Quote Of The Day: Fed's Dick Fisher "Hopes To Get It Right" On Timing Of Exit

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While "hope" has certainly been the primary investment thesis in the stock market for the past twp years, little did we realize that it was the key decision-making input variable at the Federal Reserve. What else is there to say: the central planners are now officially using the f[o|a]rce.

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Just add some "change" and you have Obama

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We ran out of change a while ago...

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I don't know, the rhetoric certainly differs to that of Bush.

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Is Dick Fisher a name or occupation?

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Dick Fisher always pulls out at the right time

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Well, at least he hopes to.

Otherwise, they are gonna impregnate the economy with massive inflation.

Oh wait, they already did that...

So then... is the economy "sort of" pregnant?

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The Bernank says he can sterilize it faster than you can say von havenstein

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Ya I hear the keyboard on the dollar printing machine is made of t6 aluminum. Great for killing unborn babies in the uterus. Plus it's spill proof if the economy throws up on them. No sticky keys.

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i think it is a preoccupation...

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want to tell chair satan bernanke what you think of the "job" he and his bankster buddies are doing?... use the following link to express your dismay, distrust, dis-whatever!... pass this link around... these thieveing freaks need to start to hear it from the american people!



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You're kidding, right?

Ivory towers exist for a reason. To think that they would leave them in order to get a better feel for the population is to ignore why they were built in the first place.

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yea... you're right.... don't say a thing... the people have no power anyway... i think the american revolution was just one mass hallucination...


they can take it right in the tower!

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Fed's Dick Fisher "Hopes To Get It Right" On Timing Of Exit

Sounds to me that he's planning on skippin the country. Think US Embassy Saigon, Vietnam - April 1975. 

Does anyone actually believe that the people who broke the system are qualified to fix it.

You won't catch me with my trousers down. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

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 I have to admit I gotta a good belly-laugh out of this headline. Yeah, well, I "hope" he gets it right too; but I don't think it's very likely.

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I wonder if Fisher remembers when 1040 was acting as support on the S&P - and now here we are in less than 6 months later at 1340.



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There are no "rights" at the bottom of this Plinko board. Only "wrongs".

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" Hope is a good thing"

                        Andy Dufresne

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Hope is not a strategy. Hope is about luck.

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It works with airplane security.

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Lucky is only occasionally due to luck.

Lucky is mostly mental preparation and recognition.

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chance favors the prepared mind - louis pasteur

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By hopes to get the timing right. They mean they hope to get all the pre-ordained monopolies in place with insignficant competition while not destroying the entire planet to do it.

I think this is going to go down about like the PSInet thing did in the dotcom bust.


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The timing of their exit will be perfect because it will be "NEVER".

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They have to hang on; it is all they know.  All the governers are fairly smart.  Maybe they could find ligitimate local banks to run.

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Ben "Bukkake" Bernanke is the porn star of cental banking:  The size of his "swaps" make even Lexington Steel envious, and he always knows how to time his exit for the "money shot".

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+ QE4.

Hilarious! Post of the day candidate.

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I'm always filled with confidence when leadership tells me they hope things turn out well. Particularly when they are deliberately screwing things up in the first place.

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Going to Mississippi to start me a cotton field..At least that is a job...

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I picked cotton during and shortly after WWII.  But that job has been eliminiated by genetically modified cotton that all "blooms" at the same time and mechanized cotton pickers that remove it cleanly.

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Too late, sold my crop and will move on.  Stay ahead of the herd people.

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He's an idiot.  He thinks we can't have inflationary pressure without nearly "full" employment. Dude!  The price of essentials can go up plenty even if their is no labor cost pressure.  People who don't have enough to eat really don't care that the price of a new washing machine, computer, luxury car or house is lower.  But we get that you have to believe that watching the "basket" is what the Fed must consider when gauging inflation.  

You will DEFINITELY not time the exit correctly with this strategy.

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He's not an idiot. His job is to feign incompetence, and so far he's succeeding.

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People who live with 'Hope' will die in despair.



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Let's blindfold Jugg Head and throw a dart at the calendar.


You can't make this stuff up if you tried.....

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These Aholes at the Fed better hope they get it right.  If not, they're going to be the first to swing from the gallows as the average American takes to the streets and makes Cairo look like a circus.

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They know damn well that they will not get it right. Its all part of da plan. Didnt you get the memo ?

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"...they will not get it right." +2011

They are operating with a flawed hypothesis.  Notice, I said hypothesis.  It technical practice the Keynesian does not fully qualify as a theory (hypothesis>theory>law).

AND standard statistics apply to RANDOM events.  Dice rolled do not communicate with each other.  Coins flipped have no memory of what happened last time. 

Ask the great Merton about this.


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Your blood pressure will drop when you understand that government and FED officials don't believe what they say, but lie because it is their job. 

If Bernanke were to say: "The economy is fucked, goodbye" the collapse would come sooner rather than later.

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Bernank in the Sixth Sense sequel.  "I see dead economies."

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If it means the end of this crisis sooner rather than later, I say bring on the  chaos.

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I'll bet my score is worse than yours.

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Since Hope on a Rope was invented, it has prevented many akward situations for the banking cabals team showers...Madoff OTOH must still bend over to pick up his hope.

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Un-fucking believable!!!! Hope, Faith & Love belong in religion not in economics. These people are very dangerous

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Ben can raise rates in 15 minutes.

Everybody relax.

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FED answers:

"It has always been about CONfidence and applying the 'Farce'.

Allow the free markets to operate?  We can't have that!

No, no...we must only allow failure at the level of the individual; and support failure at the highest levels because after all...we are a central bank formed at the highest levels by the bureacracies, oligarchs, and kleptocrats.

What did you expect, sanity?"

There is no exit - they have driven down a cul-de-sac.

The only exit will be blood in the streets.


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Thats pretty strong shit their smokin,pass him the pipe for another hit,he's going to need it.

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I guess Dick doesn't know the pull-out method isn't very effective.  He should try the rhythm method, instead of the Fed blowing their load each and every trading day.


You know what they call people who use the pull out method?


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Why does that matter? They clearly fuck the populace up the ass.

I suppose that might be how bankers come into being.