RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX – 25/01/11

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lol.... fail!



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It would be helpful if you posted a link.

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A day without RANsquawk...

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We Win. We all Win!
I just heard on CNBC, this czar position will be eliminated.
Joe Kernan said a bit pensively while breathing out heavily, regulating CO2 is a bit of a stretch, as the other two hosts winced and agreed. Yes, the biggest CAGW pushers CNBC said that.

"White House aides Monday were mum about what would happen to the Office of Energy and Climate Change except to declare that Browner, a former Senate staffer to Al Gore, believed energy issues would remain front and center for the president."

Browner out at the White House


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Link is up in the right sidebar

follow it and you'll see this on the RANsquawk page: