Protests Spread To Vietnam

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After protests recently shifted to Korea, they have now migrated to very tightly controlled Vietnam (and some were wondering what the reason for the orchestrated take down of rice in the past week was), in the first public demonstration by unhappy farmer against the controlling regime in many years. In the meantime, as the media blackout over developments in Korea, Bahrain and just as importantly Algeria continues (not to mention China), keeping in mind that as Nomura predicted, a shut down in Algerian and Libyan oil production is all that is needed for crude to hit $220, we now look forward to Venezuela to join the revolutionary ranks, with the culmination being when Afghanistan and Pakistan, and associated nukes, go in play.

In the meantime, the rough rice non-commercial speculators refuse to give up over what is now a blatant attempt by the commercials to suppress the price of rice. One day we hope to get Wikileaks or someone else to disclose just how much pressure China put on JP Morgan to keep Rice at ridiculously low levels in light of the action in other commodities.

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Afghanistan has nukes? Don't you mean Pakistan?

India will handle that.

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They have opium, the lazy man's nuke

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India will turn Pakistan into a sea of glass.

People will have to get their smack from Asia, like old times.

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I was referring to Afghan opium.  That opium is one of the reasons why there will be no revolution in the ole' USA.  See we use that opium to make vicodin, percocet,morphine,dilaudid, demerol  etc.  A large part of the american population is drugged with such "medications".

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And people claim we are not getting a return on investment.


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I'm a little young yet to partake of the Medicare Part D bonanza.

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just stop working and soon you'll qualify for medicaid

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That Venezuela comment is not that far off.  A friend came back from visiting his family in Guatamala.  He said a load of bread was about $7.50 (USD).

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""A friend came back from visiting his family in Guatamala.  He said a load of bread was about $7.50 (USD).""

...and various foods in Cosco's up here have jumped 10% overnight.

Revolutions are a direct result of the non availability of Basic Food, Food and the cost of basic Food...

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Went to bed thursday night and mogas was $2.99/gal. Wake up Friday morning to $3.19/gal. At noon today, some stations raised it to $3.21 befor noon. This afternoon, it hit $3.25. That's more than a $0.25 hike in less than 48 hours. I'm in the Gulf South, two hours inland and the only thing I can compare this to is a hurricane.

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In these programs, Medicaid investigators pose as beneficiaries to probe providers suspected of fraud and abuse. States have been able to identify and correct a number of instances of providers not complying with Medicaid policies through these projects.



Medicaid agencies have established a number of mechanisms to monitor and control drug utilization within the program. Some of these mechanisms include requiring prior-authorization for certain classes of prescription drugs, performing utilization reviews on services provided, limiting the number of prescription drugs available in certain classes, and implementing Preferred Drug Lists for beneficiaries. These policies limit beneficiary access to drugs with high potential for abuse, and allow agencies to flag cases where exceptional treatments have been prescribed or acquired.


Freakin' party poopers.

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Afghan has Opium but US has Hopium, it's more potent in many ways.

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Opioids wear off in a couple of hours.  Hopium wears off with disillusionment.

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An alarming 1/3 of the US voting population, now termed obamasuckers, lack the gene that naturally flushes Hopium from the brain.  As a result, a single hit of Hopium can cause them to remain hopped-up for years, even decades, regardless of the administration of the primary known antidotes, Truth and Reality.

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obamasuckers having replaced the bushsuckers 

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Gaddafi said the revolution is fueled by drugs...several warehouses full with amphetamines were was also reported that he opened the weapons dumps for "the people" to fight it out...just heard it on the news...very modern indeed (sarc)

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24 hour terra warning level red and waiting 

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In grad school for engineering I sat in on a lecture by two professors from texas a & m. They modeled atmospheric permeation of atomic fallout due to nuclear mutually assured destruction scenario between India and Pakistan. Their assumptions were that each possessed only 50 nukes, each nuke had the same yield as that dropped on Hiroshima, and all weapons detonated within the geographic borders of both countries within the span of 24 hours.

Their simulation showed that within 28 days the fallout would completely cover the earth between latitudes +60 and -60.

I hope you can therefore understand why every nuke is everybody's concern.

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by philgramm
on Sat, 02/26/2011 - 14:46

They have opium, the lazy man's nuke



Food Stamps and Danzig wiff da Starz! BITCHEZZZZZZZ!!!!!


Un-Employment Benefits / Checks to Infinitimmy and Beyond!

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True dat!!!!  We got welfare for the ultra rich and the ultra poor.  Better choose which group you can join because being in the middle is getting harder and harder.

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Anyone got any theories on how this will affect World of Warcraft gold markets for Americans?

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More un-rest would / should equal higher prices... but in a World of Make Believe, anything is possible.


But, Nam is Communist... so are they (being the thier goobermint) going to encourage the farmers they just evicted off of thier own farm land to buy Gold like in China??? I will go out on a limb and say no, thats no going to happen... of course I could be wrong.

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I worked on the original WoW in a former life; when they start firebombing ISPs, it will be very difficult to get your twink on.


Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

When "they" start firebombing ISPs. Wink, wink. When I start firebombing ISPs.

I've been listening to the Charlie Sheen interview again (1 2 3). I'm starting to hear it more and more as both CS and AJ telling people between the lines "it's Apocalypse now" "get strong" "don't be in the middle" "reject Hollywood, reject everything but what you trust". Anyway, here's a quote from CS:

2 (start at 4:00 for fuller context)

If you're a part of my family, I will love you violently. If you infiltrate and try to hurt my family, I will murder you violently. the Infowar?

...(puase) the Infowar. Yes.


2 ( start at 10:45 for fuller context)

I'll reach out to him right now! Let's hook up and just bring fiery death.

...and you mean fiery death to lies and propaganda and hypocrisy?

Yeah. But see look at how they've gotten into YOUR brain, dude. Now we have to, like, qualify everything. I don't know. "Fiery death!" man. And let them figure it out! If it comes from the sky or from my HEART, it's gonna have the same level of destruction.

And here's a quote from something else:

You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fuckin' khakis.

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You tell me it's the institution

Well you know

You better free your mind instead


I've met God across his long walnut desk with his diplomas hanging on the wall behind him, and God asks me, "Why?"  Why did I cause so much pain?  Didn't I realize that each of us is a sacred, unique snowflake of special unique specialness?  Can't I see how we're all manifestations of love?  I look at God behind his desk, taking notes on a pad, but God's got this all wrong.  We are not special.  We are not crap or trash, either.  We just are.  We just are, and what happens just happens.  And God says, "No, that's not right."  Yeah.  Well.  Whatever.  You can't teach God anything. - Chuck P

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Points considered. Thanks to you.

On the other hand, I'll be a lot less edgy when the telco's and the data-masters and the DoD and the CIA and the NSA and any corp I've left out all come clean about their psy-opery and their media manipulation. I don't take kindly to being boiled like a frog in a pot, while they set fire to the house around me.

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Bro... its just warm bath water... no worries... enjoy a nice warm bath, why not just take a nap... it will be over soon...

3:06 is the best I could do... I wanted Buggs Bunny in a stew pot, but it is what it is.

Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

Charlie was also way high on drugs, IMO.

edit: and Alex Jones looked as sponsored and scripted as Letterman.

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Hm.... then the price for rice may definitely goes up.  Vietnam is one of the biggest rice producing countries.

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Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia are really experiencing severe droughts because China is building a dam to divert the water from the Mekong river back into China.

The place where they are building the dam is also a dispute point with India and China because it's not fully clear who ownes the part in the Himalay where they are building it.

I've seen this with my own eyes 2 years ago and it's VERY scary to see.

Water levels on the Mekong are down 12 meters in the last 5 years.


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Good tip, SD.  Used to be "follow the money", I think new paradigm is "follow the water" tho "follow the river" sounds like a great book title.

Another old saying that is probably done, "you can't eat gold".  To be replaced by "you can't drink oil".

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alrighty then.This person is in, off rant mode. We can read some links and enjoy the company!

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You're making this tooo eaaasyyyyy....

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Wait a minute this can't be true because future world leader wonderful China is only spreading love and happiness around the world no way they would steal the water upstream from good friend and neighbor Vietnam woud they? I swear some cranky dude yesterday was selling love beads for China how everybody hates usa but loves China.


Reality - they are working on starving their old enemies the Vietnamese. Am I the only one who remembers China's failed border dispute [read war] with little ole Vietnam back in the 1970's? Payback time it appears.


The Sino–Vietnamese War (Vietnamese: Chi?n tranh biên gi?i Vi?t-Trung), also known as the Third Indochina War, known in the PRC as ??????? (duì yuè zìwèi f?nj? zhàn) (Counterattack against Vietnam in Self-Defense) and in Vietnam as Chi?n tranh ch?ng bành tr??ng Trung Hoa (War against Chinese expansionism), was a brief but bloody border war fought in 1979 between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The PRC launched the offensive in response to Vietnam's 1978 invasion and occupation of Cambodia, which ended the reign of the PRC-backed Khmer Rouge.

After a brief incursion into Northern Vietnam, PRC troops withdrew about a month later. Both China and Vietnam claimed victory in the last of the Indochina Wars of the twentieth century; however, since Vietnamese troops remained in Cambodia until 1989 it can be said that the PRC failed to achieve the goal of dissuading Vietnam from involvement in Cambodia. However, China achieved its strategic objective of reducing the offensive capability of Vietnam along the Sino-Vietnam border by implementing a scorched earth policy. China also achieved another strategic objective of demonstrating to its Cold War foe, the Soviet Union, that they were unable to protect their Vietnamese ally. As many as 1.5 million Chinese troops were stationed along China's borders with the USSR and were prepared for a full-scale war against the USSR.

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I studied this as part of my grad thesis.  The Mekong Delta waters naturally rise and fall annually sometimes 2m.. i did a time lapse of satellite data.. looks like the delta is on fire in dry season and flooded 2m in wet season.  amazing place. thrives on this annual pulse of nutrients that are brought into the delta through the flooding.

The damming will (has? )change(d?) all that. Amazing case of some kind of skewed destruction of commons. I met some old timers deep in the Mekong still wearing their black pj's.  Bet they know how to handle that dam.

Interesting guy Mick O'shea KAYAKED down the whole Mekong from the source in china to raise awareness of this.  Insane adventure, as he had to sneak through parts of the PRC.

Mekong really an amazing place.. the people that live in/around it are pretty amazing as well.

This is beyond a bummer.  Gulf of Mexico+

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i sit here today and i wish to extend my hope and prayers, along with my respect to all of those who are standing in a line in overthrow of central governments.  no matter what they are labeled. 


i salute their spirit and their courage and send my moral support.


someday i fear we will be in the same position, and i hope i have the courage and force of will that they are showing all the world.


god be with them all.

Newsboy's picture

Vietnam, I can believe. This "Jasmine Revolution" in China smells fishy to me, like a chance for the government to round up liver donors.

chinaguy's picture

The "Jasmine Revolution" in China hadn't a chance....NONE. the new middle & rich classes are 100% co-opted...and the newsfeeds, Twitter, whatever, are 100% controlled...unless you specifically connected to WSJ or whatever in China, you would NEVER have know it was even a "thing" because it was 100% not available in China...and the new rich & middle classes are NOT going to rock the boat & in China...the "poor"...well...fuck 'em.

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Wow, Vietnam. More Tea Partiers popping up everywhere.

Vietnamese really deserve a lot better than they got.

Yen Cross's picture

Grow up junior spalding!

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Destabilizing two regions is a silent monetary proxy war. At some point, North America will be told that the Constitution & present financial model has run its course. Central planners will institute emergency measures to transition the new system.

pods's picture

I would tend to disagree with that one.  The system the US has setup at the moment is almost perfect. If it wasn't for the simple law of exponents in a finite system problem, the moneychangers would be good for millenia.

How many people do you see drive around with the "God Bless America" bumper stickers?  Cry when they see the flag or hear the anthem?

Sorry, this system is as perfect a system as one can have in an imperfect world.  When I say perfect, I mean for the ones who own it.  And it ain't you or me.


None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Moe Howard's picture

Sadly, what you say is all too true. Why would the banksters suspend a constitution they already don't use? It is like  those state laws on the books that you must take a bath once a year or nobody can own more than 3 buggywhips. They just don't follow it. Shoot, during the private healthcare takeover they said as much. The black members of the gang don't try to pretend that they are following thier oath.



<HELP> for explanation

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+1. The system is good. That's why they intend to take it down.

Hang The Fed's picture

Governments collapsing, commodities soaring, propaganda desperately trying to hold together the last illusions of stability...mark me when I say that we really are witnessing the death-rattle of global society.  I hold very little in the way of belief that we won't be driven back to the damn-near stone-age.  Every thermodynamic system seeks its own equilibrium.  Where we find ourselves now is in a moment at which our system has been squeezed from one side so fiercely that it must pop.  The kinetic backlash when that happens, in response to decades if not centuries, of gradually applied pressure will come back like a will happen so rapidly that what we've built over generations will come undone in the blink of an eye, by comparison.

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As if Mother Nature herself were saying, "Model THIS, Bitchez!"