President Obama's "Target Libya" Speech Summarized In One Picture

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Presented without comment (although here is a link)

And a word cloud of Obama's speech. Number of times word oil is used: zero.

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president 0bamas Libya speech summarized in 1 word....



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This administration, the last administration, surely the next administration that can be "elected" by the American populace will LIE to your face. 

They will shit on your food and tell you they have added nutritional value. 

They will piss in your bed and tell you they have warmed it for you. 

Good is bad and bad is good. 

They will talk and say nothing of any worth.


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.... god love the truth-tellers of this world.   my admiration to you, HAMBONE, a truth-teller.

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Once again, if anyone has any doubt about the true nature of the libertarian mind, just read through this thread. 


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I smell a rat.  And a green one at that. Now why did he choose this avatar?

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Former nobel peace price winners must feel truly honored by Obummer's company. Well, maybe not all of them. But H. Kissinger at least.

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You fucking diss libertarians because some dude posted a video excerpt from Blazing Saddles?  I can only guess you simply don't understand the retarded irony.

Man, you are dense.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Are you edible or drinkable...or simply a whisper of empty air with a odor of flame retard and a spice of irony?

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He is also a character.  Whereas RNR was oblique about his critique, this one is more slanted.  Every single posts is a diss on libertarians.  He is a full-fledge troll.  He is not here to engage in anything but shenanigans...  Ignore him accordingly.

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Stupid fucker Chumba - Big O's blackness has something to do with this???  Bush's whiteness had something to do with his fucking epic fail???  The ownership of our political class by TPTB is not a racial's greed and power.

Go be a fucking idiot somewhere else.

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Would it calm you to know that I also called Bush a nigger?

I am Chumbawamba.

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Chumbawamba are you a racist?

Spalding_Smailes's picture

No. He's just a dumb hillbilly redneck like his country bumpkin inbred family ... 


A picture of his whore mother ...



chumbawamba's picture


I am Chumbawamba.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

 Lol' .....


I only hate your fat face 51% of the time .....

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People are so funny.  They treat ZH like it is their own personal Megan's List page.  There are always a lot of opinions expressed here.  I am guessing this is the first time some people think Obama has been called a disparaging remark.  Perhaps some weak-in-the-knees white person is all afright that Obama is crying in his bed because someone called him a schoolboy name.  Oh please. 

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For once I agree with chumbawamba.

Why are we sitting around letting niggers take over the world? The Whites need to get together again and reassert control. We are dooming ourselves by tying our future to these low-IQ pre-humans, but judging from the junks on chumbawamba's comment most of the White population has already become completely brainwashed. Even Abraham Lincoln wanted to move the Blacks out of the country ( ), as of course did President Monroe with the creation of Liberia.

chumbawamba's picture

Hatred or fear of a person based on the color of their skin is irrational.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Based on what you say,  what might we expect from you if you were ever to obtain power? You illustrate why "power" must always exist on the leach of a free market. Otherwise your kind will scorch the earth before we can put you "out of business".

A black, or a white, or a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Jew, or any other race or creed of person is to be treated as a "man" if they behave as a man.  And in turn, only a man/woman who respects other's lives, liberty, and property is worthy of the title "man", for it is all "men" who have equality of rights, but those who act as beasts are the adversaries of men. Learn what is yours and learn what is not yours.


Peace to you sir, if you can find it.

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The mulatto swan, that may just take us all down..this is getting more press and a guy like Trump has loads to lose pressing this issue.

enjoy the following..minds that are open.

one eyed man in land of the blind.

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No he's just a punk  He is Chumbawamba!!

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As if that were a bad thing.

The word "racist" or "racism" didn't even exist until the 1930's.

chumbawamba's picture

No, I'm not a racist, but I do hate niggers.

I am Chumbawamba.

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ou were incognito for awhile. i miss those days. A board, that gernerallt engages in serious discussion, whether people or agrree or not, does not need this type of divise vitriol. Your statements are indefensible. And don't throw some PC BS at me; some things are wrong and are always wrong. But mostly I feel pity for you as hatred corrodes the container it's held in. I hope you change. Yes, you can. How you like them apples?

Rick Masters's picture

You were incognito for awhile. i miss those days. A board, that generally engages in serious discussion, whether people or agree or not, does not need this type of divisive vitriol. Your statements are indefensible. And don't throw some PC BS at me; some things are wrong and are always wrong. This not a black and white issue; the only color I see is so many gray areas and the powers that be are colorblind and see only one portion of the visible light spectrum: green. But mostly I feel pity for you, as hatred corrodes the container it's held in. I hope you change. Yes, you can. How you like them apples? maybe you're being sarcastic. I hope so. You say your not a racist but then say that word. So, do you hate black people? Honestly. Do you believe in white power? If so, please keep your thoughts to yourself so we can continue on this board with our discussions which have been some of the best lately with all that's going on and not be distracted by junk comments. This is a finance sight. Where have you been anyhow Chumba? Seriously. You havent posted forever until recently.

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I had to take some time off to deal with all the ungodly niggers that were polluting my life, including credit card companies, IRS, cops, etc.  And I got booted because I called Marla a cunt.

Tyler let me back on because page views bring ad impressions which equals revenues.  People like to read my comments and I enjoy writing them, and I tend to be rather outspoken so it generates a lot of page views.  I like the trade off because it gives me a forum in which I feel comfortable spewing off over all the the things that piss me off on a daily basis.  Zero Hedge is my release.  Sometimes you are the benefactor of my wisdom, and other times you are the unfortunate recipient of my vitriol.  And you love it.  At least a goodly number of you do.

Yeah, in some cases it has become a schtick.  Because I have fun with it.  But not with nigger.  No, nigger is a more serious thing.  I am very careful whom I call a nigger.  It's a magical word.  It's a special word.  It's a special word for special people, those people being niggers.

I reject your current understand of the word just as I have already rebuked my former understanding of it.  I am now exorcising it in public.  I am beating the soul out of it and will imbue it with a new one.  I am re-purposing an obsolete word and fashioning a new and even more critical meaning for it.  It is now the word we shall use to describe those who fill our lives with their utterly selfish and disgustingly mendacious venality.  The people at all levels who do nothing but put obstacles in our way on the natural path of truth and justice.  And these are not just cliche words I use.  This is what we all strive for, is it not?  Truth and Justice?  We all want truth and justice, for ourselves and others.  If you don't, well then you're a nigger.  That about sums it up.

The cop who forced my neighbor in handcuffs to a psyche ward for overnight observation because she purportedly made a comment about wanting to "end it all" in a dispute with her mother that subsequently stuck her with a $20,000 bill, that's a nigger.

The person that is all about freedom and equality and human rights and donates to humanitarian causes but then begrudges the Palestinians the right to live in their own fucking country on their own fucking land in their own fucking homes, that my friends is a nigger.

The banker who uses his corrupt connections to force the American people to fund his own bailout then nickel and dimes them to death with overdraft fees and other bullshit usury, now that's a nigger.

The leader that can't tell his people the truth even as their lives hang in the balance because he would lose face, that's a nigger.

And the president that unilaterally and un-Constitutionally declares war on another nation and then commits people, equipment and money towards bombing that country and murdering civilians there in my name is a fucking nigger. PERIOD FULL STOP END OF STORY.  Do you got that?  Do you fucking understand?  Am I making myself perfectly fucking clear now?

Nigger is as nigger does, god damn it!  Why are you fucking getting angry with me?


I am Chumbawamba.

Voluntary Exchange's picture


It is one thing to want others to become emotionally involved so they might think, and it is  another thing to goad others into not thinking and behaving like beasts.  Now depending on how I choose to view your words I can understand method as opposed to madness. However, are you willing to alienate those who don't relate like you for reasons you can stay comfortable with?

I can hold a mirror up to you (and of course to myself), but it is you who must look into that mirror.  Life is short, and there are all kinds of folks.  Maybe where you come from you are expressing friendly, warm hearted discourse and you appreciate a good harmless "brawl" powered by emotions, and then again maybe not. Time is valuable so why do you want to do the dance?

chumbawamba's picture

However, are you willing to alienate those who don't relate like you for reasons you can stay comfortable with?

Not at all.  I'm not here to win a popularity contest.  The person I see in the mirror is tired and worn but honest.

How I spend my time is of no concern to you.  You are not my mother, and not even my mother tells me what to do these days.  It's called being an adult.

I am Chumbawamba.

pazmaker's picture

Chumba, now that is the most hilarious post I've seen....  you actually are so delusional that you think you impart wisdom?

Chumbadumba's picture




takinthehighway's picture

Chumba, my friend, I can see where you're coming from. I learned long ago that "niggers come in all colors". The problem I see here is that you're trying to defuse a bomb and use it for a flower pot. As a white Southerner, I am proud of my heritage, yet I will not fly the battle flag, as it is too emotionally charged to allow people to move past their initial reaction to its appearance - hence, I fly the first national flag, which people generally don't recognize and which leads to a history lesson. If your opening statement is offensive, folks will tune out the rest of your message, no matter the content. I would suggest a different perjorative, perhaps taken from another language.

chumbawamba's picture

Nope, that would be a sell-out to a sell-out society.  You will be subjected to that word and it will be countless in number and you will be inured from it or you will go insane trying to avoid it.

Everyone always talks about how we are in a post-racial society and yet the evidence always destroys that silly little argument.  Case in point: this thread.

The problem here, really, is that I dare play with fire and somehow don't get burned by it.  And it pisses you off.  That is a control issue that you must address within yourself.

I am Chumbawamba.

Calmyourself's picture

CHUMBA, your Syrian by birth are you not?  Is there a difference between a Nigger and a black man in your mind? 

Doña K's picture

I think Chumba hates everyone equally. He's fair and balanced

chumbawamba's picture

I am an equal opportunity hater.  Give me a reason to hate you, and I will do it.

I am Chumbawamba.

Voluntary Exchange's picture



Are you always looking for a reason, or do you do other things in your spare time?

caconhma's picture

Even if Chumbawamba is a racist, he is not any different than the entire state of Israel who are American masters.

So, where is a problem?

Alienated Serf's picture

get a new schtick chumba, the N shit is gettin old.

chumbawamba's picture

It hasn't been said enough.

Obama may be half white, but he's all nigger.

I am Chumbawamba.

Alienated Serf's picture

your mother should teach you some new tricks.

chumbawamba's picture

My mother should teach you some new tricks.

I am Chumbawamba.

oygevalt's picture

I think you just called your own mother a whore.  You never cease to amaze.

chumbawamba's picture

No, I didn't.

I am Chumbawamba.

oygevalt's picture

If you can't figure out how it reads... the guy who parodies you as "chumbadumba" has you nailed.

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

I'm not going to defend Chumba's choice of words (I guess there is no Chris Rock crowd here), however it might shock some of you to discover that Chumba, is NOT white. (If being an ol' timer, and my recollection serves).


Chumba likes to shock people into thinking, but I don't agree with his analogy because one shouldn't confuse that with what simple incompetence would explain.