Quantitative Easing Explained

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QE explained in such a brilliantly simplistic manner that even asleep-at-the-wheel Americans whose lives revolve around the NFL team they call god can understand what it is.



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If wealth can be created just by printing (or clicking in this case) currency and give it to the government to spend into a real-life physical economic world of people’s blood and sweat, then there is no need for industry, for tax collection, for education, for creativity and innovation. .

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Quantitative easing most certainly will increase political pressures on the Fed. Given the breathtaking manner in which they have departed from their original mission to promote price stability, and the morally dubious effort to "rescue" the economy at the expense of savers and retirees, opprobrium is not only to be expected, but, in my opinion, deserved


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This whole cartoon thing has changed how I think of the word `the`.

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What say ye about this take on it (Posted on Schiff's Facebook page via a member): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcEkCUmo47A&feature=related

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LOL! I am going to send this link around! Perhaps it might help some people understand.

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 Judging by the number of viewer "hits", so far, so good.

 But if the medium is at all effective,  expect the powers behind the MSM to attempt to drown out any rational voices with a flood of counter-videos praising the current system and its rulers.

 In short, we may soon bemoan the future use of cartoon "education" for the people by the ruling powers.

Hope I'm wrong, but:


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The fact that the video continues to use the innocuous phrase " Quantitative EASING", and do not asnwer the accusation TO WHY THEY BUY FROM tHE "gOLDMAN sACHS", essentially giving money away for nothing, tells us that this video has no credibility.

If they did they'd say, "We here at the FED are essentially giving trillions of dollars to the likes of Lloyd Blankfein first cashes a $100,000,000 bonus check for himself for running a company that failed".


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Those in favor of the QE2 + "Fed balance sheet maintenance" ($900B, not $600B to end of 2Q) point to lowered borrowing costs as a primary benefit to the citizens and economy...Hows that working out???  10yr T looks likely to move over 3% hurdle this morning.  Mortgage rates spiking up to 3month highs and likely to keep going.  But the Ben said this "QE would push long term rates down even though they are already very low further stimulating the economy".  And hows that dollar debasement going?  Looks like big Agriculture and those exporters we have are making tons of money but anybody see imports going down???  No, that's because we don't have a manufacturing base to make most that stuff.  So, we'll fill the pockets of big ag while simultaneously passing on higher costs for all goods.

Refi's will be falling off a cliff, home prices will be falling further exacerbating underwaters and FC's...and we get to pay $900B for this.

So, minus the primary positive impact of this policy...what is left but pass throughs and higher input costs squeezing margins??? 

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I hear that this video is really pissing the elites off.

No mention of The Brian Sack though.

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I missed it last weekend so I'm glad it's playing again.


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Will the filmmaker be up for a Nobel Prize in Economics? He's certainly more deserving than The Barak Obama.

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Watch those NFL cracks, muh man!

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NFL cheerleaders are always being watched.

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To find out more about the Imminent Collapse of the Global Economy, watch this video "Wall Street Thieves, Bailouts Galore, Broken America" at (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I93dzfs8WIc).

by Anonymous

The United States economy is rotten at the core and has been stolen from the American people by the Wall Street Thieves that drove the Titanic into the iceberg in the first place!!

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At risk of repeating, the Ben Bernank is doing exactly what he was hired to do, while supposedly attempting to save the economy: Making Goldman Sucks' partners and other primary dealers even more wealthy.

When he pauses to think if the FED was ever right about anything I would remove the "NO" and insert a "yes"  dialog that makes it very clear just WHO the Ben Bernank and The Dudley are there to serve.

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SmartKnowlegeau, the investment outfit that offers "Wealth Secret" Memberships for a mere $9,395 brings us a link to a QE video for all those ignorant, asleep at the wheel Americans who love their sports.

Ignorance does indeed abound.  But it's really a matter of perspective:

For example:  Who would you consider to be a more ignorant, "asleep at the wheel" moron:

The guy who works at a physically demanding job or a tedious, yet emotionally draining job who uses sports as an escape valve; 


The guy who would pay $9,395 for the SmartKnowledeau Platinum Crisis Investing Memmbership (or the guy who would pony up $4,025 for the SmartKnowledgeau Wealth Secrets Membership for that matter)?? 

Sorry, but I would far more trust the insights of the most hard core Jets fan, who spends his hard earned cash attending a ball game with family and real-life, non-virtual freinds...who views economics through the prism of players salaries, concession prices and whether or not chasing a 3 game parlay is sound money management, than some idiot, who plunked down almost 10k to get "Wealth Secret"  insights from SmartKnowlegeau on Quantitative Easing.


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Give the guy credit though, how would he have faired had he named it:





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SKU has the tremendous ability to distill events from 1 paragraph down to a novel. I rarely can make it 1/3 the way through his posts..

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Your point about the S.K.U. is well taken, though I am not sure the comment you point to is pointed against working-class Americans. There are plenty of 'white-collar' zombies working cushy office jobs who have little interest in the world outside their city/county borders except for sports contests.


Anyway -- here is the apologist response to the original (hilarious) video. Calls criticism of Fed policy a tool of "psychological warfare" actually pushed by "big corporations". Priceless.


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Hilarious it would be, if only it weren't real - makes one really proud to be just another one of those idiots The Goldman Sacks is fleecing every second of their existence.

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It takes an animation to point out that people care more about Pop Culture?

Robots bitchez!!



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I want to bang my head against the wall, you shouldn't do that, healthcare is too expensive. Every American CONSUMER needs to see this! Hysterical, glad you reposted.



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"extra normal" indeed.  "the only way it works is if we blow everything up" save for that which has access to massive government bailouts and subsidies and that which is SUPERBLY run (Ford Motor, et al) has enormous growth prospects (Google, the entire nat gas space) or "suddenly of extraordinary strategic signficance."  (Consol Energy comes to mind.  Never thought they were more important than Exxon Mobil?  Think again...)  in short "we get away with it because you did not kill me."  ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....

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great catch, Sam - you're right: that's another GEM 

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I saw it last weekend, but good things should be recycled! I love it when he says: "The Deflation" and "The Ben Bernanke". Fucking Hilarious!

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it never gets old! 

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Oops, someone posted this last weekend...

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QE  made simple.

If your milk is not making you big and strong enough it is quite easy to remedy.  Simply add 1.3 gallons of the pure water to the nutrient deficient milk. You should feel better by morning.



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It's still good. It needs to be posted all over the web every day until people pull all deposits out of TBTF

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oh, I missed it. maybe someone that missed the first posting will see it this time around. sorry for the redundancy!


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Awesome - thanks for posting

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i wil rather have it downloaded this time

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No apology necessary, it is hilarious!

I can't wait to see Part II

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You shouldn't be so anxious, young Grasshopper.

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Thanks for posting. I am making it my mission to distribute this widely.