QE2 Trashing Trifecta: Peter Orszag Joins Gross and Grantham

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"Because for all those who believe that the Fed has found religion and thinks a strong dollar is a matter of policy, we have two words: "Wake up."


Exactly. A lot of lateral passes happening at once

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Two Words: Ramp Time

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Yep; sentiment changed a little after 2 in the market.  Now the market is pricing in QE2 is bad.  Market is headed up.

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And note the volume surge at 2:40 as well when the market started it's upward charge. The game is in full effect.

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Agreed, Mr. Gross can now wear this name tag to his parties

Hello my name is:

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Like I said this morning, this is a simply a game with the market playing upon QE2 vs. economic news bullshit. Today's mantra was "maybe we don't need QE2 after all". So the market sells off. The whole point is to get in lower, right?

So, now the buyers come in knowing that QE2 will indeed be implemented and they will act surprised by the size of it at the announcement and it will be a buyer frenzy. Follow the bouncing ball. Pretty easy when you do.

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Stop junking Harry.

He's actually making pretty good sense.

And I agree with him.


(ok, you can junk me now:)

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I only junked you to make you happy. I'll be number 3.

Edit: Make that 6!

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There's an intentional effort to keep things at 1185 until Nov 3.  This makes me think there's an intentional effort to crash the markets after that.

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Don't be surprised to see 1150 by QE2 announcement. That sets up nicely at support and gives a base for the rally that will ensue when QE2 is much bigger than what the players ratcheted it down to to create the "surprise" on Wed.

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Really agree with this statement.

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Ramp time?   As in building a ramp to jump the shark?

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This might explain why I'm shelling out more green paper nowadays for a few rolls of toilet paper. I'd like a few rolls of extra scratchy, please.

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But Turbo timmy did say we have a strong dollar policy rite?

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this is a set up, a pre text so ben can do less and argue he is responsive

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OK say its all a set up so that Ben can do less, but big has already been priced in, so how is that dealt with?

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All the rats diving off the ship...those watching them from the Titanic deck sipping their free drinks have concluded it as a positive sign. After all, the pumps always keep well ahead of the incoming rush of seawater, thats a widely known supposition. And besides, the Titanic was already deemed 'unsinkable'.

Those of us already in the lifeboats watching from a distance snicker.

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I wonder what'd be most appropriate for this situation, guns or gold?

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It's about time for the end of day pump, can't have a down market.

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all these liberals that promote and vote for crazed left wingers and then, act surprised when they win, implement insane policy and the wheels come off.

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Hey look everyone, a troll!

Get in line, I'm going first:


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I thought his post was pretty good myself. Political ideology is just for controlling the sheeple, always has been.

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Less for controlling, more for confusing. Works, too.

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I called a troll a "Streaker" a week or so back. RockyRaccoon agreed, saying they bust in, show their ass and then quickly leave, usually never to be seen again on that thread.

May I suggest we call them "Streakers' for the asses they are as well as the ass they show on the way out the door

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I concur. partisan hack.

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I like that.


Partisan hack!  F@ck the demoscum and rethuglicans!

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Theyre just a bunch of crooks with no real ideals other than getting into the best place to steal from. Now they sense heat and trouble coming, so theyre slithering off into the corner. 

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AND dumping their outer ranks...I think a lot of the comfy CEO's who believe themselves to be well-insulated are going to be tossed aside like so much rubbish, and we'll wake up to a day in which all of industry, society, and policy is a function of a hybrid communist-fascist junta.

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Don't you know by using the word 'liberal' ' .. you're offending the morons?  Better to exchange Liberal for Internationalist--- Globalist dreamers.

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Not a moron. Patriot. Patriotism transcends politics. Blame one group over another and all you do is get j6p to kill his neighbor. Which is what the King wants. The little people kill each other until they are bled to exhaustion and the King sits in his castle and laments the bloodshed over another glass of the Lafitte '87.

This is why you are a corporatist tool and an enemy of democracy. Not because I say so, and not because our politics differ, but because you are here to make sure the King wins.

You are on the wrong side. Sucks to be you.

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Amazing how they get religion once they have some skin in the game.

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QE 2 or 5 or 10 should by any measure be consider a human rights violation of the highest magnitude. But of course, our own government nor the unaccountable Federal Reserve could ever be guilty of human rights violations, especially when it comes to it's own citizens.

The world is still just a series of plantations liked by culture and geography. The only difference is that in first world countries, the slaves sincerely believe they are free. This has dramatically increased productivity of the slave population to the ever lasting delight of the slave owners/controllers/masters. Now that the system is coming apart at the seams, the last thing to do before crashing the system and starting anew is to strip the slave population of any remaining wealth.

As insulting as the above description may be to the readers sensibilities, how much more insulting is the behaviour of those who we supposedly elect to "serve" us nor those unelected, and thus eminently more powerful, masters of the universe who rape us? 

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I second that, it's all coming together ..... unfortunately, for we surfs ....Pm's are our only hope for the other side.

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I just finished reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman today and this missive of yours reminds me of that book.



schoolsout's picture

I just finished reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman today and this missive of yours reminds me of that book.

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To bolster the economy, we need a three-part shift in policy:

    · more fiscal expansion (read: more stimulus) now;

    · much more deficit reduction, enacted now, to take effect in two to three years; and


Now I'm no ex-CBO chief, but what the hell is this?  Expand fiscal spending while also reduce the deficit??  Spend more but spend less??  Ya know, if this cast of characters wasn't leading the U.S. to what will probably be the darkest decade in the history of developed civilization, I'd laugh at how brain-dead the "debate" has become.

Both as a citizen and veteran, I used to feel anguish and pity for what the elite have done to America.  But now that it's been two years and the people haven't lifted a finger to take regulators, officials, representatives, or the administration to task, the buck now stops at the U.S. people.  No more sympathy.

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Well it's the same trap set by the corrupt in Washington, and it goes something like this:

"We need to borrow into the future to solve today's problems by spending."

Sorry.  That hourglass is almost empty.

The time for deficit reduction is NOW, not 2-3 years in the future.  There's going to need to be a HUGE shift in budget priorities to pull that rabbit out of the hat.

I have absolutely no confidence it will happen. 

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· an improvement in the relationship between business and government


Is there any reason why this matters?  Business is getting tons of free money from the government right now.  Improved in what way Mr. Orzag?  You mean government isn't captured by business enough as it is?


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You mean government isn't captured by business enough as it is?

Maybe in the good old days. Nowadays it is an unholy alliance like that between the Church and Feudal Lords to ensure we poor serfs remain bound and in service to both.


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How could the relationship between big business and govt be any cozier? What Orzag calling for here, Obama to actually blow Blankfein right on national TV?

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I think it would be better characterised as "69."

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Generalize much? ....only the businesses with something to offer in a quid pro quo arrangement (Google, GM, GE, GSE's, GenDynamics, Goldman and other money center banks/brokerages, etc.) are chugging from the trough of as yet uncollected taxes. Btw, what's with all the G's.

Bidness <> inherently bad.    

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Down markets are a thing of the past, up is the new market.

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with all the rats jumping ship it may be time to discreetly head for the lifeboats.

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The Fed will now try to split the baby.  They're still doing QE2, but they're going to sell it like it's no big deal.  "Just a test program.  A little per month."

The rhetoric of "disappointment" might shake the market for a while, but the effect of pumping in $100 billion per month will be the same.