Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia

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While the biggest threat to the Middle East region is the possibility that the population of Saudi Arabia may try to imitate what has been happening in the area, thereby bringing total chaos to the established regional geopolitical and more importantly, energy, structure, the first protests in the Saudi Arabia city of Jeddah are already in the books. The clip below shows the peaceful demonstrations that have taken place recently, which as Fedupmontrealer explains are "taking place in front of the Municipality in protest of the severe lack
of infrastructure, and corruption, that led the city to be inundated this week causing billions of dollars of damages for the second time in two years." That this is even occurring in a state where the average wealth is orders of magnitude greater than in Egypt is remarkable. On the other hand, we expect more news such as those from yeserday that Kuwait is paying its citizens $3,500 plus free food for a year to keep calm. Oddly, visions of money dropping helicopters, infinitely extendable unemployment insurance and tax breaks keep dancing in our head. Those who wish to follows the latest developments out of Jedda which appears could be the lightning rod for Saudi riots can do so by tracking #JeddahProtests on Twitter.

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did someone say free food?

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gas, at the pump... in the Kingdom, is $0.25 per gallon? or liter? I think its gallon. so no, it is not gas prices.

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Glad to have blogged about this earlier. 

Now the whopper...Saudi King Abdullah publicly endorses Mubarak!!!


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The King is here in New York... since last month and is not going home (or isnt due too) any time soon. Blog that.

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apples and oranges here. these are a bunch of saudi fat cats, takin' a break from counting their money...


egyptians are the real deal; this i suspect is staged.

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-- Ben Ali takes 1.5 tonnes with him on his way out of Tunisia.

-- DOZENS dead in Egypt.

-- Now Saudi Arabia.

Ruh roh.

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This is a typical lint-headed attempt by the Saudi Royals to discredit any move toward democratization or regime change in the region. If he supports the popular movement in Egypt, then he would have to support one in Saudi Arabia - at least in the eyes of the Saudi people.

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Senility is NOT just a western disease!  Sounds like the good OLD boys club only supports their own!

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It's insane to think you can calm the masses by giving them dollars.  Diluted printed paper promisary dollars, at that.

Gov'ts are so out of touch, it's incredible.  Hyperinflation is upon us.  Plan accordingly.


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Seems to work pretty good here in the US.

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Dollars, perhaps. But giving the masses bread has been very effective at quelling the masses. Western Rome used it two thousand years ago; Eastern Rome followed the example about 500 years later. Both only did so to keep the populace quiet, and to prevent future riots.

One can view it as a tax upon the rich, to keep the poor in line. As I said it was effective.

What we have in the Middle East is being sparked by the food being taken away, via higher prices. People will put up with the Status Quo if they have food. But remove that, and they have nothing left to lose.

You can thank the Fed and the Wall Street gamblers (err, Bankers)  for this one.


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We're giving free food to 43 million people here in this country... that's more than the population of Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia combined.

Seems to be working so far.


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Nobel thought CLaureate. Very interesting to see the food stamp program in that light.

Puts the Kuwaiti offer in a whole new light.

Very strange to see the dynamic in the oil-rich ME nations. For the longest time, they had enough and more to keep their people healthy, wealthy and free to creat for th enext 10 generations. 

Yet they burnt it on extravagant life-styles, impossible projects and back to the banks of the masters, for laundering, cleaning and screwing the world. Makes me wish I'd save all my reading. I'd read an awesome article that dealt with the numbers since the 1970's especially. Mind-boggling. It's the slosh and th epower in the TPTB hands, recycled petro-dollars.


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Hungry people are a lot less angry than full people.


Civilization and anarchy are seven meals apart.

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"Kuwait is paying its citizens $3,500 plus free food for a year to keep calm."

Well, that's one way to look at it.  The other way to see it is that the citizens of Kuwait, unlike most Americans, actually get to share the proceeds from their country's natural resources.  Not unlike Alaska, where state citizens get a share of oil revenue annually.

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is that really a protest or just can't find the wedding??

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I think they're looking for the stoning.

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ha....hilarious, thanks for the laugh.

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Freedom?  Democracy?  Bill of rights? 

No, the greatest gift of the United States to the World is no one else but Ben Shalom Bernanke, plus the Fed's rate setting and money printing committee!


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Thank you KGB!

Thank you BP!!

Thank you FED!

Thank you Bankers!

insert Hillary and Ben joke here about checking the oil...

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If the Al Saud house falls, the world will have to thank the Fed.

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why? the FED needs oil, just like me and you...

KGB... do you know what that means? nooooo?

BP... do you know what that means? nooo?

if you add them together, with an OPEC who has been playing hard ball... it equals...


Putin offers tax breaks for BP deal - Telegraph

Jan 16, 2011 ... Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Putin offers tax breaks for BP deal. Image 1 of 2 . Oil exploration in the US part of the arctic region - BP ... - Add to iGoogle

  • US left wounded as Putin seals BP deal - Telegraph

    Jan 15, 2011 ... Putin offers tax breaks for BP deal. 16 Jan 2011 ... .html

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    Got it, my post was more related to the fact that people living in other parts of the world spend a large percentage of their income for food and with the diarrhea from Ben's butt they find themselves unable to buy food. That is why events are happening in Tunisia, Egypt. IMHO the Fed by controlling the reserve currency made everything expensive and they are to blame.

    Of course, no one is denying that actors on your list.

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    Exactly - rising food prices are contributing factors.  When people are starving, they aren't as willing to accept the status quo.

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    Barry really Fucked up not crippling BP and seizing it's assets and reserves for trashing our Gulf. Now the fucking Russians will own the prize

    Thanks Barry

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    Blaming Bernanke for the revolt against authoritarian governments in the middle east is absurd.  It was an unsustainable situation in most of these countries anyway, inflation was just the last straw.  This is just the chickens coming home to roost after decades of bogus foreign policy by both Britain and the US.  It all may end up for the best.  People are talking about their rights, not about jihad.

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    Lord, you & a few others miss the point...

    Don't you ask yourself "Why NOW"?

    No one's saying it's BB in a vacuum but people can put up with totalitarianism for decades as long as they can EAT....Let's face it, Bernanke is a shitty SimCity player.

    I'm personally thrilled to see the wheels coming off the camel.....people power & "consent of the governed" and all that. I'd just wish the dumfuks in O's admin. would get on the People's side asap (yes, even if those people are Muslims). It's the blindingly obvious thing to do...AND, as usual, it's the Right thing to do.

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    Ben's ignorance is most certainly a condition that is affecting the current actions and outcomes, that can not be disputed. Is it all Ben's fault? Of course not.

    But the Princeton-ite is just following script per his thesis: bail out the banks at ANY cost. When he had his head buried in his school books and his myopic thesis, he was not counting on the unintended consequences of his actions.

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    These cascading protests throughout the Middle East remind me of the cascading protests throughout Eastern Europe as a different empire lost control of its outlying puppet states.

    Good Riddance, Empire. Good Luck, Egypt. I hope you get something better than another satrapy.

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    If there is a major 'structural disruption' in Saudi Arabia, we'll be in an economic depression faster than The Bernank can say "I'm 100% confident I have the tools to effectively combat this," with a cracking voice projected through quivering lips and  nervous, flinching facial twitches.

    This is NOT circa-1979 America, which still had a meaty and vibrant manufacturing base, relatively low debt levels, and far fewer stuctural issues of today (thanks, in part, to people like Greenspan and Bernanke).

    And beside, what will he do? Lower the overnight Fed Funds Rate?? Buy more treasuries from the Squid and other PDs? Buy more MBS?

    He's on warp drive already.

    Way to leave yourself some tools (not), Ben Bernankicide!

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    These two books are written about 20 years apart, but I think they are the best works to allow Westerners understand the origin and the current state of Saudi Arabia.  One of the key points to remember is that the wealth of the country is concentrated in a very limited number of hands.  The majority are excluded, unemployment is a serious issue and most that have jobs are stuck in pointless state jobs.  The other thing it shares with Egypt, is while the leadership frets over Iran (Sunni leaders see a joint mission to stamp out the Shia herecy), the common man has an obsessive hatred of Israel and the Western nations that support it.  



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    [This is NOT circa-1979 America, which still had a meaty and vibrant manufacturing base, relatively low debt levels, and far fewer stuctural issues of today...]---TruthInSunshine

    I agree. If anyone tries telling you that today's problems are comparable to those in the 1970's, run as fast as you can from them. They have no idea what's going on. And, they cannot be convinced otherwise.

    Oh, and your first paragraph was priceless! Love a good tie-in. Thanks, Sunshine.


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    Bens problem is a similar to mine in most of his tools are made in China and are not worth the price of shipping.


    bunkermeatheadprogeny's picture

    "Kuwait is paying its citizens $3,500 plus free food for a year to keep calm"

    U.S. version is food stamps and "earned income" credit

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    the quality of life in the Mid East... has fallen, faster than the median quality of life here.. since the 1950's 60's...




    The average (I dont know where the source is, or I would have posted it) of the 1970's was $30k per head... down to $17k per head (ruffly), sprinkle some inflation on top and they are a poor people.


    If you think Saudi will not burn? or that this was not cooked up a while ago.. you are wrong.

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    "The Quality of Life in the Middle East has fallin"

    ...Which makes Canada's Four Western Provinces, led by Vancouver BC as the safest Haven in the World...hands down..a plethora of natural resources, w/ only 12.5 million citizens!...

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    I would have to point you in the direction of Argentina. :-)

    hugovanderbubble's picture

    Oil looking for 200$, in a super spike

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    helicopter been is flyin over kuwait and givin them money and food?  what the fuck why cant he fly over my house

    wcvarones's picture

    Zimbabwe Ben meets the Kingston Trio: They're rioting in Africa.

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    Godspeed to all our brothers and sisters yearning to be free.  


    UninterestedObserver's picture

    You are referring to your fellow Americans correct?

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    Living standards are declining in Saudi Arabia, and the wealth is seriously polarized. The population is restive and largely uneducated, the monarchy is extremely unpopular, and 48% of the 20-24 year olds is unemployed, and 31% of the 25-29 year olds. Furthermore, riots are outright illegal, and are usually clamped down hard upon.

    If it kicks off here, oil will fucking spike.

    DoChenRollingBearing's picture

    That is my understanding as well.

    The (large) Saudi royal family has all they want.  But, there are LOTS of unemployed (& unemployable) young men who have jack squat.  I guess majoring in Islamic Studies there in Riyadh (etc.) was not such a great decision, eh Mohammad?

    Oh, and Shi'ites in eastern S.A., right where the oilfields are.

    Saudi Arabia has been a bomb waiting to off for years.  Maybe this year?

    Lord Koos's picture

    Except for the monarchy bit, much of this could/will apply to America.

    gorillaonyourback's picture

    does anybody feel that twitter is just a cia propaganda machine?