Radio Zero: DMCA Fridays

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And you thought they were done.  Nope!  Zero Hedge has gotten two more takedown notices.  No, we aren't kidding.  This just means more Radio Zero for you.

11:30 eastern.  15 minutes prior for URL details (as usual).    I'll be fashionably late (as usual).

The URL: (Our new test server!)

Radio Zero is EXPENSIVE.  Consider donating to Zero Hedge.

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Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

Ahh, solace for another evening.

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oh yeah! dmca partay! again!


edit - R.I.P. Walter Cronkite      and sum greatness considering today is the 40th anniversary....

Space music please

hohack's picture

Thanks Marla.... appreciate everything...  prepare for lift off... 

Anonymous's picture

Marla, you got me excited with the possibility of some
old school chicane last night? Will you tease me tonight
as well por favor?

Marla Singer's picture



I suck.  I'll play it early tonight.

malicious_intent's picture

Niiiiice!!!!! This will be the first time I listen from start to finish!

pigpen's picture

Marla, cheers. I love old school chicane.

Are you in a contemplative No ordinary morning mood

or glowsticks and Saltwater mood.

Either works or surprise me.

Cheers - you are a person extraordinaire





Anonymous's picture

I'll second the person extraordinaire. I'm still sorry I missed the moody friday set. It wasn't recorded, either, was it? :-(
Again, thanks in advance, I can't wait!

pigpen's picture

PS, Marla have you ever met Nick Bracegirdle?

What a great name.


Bob Dobbs's picture

Not as good as Phineas Cheeseweasel.

Bubby BankenStein's picture

With the assault on Zero Hedge getting underway, all I can say is that you made a good tactical move establishing the new site.

The work done here and the participation of the community is having an amazing impact in the Public Relations arena.

The Trolls have taken notice and are sending disturbing reports to the PR handlers.  Expect more trouble.  Ditch the old site now.  Establish new funding conduit.

svendthrift's picture


We need a history of this site. I first heard of it via Naked Capitalism, when TD was a guest poster. And then, suddenly, Zero Hedge blew up into the most important economics/finance site on the internet. Overnight. This is a white swan, if ever there was one.

So, how'd it happen? I understand the need for privacy, of course. But a little background would be interesting, to say the least.


Anyways, thanks for the tracks tonight. Will help calm my Friday night.

Anonymous's picture

is the link up yet?

Keyser Soze's picture

She's waiting for me to get some coffee. Brb 1 min

Dennis Kneales Mom's picture

Just put my son to bed, had to change his plastic sheets my lava lamp ready to go

Lothar the Rottweiler's picture

The opera start again... and yes, people, TIP/DONATE whatever you call it.

It ain't cheap and it ain't easy what Marla/ZH are giving us.

Thanks... I feel better now.

Anonymous's picture

It's fun to screw with the D-M-C-A!
It's fun to screw with the D-M-C-A!
Sorry, I couldn't help it.
I wish I could help... Haven't worked since last fall, so... not right now... hopefully soon.
And I don't care what captcha says, 3*9 is 27!

sacrilege's picture

Math is fun, no? One of the chief issues surrounding algorithm coding/development is that coders rarely understand the math they're implementing; it's a going security concern. CAPTCHA is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous's picture

lava lamp fired up here as well...

arnoldsimage's picture

this shit is so good marla... i'll draw your bath now.

nopat's picture

Sneakers Soundtrack...I like it...

arnoldsimage's picture

wow! precisely what we needed after this fucked up week.

pigpen's picture

exactly with a bit of wynton marsalis on the trumpet - good call nopat

nopat's picture

At least I made one good call...this has been a week to remind me of how inadequate of a financial analyst I am and how poor my excel and sql fu has been lately....

Altan311's picture

Absolutely sublime right now.

jm's picture

Marla, this is a most happy-go-lucky mood tonight...

Keyser Soze's picture

6am here. Thanks for a great wake-up, M

cocoablini's picture

Just from a design standpoint, I think I would combine the 0 and the H into one glyph. It looks all cool and gangsta' as some kind of klingon font

Anonymous's picture

Love you people.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

Bio/Shmio I think when it comes to the reason and knowledge, TD, Marla & Co proved themselves hundred times over. Guys,please stay under the radar, it will keep the other side on their toes.

p.s. and if anyone knows anything, let's keep our educated guesses to ourselves. (I do)

Notypist's picture

Thanks for all your work. I just sent a donation your way. Don't spend it all in one place. Cheers!

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

"Injected with a poison"
"We don't need that any more"

Talk about some old school samples, its nice to finally hear where they are from.

Anonymous's picture

CAPTCHA test...


Anonymous's picture

Eight minus eight is equal to the limit of the probability of government/algorithm/society/individual survival as t approaches infinity.

Instead of captcha, could we implement a Turing test which reviews the comment and posts only if the machine CANNOT understand it?

There's some interesting background (and games!) on the captcha website, I guess I was bored.

Please never implement the "SQUIGL-PIX" variety.

Anonymous's picture

The musics free, its Marla thats expen$ive. Donated, thanks for the motivation.

Pirate's picture

Marla, please define EXPENSIVE, and do you accept California IOU's?  You got me with "CDO" in the url........... (f*cking math again, hope i guess right)  Best, dirty wizard.

sacrilege's picture

We're in the hunt for decidedly less fucked up versions of CAPTCHA; if anyone has ideas we'll entertain them.

Side Note: We're looking to make spam in general a going concern. Ideas on that front are welcome as well.

Pirate's picture

(sarcasm) & go back to bed.

Woodshedder's picture

Anyone else hearing flip flops?

Anonymous's picture

That's lovely Marla, thank you.

Pirate's picture

oops/buenas noches

Woodshedder's picture

and we're walking again

Anonymous's picture

k um, imma have to get u on my next funemployment check.

I'm in CA so IOU.

nice one just now :D

Anonymous's picture

So tyler and marla, im sure youre both sleeping soundly at this point but how about a t-shirt for the donation. Id wear it and my name isnt robert paulson, but I guess it could be.

Tyler Durden's picture

0H shirts will be forthcoming shortly. And we remember who stood on the porch for 24 hours... be they too fat or too blond.