  Looks like you were ahead of the curve.  

I'm kinda of shocked this got posted...

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 12:14 | 1023494 Michael
Michael's picture

20/20 interview 9 million viewers broke all records. Sheen is box office $ returns.

I make things happen worldwide. I got the "Fall of the House of Saud" discussion started too.

Look for "Project BLS Mayhem" next. I planted the seeds for that last night.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 19:08 | 1024452 Alienated Serf
Alienated Serf's picture

so does the cia pay you in gold, silver or frn's?

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:12 | 1022840 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

The only Webcast of Charlie Sheen's I would watch would be him hanging himself.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:53 | 1022908 MayIMommaDogFac...
MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

I think they're gonna try that out on some episode.  WINNING!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:11 | 1022949 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

And, maybe they will have an episode where they all wear bad hats...whoops, sorry, just noticed yours.;)

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:01 | 1023039 Alienated Serf
Alienated Serf's picture


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 15:00 | 1023854 flattrader
flattrader's picture


The whole episode with him is like a slow motion car wreck.

You know you shouldn't look, yet you feel compelled to anyway...the human fascination with gore.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:22 | 1022853 Bananamerican
Bananamerican's picture


Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:38 | 1022874 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Come on in and have some of Chefs salty chocolate Balls.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 02:44 | 1023135 Bananamerican
Bananamerican's picture

is Sheen showing us the way forward?

i mean, americans are already pretty fucking self absorbed but this is narcissism cubed

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:25 | 1022858 Judge Judy Scheinlok
Judge Judy Scheinlok's picture

Why can't I get ratings like that!? Is it because I'm Jew?

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:35 | 1022873 Id fight Gandhi
Id fight Gandhi's picture

You need Adonis dna. Only he has it.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:36 | 1022992 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture

Not only do you need Adonis DNA, but you also need tiger's blood, and the luck of the Irish.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:41 | 1022878 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Where do you want your propellor sent? Hell my last name is Jewish. My best friend is Jewish. I buy his family gifts at Christmas. I'm christian for Christs sake! Have some fun.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:57 | 1022922 Michael
Michael's picture

Jewish nepotism is dead.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:27 | 1022860 Long-John-Silver
Long-John-Silver's picture

I fear my brain would freeze if I watched that crap.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:14 | 1022959 Careless Whisper
Careless Whisper's picture

i guess you didn't like wayne's world either

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:37 | 1022996 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture

That AMC Pacer had to have been the most poorly thought out car.  Oh well, party on Wayne, party on Garth.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:42 | 1022881 Misean
Misean's picture

So, soon I'll hear the clatter of four horsemen echoing across the crimson sky...And I just popped the extended LotR disk in.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:45 | 1022885 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

You are the wiseman. I'm really appreciating your input (more and more) Lets have some fun. Screw P/C!

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:49 | 1022891 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

I figure about this time Martin Sheen is considering changing his name to Estevez or something.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:54 | 1022909 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Martin Sheen is the  bottom of the left side of your screen. He apexes @ the neckline and decends into the past. Charlie is a nut, but that boy is driven. He gets extra credit for that!

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:56 | 1022919 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Yeah...he is driven all right, the question is, who is doing the driving?

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 09:50 | 1023336 New_Meat
New_Meat's picture

Martin had his own "issues." e.g.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:11 | 1022892 lynnybee
lynnybee's picture


Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:51 | 1022893 benb
benb's picture

Crazy stuff. Don't care to watch it. Don't watch his TV show either. Actually don't watch any TV at all. But I like Charlie Sheen. So he blew up on some interviews while going through withdrawals... like I care. PUBLICITY. Who's watching it? What I would watch is The OJ Jailbreak. Hell I'd even set my 50" Plasma back up for that one. It could go on for weeks. The whole planet could be looted and no one would care.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:50 | 1022895 Fearless Rick
Fearless Rick's picture


Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:52 | 1022906 Misean
Misean's picture


Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:56 | 1022915 MayIMommaDogFac...
MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

+$20 and some arm-and-hammer

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:41 | 1023001 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture

When Charlie Sheen dies, someone will dig him up just so they can smoke him to get high.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:47 | 1023011 Misean
Misean's picture

Keith Richards is into snorting the dead....there's really not much to add after that.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:58 | 1023031 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture

Someone will smoke Keith Richard's drug filled corpse when he is dead.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 02:55 | 1023140 Howard_Beale
Howard_Beale's picture

Read his bio. He rocks!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 02:56 | 1023141 Howard_Beale
Howard_Beale's picture


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 10:46 | 1023380 Crassus
Crassus's picture

Charlie's in the ME to do all the Sykes-Picot lines. Whoosh. (F-18)

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 13:12 | 1023613 BrosMacManus
BrosMacManus's picture

worse things have been done (by a preacher's progeny, no less)....seriously twisted


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 18:08 | 1024344 PeterSchump
PeterSchump's picture

Wisconsin....I am not surprised.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:26 | 1023070 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Armand Hammer. Occidental Petroleum! Russian magnate! I liked the man and was sorry to see him pass many years ago. Thanks for keeping his name alive.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 10:28 | 1023362 lilimarlene1
lilimarlene1's picture

I worked with his son once; dumb as a post.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:52 | 1023097 takeaction
takeaction's picture

If I could bump your comment I would...LOL  +1

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:50 | 1022897 Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman's picture

Tiger Blood, Bitchez!!

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:52 | 1022900 Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman's picture

Tiger Blood, Bitchez!!

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:56 | 1022904 Guy Fawkes Mulder
Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

Watching Carlos Sheen is cool. Enjoy.

But, if there's just one person out there who is looking for something else to watch, something rather the opposite of Sheen's BS (note: his BS is the "good" kind of BS, that involves fresh BS that makes you laugh)...

...then I recommend that you might sample the "Evidence of Revision" series.

It's divided into 6 major parts, each part being ~2hrs in duration.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 are about JFK.

Part 4 is about RFK.

Part 5 is split between RFK and Jonestown.

Part 6 is about MLK.

I downloaded this series via torrent about a year ago. It's pretty legit.

I can't find any torrents to it working anymore, but here's a YouTube playlist with all of it:

Watch whatever blows your hair back, Charlie Sheen included, but I recommend watching at least part 5 of Evidence of Revision, since it is a sneak preview of what is coming soon to a major developed country near you.

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:54 | 1022910 JW n FL
JW n FL's picture

the name of the show should be "gettin stoned with Charlie".. or something close to that.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:06 | 1022933 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Or maybe "getting dumbed down with Carlos."

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 08:18 | 1023268 Miss Expectations
Miss Expectations's picture

I'd go with "The Sheening"

The pressure keeps building, then the whole thing blows sky high.

Mon, 03/07/2011 - 00:49 | 1025305 Arkadaba
Arkadaba's picture

hehe :)

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:54 | 1022912 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

Someone should be watching Jon Cryer, as he has to be thinking about killing himself

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:57 | 1022921 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

He is just fine Owen Wilson will save him!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:43 | 1023003 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture


Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:56 | 1022916 Lets_Eat_Ben
Lets_Eat_Ben's picture

um...i like that

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 23:56 | 1022918 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

I'm going for a run on the beach. Santa Anas this weekend. Work this thread, and have fun doing it. Who knows? Charlie might show up.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:09 | 1022942 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Why in God's name would you run? Do you anticipate somebody chasing you?:)

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:15 | 1022960 pods
pods's picture

I always wanted to run a marathon.  But I figured I could never get a bear to chase me that long.


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:17 | 1022964 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

If you owned a home on the beach, after a lot of rain. Wouldn't you get some exercise?

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:18 | 1022967 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

No bears! Just that damn dog that shit in my pool!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:27 | 1022982 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

That is obviously a very discriminating animal:)

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:04 | 1023044 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Funny thing, it's gender specific. That little tootsie roll plopping neuroficus plops on demand when the ladies are around. I guess the kibble patrol is back on! Don't bite the hand that feeds you. More importantly! Don't SHIT in my pool!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:17 | 1023065 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

I can understand a man drawing the line against shitting in his pool. The problem here is obvious....he has sexually aroused irritable bowel syndrome. He sees all those fine azz bitchez hanging their racks out around your dunk-and-dive, and he gets all horned up and jittery and well...instead of humping a leg or nuzzling a clump, he lets go a load in the pool. It is a common problem with dogs as well as male humans. What you better do is get down on your sun-drenched pool apron and pray to whatever God controls canine colonic function that he does not suffer diarrhea during one of these unfortunate human males do.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:29 | 1023076 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Family. No interest in that crap. I wish!!!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:42 | 1023087 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture know dogs....they may be discriminating, but they do not discriminate when it comes to acting out.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:47 | 1023094 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Hence the Caddy Shack remark. The dog-legged the Baby Ruth into the pool. Enjoy your weekend.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 02:02 | 1023106 Misean
Misean's picture

Caddy Shack?!?! Man I thought you two were talking labrador.


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 02:30 | 1023126 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:41 | 1023088 UninterestedObserver
UninterestedObserver's picture

Why would you run? Dude go watch Zombieland - rule #1 CARDIO

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:00 | 1022924 Piranhanoia
Piranhanoia's picture

Someone is paying for his peruvian pipeloads to distract.  tedious tedious tedious tedious


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:01 | 1022926 24KGOLD FOIL HAT
24KGOLD FOIL HAT's picture

I will overlook some unusual humor cuz Charlie has taken the red pill; like me.  He is against the NWO/banksters/assorted he is OK.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:14 | 1022954 pods
pods's picture

Man that ain't the only pill he took. :)

Did he actually say anything?  I held on for 8 minutes.  I really wish I had that 8 minutes back.

Maybe we could make this like bull riding?  See how long people can hold on?



Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:48 | 1023095 Agent P
Agent P's picture

I held on only long enough to see he needed a cue card for "Welcome to Sheen's Corner!"

...oh Charlie

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:01 | 1022927 Milton Waddams
Milton Waddams's picture
[ ] funny [ ] entertaining [x] fail
Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:08 | 1022943 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

This isn't a multiple choice (parlay) Have some fun you Awnry little buggar! I know you are smart. Cut loose a bit.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:34 | 1022988 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

You know smart people don't have fun, Yen...well, okay, maybe in "Real Genius." I am just disappointed he did not have a check box from "totally irrelevant."

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:45 | 1023010 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture

I thought Milton was both funny and creative.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:57 | 1023034 Guy Fawkes Mulder
Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

I'd like to see a 1% reserve requirement on Charlie Sheen for bullshit.

I.e., he should have to back up at least 1% of the hyperbolic shit he says.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:06 | 1023045 Alienated Serf
Alienated Serf's picture

this had to be a test by Tyler.  those of you who are all for watching charlie sheen will be pitchforked in the near future.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:07 | 1023048 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Well shit, how is he going to invest in the best blow, bitchez and cribs if he has to tie up 1% in some bullshit reserve requirement? Wait...are you one of these guys with no sense of propriety who want BANKS to tie up a bunch of their fun-money in some reserve gig to mitigate risk against their insane derivatives trades?

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 13:01 | 1023585 dark pools of soros
dark pools of soros's picture

look how many times you commented on this...  go get laid and drop the hater envy

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:11 | 1023059 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

I'm smiling. I will settle for retarded. Thanks for your thoughts.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 05:01 | 1023200 Rodent Freikorps
Rodent Freikorps's picture

Could you drive a six inch spike through a 2x4 with your penis?

Charlie Sheen could.

Just ask him.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:05 | 1022930 ml8ml8
ml8ml8's picture

I would love to see an analysis of @CharlieSheen's (currently) 1.777 million followers.  I wonder if 95% of them are guys hoping to catch a glimpse of his roommate / goddesses in the background nude.  Hell, why else would you follow him?  Certainly not to learn about his life which is otherwise filled with equal parts idiocy, lunacy, sadness, and unadulterated drivel.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:07 | 1022939 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

My guess is it would reveal that they - like him - confuse real life with TV roles.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:14 | 1022953 ml8ml8
ml8ml8's picture

It's been nine minutes since my last post.  His page now says 1.848 million followers.  His life is going asymptotic.  I'd say it's time to short Sheen, but I wouldn't want to jump in front of that bus---sort of like silver.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:16 | 1022965 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

People are feeding his psychosis. This is going to end up in two possible ways - both bad, he is either going dirt nap, or will become president.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:22 | 1022975 Misean
Misean's picture

Doing both simultaneaously would be a whoot.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:35 | 1022991 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Well, I can think of many circumstances where that would haven been a, wait, the Secret Service monitors this site. Never mind.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:50 | 1023016 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture

I hope the Secret Cervix has a sense of humor, otherwise I am sooooooo screwed.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:56 | 1023029 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Well, they have some cervixs' that are on the payroll, and I am sure they are kept pretty tightly held...but, sense of humor? Right. Their idea of funny is taking a bunch of miserable assholes like us and machine-gunning us just for questioning the right of the President to put saddles on the back of the poor so the rich can ride us into the ground just for shits-and-giggles. Oh, and they have something to do with the counterfeiting of a fiat currency, a vow that if taken seriously, would morally bind them to arrest everyone associated with the federal Reserve.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:07 | 1023051 Alienated Serf
Alienated Serf's picture


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:17 | 1022963 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Shows just how gone the US is. Gone!





Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:19 | 1022972 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Ah, you know us Americans, we like to hang our warts out in public...adorn them, celebrate them, make them rich and famous...then dump them when the new new thing comes along.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:23 | 1022977 Misean
Misean's picture

Charlies relationship cycle is a mirror unto ourselves...white lines and little scratches and all.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:29 | 1022984 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Maybe, in some general sense, but certainly not me, I have never done coke and have had only one wife (still married).

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:43 | 1023004 Misean
Misean's picture

Wasn't meant as a personal dig.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:46 | 1023009 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

I know...I just like to take every opportunity to point out how fucking perfect I am......:)

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:53 | 1023023 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture

Perfect I can believe.  But do you have to be fucking perfect?   

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:59 | 1023035 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Yes....I am all about winning!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 13:24 | 1023639 BrosMacManus
BrosMacManus's picture

sumwun donna like you Ari...badge of honor for being junked on each post.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:44 | 1023091 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Never tried coke, and have zero interest. Smoked pot a few times. Don't like it. Puts me to sleep.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:40 | 1022994 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

Play it with Ben in there at the mike. Now we're having fun.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:49 | 1023014 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

sometimes a man should go to jail to save himself. I hope he goes to the joint for a couple of years or he will surely die.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:52 | 1023022 Misean
Misean's picture

Charlie going to the joint...seriously?

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:55 | 1023027 Fish Gone Bad
Fish Gone Bad's picture

The only joint Charlie is going to is... the joint his is going to smoke.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:02 | 1023041 Aristarchan
Aristarchan's picture

Hope he has his taxes payed up legit...publicity of his sort seems to draw a lot of investigative firepower out of the woodwork. That is why I - despite being the perfect male example of adonic perfection - like to keep a low profile.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 00:57 | 1023033 Andy_Jackson_Jihad
Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

When Coke wants to party it does Charlie Sheen.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:03 | 1023043 Cursive
Cursive's picture



Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:14 | 1023063 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

This is what needs to be done to the banks, credit issuers and other money changers:


Down with the debt is money/money is debt fiat fiasco of fractional reserve banking & modern money mechanics.


Die, fuckers, die.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:33 | 1023081 Guy Fawkes Mulder
Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

I met you at a very strange time in your life...

Heh, last time I saw buildings drop that quickly they were hit with planes at the top.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 01:38 | 1023086 Misean
Misean's picture

Such efficiencies are almost always discovered by accident.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 03:53 | 1023169 gwar5
gwar5's picture

Charlie really wants/needs his own reality show.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 04:27 | 1023187 PY-129-20
PY-129-20's picture

He should invite al-Gaddafi for the  next episode. Always great to see a Realpolitiker -lol-

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 09:57 | 1023342 KickIce
KickIce's picture

Gadaffi:  "My people love me."

Sheen:  "Winning"

Maybe they're cousins, either that are delusions of grandeur.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 04:27 | 1023183 baby_BLYTHE
baby_BLYTHE's picture

My sister was  BORN HERE.

...Wish I were kidding (sometimes ;)



Sun, 03/06/2011 - 06:24 | 1023231 Tric
Tric's picture

What the fuck am I watching?

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 06:48 | 1023238 equity_momo
equity_momo's picture

The World needs more Charlie Sheens but dont expect me to watch podcasts of them.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 08:31 | 1023278 ColonelCooper
ColonelCooper's picture

I wonder what Emilio Estevez is thinking right about now? 

Did he get the tiger blood or the Adonis DNA?

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 08:35 | 1023282 Highrev
Highrev's picture

I thought you said this was going to be a break from the regularly scheduled Fed-bashing programming.

This is just as pathetic as the Fed.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 08:59 | 1023294 Moe Howard
Moe Howard's picture

Poor guy isn't aging well. On a positive note, any old man can get hot chicks if he has enough FRNs, so that proves there is a purpose to them beside purchasing Au & Ag.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 09:13 | 1023300 Waterfallsparkles
Waterfallsparkles's picture

He drinks from a sippie cup?  Why?  Can't he hold a drink without spilling it?

P.S. His poem says it all.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 09:41 | 1023328 whoopsing
whoopsing's picture

Is that a gun cabinet that Charlie has in the corner?  What's up w/dat?

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 09:50 | 1023335 KickIce
KickIce's picture

He should never win a single acting award as he plays himself on tv.

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 11:17 | 1023413 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

He is free. Charlie HATES the Hollywood game. The PC. The ass and ring kissing. The structure.


He despises it.



Sun, 03/06/2011 - 11:27 | 1023419 Pool Shark
Pool Shark's picture


This time it really is different:

Free Circuses; BYOB.

(Bring Your Own Bread)


Sun, 03/06/2011 - 11:50 | 1023459 Leo Kolivakis
Leo Kolivakis's picture

I was filing away stuff this morning and had this playing in the background. Think I lost more neurons listening to this nonsense!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 11:51 | 1023463 I am a Man I am...
I am a Man I am Forty's picture

chuck sheen is so full of awesomeness and so bitchtastic i just feel sorry for the trolls who don't understand him, only people with tiger blood get it

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 12:07 | 1023484 Jim B
Jim B's picture

You have heard of must watch, this is can't watch!

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 13:30 | 1023654 greenbear
greenbear's picture

I gotta get out of this country.

Mon, 03/07/2011 - 13:38 | 1026607 OnanSpillerOfSeed
OnanSpillerOfSeed's picture

We are missing an opportunity here. 

Get Charlie, Hugo Chavez and Qadahfi brain trust in a room together to figure out the world's problems.

Feed them Bernank liver with Fava Beans and nice Chianti...

Televise it on pay-per-view and pay off the national debt.


Mon, 03/07/2011 - 20:34 | 1028030 lsjcma
lsjcma's picture

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