Project VeRA and the Legend of Garrison Satch – Pt 1

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Ah the America I know so well, big people making big plans, drinking fortified *cocaine*wine or other thought accelerating condiments.

Better be careful, that kinda history can melt/blow peoples minds, truly 7th generation hydro super science tokage. 

Skippy...and people wonder why Edison was so prolific in his works ha ha

PS. rating agency's have just been shown to be the actors that they now what is the DJIA really, ooh a gross risk indicator_kinda_ like_ a_ ratings agency...right?

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The more things change, the most they stay the same...

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I hope I'm still alive in 40 years to see what has become of the stinking pile of sh*t this country is rapidly becoming. I don't if I'm more pissed at the brazen criminals or the intentionally asleep-at-the-wheel population of sheeple.

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The new Project VeRA, maybe where some of Intels $ came from

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Intriguing indeed...