Raj Guilty, Faces 15.5-19.5 Years In Jail

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Justice, this time, is served. Raj found guilty on all charges. Next up: up to 20 years in federal pound me in the ass penitentiary (20 years on each of 9 counts, and 5 years on the remaining 5 so a total of 205 years possible). But that's ok, Raj Raj certainly frontran that verdict and is most likely prepared as necessary.

Here is the official guideline: U.S. SAYS RAJARATNAM FACES 15 1/2 YEAR TO 19 1/2 YEAR-TERM.

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he was guilty back when he worked for Needham in the 90's

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Obama got Osama and Rajarama!

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cnbc arguing this will instill average investor confidence because wrongdoing is punished - funny stuff SNL

riley martini's picture

 The same with Bloomturd they are proclaiming the end of corruption. It would be funny but the joke is on the American people.

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He'll do fine in prison.  Imagine how many cigarettes he can get by offering fractional ownership of his back tits.

goldfreak's picture

why do people even tune to CNBC?

Freddie's picture

All of TV is like that.  They all love Mugabe/Hugo Chavez.

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Let's make a scapegoat of the fat Indian guy so everyone will forget about really BIG criminals on Wall Street and inside the Beltway.

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++1 exactly, our govt. actions say: "lets get the Brown people first!" -- pathetic, but if he is guilty, adios muchacho

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well he has body reserves that should help. Maybe he'll get 16 years and come out after 8 for loyal service to fellow inmates. Having paid his due to the prison guard and legal eagles in gold, obviously. Nobody should be left out within the state legal system, judges, police officials and inmates all grouped as one big family who love Sri Lankan meat ball curry.

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"Welcome to the Inside, Raj. Hey -- the Welcoming Committee on C-Block strongly recommends a six-month supply of soap-on-a-rope for all you bashful newbies, and to make new friends, maybe a few cartons of Marlboro Reds. No cash or Quotrons in this place, dude. Just a rec room and a lot of friendly faces. Welcome to our world."


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It's funny you think he will go into a max security slammer where the peasants are kept..




White collar executive prison, pay a little extra and get the private flat screen and cable in your room.  "Hard time" = 3 star chef instead of 5.

Freddie's picture

LOL!  Raj may end up getting a Bloomberg terminal and a PC for entering his orders in white collar prison. 

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dark and heavy, just  like our obligations

Hexus's picture

They're ALL guilty, 20 years is too much anyway. We bail out the big theives and do this to the smallfry who are just following their lead, it's disgusting.

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 When fraud and theft is the normal course of business what else would explain Raj being selected for prosecution . Some of the crooks have blackmail files on the POTUS ,Congress and Senate.

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They have hidden camera video tapes of senators with child prostitutes from the eighties when these pediphiles flew young boys and girls to town for their abuse.   Those tapes keep these senators in line.


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Yeah, really, let's see some well-connected white guys doing a perp walk and I'll be swayed.

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The guy clearly did not need the money as he had already over 2 billion. So I would be happy if he does more than 5 and less than 10 in total for his cowboy attitudes towards the law.

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gets 15 years, reduced to 10 just cuz... another 3 for good behavior, insider blowjobs to "friends of the court" reduces to 5... serves 3 years 2 years probation.  End arounds any bans, back on WalStreet eventually replacing Pisani as CNBC's "insider" man on the street.

Retires from network television, becomes government contractor for FBI / SEC specializing in fraud detection...

A&E Biography on Raj Raj aires 20??


Putty's picture

They granted him 100 million bail, he needs to post 20 million or about 1% of his net worth.  

And he's gone.  He's gone, he's all gone.

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now we know where BO will get a good portion of his billion in reelection funding

NOTW777's picture

holder can pardon him last day of BO admin ala clinton/rich

donation to the obama chicago library

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He is gone like Marc Rich, and will buy a Presidential pardon (like Rich) when there is a lame duck President. 

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Anyway, check out this article


Osama's family is calling bullshit on the whole Obama killed Osama hoax.

"I Omar Ossama Binladin and my brothers the lawful children and heirs of the Ossama Binladin (OBL) have noted wide coverage of the news of the death of our father, but we are not convinced on the available evidence in the absence of dead body, photographs, and video evidence that our natural father is dead."

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I want my...

baby back

baby back

baby back....


That is one fat fucker

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Definitely lives life in the Fat Lane. Kinda ugly too so that's strike two.

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Was there even really a question?  Oh wait I forgot, he was of the privileged class.  In reality he was just used as a fall guy.  Much like in Syriana, where the DOJ wants someone in order to let a deal go through.

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Yes, it was one evil (visible minority) crook in a sea of honest, white, hard working pillars of society. All clear in the Wall Street casino now that the dirt has been surgically removed from the system... buy, buy, buy!

KillTheFed's picture

Big deal. The real insiders (like the shareholders of the Federal Reserve) are above the law.  They fleeced America for trillions but we need to show the 'common man' that you can't get away with gaming the system.  Thus, as we all knew, the sacrificial lamb was convicted.

Slim's picture

No kidding - every one of these guys got their start on bank prop and product desks which remain the dirtiest and most conflicted players in the game.  How about we focus our attention inside the banks and make sure we have a culture of honesty and integrity in place.  Of course that would just be too logical even though tax payers have certainly earned the right.

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Bubbles the cat (not verified) KillTheFed May 11, 2011 10:00 AM

Yep. Find a scapegoat. Make a public example of them (plenty of fanfare). Now.....where were we? Ah yes....business as usual.

IMA5U's picture

it certainly helped he was fat ugly and brown (but not black)

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

Lets not rule out al-Sharpton from showing up just because he's not black.  The other similarities (fat, brown, no morals) may be enough to make a spectacle of this yet.

FrankDrakman's picture

Who flagged this junk? It's quite amusing.

IMA5U's picture

They are serving Sri Lankan Pig 4 dinner in Cell Block D

Ahmeexnal's picture

Halal cuisine in jail?

Well, by the time he get's out he'll be Mr. Olympia.

Cable TV, Gym, free Halal cuisine....are you sure he's being punished???

luk427's picture

I will be impressed when they go after the big fish.

FreeMoney Bernie's picture

this was an easy prosecution easy conviction. Non white foreigner. When will they get the power broker big white guys??????

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We're going to need a bigger boat

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Call me when lloyd, ben and timmy and the gang are in gitmo......then I will rejoin society.

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Are you kidding me? Raj ran one of the largest hedge funds in the world. He was #236 Forbes networth invidiuals ($1.3BB). Very few people were as Wall St connected. This was an impressive verdict considering it was the largest insider trading case in US history. Prosecution using mob collusion methodology will hopefully pave way for further prosecution of other large fish. Corrupt individuals on the street will be furthur intimidated having just seen a top player go down with 100% guilty count.

Wake up. Seriously.



Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

it won't pave the way for anything.  If he is so well connected why didn't he plea himself down to 1 count of running a stoplight to roll on the others?

Because either a) he sticks to a very strict code or b) The large fish run the show and know they wont be prosecuted.

New York doesn't eat its own.

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Does anyone really believe our markets are going to function better because of this?


Get real.

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  Goldman Sachs had one losing trading day last Quarter... Is market rigging going to be criminalized too?