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Radio Zero: Brain Parasites, Your Progressive Ambient and Progressive House Support Group

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As I am spinning for 50 of my closest friends at home tonight, (call it Club Marla if you like) I've decided to break out the internet connection and share the love.

We'll start slow... and build matters up to a full blown assault into the wee hours.  The party starts at 8:00 eastern.  Check back here fifteen minutes early for the URL.

Update: A brief delay.  We begin at 8:45 eastern, sharp.  Get your slot now!

Requests / Chat up the DJ: AIM: radiozh

Oh, owing to demand, we upped it to 50 slots.  More room for more space monkeys.


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Sat, 07/11/2009 - 20:09 | 6375 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

GS theme song:

Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 20:10 | 6376 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

I'm going to be a good puppy tonight and not pee on the carpet too much as I did last night.  :-)

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 20:22 | 6378 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

What am i doing wrong? I cant see the url. :-(
After all last nights comments, I was really hopimg to get in tonight!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 20:42 | 6383 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

WooHoo!! I'm in....
Thanks in advance.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 20:35 | 6381 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Mainlining now... locked and loaded.  Thanks, Marla!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 20:47 | 6385 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Err... not so locked.  Keeps looping.  I'll keep trying.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 20:47 | 6386 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Dream Academy. Back to the 80s.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:09 | 6388 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Holy shit! I will pay $5,000 cash money to the first person who gives me the address for Marla's bash!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:11 | 6391 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Registered users only.  ;)

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 08:42 | 6584 Arm
Arm's picture

Are you going to be crashing the party with Crystal or with lawyers?

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:11 | 6390 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Trippy Marla...

Need a disco ball... fun...

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:11 | 6392 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

get your glow sticks and pacifiers out!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:22 | 6395 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Damn... breaking my vow... but, this isn't even close to the referee whistles we shall prolly need if our host gets on a certain track, as it were.  Spin on, baby, spin on!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:32 | 6396 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Definitely looking forward to being blown and assaulted

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:38 | 6398 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

My speakers are not worthy.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:39 | 6399 william_blake
william_blake's picture

Forecast: At some point in this show I will feel compelled by this music ( and also my manipulated dopamine levels) to wrap a phone cord around my neck, chat up the dj and feign suicide by auto-erotic asphxyiation.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:46 | 6402 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Didn't the actual William Blake die that way?

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:06 | 6413 william_blake
william_blake's picture

Cirrhosis or syphilis I believe. 

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:52 | 6404 Pirate
Pirate's picture

some Death in Vegas or Crystal Method perhaps? f*cking math problems, I knew I shoulda finished that high skol thing....

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 21:56 | 6405 Pirate
Pirate's picture

btw, we miss the track list scroll on twitter

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:03 | 6409 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

I'm spinning at a party so, unfortuantely, that's a bit too much typing.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:04 | 6411 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

not being a registered user (against the day when the blogo-sphere becomes regulated ( - - ), allow me to offer this nugget: - Lunch with the FT: Larry Summers - - - - - - - - PS - I find the use of - 'dashes' - a good workaround for the inability of the anonymous user interface to accommodate any type of formatting. - ZH what exactly are your intentions with our email addresses - and why ZH does your anonymity trump that of your loyal subjects? - just asking - this is the very best blog out there

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:08 | 6414 Anonymous
Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:09 | 6416 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

I was just teasing actually.  We love our anonymous users.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:45 | 6434 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

i believe someone is coming/or is in #44s administration who wrote a book challenging blog libel. can't remember his name but think he's a harvard law professor. i'm not a lawyer just thought i'd pass it along. keep trying to find article but marla, marla, marla...

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:09 | 6415 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Has Anonymous #6388 showed up at the door with the 5K cover yet, Marla?

I know... I'm slipping, but you're killing.  It's early, too.


Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:10 | 6417 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

We have a couple crashers, but I think they are from next door and were lured in by the noise.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:25 | 6424 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Hell, give him directions.  For 5K, I'm sure someone there can kick his arse out if he gets uppity.  :-)

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:16 | 6418 Lets_Eat_Amen
Lets_Eat_Amen's picture

Hey Everyone,

Is anyone else having difficulties with the load?  After about 6 minutes in, i keep having difficulties?  I suppose it's a little late to call geek squad on a Saturday night.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:17 | 6420 JOHNICON
JOHNICON's picture

How can I capture this stream?  This is good driving music...

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:18 | 6421 jdoo
jdoo's picture

Streamripper is one method:

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:22 | 6422 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

The set is being recorded.  :)

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:31 | 6426 william_blake
william_blake's picture

And how are we going to distribute this masterly execution of neural phelobotimization? 

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:31 | 6425 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

wicked !!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:33 | 6428 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Tell your friends, William.  Tell them to read, listen, learn, and contribute.

I swear I wasn't going to get into it tonight but it's the live commentariat that makes this place so excellent.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:43 | 6433 william_blake
william_blake's picture

Just here for the beats man. Let's not get fanatical yet, it's early.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:33 | 6429 Bubby BankenStein
Bubby BankenStein's picture

Hi Marla,

Logged on first time no problem.  Playing in itunes.

Sounds great on my CS MacBook -> Logitech Pure Fi BlueTooth speakers.

Enjoying the show!

Stay cool!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:42 | 6432 aldousd
aldousd's picture

Ok, I know I'm just another voice in the crowd about this, but seriously I dig the music. When I couldn't get in the past few times you spun (low number of allowed connections,) I surfed a ton of shoutcast servers hoping to hear something suitable, but I didn't find anything.  Cheers.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:45 | 6435 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Resident dj for eight years first at ministry of sound in london then in berlin. Played in Ibiza, Dubai, Amsterdam, etc. etc. You would probably recognize my name.
If you are doing this liv-- and it sounds damn like it-- your 'skillz' are wasted in IT or whatever you are doing now.
A female dj with your sound could clean some fukkin house.
Track selection-- 85% of the game-- just insanely sharp. Genre to genre like glass.
I hear some cdj loops in there that go long sometimes but dat just me.
Been five years since I had the foot tap urge. You got me bumpin'
EUR 500 sent to paypal. I would have spent the same at a club and hated the audio.
If you want some intros let me know I will give you my e-mail.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:52 | 6437 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

No sooner do I fukkin write that and you just blow me away with masterful use of EQ on that last mix. (Kult of Krameria outro?)

No one knows how to use EQ anymore. Who da fuk are you, 'Marla Singer'?

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:01 | 6442 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

I cheat actually.  I have a hi-pass and low-pass set to a multi-ball on the Lemur touchscreen.  X-Axis = freq, Y-Axis = q.  I can sweep or just duck hi or low with great precision.  It's perfect for slowly pulling out the hi.  Normal EQ just drops a whole band at the same level.  I can pull a curve across the EQ.  SMOOOOOOTH.  Plus, you can pull up on the Y-Axis and filter sweep in either direction (or both at the same time).

Love to talk to you, but I think my international touring days are over.  Still, email me at anytime.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:04 | 6444 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Oh and thanks very much for the donation!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:47 | 6436 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Full Automatic
Final report

I know not how you do, what you do.
I know not, why you do, what you do.
I only know, you move me.

Don't stop.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:54 | 6438 jortex
jortex's picture

You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. Lovin it Marla. You're the best.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 22:57 | 6440 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

I have to get out of lame Colorado Springs - missing out on a life. :)

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:07 | 6446 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Hey Ministry of Sound guy - your big label isn't the be-all or end-all.  Glad you realize that.

Now, figure out how to pay Marla that same dosh for working out of her flat, mkay?

I'm ready to go micropayments - kill the labels and let it flow.

My two pence, thanks! 

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:19 | 6455 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

'Ministry of Sound guy' here.
Thing is when you have djed forever all you hear when you go out is the guys(gals) mistakes. Kills the night. When I hear something good, it stands out. This is good. That is all.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:28 | 6459 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Sorry if that came off shitty... I just meant yes, when you hear greatness, well, how do you monetize it?

Obvs, if you were at MOS then you know something.  I always preferred the GU stuff, but that was just me.  Always seemed more true to the music than the making money side.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:11 | 6448 EconomicDisconnect
EconomicDisconnect's picture

I have a new computer with Vista, what app do I need to get in on this show??

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:15 | 6451 jdoo
jdoo's picture

foobar2k for simplicity and elegance -

Windows media player should be able to open it though. 

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:19 | 6456 Darell Racer
Darell Racer's picture

I use itunes...  CTRL+U

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:13 | 6449 BabaBooey
BabaBooey's picture

I feel like a broker from AIG that just got paid a bonus from the Government!! Woo hooo


Decided to go and spent 10k on coke ----doing rails off some chicks ass in the mens room!!!


Im so wasted I can see trails  (hand waving back and forth in front of face looking like a total prick)


Gotta love tax payer money ---Whoooo hoooooo. 


All the money Im spending tonight, Im going to have to short some more AIG stock on Monday  to make my money back!!!!!!  Whoooo hoooooooo





Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:47 | 6465 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

You left your wallet on the floor of the bathroom.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:17 | 6452 EconomicDisconnect
EconomicDisconnect's picture

Thanks jdoo...


Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:18 | 6453 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

interesting how this blog has been taken to the next level. followed it for a while and now i get this? wish i invited 50 people over.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:18 | 6454 EconomicDisconnect
EconomicDisconnect's picture

Is there a "I havent been f##cked like that since grade" school mix??

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:24 | 6457 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

You're getting it.

If you're not, just spread 'em and welcome the feeling...

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:32 | 6460 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

bump, set spike!!!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:40 | 6462 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

cutis anserina, are the bumps on a person's skin at the base of body hairs which may involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear or awe.

Marla, ......... you're giving me goosebumps

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:44 | 6463 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Ooh, I hope this is where it starts getting dark and dirty...

New track, maybe another 10-12-15-minuter again.

Hope those drinks are flowin at the party, Marla...

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:47 | 6464 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

play p.s.1 marla. let's start it early.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:54 | 6468 percolator
percolator's picture

Hey what is the song / artist being spun around the 1:03 mark?

"I just want you to fuck me"?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:31 | 6489 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Inkfish v. Tronso "Fuck Me."

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:53 | 6501 percolator
percolator's picture

I was thinking it was Lex Da Funk.  Thank you Marla!

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:54 | 6469 hedgnome
hedgnome's picture

You need to make a Ben Bernanke "I do not recall" mix

Or drop some Timothy Geithner doublespeak.


Diggin it so far.

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:55 | 6470 jdoo
jdoo's picture

lightswitch rave in my apartment is reaching full swing

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 23:59 | 6471 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

doin' the dead cat bounce right now to this awesome house beat SICK

on a scale of 1-10 how much does this party look like ?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:00 | 6472 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Strong...glad to know I'm not the only vyvanse-addled techno listening spreadsheet geek out there....

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:11 | 6473 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Marla's booth c. 5 min ago:


[OOPS: Girl X's boyfriend is unaware she's out partying, thus internet pictures = a no no.]



Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:13 | 6474 hedgnome
hedgnome's picture

Oh no, dont show your face! Your anonimity is at stake.


Just dont tell us which one you are. :)

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:14 | 6477 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Who says I'm any of them?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:16 | 6480 hedgnome
hedgnome's picture


Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:14 | 6476 Jack H Barnes
Jack H Barnes's picture

Glad you found the camera...


Your Condottieri

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:15 | 6478 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Is that the end of anonymity?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:15 | 6479 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

The one on the right!!!

That's a big deck behind them.


Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:29 | 6486 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Watch it.  That's my board you're talking about.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:34 | 6491 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

It's a bit larger than 3 Technics decks require, but yes, I'm not quibbling.

Quivering, perhaps, but... keep spinning and your GFs out of trouble and it's all good.


Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:43 | 6495 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Long story.  Studio went under owing me cash.  Foreclosed on equipment instead.  Little girl in a candy store.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:50 | 6500 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Sorry to hear but as long as you've got the equivs to keep going (and add more as necessary)...

Never heard of shady club owners before.  Who knew?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:27 | 6483 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

GS bastards. :-)

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:13 | 6475 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Seriously, you guys need to step outside of Paper Street and do an ATL satellite broadcast. I'll even come out of anonymous status to co-host, cuz I'm an attention whore like that.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:30 | 6487 hedgnome
hedgnome's picture

Ok its getting raunchy now.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:39 | 6493 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

marla needs to rock the "death rattle"

relax it's a fight club reference.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:44 | 6497 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Hedgnome it's only midnight...  raunchy comes later (harhar).

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 00:46 | 6498 hedgnome
hedgnome's picture

Ok now im getting raunchy.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:00 | 6504 KC
KC's picture

My God I have been so busy reading all the posts I had no idea I was missing THIS since you came on board!  Thanks for sharing M!

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:03 | 6505 JOHNICON
JOHNICON's picture

One of these days we should all pool some moolah, rent out a hall, some strobes and buy various liquors and invite Marla to drag her board over and spin for us in person.  And after we've all become sufficiently ginned-up, Tyler, Marla, Cornelius and other Zero-Hedgies could host a panel dicussion on various and sundry financial and other matters.  That would be cool...

And I nominate myself to escort Marla to the ball...   :-D


[Edited for atrocius spelling]

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:04 | 6507 Altan311
Altan311's picture

Funny, I was just talking to a buddy on the phone about the potential kick ass of a ZH live set.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:07 | 6510 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

This is a ZH live set.  Just not in your city.



Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:11 | 6511 Altan311
Altan311's picture

Well, I must say, I'm sure there are many around the NYC area who would love to make a true live set possible.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:34 | 6523 JOHNICON
JOHNICON's picture

"This is a ZH live set.  Just not in your city."



Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:02 | 6506 Altan311
Altan311's picture

This reminds me of two things right now; magic mushrooms, and the Dam.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:05 | 6509 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Reminds me of some epic, umm, you know, sessions.  Find a groove, a few alternative beats, as it were, and start screwing.

Who here thinks this music isn't all about sxe in the end?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:11 | 6512 hedgnome
hedgnome's picture

In much the same way that Fight Club became Project Mayhem


Zero Hedge has taken it to the next level and become... A beast of an entirely different nature.




Btw, is it just me or do the math questions become harder the more you post?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:13 | 6513 JOHNICON
JOHNICON's picture

They do get harder.  Or I get drunker, I'm not sure.  All I know is that it took me three tries to post my last comment.  God, I'm an idiot...

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:16 | 6514 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Brain Parasites.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 10:04 | 6600 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

I missed the party! Hearing the buzz, that sucks. When will we be able to download the recordings in a format that actually works for the average guy without resorting to an IT consultant? (I can talk high level IT concepts with these guys, several of whom are my closest friends, but to get them to do anything hands-on for me is requires submission to their scorn regarding my masculinity whiloe I beg and plead, their scorn supposedly founded upon their belief that if they can do it, somebody as smart as me sure as hell can do it and, ergo, I'm just being a lazy pussy; no appreciation for what is an inexplicable "learning disorder" wrt fucking software.

You're really losing big audience if you don't make it accessable in a "brain free" format, Marla. Please don't invite me to the party and then not open the door when I show up! I know howta party, girl!

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:19 | 6516 Altan311
Altan311's picture

Marla, since you are recording these sets, would it be safe to assume that eventually a download will be possible?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:21 | 6520 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

This is the first one I've recorded.  Yes, it will be available.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:20 | 6517 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Heh heh... you just missed a cut/break, but caught it really fast.

Love ya, MS!

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:21 | 6519 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Shaddap.  Friend spilled a drink on me right then.  Still watered down vodka on the vinyl.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:25 | 6522 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

hahaha!  drunks and decks...

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:20 | 6518 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Marla - thanks for the music. Your generosity shines thru !

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:25 | 6521 Altan311
Altan311's picture

Didn't even realize there were peeps at the ZH HQ till I read the top. Cheers to the party-goers, and here's to vodka on vinyl!

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:39 | 6525 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

65 invited.  52 RSVPs.  100+ in attendance.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:45 | 6529 Altan311
Altan311's picture

Someone has lots of friends l)

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:40 | 6526 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

naughty, you could call this one: "the birth of a black swan" :)
very sinister sound, we like!!!

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:42 | 6527 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

I just lurve the static from the vinyl.  Cut most of it out, sure, but it just ain't the same without that feedback...

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:45 | 6528 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

and i thought u were all probability theory. nice wwork marla.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:48 | 6530 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Just add a little compression, folks...

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 01:52 | 6531 Pirate
Pirate's picture

guys you need to get out more, it's Saturday night.  Log off etrade, kiss mom goodnight and call it a night.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 02:18 | 6533 Altan311
Altan311's picture

don't order me around when I'm drunk.



that came our harsher than expected; what I should say is what time zone are you in, because I've been out and back brother.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 02:19 | 6534 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

I can feel the love and reconciliation.  It's the power of music, I tell you.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 02:22 | 6535 Altan311
Altan311's picture

I cannot deny, and as a supreme act of contrition, a tip to the DJ of course; cash money form.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 02:24 | 6536 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Ok people, it's getting slow in here.  Time to turn it up.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 02:56 | 6539 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

is that a higher state of consciousness remix?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 03:01 | 6541 JOHNICON
JOHNICON's picture

Good night fellow space monkeys...

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 03:24 | 6542 hedgnome
hedgnome's picture

Thank you Marla for providing a soundtrack to a lonely Saturday night.

Look forward to seeing this stuff for download.


Sun, 07/12/2009 - 03:31 | 6544 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Your wish is my intern's command.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 03:47 | 6545 -273
-273's picture

Is that still coming out live? Just tuned in Sunday morning and makes me wish it was Sat night! Will listen earlier next time, wicked.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 03:55 | 6546 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

If its on its live.  (Except for the brief intro before a show).

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 03:58 | 6548 Steak
Steak's picture

NICE...up for 22 hours running, not even close to ready to pack it in...i turn on the tunes in sin city and am treated to a hot track from Vegas...big ups to Jon Fitch, he held it down in the octagon and we held it down on the streets for him

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:00 | 6549 -273
-273's picture

Wow, long set.

From hardcore market analysis to progressive beats. ZH continues to amaze me.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:02 | 6550 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

My guests refuse to leave.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:19 | 6554 -273
-273's picture

Can't really blame them to be honest! 

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:25 | 6556 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Me too. I've been on since you started, and I _really_ need to get some sleep... just as soon as you're finished... and I'm certainly not rushing you!
Thank you for sharing, I'm even more sorry that I missed last night's dark set. :-(

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:03 | 6551 Lothar the Rott...
Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

It's closing time, 273.  Time to pay the bartenders and DJs (if you haven't yet).

And get Marla a safe ride home.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:09 | 6552 -273
-273's picture

Cool, well happy to have caught the end of it. 


Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:12 | 6553 Steak
Steak's picture


Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:23 | 6555 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

The final tally:

  • 1 broken bottle of grey goose.
  • 2 missing persons.  (Their significant others are both looking for them, but I suspect they went home together.  Strong hopes that the two distressed SOs will console each other since they've been on the couch in the corner for 90 minutes now).
  • 3 orphaned cellphones (try calling them people, they will be sitting on my bedside table).
  • 1 set of keys.  (Your Benz is MINE now.  Where'd you park anyway?)
  • 1 bra.  (It's def not mine.  I'd swim in it).
  • 1 sobbing drunk stage left.  (Boosted channel 3 volume to compensate).
  • 1 sleeping drunk.
  • 1 not drunk enough (not yet sleeping).
  • 3 CDs (with songs I was supposed to play but "lost" - Hello?  U2 War?  You can collect these from the dumpster outside).
  • 1 noise complaint.  (Resolved peacefully.  See 1 sleeping drunk above).
  • 1 Obama shirt.  (Looks like it might have been used to clean up the grey goose).
  • 0 police reports.  (Will try harder next time).
Sun, 07/12/2009 - 13:35 | 6637 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

thanks for show last night marla. was fantastic. was tyler:
a. one of 2 missing persons
b. one sobbing
c. one sleeping stage left
d. one not drunk enough


Sun, 07/12/2009 - 04:49 | 6557 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

Two more before Club Marla has to turn up the lights.  Thanks everyone!

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 05:07 | 6560 Jack H Barnes
Jack H Barnes's picture

Loved the Show

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 05:10 | 6561 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Second that

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 05:46 | 6563 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

thirded. streamed it to my iphone on a 4am bike ride.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 05:19 | 6562 asdf
asdf's picture


Sun, 07/12/2009 - 09:38 | 6597 Arm
Arm's picture


All the love in the world, but you are compromising Project Enigma.  Your live feeds are traceable to you home IP, you have posted pictures (likely of yourself - now gone) and you have shown musical skills that are easily traceable by people in the know.

What then is the use of all those expensive off-shore servers?  

I do not always agree with the information ZH posts, but a good portion of it is very valuable.  You are serving the community.  It would be a pity to lose ZH even if it is good music.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 13:35 | 6638 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

"Your live feeds are traceable to you home IP..."

Or my proxy.


"you have posted pictures (likely of yourself)"

How is that likely?


"What then is the use of all those expensive off-shore servers?"

We're more worried about abuse of the DMCA, actually.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 10:51 | 6606 Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Is there a video feed also, to the radio feed?

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 13:45 | 6644 Marla Singer
Marla Singer's picture

The subscription is out of your price range.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 11:12 | 6609 william_blake
william_blake's picture

WeltanSchauung rearranged. Ability to adhere to social norms further degraded.

thnx martha.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 13:56 | 6648 TomG
TomG's picture

What a pleasant surprise last night. After Tyler's gloom and doom,

a party now and then is just what's needed.

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 18:31 | 6664 ptoemmes
ptoemmes's picture

Heven't plugged in yet so maybe this is moot, but try to spin some Satriani.  It's raining in South Florida so watched an HDnet of him in concert.  That kind of sound shouldn't be able to come outof any guitar.



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