Q4 Hedge Fund Hotel Update: Apple Is Now Held By A Record 195 Hedge Funds

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The one company that will, without a shadow of a doubt, blow up the entire market should it finally reverse its trend of near exponential growth in recent months, and which has recently started indicating some (very) modest pricing weakness, is now held by more hedge funds than ever before. According to the just released Hedge Fund tracker from Goldman Sachs, Apple is now owned by 195 hedge funds, compared to 190 in Q3 as previously reported, and 181 before that. The world's biggest hedge fund hotel is filled to the brim. These fast money, marginal price determining buyers (and, yes, sellers) now hold 4% of the $332 billion equity cap. And with a solid 12% YTD return in the name, not to mention a negligible 1% short interest of market cap, the time to move on to greener pastures may be approaching. For now, all funds are docile and very well behaved participants in the game theory "don't sell" prisoner's dilemma. Yet with every dollar upside we are getting closer the first imminent defection. And a stock which can crash 10% on the merest hint of the passage of its founder, a stock which in turn accounts for 20% of the Nasdaq, and thus is a driver the ES and the global stock market, means that the continued meltup of the global stock market continues to rest on the shoulders of a sick man. That our regulators allow this is criminal and beyond reproach. But that's ok: it's all because of their prohibitively low budget. After all, how many bangbus subscriptions can $1 billion annual budget really buy?

Stocks held by the largest number of very fast money hedge funds.

We will bring all the important findings from Goldman's latest hedge fund update report shortly.


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disabledvet's picture

Explain to me again the reality behind "flash crashes"?

kinetik's picture

It's when the girls who are being picked up by the Bang Bus guys stop accepting US dollars as payment.

TBT or not TBT's picture

I can't believe he soiled the name of bangbus by mentioning it in connection with this sordid tale.

snowball777's picture

Not bad for a one-handed typist, but you misspelled 'tail'.

Hollow_Point's picture

Remember Nortel...I'm not saying Apple is Nortel, but at the time, it was the TSE.

Azannoth's picture

So when Steve Jobs has a heart attack Wall Street will bite the dust

Bearster's picture

What exactly is it that Regulators are not supposed to allow--and what sort of insane One Ring Powers are we supposed to give them so that they have the means to not allow it??

Zero Govt's picture

+1  Bearster

.....what has regulation added to anything but a sack full of red tape and another layer of incompetent midget-porn surfing crones while they don't do their job

AccreditedEYE's picture

Did someone mention The One Ring?

born2bmild's picture

Apple, rated worst multinational polluter 2010, you thought it would be BP didn't you? : http://www.naturalnews.com/031082_iPhone_pollution.html

I love that I can read all about this on my (last) mac...


ZeroPower's picture

means that the continued meltup of the global stock market continues to rest on the shoulders of a sick man.


Ill disagree with this; Jobs has been away before and AAPL did fine. Moreover, the reaction of Jobs indefinite departure this time round was quickly bought back up by people buying shares at, what was assumed to be, a discount after their earnings.

I hate to sound like such a perm-aapl-bull, but this is simply the case with the company. Jobs could announce he's never coming back on Tuesday, and after an overreaction by machines and momos, i guarantee within a few weeks a new 52 will be made in the stock.

GlassHammer's picture

Makes me wonder how hedge fund managers are able to pitch a "unique strategy" when data like this indicates a massive herd mentality.


Leo Kolivakis's picture

Take it from me, the "majority" of hedge fund managers are full of shit, glorified asset gathers who use slick marketing to accumulate assets, thus collecting 2% on a large asset base, ignoring the 20% performance fee. It's stupid to focus on the majority. As for AAPL, it's not just hedge funds that own it. EVERYBODY owns it. It's a great company but right now I prefer RIMM. Tyler et al. should stop posting what the "majority of hedge funds" are doing and start focusing on what the top funds are doing (I can list 10 off the top of my head and most are closed to new investors).

Dr. Porkchop's picture

Don't speak ill off AAPL, it's a terrorist act. After they get through blacklisting Meredith Whitney, they'll come for you.

Azannoth's picture

"Apple - we can charge you more because we pay our Chineese workers less"

snowball777's picture

You're right. I should buy an American made computer from...?

Zero Govt's picture

Azannoth and Born2bmild

you wanna tot up how many Govt murders, robs, cons and puts out of work while you're both playing the violins? Doing anything about it!

you don't like Apples business model buy elsewhere but save me the ear ache.

Peace & Love 

snowball777's picture

Nice! Extra credit for having a GPIB to attach toys to.

But the industrial engineering that goes into the Mac Pro is still pretty sweet (slide out daughter card for adding 16G of mem without swearing, for example).

snowball777's picture

And so was Jan 18, and last Nov, and...

ZeroPower's picture

Yup. Intermediate drop down to the 50DMA at best - nothing more.


Translational Lift's picture

Lets see who's left standing when the music stops......

Interestinger and interestinger..........  '>)

Muir's picture



"After all, how many bangbus subscriptions can $1 billion annual budget really buy?"





Bang Bus has been reviewed by numerous porn review sites. It holds a current score of 92 out of 100[6] on Rabbits Reviews and 87 out of 100 [7] on Nude Reviews and 82.3 out of 100 [8] on Top Porn.__


Depends really.

snowball777's picture

I'd rather smoke POT.

And look at those perfectly hedged ('hedge' fund, get it?) Yahooohoooos.

snowball777's picture

When you can snatch your pebbles from your hand...

onarga74's picture

I watch it all day. QE 19 Ben Dover did a little flash crash test a week ago to give the algo's some much needed info on what liquidity this beast would need.  After the tabloid pictures I haven't heard anything about his appearance but I think it's fair to say that it's soon.  Great guy...always nice to leave a legacy.

falak pema's picture

I've never had another lap top in my life other than Apple. It goes back to 1992!

But I won't buy their IPad as its a monopoly media instrument. I loved them when they were contrarian and went against the Microsoft mantra : be kings of software, not hardware+software packaged as magic! They went for solutions, and what solutions! 3% of the market and Apple users felt like elegant kings facing the PC horde. Now...all that has changed. Although I immensely respect, admire, Steve Jobs. But the wheel turns and kings become Emperors. I hate emperors...

Common_Cents22's picture

If those hedgies are smart they should band together and declare themselves TBTF in apple.   They should tell that to geithner and the bernank.   Anything happens to apple and we all blow up and take the rest of you with us.    Iphone and ipad for everyone! to the moon!  


hey cool, i filed for UE and got an iphone!

hey, i got an ipad with my new SNAP card!


falak pema's picture

Apple...now the soul of the oligarchic plutocracy...along with Facebook...and Monsanto...and..GS...and ...MS/Intel...and...whoever Buffet plays bridge with...and Gates invites to Africa...and Lady Gaga takes her panties off for...I may be wrong on this last hedge...

snowball777's picture

Yeah, it's telling that Obama came to the SF Bay Area (disrupting Fed-Ex deliveries due to fucking with SFO, no less) to talk to Google, Apple, etc this week.

Looks like the "Son of the Fatherland Investment Act" is a go!

flavian's picture

Remeber Sony in the late 90s ?

<a href=http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_9V75vqxhJKw/TVJ-sP745nI/AAAAAAAAATE/2tIH2fLxhD...'s a comparison</a>... :)

CharliePrince's picture

so its good to own apple..ok  sure

NotApplicable's picture

After all, how many bangbus subscriptions can $1 billion annual budget really buy?

Damn, these captchas are more challenging by the day.