Radioactive Cesium Content In Japan Sea Water 25 Times Limit, Radioactive Iodine At 127 TImes Maximum Allowed

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According to Kyodo, the Fukushima sea fallout is getting material enough to where the sea soon won't need a blacklight to glow in the dark:

  • Kyodo says radioactive caesium found in sea water 24.8 times limit
  • Kyodo says radioactive Iodine found in sea water 126.7 times limit

The only logical solution is for the Japanese ministry of deadly disinformation to raise the radioactive Cesium sea water limit by 25 times, and that of Iodine by 127 times. And all shall be well.

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I plan so devious its bound to work!  MUHAHAHAHA

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Anne Coultier doesn't mind, and now she gets the chance to visit and report from Japan.  Alex Jones has offered her airfare to the Island State.

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Would love to see her swimming next to Fukushima.

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Ann Coulter is personally invited to my house where she can crawl around in my garden on all fours using her cock to plow a furrow in which to plant my soon to irradiated green beans.

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Thanks Cooper, I just pissed my pants

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Thanks for that image. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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She'll be right over after her Fukushima mineral water high-colonic.

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Ann Couter would be particularly susceptible to radiation, given her ginormous adam's apple.

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Stop, you're killing me Colonel! 

ET, in a wig, with a big ole' irradiated cock, plowing glowing fields of grain and veggie's!!  Epic

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I haven't stopped laughing in way too long... this is some of the funniest shit I've ever read on this site.  Go Colonel.

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Are those dots at 128º the used ones? If so, this is really bad news...

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I don't know, unfortunately. The German newspaper "Die Welt" didn't comment on this picture - just "thermal image fukushima blabla - reactor no. 3".


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Not that it has any useful information beyond 'Under Survey', here is the 'official' page of background radiation readings from throughout Japan:

Map version posted on TargetMap (h/t Jesse @ Cafe Americaine)

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God damnit.. bury the mother fucker already!

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speaking of contaminated seas.  please take a look at this:

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So what's the story with the West coast? Radioactive materials should have started hitting by now. We know neither the strength nor the area affected.

Anyone with answers?

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Some elevated numbers moved across the West coast a couple of days ago, but this was before the epa site was readily available to the general public, so one was taking the word of people who claimed to have access.

The claims seem to prove out however, as the EPA has since made the site available to the general public without having to implant a microchip in your left testicle to gain access; numbers were elevated this morning in the midwest.  This rise in the numbers seemed to coincide with rainfall??? (just guessing, but the rain has moved off, and the numbers have subsided)

The elevated numbers have not stayed that way.  It seems that a cloud (for lack of a better word) passed over.  When I dug my counter out, I never expected to find a damn thing.  I will be monitoring consistently for a while now.

Also see below post

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The pertinent question is where were the samples taken. 100 yards off shore of the plant or 100 miles? Or Tokyo bay? Often it's not the answer you received but the actual question asked that's important.

Then of course there are the questions completely ignored......but that's another matter entirely.

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Simple / excellent point cognitive  - however what is disturbing is the fractured nature of the information , it does not inspire confidence. 

My gut tells me a area of 50 miles from the plant will become a maritime / terrestrial wildlife park.

Radioactive Park Bitches.

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+1, worked quite nicely at Rocky Flats

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And their building new homes right next to it as we speak. The Californian's migrating out to Colorado will never know....

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is this true?  i had a buddy who was a chemistry major back in the 80's who told me...but i digress...

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There's the 903 area leakage and 2 plutonium fires in 1957 (40-500gm of 239/240 airborne) and 1969(<1gm of same).



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In 77 or 78 I knew this guy. He had one of the original reports on West Valley NY. One of the sections stated that the waste was burried in fifty gallon drums, packing cases and CARDBOARD BOXES. That the ditches were twelve inches deep but runnoff was 20+.

That was deleted from later reports.

The guy I knew was scared shitless that someone would find out he had actually read, let alone possessed, a copy and TPTN would Silkwood him

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I found out more than I wanted to know from a book I have called(growing up in the late 50s/early 60s upstate NY and NE were getting dosed from above ground tests);

"Secret Fallout: low-level radiation from Hiroshima to Three-Mile Island", by Ernest J. Sternglass

He wrote some papers on the subject as a nuclear physicist for the Naval Ordinance Lab.

Free download of his book here;

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Nightime snorkling and scuba!  No lights required. 

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I'm sure they swam right up to the exploded nuclear plant's beach and took a sample. Come on in the water's fine! All your gov't friends are doing it...

The water's a bit warmer than usual though. Wow that IS a shark with a frickin' laser beam on its head. Cool!

UHOH... he's coming this way...

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The water also seems to be a bit warm here as well. Come on guys, who peed in the (spent fuel rod) pool?

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My perception is that Kyodo has been alarmist throughout this event.  Your question is very important, as are these:

  1. How many samples were taken, and where?
  2. How many samples had these levels of contamination?
  3. What are the mechanisms for these levels of contamination translating into human risk factors (concentration into seafood, for example)?
  4. When were the samples taken?
  5. What are the "limits" referred to, and how do they compare with levels suspected to cause harm to humans?
  6. Was this I131?  If so, the half life is 8 days, so the contamination will quickly decay away once the source is eliminated.
  7. Cesium 137 is worse, a 30 year half life.
SWRichmond's picture

junk me if you want, but when you call me in the control room and tell me you've found contamination, I can't do a goddamned thing about it until you answer questions 1, 2, and 4 at least, plus this one: what other forms of contamination were present, and in what concentrations?  In other words, this information isn't actionable as is.  It's just scary.  Period.  Which is the point, isn't it?

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If you take dilution into account the half life is shorter

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I have a question too CD. It may be obvious to everyone else, but if not, it needs to be asked. 

"How is the radiation getting into the water?"

  1. It is being contaminated from the air, collecting it rather than dispersing it.
  2. It is runoff from the sea water being used to cool the rods.
  3. It is runoff because the melt down is no longer contained.
  4. It has breached the water table.
  5. Some combination of all of the above.

If they want us to stop speculating and sounding hysterical, they should be updating folks with real information.



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I have a question too...why is it all the smart people who always say to never believe a word of what any media or govt ever says, work so hard to believe what they say now?

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so who should one believe - you or some of the other armchair quarterbacks around here?

gimme a break, most of the previous posteers said they need to know more about the sampling specs.

you guys especially George Washington have been hyperventilating ever since the eerthquake hit - talking up your book?


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So why would we believe a government (Japan) that refuses to release the numbers anywhere near the site, and posts numbers on the low side of atmospheric for everywhere else?  It's the believability factor here.  It's trending negative.

SheepDog-One's picture

No rjabele actually youre a liar, I've never commented since the earthquake, about the earthquake or anything else, in fact Ive been gone from ZH for over a week so I havent commented at all.

rjabele's picture

I don't care if you've been gone since LTCM - you did made a statement  - and I disagreed with it

lump it.


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I think it has more to do with people trying to figure out if they should be believed/disbelieved.

When information is scarce, or the information you receive is adulterated, more questions are generated than answers.

I am Chumbawamba.

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As long as they tell us only pretty lies, we are justified in believing the worst.

I think its clear they have lost control of this thing.  If there were a sensible plan B, we would know that by now.

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All reasonable questions MsCreant.

I have come to the conclusion that media plays the same role as the left-right tennis match of politics. Never to inform, only to confuse and obfuscate. Sooner or later most people just throw their hands up in the air and tune it out. Mission accomplished.

Those of us left who want actual answers are a small minority and of no importance. Then the "officials" can control the unfolding story as well as the eventual "official" explanation.

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@ Cog Dis

That was a Bullseye.  The media has effectively lowered the brain function of their viewers to that of a lap dog. 

They have just enough "cognitive" power to pee on command, eat when food is in front of them and not when they are hungry, and go fetch when ordered.  Anything beyond that, they just look at you puzzled but with great focus followed by a 45 degree tilt of the head.  

Then off to the next command.  Immediately wiping out any previous thought or memory.     

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Bingo!!  I just asked, pretty much the same question on another thread about the nuclear crisis... specifically:

I'm just gobsmacked by the blatant coverup, obfuscation and general assholishness of the Japanese gov't and TEPCO.  I mean, here are just a few examples of what's got my 'radar' pinging;

1:  Isn't this the second time that the J'Gov has raised the limit of 'acceptable' radiation levels?

2:  The US took thermal images of the site but the J'Gov has blacked them out, refusing the release those.

3:  The radiation levels near the reactor sites continue to be classified as "under survey" by the J'Gov.. "under survey"???  WTF?  this is the most basic piece of information there is.

4:  TEPCO and the J'Gov have NEVER release the temperature or pressure readings for the reactor sites... just occasional statements that they are 'elevated' or 'may' be increasing.

I am a firm believer that you can learn as much from what's NOT being said as from what is being said..  in this case, what's not being said speaks so much louder.